Apple has dozens of original TV shows and movies in development for its Apple TV+ streaming service, which debuted on November 1, 2019. In this guide, we've rounded up everything that Apple is working on, including shows that have launched, and shows and projects that are still in development.

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Details about TV shows and movies become clearer as these shows are cast and as episodes are filmed, so for some of these titles, we don't have a lot of information at this time. This guide is updated on a regular basis with all new original content details, and more information on each title can be found on Apple's Apple TV+ press site.

2022 Release Timelines

Apple plans to release a number of new shows and movies in 2022, and the premiere dates that we know of are listed below.

TV Shows and Movies Coming Soon

Causeway (Coming November 4)

"Causeway" is a drama that shares the story of a soldier named Lynsey struggling to adjust to life after returning home to New Orleans. Lynsey is a military engineer who returns home after a debilitating brain injury from an IED explosion in Afghanistan.

She goes through a painful and slow recovery, relearning to walk and regaining her memory. When she returns home to New Orleans, she has to deal with memories from her childhood and a tense relationship with her mother.

Notable names: Jennifer Lawrence stars.

Spirited (Coming November 11)

"Spirited" is a live action musical version of classic Charles Dickens tale "A Christmas Carol." It is a comedy that will see "Scrooge" (played by Ryan Reynolds) visited by four ghosts.

Recent Movie and TV Show Announcements


"Causeway" is an upcoming film that will focus on a soldier struggling to adjust to her life after returning home from New Orleans. The film will be available both in theaters and on ‌Apple TV+‌ when it launches in the fall.

Notable names: Jennifer Lawrence is set to star.

The Buccaneers

"The Buccaneers" is an upcoming ‌Apple TV+‌ series that's based on the unfinished Edith Wharton novel of the same name. The eight-episode series is in production in Scotland.

In the show, a group of fun-loving young American girls "explore into the tightly corseted London season of the 1870s, kicking off an Anglo-American culture clash as the land of the stiff upper lip is infiltrated by a refreshing disregard for centuries of tradition."

Formula One Racing Film

Apple acquired the rights to a Formula One racing feature that is set to star Brad Pitt. Pitt will play a driver who comes out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie driver against the titans of the sport.


"Hijack" is an upcoming seven-part thriller that will see Idris Elba starring as Sam Nelson, an accomplished negotiator in the business world who needs to step up and use his skills to try to save the lives of the passengers on the plane, but it is a risky move and could be his undoing.

Noel Fielding Comedy Series

Apple has signed a series order for a comedy adventure series starring Noel Fielding, known for "The Mighty Boosh" and "The Great British Bake Off." Fielding will star as legendary British highwayman Dick Turpin in the as-of-yet unnamed series.

noel fielding apple tv plus series

The White Darkness

"The White Darkness" is an upcoming drama series based on David Grann's nonfiction work of the same name, which chronicled the Antarctic expeditions of British explorer and army officer Henry Worsley. Worsley journeyed across Antarctica in 2008, leading an expedition to pioneer a route through the Transantarctic Mountains. He also returned in 2011 and 2015.

Apple's TV show will tell Worsley's story, with Tom Hiddleston set to star in the show.

Notable names: Tom Hiddleston will star.

Available TV Shows

Apple has dozens of TV shows that have launched, and a bunch more that are at different stages of production. There are comedies, dramas, thrillers, documentaries, and shows aimed at children, with a full list of what Apple's working on below.


"Shantaram" is an ‌Apple TV+‌ drama series based on Gregory David Roberts' 2003 novel of the same name. The show focuses on a character named Lin, a convict who flees from an Australian prison and disappears into the city of Bombay. In India, Lin's journey takes him through a hidden society of soldiers, gangsters, and criminals.

Notable names: Charlie Hunnam stars in the series.

Bad Sisters

"Bad Sisters" is a 10-episode darkly comedic murder mystery series. It tells the story of the Garvey sisters, who have always looked out for one another. When their brother-in-law ends up dead, his life insurers kick off an investigation to prove malicious intent, setting their sights on the sisters, all of whom had reason to kill him.

Notable names: Anne-Marie Duff, Eva Birthistle, Sarah Greene and Eve Hewson star.

Gutsy Women

"Gutsy" is an docuseries hosted and executive producted by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. The series is based on their book "The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience," and it will feature a diverse cast of trailblazing women.

book of gutsy women hillary clinton

Five Days At Memorial

"Five Days at Memorial" is a limited TV series from John Ridley (known for "12 Years a Slave," "American Crime," and "Guerrilla") and Carlton Cuse (known for "Locke & Key," "Jack Ryan," and "Lost").

The TV show is based on the novel of the same name written by Sheri Fink. It chronicles the first five days in a New Orleans hospital after Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005, telling the story of the exhausted caregivers who were forced to make life-and-death decisions amid rising floodwaters, intense heat, and no power.

Notable names: Vera Farmiga, Cherry Jones, Cornelius Smith, Jr., and Adepero Oduye star star.

Best Foot Forward

"Best Foot Forward" is a family comedy that's based on the book "Just Don't Fall" by paralympic athlete Josh Sundquist. It follows middle schooler Josh as he transitions from homeschool to public school, facing a new set of challenges along the way.


"Surface" is an eight-episode psychological thriller that focuses on Sophie, a woman who has suffered a traumatic head injury that's caused extreme memory loss. Sophie embarks on a quest to put the pieces of her life back together with her husband and friends, but it turns out the truth she's told is not the truth she's lived.

Notable names: Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars.


"Loot" is a workplace comedy series that focuses on billionaire Molly Novak, who has private jets, a sprawling mansion, and everything else she desires. Her husband of 20 years betrays her and she spirals publicly, making tabloid headlines. Her charity foundation pleads with her to stop generating bad press, and helps to set her on a better path.

loot apple tv plus series
Notable names: Maya Rudolph will star as Molly Novak.

Black Bird

"Black Bird" is a six-episode psychological thriller that is adapted from the true crime memoir "In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption" by James Keene and Hillel Levin.

black bird apple tv plus
When high school football hero, policeman's son, and drug dealer Jimmy Keene is sentenced to 10 years in prison, he is given the option to enter a maximum security prison for the criminally insane and befriend suspected serial killer Larry Hall to shorten his sentence. Keene must get a confession from Hall and find out where the bodies of several young girls are buried.

Shining Girls

"Shining Girls" is a metaphysical thriller based on the 2013 novel of the same name. The series focuses on Kirby Mazrachi, a Chicago reporter who survives an attempted murder by a time-traveling Depression-era serial killer and then teams up with a homicide reporter to track down her would-be killer and bring him to justice.

Notable names: Elisabeth Moss, Jamie Bell, and Wagner Moura star in the show.

Make or Break

"Make or Break" follows the world's best surfers as they battle for the World Championship title. The series follows the 2021 World Surf League Men and Women's Championship Tour, with the first episode following a competition at the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. Banzai Pipeline and other surf spots used in championship events are highly dangerous, with Pipeline is specifically known for some of world's deadliest waves that have led to several surfer deaths.

Some of the highest ranked surfers in the world are featured in the documentary, including 11-time world champion Kelly Slater, seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore, Three-time world champion Gabriel Medina, Two-time world champion Tyler Wright, 2019 World Champion and Olympic gold medalist Italo Ferreira, and 2021 Olympian Tatiana Weston-Webb. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

The Big Conn

"The Big Conn" is a four-part documentary series that tells the true story of larger-than-life attorney Eric C. Conn, who defrauded the government out of more than half a billion dollars. The series is accompanied by a podcast that explores Conn's outrageous lifestyle with interviews and behind-the-scenes details.

The Essex Serpent

"The Essex Serpent" follows the story of a newly widowed woman named Cora Seaborne who escapes from an abusive marriage and relocates from Victorian London to the small village of Aldwinter in Essex. Cora is fascinated with the local superstition that a mythical creature called the Essex Serpent roams in the area. She forms a bond of science and skepticism with the local pastor, Will Ransome, but when tragedy strikes, she ends up being accused of attracting the creature. The series is based on the book of the same name by Sarah Perry.

essex serpent
Notable names: Claire Danes plays Cora, and Tom Hiddleston plays Will Ransome.

Now and Then

"Now and Then" is a bilingual thriller that explores the differences between youthful aspirations and the reality of adulthood.

now and then tv series
The series focuses on a group of college students who are forever changed after a celebratory weekend ends up with one of them dead. 20 years later, the remaining five are reunited by a threat that puts their lives at risk.


"Roar" is an upcoming TV show that's been described by Apple as an "anthology series of darkly comic feminist fables" that paint a portrait of what it means to be a woman today.

It features a blend of magical realism, familiar domestic and professional scenarios, and futuristic worlds, telling eight stories that mirror the dilemmas of ordinary women in "accessible yet surprising ways."

"Roar" is based on Cecilia Ahern's book of short stories, which features women exploring different absurd contradictions or issues in their lives.

Notable names: Nicole Kidman, Cynthia Erivo, Merritt Wever, Alison Brie, Meera Syal, Fivel Stewart, Kara Hayward, and Betty Gilpin are set to star in the show.

They Call Me Magic

"They Call Me Magic" is a four part documentary series that tells the story of two-time NBA Hall of Famer and cultural icon Earvin "Magic" Johnson. The series will explore the accomplishments and global impact of Magic's life, both on and off the court, plus it will feature interviews with Magic, his family, and an all-star lineup.

The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball

"The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball" is a five-part documentary series that chronicles the coming-of-age story of basketball phenom Makur Maker.

Slow Horses

"Slow Horses" is a six-episode espionage series following a team of British intelligence agents who serve in a dumping ground department of MI5 called Slough House. Washed up spies are placed in Slough House following failed carriers. Season 2 is launching on December 2.

Notable names: Gary Oldman stars as Jackson Lamb, the leader of the Slough House spies. Will Smith is writing the show.


"WeCrashed" is a limited series that details the greed-filled rise and inevitable fall" of WeWork, a startup that provides flexible shared workspaces for people.

"WeCrashed" is based on the podcast "WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork," and it is set to star Jared Leto, and Anne Hathaway, both of whom will also serve as executive producers on the series. America Ferrera will also have a role. WeWork in early 2019 was valued at close to $50 billion as it prepared for an IPO, but the company crashed and burned after a series of articles highlighted mismanagement and odd behavior from CEO Adam Neumann, who was quickly ousted. WeWork's IPO was halted and the company's valuation plunged to $5 billion.


"Pachinko" is an upcoming TV show based on Min Jin Lee's bestselling novel of the same name, which chronicles the lives of four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family in Japan.

The story begins in 1911 with the birth of Sunja, who becomes involved with a married yakuza, falling pregnant and facing ruin in her small village. The town's minister offers her a new life in Japan as his wife, where she is alone, lost, and unable to speak the language. The story then follows Sunja's family through eight decades and four generations.

Notable names: Korean superstar Lee Minho will play Hansu, Jin Ha will play Solomon, Anna Sawai will play Sunja, Minha Kim will play Sunja, Soji Arai will play Mosazu, and Kaho Minami will play Etsuko.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

"The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey" is an limited series starring Samuel L. Jackson, and it is based on the novel of the same name. Jackson plays titular character Ptolemy Grey, a 91-year-old recluse who has been all but forgotten and been abandoned by his family, his friends, and himself.

As he is on the brink of sinking deeper into dementia, Ptolemy is given a chance to regain his memories when he meets 17-year-old Robyn at his nephew's funeral. Robyn challenges Ptolemy to interact more with the world around him, giving him a better grasp on his disappearing consciousness. He's then given a chance to take a drug that hastens his demise, but also clears his mind. Ptolemy uses his time and lucidity to solve his grand-nephew's death, which involved a drive-by shooting.


"Severance" is an ‌Apple TV+‌ show that's described as a workplace thriller set at a company that's aiming to take work-life balance to a new level. Severance centers around Mark Scout (Adam Scott), a leader of a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives.

This experiment in 'work-life balance' is called into question as Mark finds himself at the center of an unraveling mystery that will force him to confront the true nature of his work... and of himself.

Notable names: Adam Scott ("Parks and Rec"), Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, Christopher Walken, and Tramell Tillman will star, and Ben Stiller will direct and produce.

Lincoln's Dilemma

"Lincoln's Dilemma" is a four-part documentary series that features never-before heard stories about Lincoln and close-up perspectives of him as a man, shining a light on a side of Lincoln that's rarely seen and offering a fresh perspective on his accomplishments.

The documentary series is based on David S. Reynolds book "Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times."


"See" is an epic post apocalyptic drama where the world has been wiped out by a virus. There are survivors, but all of the survivors have been rendered blind. The second season of "See" premiered on August 27, 2021. The show has been renewed for a third season.

see apple tv plus
Notable names: Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Alfre Woodard (12 Years a Slave), and Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) star in the series.

The Morning Show

"The Morning Show," as the name suggests, is a morning talk show drama that takes a look inside the lives of the people who help America wake up in the morning. The second season premiered on September 17, 2021, and the show has been renewed for a third season.

the morning show aniston witherspoon
Notable names: Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Billy Crudup, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw star in the show. Hasan Minhaj is joining for season two, as is Julianna Margulies.

For All Mankind

"For All Mankind" is a space drama that explores what might have happened in the world if the global space race had never ended. Season 2 premiered on February 19, 2021, and season 3 is set to kick off on June 10.

for all mankind apple tv plus
Notable names: Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon), Michael Dorman (Patriot), and Sarah Jones (The Path) star in the show, with Michaela Conlin joining in season 2. Ronald D. Moore created and wrote the series.

Truth Be Told

"Truth Be Told," previously known as "Are You Sleeping," is a drama that is based on a novel by Kathleen Barber. It focuses on the story of a podcast that reopens a murder case, similar to popular podcast "Serial."

truth be told apple tv plus
The show explores how the reopening of the murder case impacts the victim's daughter and impacts her life. Sarah Koenig, known for her work on "Serial," consulted on the series. Season 2 of "Truth Be Told" launched on August 20.

Notable names: Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), Ron Cephas Jones (This Is Us), Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds), and Mekhi Phifer (ER) have roles in the show. The second season stars Kate Hudson, Merle Dandridge, Jason O'Mara, Alona Tel, Hale Appleman, and others.


"Servant" is a horror thriller produced by M. Night Shyamalan, who has also directed a few of the episodes. The series follows a Philadelphia couple who are in mourning after losing their child. Their baby, Jericho, is replaced by a reborn doll that the mother thinks is real, and a strange nanny, Leanne, is hired to look after the doll. After Leanne arrives, bizarre things start happening to the family.

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The show follows a young couple who hire a nanny to care for their newborn child, but the child is actually a fake baby and the nanny is also suspicious. Season 2 premiered January 15, 2021, and the third season premieres on January 21, 2022.

Notable names: Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), and Tony Kebbell (Planet of the Apes) star.

Little America

"Little America" is an anthology series that takes a look at the funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring, and unexpected lives of immigrants in America. Every episode is written by a different writer, with the content collected by Epic Magazine. "Little America" has been renewed for a second season, which premieres on December 9.

little america
Notable names: Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, known for "The Big Sick," are writing the show.

Mythic Quest

"Mythic Quest" follows a team of video game developers as they navigate the challenges of running a popular online video game. "Mythic Quest" season 2 launched on Friday, May 7. The second season focuses on the team's efforts to create a new expansion for the game, building on the "Raven's Banquet" expansion that was featured in the first season. Season three will premiere on November 11.

mythic quest bonus episode
Notable names: F. Murray Abraham, Imani Hakim, David Hornsby, Danny Pudi, Ashly Burch, Charlotte Nicdao, Jessie Ennis, and Rob McElhenney ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") star in the show.

Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark is a drama series about Hilde Lysiak, a child journalist who publishes a newspaper called the Orange Street News in her hometown of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

The show follows a young girl who moves from Brooklyn to the small lakeside town her father is from, where she unearths a cold case that everyone else in the town had attempted to bury. The story is based on Lysiak's own efforts to report on a murder in Selinsgrove, where she was the first person to expose it. Season 2 premiered on June 11, 2021.

Notable names: Brooklynn Prince, Jim Sturgess, Abby Miller, Kylie Rogers, and Adrian Hough star.

The Mosquito Coast

Adapted from the novel of the same name, "The Mosquito Coast" tells the story of a brilliant but radical inventor who uproots his family and embarks on a dangerous journey to Mexico to escape the U.S. government. "The Mosquito Coast" was renewed for a second season in June 2021, and it will premiere on November 4.

the mosquito coast apple tv plus
Notable names: Justin Theroux, Melissa George, Logan Polish, and Gabriel Bateman star.

Home Docuseries

Home is a documentary series that offers a never-before-seen look inside the most extraordinary homes in the world and at the minds who dreamed them up. The series sounds similar to "Extraordinary Homes" on Netflix and classic show "MTV Cribs." Apple ordered 10 one-hour episodes of the "Home" docuseries.


Defending Jacob

"Defending Jacob" is a thriller based on the best selling William Landay novel of the same name. The show is a drama series that unfolds around a shocking crime in a small Massachusetts town, following a district attorney who is torn between his love for his son and his duty to uphold justice.

Notable names: Chris Evans (Captain America), Jaeden Martell (It), and Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) star.


Trying is a UK series that takes a look at "growing up, settling down, and finding someone to love." The show focuses on Jason and Nikki, a couple who are trying to have a baby but have thus far been unsuccessful. Season 2 focuses on their adoption journey.

trying apple tv plus
Notable names: Rafe Spall and Esther Smith star.

Central Park

"Central Park" is an an animated TV series developed by Loren Bouchard, known for popular cartoon "Bob's Burgers."

Apple TV Central Park
The series is a musical comedy that tells the story of a family of caretakers who live in Central Park and must protect it from a rich old lady who wants to turn it into condos. Season two of the show premieres on June 25, and Apple has already greenlit season 3.

Notable names: Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., Daveed Diggs, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Kathryn Hahn, Tituss Burgess, and Stanley Tucci voice characters.

Dear Docuseries

"Dear..." is a docuseries that profiles famous people using an "inventive and cinematic approach" that involves sharing letters written by people whose lives the celebrities have touched. The show was renewed for a second season, which is debuting on March 4.

Notable names: Oprah Winfrey, Gloria Steinem, Spike Lee, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Yara Shahidi, Stevie Wonder, Aly Raisman, Misty Copeland, and Big Bird are subjects of the series.

Greatness Code

"Greatness Code" is a short-form sports docuseries that features stories from athletes like LeBron James, Tom Brady, Alex Morgan, Shaun White, Usain Bolt, Katie Ledecky, and Kelly Slater.

Each mini episode examines a pivotal moment that defined an athlete's career.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso sees Jason Sudeikis reviving his "Ted Lasso" character that first debuted during the 2013 NBC Sports English Premier League coverage. In the ‌Apple TV+‌ show, Sudeikis plays a small-time college football coach from Kansas who is hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching soccer. The second season of the series premiered on July 23.

ted lasso believe
Notable names: Jason Sudeikis stars.

Long Way Up

"Long Way Up" is a motorcycle series follows Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they ride through Latin American countries that include Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Mexico.

apple tv plus long way up
The two cover 13,000 miles over the course of 100 days, exploring the "glorious and underexposed" landscapes of South and Central America.

Notable names: "Long Way Up" stars Ewan McGregor.


"Tehran," an espionage thriller made in partnership with an Israeli TV producer, tells the story of a Mossad agent who goes deep undercover on a dangerous mission in Tehran that places everyone around her in dire jeopardy.

tehran apple tv poster
"Tehran" has been renewed for a second season.

Lisey's Story

"Lisey's Story," is an ‌Apple TV+‌ series that came out on June 4. Starring Julianne Moore and Clive Owen, the series is based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, who also created the show. "Lisey's Story" is a personal thriller that tells the story of Lisey Landon two years after the death of her husband, famous novelist Scott Landon. Unsettling events cause Lisey to face her memories of her marriage to Scott that she's blocked out of her mind as she's also terrorized by a former fan of her husband's.

liseys story apple tv plus
Notable names: Stephen King is the writer on the series. Julianne Moore, Dane Dehaan, and Clive Owen will star. J.J. Abrams is executive producing.

The Oprah Conversation

Apple partner Oprah Winfrey's latest show, "The Oprah Conversation," features interviews with the "foremost newsmakers, thought leaders, and masters of their craft."

Tiny World

Narrated by Paul Rudd, "Tiny World" is a nature docuseries that looks at the world "through the eyes of the tiniest creatures" to examine the things they do for survival using "brand new camera technology."

Notable names: Paul Rudd, known for "Ant Man," narrates.

Becoming You

"Becoming You" is a docuseries that explores how children's first 2,000 days shape their lives. The series features more than 100 children across the world, from Nepal to Japan to Borneo, examining the ways that children learn to think, speak, and move from birth to five-years-old.

maxresdefault 1

Earth at Night in Color

Narrated by Tom Hiddleston, "Earth at Night in Color" follows animals at night using "next-generation cameras" to "reveal new insights and never before seen behaviors." The six episode series was filmed across six continents, ranging from the Arctic Circle to the African grasslands.

Notable names: Tom Hiddleston, known for playing Loki in the Marvel movies, narrates.

Losing Alice

Psychological thriller "Losing Alice" is a "thrilling cinematic journey that uses flashbacks and flash-forwards in a satisfyingly complex narrative that takes the viewer through the conscious and subconscious of its protagonist's mind."

losing alice apple tv
The series follows Alice, a 48-year-old female film director who "feels irrelevant since raising her family." Alice becomes obsessed with 24-year-old screenwriter femme fatale Sophie, and "eventually surrenders her moral integrity in order to achieve power, relevance and success." The show "explores issues such as jealousy, guilt, fear of aging, and the complex relationships women have among themselves and each other."

Notable names: Sigal Avin directs, and Alice is played by Ayelet Zurer.


"Calls" is a horror/mystery show adapted from a French TV series of the same name. In France, "Calls" is a short-form series that tells stories based on snippets of audio taken from real-life situations with minimal use of visuals. Apple says "Calls" is a "groundbreaking immersive television experience that masterfully uses only audio and minimal abstract visuals to tell bone-chilling snackable stories." The series will chronicle the "mysterious story of a group of strangers whose lives are thrown into disarray in the lead-up to an apocalyptic event."

apple tv plus calls series


"Physical" is a dark comedy set in 1980s San Diego, when Jazzercise became popular. The show follows Sheila Rubin, a quiet, dutiful housewife supporting her husband's political aspirations. Sheila has a darkly funny take on life that she keeps to herself as she battles personal demons related to her self-interest.

physical tv show
She becomes hooked on exercise and then uses the technology of the videotape to start a new fitness business, with the series tracking her journey from overlooked enabler to confident fitness guru. Apple renewed "Physical" for a second season in August.

Notable names: Rose Byrne will star along with Paul Sparks, Rory Scovel, Lou Taylor Pucci, Della Saba, Dierdre Friel, Ashley Liao, and Geoffrey Arend.


Apple has inked a deal for a star-studded musical comedy featuring several well-known "Saturday Night Live" alums. Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Armisen, Kristin Chenoweth, and Cecily Strong will have roles in the show.

apple tv plus schmigadoon
The series is described as a parody of iconic musicals, with the two main stars playing a couple on a backpacking trip that's meant to reinvigorate their relationship. They come across the magical town of Schmigadoon, where everyone lives in a studio musical from the 1940s. They're unable to leave until they can find "true love."

Cecily Strong will star as Melissa, one half of the couple on the trip, while Key will play Josh, her long term partner. Armisen will play Reverend Layton, the mild-mannered religious leader of the town, and Chenoweth will play Mildred Layton, Reverend Layton's wife.

Notable names: Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Armisen, Kristin Chenoweth, and Cecily Strong star.

The Me You Can't See

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry have teamed up for a mental health docuseries called "The Me You Can't See," which hosts discussions about mental health and emotional well-being with singers, athletes, and other high-profile guests.

Participants in the series include Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, San Antonio Spurs player DeMar DeRozan, Phoenix Suns player Langston Galloway, mental health advocate and speaker Zak Williams, Olympic boxer Virginia "Ginny" Fuchs, and celebrity chef Rashad Armstead.

1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything

"1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything" is an immersive eight-part docuseries that explores the musicians and soundtracks that shaped the culture and politics of 1971. It provides a look at iconic artists like he Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, The Who, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, and more.

Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson

"Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson" is a six-part docuseries that examines sound creation and revolutionary technology used to shape music. Each episode follows Ronson as he "uncovers the untold stories behind music creation and the lengths producers and creators are willing to go to find the perfect sound."

The Problem With Jon Stewart

Former "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart is returning to television with a new current affairs series that's available on ‌Apple TV+‌ called "The Problem With Jon Stewart."

the problem with jon stewart trailer
Stewart explores topics at the center of national conversation in hour-long episodes.

Isaac Asimov's Foundation

Apple has purchased the rights to a TV series adaptation of popular sci-fi book series "Foundation" written by sci-fi author Isaac Asimov.

apple tv foundation
"Foundation" follows psychohistory expert and mathematician Hari Seldon who is able to predict the future. Seldon creates a group of exiles called the Foundation to preserve humanity's collective knowledge ahead of the impending fall of the Galactic Empire. The show premiered on September 24, 2021, and it has been renewed for a second season.

foundation season 2
Notable names: Lee Pace plays Brother Day, the Emperor of the Galaxy, while Jared Harris plays Hari Seldon.


"Acapulco" is an ‌Apple TV+‌ Spanish and English-language comedy that is based on the 2017 movie "How to Be a Latin Lover." The series will feature half-hour episodes focusing on the story of a young Mexican man who gets his dream job at the hottest resort in the city. He soon realizes the job is more complicated than he imagined, and his beliefs and morals start to be questioned.

Notable names: The TV series will star Eugenio Derbez, who was also in the movie, as well as Enrique Arrizon, Damian Alcázar, Camila Perez, and Raphael Alejandro.


"Invasion," from Simon Kinberg and David Weil, is a science fiction series that has been described as one of Apple's most ambitious TV shows to date. It follows an alien invasion across multiple continents, offering a perspective from several different countries around the world.

invasion show
Notable names: The series stars Sam Neill (known for "Jurassic Park") as Sheriff John Bell Tyson, a rural lawman who is on the verge of retirement. Shamier Anderson (known for "Bruised" and "Awake") plays Trevante Ward, a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. Golshifteh Farahani (known for "Extraction") plays Aneesha Malik, a first-generation Syrian immigrant living in Long Island, while Israeli actor Firas Nassar plays Malik's husband.


"Swagger" is a drama series based on the early life and career of NBA star and Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant. The show was inspired by Durant's experiences as a youth playing basketball, and it will highlight the world of Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball, taking a look into the lives of players, their families, and coaches. Swagger premiered on Friday, October 29, 2021.

apple swagger tv series
Notable names: O'Shea Jackson Jr, Isaiah Hill, Shinelle Azoroh, Caleel Harris, Tessa Ferrer, Jason Rivera, Solomon Irama, Ozie Nzeribe, and James Bingham star in the show.

The Shrink Next Door

"The Shrink Next Door" is a limited comedy series with Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell. The show is based on the Wondery podcast of the same name. It follows the bizarre relationship between a psychiatrist to the stars (played by Rudd) and a longtime patient (played by Ferrell).

the shrink next door apple tv
Over the course of their relationship, Rudd's character, Dr. Isaac "Ike" Herschkopf, slowly takes over the life of Ferrell's character, Martin "Marty" Markowitz, moving into Marty's home and taking over his family business. "The Shrink Next Door" premiered on November 12, 2021.

Notable names: Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, Casey Wilson, Kathryn Hahn, and Sarayu Blue star in the series.

Dr. Brain

"Dr. Brain" is a Korean-language series based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same name. The show tells the story of a brain scientist who works to find new technologies to access memory, tools that he uses when his family is in a mysterious accident.

dr brain"Dr. Brain" is written and directed by filmmaker Kim Jee-Woon, and it stars Lee Sun-Kyun, best known for "Parasite."

The Afterparty

"The Afterparty" is a murder mystery comedy set at a high school reunion afterparty. Each of the eight episodes features a retelling of the same night from a different character's perspective, each with its own unique visual format.

Notable names: The series was created by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, known for "21 Jump Street," "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, "The Lego Movie," and "The Last Man on Earth." It stars Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson, Zoë Chao, Ben Schwartz, Ike Barinholtz, Ilana Glazer, Dave Franco, Jamie Demetriou, and John Early.


Apple in February 2022 released an English language adaptation of Israeli TV show "False Flag," and the U.S. version of the show is called "Suspicion."

Suspicion is a high-paced thriller about the kidnapping of the 21-year-old son of a prominent American business woman. From Apple: "Twenty-one-year-old Leo's abduction from a large, upmarket hotel in central New York is captured on video and goes viral. Swiftly, four British citizens staying at the hotel become the prime suspects. But are they guilty of anymore than being in the wrong place at the wrong time?"

Notable Names: Uma Thurman ("Pulp Fiction"), Kunal Nayyar ("The Big Bang Theory"), Noah Emmerich ("The Americans"), Georgina Campbell ("Black Mirror"), Elyes Gabel ("Scorpion"), Elizabeth Henstridge ("Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."), and Angel Coulby ("Dancing on the Edge").

Available Movies


Luck is an animated film from Skydance Animation. It tells the story of Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest girl in the world. Sam stumbles upon the never-before-seen world of good and bad luck and must team up with magical creatures to discover a force more powerful than luck itself.

luck animated film
Notable names: Eva Noblezada voices Sam, Simon Pegg voices lucky black cat Bob, and Whoopi Goldberg voices the head of security, Captain. Jane Fonda voices the dragon.

The Sky is Everywhere

"The Sky is Everywhere," produced by Apple partner A24, is based on the young adult novel of the same name. It tells the story of a high schooler named Lennie Walker who is coping with the sudden death of her older sister.

Notable names: Jason Segel, Cherry Jones, Jacques Colimon, and Ji-young Yoo star.

Tragedy of Macbeth

Apple is teaming up with A24 for "The Tragedy of Macbeth," a drama that's set to star Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. "The Tragedy of Macbeth" is directed by Joel Coen, and is based on "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare.

apple tv plus tragedy of macbeth
It's the first film that's directed by just one Coen brother, and it was shot in black and white. As a duo, the Coen brothers have produced hit movies like "The Big Lebowski," "No Country for Old Men," "Fargo," and "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

"The Tragedy of Macbeth" was released on ‌Apple TV+‌ on January 14.

Swan Song

"Swan Song" is an movie starring Mahershala Ali. Ali plays a father and a husband who is given a risky chance to survive a terminal illness. It's been described as a "genre-bending drama" set in the near future that explores how far someone will go and how much they'll sacrifice to make a happier life for their loved ones.

Notable names: Mahershala Ali will play Milo and Naomie Harris will play his wife, Poppy. Awkwafina will play a friend of Ali's character, and Glenn Close will play a head scientist.

'Twas The Fight Before Christmas

"Twas The Fight Before Christmas" is a documentary that tells the story of lawyer Jeremy Morris, who is obsessed with Christmas and planned the biggest community Christmas event in America. His Christmas plans hit a snag when the home owner's association tells him his planned event violates neighborhood rules.

As the situation escalates, the film asks the question, who wins when different rights and interests collide? "The Fight Before Christmas" premiered on November 26.


In "Finch," a man named Finch, a robot, and a dog form a family as some of the few survivors of a cataclysmic solar event. Finch spends a decade in an underground bunker with his dog Goodyear, and he builds a robot during that time to watch over Goodyear when he's gone. The trio embark on a road trip out West, with Finch attempting to show his robot what it means to be alive. Finch premiered on November 5.

finch hanks

Come From Away

A movie version of the hit Broadway musical "Come From Away" debuted on ‌Apple TV+‌ on Friday, September 10, 2021.

come from away trailer
"Come From Away" tells the story of 7,000 people stranded in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland after all flights into the US are grounded on September 11, 2001. As the people of Newfoundland graciously welcome the "come from aways" into their community in the aftermath, the passengers and locals alike process what's happened while finding love, laughter and new hope in the unlikely and lasting bonds that they forge.

Directed by Christopher Ashley, who directed the original Broadway production, "Come From Away" has an ensemble cast led by members of the Broadway show. Apple says the live performance of "Come From Away" was filmed in May at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in New York City for an audience of 9/11 survivors and front-line workers.

The Velvet Underground

Apple purchased the rights to "The Velvet Underground" a documentary that follows the 1960's band of the same name. "The Velvet Underground" was headlined by Lou Reed and was once managed by Andy Warhol, and it was known as the "house band" at the Factory, which was Warhol's studio that served as a hangout for artists and a venue for legendary parties.

"The Velvet Underground" documentary features never before seen performances and recordings, Warhol films, experimental art, and in-depth interviews with key players of that time. It came out on October 15, 2021.


Apple paid $25 million for the rights to "CODA," a movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Directed and written by Siân Heder, "CODA" stars actress Emilia Jones as Ruby, the only hearing individual in her deaf family. As her high school years come to an end, Ruby is torn between staying at home to help family or heading off to college to pursue her dreams.

coda film
"CODA" premiered on ‌Apple TV+‌ on August 13.


Apple paid $40+ million for the rights to crime drama "Cherry," directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. "Cherry" became available to watch on ‌Apple TV+‌ on March 12.

Apple TV Cherry key art sh cr
In "Cherry," actor Tom Holland (known for his role as Spider-Man) plays a Cleveland man named Walker who joins the army after being spurned by the love of his life. He becomes an Army medic in Iraq and is traumatized by the experience, suffering from PTSD. To treat his PTSD, Walker is treated with Oxycontin, and that eventually leads to a heroin addiction. To pay for the drugs, Walker begins robbing banks.

Notable names: Tom Holland stars.

Billie Eilish Documentary

"Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry," is an ‌Apple TV+‌ documentary that tells the coming-of-age story of singer-songwriter Billie Eilish and her rise to stardom as she navigates life on the road and at home with her family while writing and recording "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?"


"Palmer" tells the story of former football phenomenon Eddie Palmer who returns to his hometown to get his life back on track after a stint in prison. Back at home, Palmer faces lingering conflicts from his past as he looks after a young boy who has been abandoned by his mother.

Notable names: Justin Timberlake stars as Eddie Palmer. Juno Temple, June Squibb, Alisha Wainright, and new actor Ryder Allen are also in the movie.


Wolfwalkers is an animated film from Cartoon Saloon, a company that Apple has signed a deal with to produce content for ‌Apple TV+‌.

Wolfwalkers, like other Cartoon Saloon films, is set in Ireland. Robyn, an Irish girl, is set on wiping out the demonic, evil wolves until she meets a wild native girl, Mebh, whose friendship leads her to discover the world of the Wolfwalkers.

Fireball Documentary

"Fireball" is the latest documentary from Werner Herzog and geoscientist Clive Oppenheimer. It explores the cultural and physical influence that meteors, comets, and deep impacts have had on Earth in regard to mythology, religion, and human imagination.


The Elephant Queen

"The Elephant Queen" is a feature-length documentary about an elephant matriarch who leads her herd to find a new watering hole. Apple will release The Elephant Queen in theaters on October 18 before adding it to ‌Apple TV+‌ in November.

apple the elephant queen


Hala, directed by Minhal Baig and executive produced by Jada Pinkett Smith, is a coming-of-age movie that follows the life of Hala, a 17-year-old girl attempting to navigate her social life as a teen in Chicago and her obligations as the only child to Pakistani immigrants.


The Banker

The Banker is a feature film inspired by a true story, focusing on two African American entrepreneurs who try to circumvent the racial limitations of the 1950s and quietly provide housing loans to the African American community in Jim Crow Texas.

the banker
Notable names: Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Nia Long, and Nicholas Hoult star in the movie.

Beastie Boys Story

Apple acquired the rights to "Beastie Boys Story" a documentary about the band directed by Spike Jonze and penned by Beastie Boys members Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz. The film will launch on ‌Apple TV+‌ on April 24 and will have a theatrical release at some point in the future.



"Dads," directed by actress Bryce Dallas Howard, is a "joyful exploration of contemporary fatherhood." It offers anecdotes and wisdom from celebrities like Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon, Neil Patrick Harris, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, and more, along with portraits of non-celebrity dads around the world.

apple tv dads
Details about Bryce Dallas Howard's dad, Ron Howard, and his partner Brian Grazer, are interspersed throughout the documentary as well.


"Greyhound" stars Tom Hanks as Ernest Krause, a career officer given command of Navy destroyer Greyhound during the Battle of the Atlantic. Krause fights his own self doubts and personal demons along with the enemy to prove that he belongs in command.

Notable names: Tom Hanks stars and also wrote the movie.

Boys State Documentary

"Boys State" is a political coming-of-age documentary that examines the health of American democracy.

The film features an experiment in which 1,000 17-year-old boys from across Texas gather together to build a representative government from the ground up, reproducing some of democracy's worst principles and flaws.

On the Rocks

"On the Rocks," the first film produced under Apple's partnership with A24, follows a young mother who reconnects with her larger-than-life playboy father on an adventure through New York. "On the Rocks" was released in theaters on October 2, 2020 and premiered on ‌Apple TV+‌ later in the month.

Apple tv on the rocks
Notable names: "On the Rocks" is directed by Sofia Coppola and stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones.

Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You

"Letter to You" is a documentary film about musician Bruce Springsteen, which features Bruce Springsteen recording live with The E Street Band for the first time in 35 years.

The film serves as a tribute to the E Street Band, rock 'n' roll, and the way music has shaped Bruce Springsteen's life, with the documentary featuring Bruce reflecting on love and loss while recording with his full band for the first time since "Born in the U.S.A." The launch accompanies the launch of Springsteen's new album "Letter to You."

The Year Earth Changed

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, "The Year Earth Changed" is a documentary that looks at the effect national lockdowns in 2020 had on wildlife and the natural world. From the documentary's description:

"From hearing birdsong in deserted cities, to witnessing whales communicating in new ways, to encountering capybaras in South American suburbs, people all over the world have had the chance to engage with nature like never before. In the one-hour special, viewers will witness how changes in human behavior -- reducing cruise ship traffic, closing beaches a few days a year, identifying more harmonious ways for humans and wildlife to coexist -- can have a profound impact on nature."


"Fathom" is a documentary that follows Dr. Ellen Garland and Dr. Michelle Fournet as they attempt to communicate with humpback whales and unravel the mystery of why they sing.

apple tv plus fathom
According to Apple, the documentary "uniquely reveals a deep commitment and reverence to the scientific process and the universal human need to seek answers about the world around us."

Who Are You, Charlie Brown?

"Who Are You, Charlie Brown?" is a documentary that takes a look at the origins of Peanuts and its creator Charles M. Schulz.

9/11: Inside the Presidents War Room

"9/11: Inside the President's War Room" is a documentary special that will recount the definitive timeline of the U.S. presidency in the immediate hours after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York and The Pentagon.

9 11 memorial
The documentary debuted on ‌Apple TV+‌ on September 1, 2021 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the attacks.

Shows for Kids

Pretzel and the Puppies (Coming February 11)

Pretzel and the Puppies focuses on Pretzel, the world's longest dachshund. The cartoon comes from the creators of Curious George.

El Deafo

"El Deafo" is a children's story about a girl named Cece who loses her hearing and needs to learn to navigate school and make new friends through her superhero alter ego named El Deafo.

Surfside Girls

"Surfside Girls" is a 10-episode live action kids series based on the best-selling graphic novel of the same name. The series features Jade and Sam, two best friends who dive head-first into a mystery about a pirate ship and cursed treasure that lies beneath the Danger Point Bluff. The duo meets a pirate ghost, and aim to help him break his curse while saving the town.


"Stillwater" is an animated series based on the book "Zen Shorts" by Jon J. Muth. It features three siblings who have a wise panda named Stillwater as their next door neighbor.

091720 New Series Doug Unplugs Stillwater Big Image 02
The panda uses stories and humor to help the kids to understand their feelings and provides them with mindfulness tools to help them face day-to-day challenges. He also "brings newfound fun and adventure for the three, opening their eyes to the quiet wonders of the world around them, and guiding them to their place within it."

The Snoopy Show

Apple in February 2021 launched a new series called "The Snoopy Show," which features new Snoopy and Peanuts adventures. There are six episodes starring the popular Peanuts gang.

Peanuts - Snoopy in Space

Apple has signed a deal with DHX Media owner Peanuts Worldwide to produce new "Peanuts" content that is available on ‌Apple TV+‌. One project that's been released is a short that features astronaut Snoopy, themed around STEM education.

Peanuts in Space follows Snoopy as he pursues his dream to become an astronaut. Together, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew take command of the International Space Station and explore the moon and beyond.


Apple is partnering with Sesame Workshop to create several TV shows for children. One of the first shows will be called "Helpsters," and it is designed to teach preschoolers the basics of coding. It will feature Cody and a team of vibrant monsters who love to solve problems.


Ghostwriter is a reinvention of the previous popular TV show Ghostwriter. It follows four children brought together by a mysterious ghost in a bookstore, with the children teaming up to release fictional characters from works of literature.

Fraggle Rock

"Fraggle Rock: Rock On" is a shortform series from the Jim Henson Company that airs on ‌Apple TV+‌ on Tuesdays. Episodes are three to five minutes in length, and have all been shot remotely using iPhones in producers' homes. It will be followed by "Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock" on January 21, 2022.


Doug Unplugs

"Doug Unplugs" is a series about a young robot that senses that there's more to life than just facts. While all of the other robots plug in for their daily download, Doug unplugs and ventures into the human world with his best friend Emma.

"Doug Unplugs" comes from DreamWorks Animation and is based on the "Doug Unplugged" book series from Dan Yaccarino.

Wolfboy and the Everything Factory

"Wolfboy and the Everything Factory" follows Wolfboy, an imaginative oddball who discovers a strange realm at the centre of the earth where beings called Sprytes create things for the natural world on the surface -- clouds, trees, rabbits, dreams, hiccups, memories, time, and more.

With his Spryte friends, Wolfboy learns that not only can he use the creative energy of the Everything Factory to make his imagination come to life, but that he is destined to play a central role in an age-old battle between the forces of creation and destruction.

Getting Rolling With Otis

"Get Rolling With Otis" is an animated adventure series starring Otis the tractor and his friends. Otis is a small tractor, but he has a big heart, and when he sees his a friend in need, he always makes sure to help out.

Puppy Place

"Puppy Place" chronicles the adventures of dog-loving siblings, Charles and Lizzie Peterson, and the puppy pals they foster in search of forever homes. The Peterson family does everything they can to find a happy home for each and every dog.

Yo Gabba Gabba

Apple acquired the rights to "Yo Gabba Gabba" and is creating a a new 20-episode "Yo Gabba Gabba" series as well as adding older "Yo Gabba Gabba" content to ‌Apple TV+‌.

Hello, Jack

"Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show" is a live action children's TV series that aims to ignite kindness through exploring empathy, humor, playfulness, and imagination.

The series invites preschoolers into a world where a little act of kindness can change the world, and it's hosted by Jack McBrayer, known for "30 Rock."

Other TV Shows and Movies in the Works


"Constellation" is a new conspiracy-based psychological thriller drama series featuring a woman who returns to Earth after a disaster in space. She soon discovers that key pieces of her life seem to be missing, with the series set to explore the dark edges of human psychology.

Dark Matter

"Dark Matter" is a nine-episode sci-fi series based on the Blake Crouch book of the same name. "Dark Matter" has been called one of the best sci-fi novels of the decade, and according to Apple, it is a "story about the road not taken."

It will follow Jason Dessen, played by Joel Edgerton, who is a professor of physics abducted into an alternate version of his life while out for a walk one evening in Chicago. He attempts to return to his own reality while exploring the multiverse of lives he could have lived.

Midnight Family

"Midnight Family" is a 10-episode Spanish-language medical drama that's in production in Mexico City, and it is ‌Apple TV+‌'s first all-Spanish-language original series.

The show follows Marigaby Tamayo, an ambitious and gifted medical student who spends her nights saving lives throughout Mexico City aboard her family's privately owned ambulance.


"Metropolis" is an upcoming drama series inspired by the Fritz Lang science fiction film of the same name. The original movie is set in a futuristic urban dystopia where workers toil underground in harsh and dangerous conditions for their rich business magnate overlords. Freder, the wealthy son of the city master, and his companion Maria work to bridge the gap separating the classes.

The series will be written and directed by Sam Esmail, known for "Mr. Robot" and "Homecoming."

Benjamin Franklin Drama

Apple is working on a limited drama series about Benjamin Franklin starring Michael Douglas, with the show based on the book "A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America" by Stacy Schiff. From Apple:

"At age 70, without any diplomatic training, Franklin convinced France - an absolute monarchy - to underwrite America's experiment in democracy. By virtue of his fame, charisma and ingenuity, Franklin outmaneuvered British spies, French informers and hostile colleagues, all while engineering the Franco-American alliance of 1778 and the final peace treaty with England of l783. The eight-year French mission stands as Franklin's most vital service to his country, without which America would not have won the Revolution."

The Dynasty

"The Dynasty" is a 10-part documentary event series about the New England Patriots, based on the bestselling book by Jeff Benedict. Benedict spent two years inside the organization, chronicling the rise and 20-year run of the Patriots during the Brady-Belichick-Kraft era.

patriots tv documentary series
The documentary will draw on thousands of hours of hours of never-before-seen video footage and audio files, plus the filmmakers have access to the Partriots in the 2021 season and have conducted hundreds of interviews with past and present Patriots players, coaches and executives.

The New Look

"The New Look" is an epic thriller set against the World War II Nazi occupation of Paris, with Coco Chanel's reign coming to an end as Christian Dior's groundbreaking fashions rise to popularity. Apple say the series will be filmed in Paris, and that it's inspired by true events that saw Christian Dior's creations dominate world fashion following World War II.

Notable names: Juliette Binoche will play Coco Chanel, and Ben Mendelsohn will play Christian Dior. "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams will play Catherine Dior, Christian's younger sister.

Mrs. American Pie

"Mrs. American Pie" is a period comedy about a woman named Maxine Simmons who wants to be a part of Palm Beach high society and what she'll sacrifice to get there.

Notable names: Kristen Wiig will play Maxine Simmons, and Laura Dern may also star.

Dear Edward

"Dear Edward" focuses on Edward Adler, a 12-year-old boy who is the sole survivor of a commercial plane crash that kills everyone on board, including his family. The series is described as a "heartbreaking, life-affirming and uplifting story about survival, resilience, connection and the examination of what makes us human."

Notable names: Connie Britton and Taylor Schilling are set to star in the show. It will be written and produced by Jason Katims, who was also responsible for shows like "Parenthood" and "Friday Night Lights."

Monsterverse Series

Apple has ordered a live action Godzilla and Titans TV series based on Legendary's Monsterverse franchise. From Apple:

monsterverse tv show
"Following the thunderous battle between Godzilla and the Titans that leveled San Francisco and the shocking new reality that monsters are real, the series explores one family's journey to uncover its buried secrets and a legacy linking them to the secret organization known as Monarch."

There is no title for the series as of right now, nor do we know a debut date. It has been co-created by Chris Black, known for his work on "Star Trek: Enterprise" and "Outcast."

The Beanie Bubble

"The Beanie Bubble" is an upcoming film about the Beanie Baby craze in the 1990s, and it's based on the book "The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute."

Notable names: Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Snook, Geraldie Viswanathan, and Zach Galifianakis are set to star in the film.


"Manhunt" is a limited true crime series based on the events of the Lincoln assassination and aftermath.

Part historical fiction, part conspiracy thriller, "Manhunt" will take audiences into the aftermath of the first American presidential assassination and the fight to preserve and protect the ideals that were the foundation of Lincoln's Reconstruction plans -- issues that reverberate into the present day.

Notable names: "Manhunt" will star Tobias Menzies, known for "Outlander," as Edwin Stanton, Lincoln's war secretary and friend, who was driven close to madness by the need to catch John Wilkes booth and fulfill Lincoln's legacy.

The Sound of 007

"The Sound of 007" is a documentary that explores six decades of James Bond music. It will go behind the lens into the James Bond movie franchise, from the genesis of "Dr. No" and the iconic 007 theme song all the way to "No Time To Die," featuring interviews and James Bond archive material.

Bad Blood

"Bad Blood" is a drama about the rise and fall of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes. Elizabeth Holmes is facing charges of defrauding investors and patients over claims that she made about blood testing startup Theranos. Holmes claimed to have developed new methods of testing that used very small volumes of blood, which made her billions. She lost everything after an expose by The Wall Street Journal revealed that she made false or exaggerated claims about Theranos technology.

Notable names: Adam McKay will direct, Jennifer Lawrence will star.

The Big Door Prize

"The Big Door Prize" is a 10-episode series based on the M.O. Walsh novel of the same name. "The Big Door Prize" tells the story of the residents of a small town named Deerfield, who discover that there's a magical, destiny predicting machine in their local grocery store.

Notable names: Chris O'Dowd will star.

Amber Brown

Apple is working on a TV series based on the "Amber Brown" books by Paula Danziger. "Amber Brown" tells the story of a girl finding her own voice through art and music following her parents' divorce.

Notable names: Carsyn Rose, Sarah Drew, Darin Brooks, and Liliana Inouye will star.

City on Fire

"City on Fire" is an adaptation of Garth Risk Hallberg's bestselling novel of the same name. In the mystery series, New York University student Samantha Cicciaro is shot in Central Park on the Fourth of July, with no witnesses and no physical evidence found.

She tells her friends at a club that she's leaving to meet someone and promises to return, but she never does. The investigation into the crime against Samantha unveils a connection between a series of citywide fires, the downtown music scene, and a wealthy uptown real estate family.


"Wool" is a dystopian drama that's based on Hugh Howey's book of the same name. "Wool" is set in the distant future where the planet has become toxic and unable to sustain life. People live in giant silos underground, subject to restrictive rules and regulations that they think are designed to keep them safe.

The main character is Juliette, a mechanic who works in the lower depths of the silo. She's promoted to sheriff after the prior sheriff is kicked out of the silo, and in her new role, she finds hints of a sinister conspiracy.

Notable names: "Wool" will star Tim Robbins, Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, and David Oyelowo.

The Changeling

"The Changeling" is an upcoming fantasy drama that's based on the best-selling Victor LaValle book of the same name. Described as a "fairytale for grown-ups" that's part horror story, part parenthood fable, and a "perilous odyssey through a New York City you didn't know existed."

The book's main character, Apollo Kagwa, is an antiquarian book dealer who is beginning to settle into his new life as a devoted father when his wife Emma begins acting strangely and eventually disappears. He meets a mysterious stranger who provides him with information about Emma's whereabouts and embarks on a quest to find her.

Notable names: LaKeith Stanfield, known for "Atlanta and "Judas and the Black Messiah" will star.

Bad Monkey

"Bad Monkey" is a 10-episode drama based on Carl Hiaasen's 2013 novel of the same name. It tells the story of Andrew Yancy, a South Florida detective who has been demoted to a restaurant inspector. After a tourist finds a severed arm while out fishing, Yancy is pulled innto a world of greed and corruption that decimates the environment in Florida and the Bahamas.

Notable names: Vince Vaughn will play Andrew Yancy. Michelle Monaghan, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Meredith Hagner will also star in the series.


Based on a novel of the same name, "Disclaimer" is a psychological thriller that will see Cate Blanchett taking on the role of Catherine Ravenscroft, a successful and respected television documentary journalist. An intriguing novel by a widower appears on her bedside story, and she is horrified to learn that she is a key character in a story that she had hoped was long buried.

Notable names: "Disclaimer" will be directed by Alfonso Cuaron and it will star Cate Blanchett and Kevin Kline.

The Reluctant Traveler

"The Reluctant Traveler" is a travel series hosted by Eugene Levy. In the show, Levy will visit the world's most remarkable hotels, and "explore the people, places, and cultures that surround them." Levy is "not usually adventurous or well-versed in globe-trotting" but has decided to broaden his horizons.


"Shrinking" is an upcoming comedy series starring Jason Segel. Segel will play a therapist who begins to break the rules and tells his clients what he really thinks of them. "Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge, tumultuous changes to people's lives ... including his own," reads the show's description.

Segel is writing and executive producing the show alongside "Ted Lasso" co-creator Bill Lawrence and "Ted Lasso" star and writer Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent on the series.

Notable names: Jason Segel and Harrison Ford will star.

Hello Tomorrow!

"Hello Tomorrow is a retro-future dramedy featuring a group of traveling salesmen who are hawking lunar timeshares. The series will star Billy Crudup as Jack, a talented, ambitious salesman "whose unshakeable faith in a brighter tomorrow inspires his coworkers, revitalizes his desperate customers, but threatens to leave him dangerously lost in the very dream that sustains him."

Notable names: Billy Crudup, Jacki Weaver, and Hank Azaria will star.

Justin Timberlake CIA Assassin Show

Apple is developing an hour-long drama series that will see Justin Timberlake star as former "The Gong Show" host Chuck Barris. The untitled series will be based on "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," a 1984 memoir in which Barris claimed that hosting "The Gong Show" was a cover for his real job as a CIA assassin. Barris later admitted that he made up the story.

The Line

"The Line" is a podcast and TV show pairing that will feature a a six-part non-fiction podcast and a four-part limited documentary series that will air on ‌Apple TV+‌.

The multi-media series will expose "previously untold aspects" about the story of former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who was charged in 2018 with committing war crimes in Iraq, before being acquitted on all but one minor count and being given a presidential pardon. The series will examine the complicated realities involved with fighting a decades-long war and look at counterterrorism efforts in the Middle East.

Black & Blues: The Colorful Ballad of Louis Armstrong

"Black & Blues: The Colorful Ballad of Louis Armstrong" is a documentary that offers a look at Louis Armstrong's "life and legacy as a founding father of jazz" who was "often mischaracterized for not doing enough to support the civil rights movement." Apple says his "fight for social justice was fueled by his celebrity and his willingness to break his silence on issues of segregation and patriotism."

louis armstrong apple tv plus
The documentary's creators will have access to "a treasure trove of never-before-seen archival materials, including hundreds of hours of audio recordings, film footage, photographs, personal diaries and a life's worth of ephemera for exclusive use in the first significant documentary dedicated entirely to his life."

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Apple is in talks to finance "The Greatest Beer Run Ever, which is based on the best-selling novel "The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Memoir of Friendship, Loyalty and War," by John "Chick" Donahue and J.T. Malloy. In 1967, when he was 26, Donahue had a plan to bring beer to his childhood friends in the Army, who were fighting in Vietnam at the time.

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran turned merchant mariner, Donahue was able to hitch a ride on a cargo ship before heading off through the jungle with a backpack full of beer to track down his friends.

Notable names: The movie is set to star Zac Efron and Russell Crowe, with Bill Murray possibly taking on a supporting role. Jake Picking, Will Ropp, Archie Renaux, and Kyle Allen will also have roles.

Maya Rudolph Comedy

Apple has given a series order for a half-hour comedy series starring Maya Rudolph. The series is untitled as of yet, but Rudolph will play Molly, a woman whose life is upended after her husband leaves her with 87 billion dollars.

Now and Then

"Now and Then" is a drama series being shot in Spanish and English. It's described as a multi-layer thriller set in Miami. The series "explores the differences between youthful aspirations and the reality of adulthood, when the lives of a group of college best friends are forever changed after a celebratory weekend ends up with one of them dead. Now, 20 years later, the remaining five are reluctantly reunited by a threat that puts their seemingly perfect worlds at risk."

The Jet

Apple has signed a deal for "The Jet," a docuseries that tells the true story of the 1990s Pepsi campaign that advertised a Harrier jet in exchange for Pepsi points.

The docuseries will tell the story behind Pepsi's "Drink Pepsi, Get Stuff" campaign that saw Pepsi depicting a fighter jet in one of its commercials, offering it up for seven million Pepsi points. Someone gathered those points, leading to a lawsuit where Pepsi claimed that the jet offer was meant to be a joke. The show is described as a nostalgic deep dive into 1990s pop culture.

Lady in the Lake

"Lady in the Lake" is an Apple TV+ limited series that's an adaptation of Laura Lippman's best-selling novel of the same name.

The series will take place in 1960s Baltimore, where an unsolved murder pushes housewife and mother Maddie Schwartz (Natalie Portman) to reinvent her life as an investigative journalist, a move that sets her on a collision course with Cleo Sherwood (Lupita Nyong'o), a hard-working woman juggling motherhood, multiple jobs, and a commitment to advancing Baltimore's Black progressive agenda.

Notable names: Natalie Portman and Lupita Nyong'o will star.

In With The Devil

"In With The Devil" is based on the James Keene and Hillel Levin novel "In With The Devil: A Fallen Hero, A Serial Killer, and A Dangerous Bargain for Redemption," the true crime story of a football star who ends up in prison and is tasked with coaxing a confession out of a serial killer to get released. It will star Ray Liotta, Taron Egerton, and Paul Walter Hauser.

Egerton, known for the "Kingsman" movies, will play James Keene, the football star who gets in trouble with the law and thrown in prison with no chance of parole. Hauser, known for "Cobra Kai" and "BlacKkKlansman," will play the serial killer whom Egerton attempts to befriend. Liotta will play the role of a Chicago policeman who is also Keene's father.

Notable names: Ray Liotta, Taron Egerton, Paul Walter Hauser, Greg Kinnear, and Sepideh Moafi will star.

Masters of Air

"Masters of Air" is a followup to "Band of Brothers," and it's the first series that's coming from Apple's own internal production studio run by ‌‌Apple TV+‌‌ heads Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht.

"Masters of Air" is based on the novel "Masters of the Air" by Donald L. Miller. It follows the story of the American and British bomber boys in World War II. John Orloff, who wrote "Band of Brothers," is writing "Masters of Air" for Apple, and Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are serving as executive producers on the series.

Notable names: Austin Butler will play Major Gale Cleven, while Callum Turner will play Major John Egan. Nate Mann and Anthony Boyle will also star.


Apple purchased the rights to "Dolly" after a competitive bidding war, but the project has not yet been greenlit because the script has not yet been written and a director has not been picked.

"Dolly" is described as a sci-fi courtroom drama in which a robotic companion doll kills her owner and then shocks the world by proclaiming her innocence and requesting a lawyer. The movie was inspired by Elizabeth Bear's short story of the same name.

Notable names: Florence Pugh is set to star.

Strange Planet

Popular comic "Strange Planet" from Nathan Pyle is being turned into an animated television series that's coming to ‌Apple TV+‌.

The "Strange Planet" comics and books feature blue aliens from an Earth-like planet who describe their Earth-like activities in new and unusual ways. Nathan Pyle has amassed millions of followers on Instagram with the webcomic, which debuted in 2019, and has published multiple books.

Nathan Pyle will be working with Dan Harmon to turn the comic into an animated TV show, and both will serve as executive producers. This will be Apple's second animated television show following "Central Park," from "Bob's Burgers" creator Loren Bouchard.


"Jane" is a family friendly live action/CGI blended series that follows Jane Garcia, a 10-year-old with an active imagination. The series comes from J.J. Johnson and the Jane Goodall Institute.

"Through pretend play, Jane and her trusty teammates work to protect an endangered animal in each mission-driven episode because, according to her idol: "Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, can they be saved."

Lessons in Chemistry

"Lessons in Chemistry" is a 1960s-era drama series that will feature Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott, with the show based on a novel of the same name by Bonnie Garmus.

Elizabeth Zott has a dream of being a scientist, but that dream is put on hold in a society that believes women should be in the domestic sphere, rather than the professional one. Elizabeth finds herself pregnant and alone, fired from her job in a lab, so she accepts a job as a host on a TV cooking show. She sets out to teach housewives and men "a lot more than recipes, all the while craving a return to her true love: science."

Notable names: Brie Larson, known for "Captain Marvel," will star.


"Kitbag," directed by Ridley Scott, will see Joaquin Phoenix starring as French emperor and military leader Napoleon. Production is expected to begin in early 2022.

Scott said in an interview that he has "always been fascinated" by Napoleon, and that nobody could "ever embody Napoleon like Joaquin" after his role as Emperor Commodus in Gladiator.

Notable names: Joaquin Phoenix will star as Napoleon and Vanessa Kirby will play Empress Josephine.

Andy Samberg Sci-Fi Comedy

Apple has signed a deal for a sci-fi comedy series starring Andy Samberg, known for "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Palm Springs." The series is bring produced by Samberg and Ben Stiller, and it is based on an original idea from BoJack Horseman" creator and author Raphael Bob-Waksberg.

Notable names: Andy Samberg will star.


Platonic is an ‌Apple TV+‌ comedy series that will feature a pair of best friends in their youth who reconnect as adults and try to mend the rift that led to their falling out. As their friendship becomes more consuming, it destabilizes their lives and causes them to reevaluate their choices.

Notable names: Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen will star.


"Earthsound" is a natural history documentary series that tells stories from the natural world using the latest in audio technology. It will take advantage of cinematic 360-degree sound to "reveal the unexpected, unfamiliar, and untold natural stories on every continent of the planet."

Apple has ordered 12 half-hour episodes of the series.

High Desert

"High Desert" is a half-hour comedy series that will follow Peggy (who will be played by Patricia Arquette), a former addict who decides to make a new start after the death of her mother, whom she lived with in the desert town of Yucca Valley, California. Peggy decides to make a life-changing decision to become a private investigator.

Notable names: Patricia Arquette, Matt Dillion, and Rupert Friend will star in the series. Ben Stiller will direct.


"Extrapolations" is an anthology series about climate change. The series was created by Scott Z. Burns, who is writing, directing, and executive producing.

The show, which features 10 interconnected episodes, will tell "intimate, unanticipated stories" about how changes to the planet will affect "love, faith, work, and family on a personal and human scale."

Notable names: Meryl Streep, Kit Harington, David Schwimmer, Gemma Chan, Sienna Miller, Tahar Rahim, Matthew Rhys, Daveed Diggs, and Adarsh Gourav will star in the series.

The Last Thing He Told Me

"The Last Thing He Told Me" is based on author Laura Dave's novel of the same name. The show follows a woman who forms an unexpected relationship with her sixteen-year-old stepdaughter while trying to discover the truth behind why her husband has mysteriously vanished.

Notable names: Jennifer Garner, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Aisha Tyler are set to star in the series.

Dark Matter

Apple has commissioned a series based on best-selling sci-fi novel "Dark Matter" that will be adapted by author Blake Crouch. The book explores the paths taken by different choices and how far individuals will go to achieve their dreams.


Apple has given a straight to series order to ‌Apple TV+‌ series "Surface." The eight part series was created by Veronica West, known for co-creating "High Fidelity." The show is described as a psychological thriller, but little else is known about it at this time.

Notable names: Gugu Mbatha-Raw will star.

You Think It, I'll Say It

"You Think It, I'll Say It" is a half-hour comedy series based on the "You Think It, I'll Say It" short story collection by Curtis Sittenfeld, which "upends assumptions about class, relationships, and gender roles in a nation that feels both adrift and viscerally divided."

Damien Chazelle Drama

Apple has signed a deal for a drama series from "La La Land" creator Damien Chazelle, but little is known about the show at this time.

Docuseries from McMillion$ Creators

Apple has inked a deal for a four-part documentary series from the creators of McMillion$, a docuseries that detailed how the McDonald's Monopoly game was rigged for over a decade.

The untitled docuseries tells the "unbelievable true story of one of the largest scams in government history."

Time Bandits

Apple has secured the rights for a TV show based on 1980s fantasy movie "Time Bandits." "Time Bandits" featured the story of an imaginative 11-year-old boy, Kevin, who gets sucked into a fantastical adventure with a band of dwarves during the Napoleonic Wars in Italy.

Kevin and the band of dwarves travel through time using a magical map, visiting ancient Greece, the Titanic, and more, all while fighting off an evil being intent on stealing the time travel map.

Notable names: Taika Watiti (Thor: Ragnarok) will direct.

Custom of the Country

Sofia Coppola is creating a limited TV series based on Edith Wharton's novel "Custom of the Country."

"Custom of the Country" is about midwestern girl Undine Spragg, who moves to New York City with her family. Socially naive but beautiful and ruthlessly ambitious, Undine marries aspiring poet Ralph Marvell, from an old New York family. Undine works to integrate into New York society and is unhappy with her simple life with Ralph, ultimately divorcing him, falling out of favor, and moving to Paris where she does the same thing with another man.

Throughout the novel, Undine endlessly strives for the lavish lifestyle she's always dreamed about, not caring who she ruins in the process.

Notable names: Sofia Coppola will write and direct the series.

Detective Drama

Apple has given a straight to series order for a detective drama based on Michael Lista's Toronto Life article "The Sting," which follows a Canadian detective who reopens a decades-old cold case with the aim of winning a confession and becoming a hero.

The case spirals out of control when the detective launches an elaborate sting with playacting cops, taxpayer resources, and an unexpected friendship with the target of the investigation.

Notable names: Robert Downey Jr.'s production company will produce, and Downey Jr. might have a supporting role in the series.

Losing Earth Climate Change Project

Apple has purchased the rights to develop a project based on the New York Times Magazine story "Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change."

Written by Nathaniel Rich, "Losing Earth" covers the 10-year period from 1979 to 1989, a decade when "humanity settled the science of climate change and came surprisingly close to finding a solution" but ultimately failed to act due to various political forces. Apple plans to turn the article into a TV show, with Nathaniel Rich to executive produce.

My Glory Was I Had Such Friends

"My Glory Was I Had Such Friends" is a TV series based on the 2017 memoir by Amy Silverstein, which follows a group of women who supported Silverstein as she waited for a life-saving heart transplant.

Notable names: J.J. Abrams will executive produce and Jennifer Garner will star in the show.

CIA Drama Series

Apple's CIA drama will be based on "Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA," a memoir written by CIA operative Amaryllis Fox. The show will offer a look at a young woman's journey in the CIA.

Notable names: Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) will star.

Echo 3

"Echo 3," based on Israeli TV series "When Heroes Fly," tells the story of Amber Chesborough, a young scientist who goes missing at the Colombia-Venezuela border. Her brother and her husband, who both have "deep military experience and complicated pasts," struggle to find her.

Notable names: Mark Boal, known for "The Hurt Locker" and "Zero Dark Thirty," is the showrunner and creator. Michiel Huisman and Luke Evans will star.


"Alabama" is an eight-part comedy drama series that Apple is developing in partnership with the BBC. Plot details aren't yet available.

Notable names: Imelda Staunton, known for her role as Dolores Umbridge in the "Harry Potter" series, is set to star.

Hedy Lamarr Series

Apple signed a straight-to-series order for a TV show about actress Hedy Lamarr, which will follow the true story of her escape from pre-war Vienna to her rise in the golden age of Hollywood to her fall and eventual disgrace at the dawn of the cold war. The show will focus on her life as an actress and as her work as an inventor. Lamarr is known for inventing an early version of frequency-hopping spread spectrum that is the basis for spread spectrum technology used today.

Notable names: Gal Gadot will star.

The Search for WondLa

Apple has inked a deal with Skydance Animation, which is headed up by John Lasseter. The first series from the partnership will be "The Search for WondLa," a series based on the science fiction children's book of the same name by Tony DiTerlizzi. The book follows the story of Eva Nine, a girl who spent most of her life living underground before being forced to flee outside and survive with a robot named Muthr, an alien named Rovander Kitt, and a water bear named Otto.

Harriet the Spy

Apple signed a series order for "Harriet the Spy," an adaptation of the classic children's novel that chronicles the adventures of the tomato sandwich-loving 11-year-old Harriet M. Welsch.

The story is set in the 1960s, which is when the book was published, It will star Harriet, a "fiercely independent, adventurous, curious 11-year-old girl" that wants to be a writer. Harriet thinks being a writer requires knowing everything, and knowing everything requires her to be a spy.

Notable names: "Harriet the Spy" will star Jane Lynch ("Glee") as the voice of Ole Golly, Harriet's nanny, while Lacey Chabert ("Mean Girls") will voice Marion Hawthorne, one of Harriet's classmates. Harriet will be voiced by Beanie Feldstein ("Lady Bird").

My Kind of Country

"My Kind of Country" is a country music competition series on ‌Apple TV+‌ that will feature a "groundbreaking global search for unconventional and extraordinary country music talent."

"My Kind of Country" will be produced by Reese Witherspoon's production company, Hello Sunshine, along with Jason Owen and Izzie Pick Ibarra. Owen is the CEO of Sandbox Entertainment and manager to country music stars like Kacey Musgraves, Kelsea Ballerini, Little Big Town, and Faith Hill, while Izzie Pick Ibarra is the showrunner behind popular series "The Masked Singer" and "Dancing With the Stars."

According to Apple, "My Kind of Country" will have a fresh, documentary sensibility that will also break down cultural and musical barriers in the country music space to let musicians "unleash their authentic voices and take center stage."

Future Apple TV+ Films and Documentaries


"Argylle" is an upcoming spy thriller that's based on an upcoming novel of the same name. It follows the world's greatest spy in a globe-trotting adventure, and it has a star-studded cast.

Notable names: Henry Cavill, singer Dua Lipa, John Cena, Bryce Dallas Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Rockwell, Catherine O'Hara, and Bryan Cranston will star.

Raymond and Ray

"Raymond and Ray" is about two half brothers who have lived together in the shadow of their terrible father, but still have a sense of humor. After their father dies, they have a chance to reinvent themselves.

"There’s anger, there’s pain, there’s folly, there might be love, and there’s definitely grave-digging," according to Apple's description of the film. Alfonso Cuarón is set to produce, while Rodrigo García will direct. García is known for "In Treatment," "Albert Nobbs," and "Blue."

Notable names: Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke are set to star.


"Ghosted" is a romantic adventure written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, known for "Deadpool" and "Zombieland." Little is known about the plot of the film at this time, other than it will be a romance-oriented action adventure movie.

Notable names: Ana De Armas, Chris Evans, and Adrian Brody are set to star.

Brad Pitt/George Clooney Thriller

Apple has inked a deal for an untitled thriller that is set to star George Clooney and Brad Pitt. It will be directed by Jon Watts, who also directed "Spider-Man," and it will see a theatrical release.

The film will follow two lone-wolf fixers who have been assigned to the same job.

Being Heumann

"Being Heumann" is an upcoming film based on Judy Heumann's best-selling memoir of the same name. Heumann contracted polio in 1949, and was confined to a wheelchair. Since then, she has been a crusader for the rights of the disabled.


Apple purchased the rights to a Tetris movie that will explore the story behind the iconic game. British actor Taron Egerton will play Henk Rogers, a dutch video game designer who secured the rights to Tetris and licensed the game to Nintendo for the original Game Boy.


"Bride," a new movie from Apple and film studio A24, is coming to ‌Apple TV+‌. The plot follows a "brilliant entrepreneur" who creates a woman to be the ideal wife. She rejects her creator and is "forced to flee her confined existence, confronting a world that sees her as a monster." While on the run, she finds her true identity and the strength to remake herself.

Notable names: Scarlet Johansson will star.

Prehistoric Planet

"Prehistoric Planet" is a documentary series that will provide a look at the last days of the dinosaurs using CGI to recreate the events.>

Notable names: Jon Favreau will produce and direct.

Killers of the Flower Moon

"Killers of the Flower Moon" is a high-profile movie coming to ‌Apple TV+‌. Based on the David Grann book of the same name, "Killers of the Flower Moon" tells the story of the Osage Nation in 1920s Oklahoma, where the Native Americans were murdered one by one. Amid the rising death toll, the FBI took up the case and unraveled a conspiracy and one of the most monstrous crimes in American history, now known as the Reign of Terror.

killers of the flower moon apple tv plus
Notable names: Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Jesse Plemons, Brendan Fraser, Lily Gladstone, and Tantoo Cardinal will star, Martin Scorsese is the director.


Apple purchased the rights to "Emancipation, an action thriller film about a slave on the fun from the confederacy in the middle of the Civil War who is journeying north to join the Union Army.

Notable names: Will Smith stars, and Antoine Fuqua is the film's director.

Snow Blind

Apple won the rights to create a film adaptation of graphic novel "Snow Blind," which tells the story of high school teenager Teddy as his life in a sleepy Alaskan suburb is turned upside-down when he posts a photo of his dad online, only to learn he and his family are in a Witness Protection Program. A man seeking revenge visits their town, followed soon after by pursuing FBI agents.

Notable names: Jake Gyllenhaal will star.

Idris Elba Spy Romance

Apple won an auction for an as-of-yet untitled spy romance film set in Africa that will star Idris Elba. No other details are known about the movie yet.

The Supermodels

"The Supermodels" is a documentary event series that explores the careers of high-profile models that include Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington.

According to Apple, the docuseries will feature "exclusive access" and interviews with the models, who plan to revisit their careers and the "collective disruption of the 90s fashion scene."

Notable names: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington are featured in the documentary.


Sharper is an A24 film that follows a woman who cons her way through the world of Manhattan's wealthy elite. A24 is known for popular films like "Midsommar" and "The Lighthouse."

Notable names: Julianne Moore and John Lithgow will star, Ben Caron will direct.


An animated movie from Skydance Animation, "Spellbound" is a musical fantasy that's set in a world of magic where a young girl aims to break the spell that has split her kingdom in two.

Big Man on Campus

"Big Man on Campus" is a docuseries that focuses on 20-year-old basketball player Makur Maker from Howard University.

Cha Cha Real Smooth

"Cha Cha Real Smooth" is an upcoming film that focuses on 22-year-old Andrew, who is stuck at home with his family in New Jersey. He gets a job doing motivational dancing at the bar and bat mitzvahs for his younger brother's classmates. He befriends a local mom, Domino, and her daughter, and discovers a future that he wants.

Notable names: Dakota Johnson, Brad Garrett, and Leslie Mann will star.

Canceled or Finished Shows


"Dickinson" is a comedy about the life of famous American poet Emily Dickinson. The show offers a comedic look into Dickinson's world, exploring the constraints of society, gender, and family from the perspective of a budding writer who doesn't fit into her own time. The second season of "Dickinson" launched on January 8, 2021, and the third and final season is came out in November 2021.

Notable names: Hailee Steinfeld (Edge of Seventeen) and Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) star in the series.

Amazing Stories

"Amazing Stories" is a science fiction and horror anthology series that was created by Steven Spielberg, which ran from 1985 to 1987. Apple has teamed up with Spielberg to revive the show.

The show focuses on a new topic each episode, similar to "Black Mirror" and "Twilight Zone." Apple says that each episode of the series is designed to "transport the audience to worlds of wonder through the lens of today's most imaginative filmmakers, directors and writers."

Notable names: Steven Spielberg is the executive producer. Stars in "Amazing Stories" include Dylan O'Brien ("Maze Runner," "Teen Wolf"), Victoria Pedretti ("You"), Josh Holloway ("Lost," "Yellowstone"), Sasha Alexander ("Rizzoli & Isles," "Shameless") and Robert Forster ("Twin Peaks").

Mr. Corman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known for "3rd Rock from the Sun," "Looper," "Inception" and "50/50" is developing a TV show called "Mr. Corman" for Apple. It's a drama series that follows an elementary school teacher, Josh Corman (played by Joseph-Gordon Levitt), who is grappling with adulthood in Los Angeles. "Mr. Corman" premiered on August 6, 2021, and was canceled after one season.

Notable names: Joseph-Gordon Levitt wrote, produced, and starred in the show.

Little Voice

"Little Voice" follows Bess King, a talented performer who struggles to fulfill her dreams while navigating rejection, love, and complicated family issues. Apple says the "intensely romantic" show is about "finding your authentic voice and the courage to use it." "Little Voice" was canceled after one season.

Visible: Out on Television Docuseries

"Visible: Out on Television" is a five-episode docuseries that explores themes that include invisibility, homophobia, the evolution of LGBTQ characters, and coming out in the TV industry.

The series is narrated by Janet Mock, Margaret Cho, Asia Kate Dillon, Neil Patrick Harris, and Lena Waithe.

Friday Night Baseball

Apple on April 8 began airing Friday Night Baseball games for the 2022 MLB season. The games are available for anyone through the Apple TV app or website, no ‌‌Apple TV+‌‌ subscription required, but ‌Apple TV+‌‌ subscribers located in the United States and Canada will also be able to access a 24/7 livestream that features MLB game replays, news and analysis, highlights, classic games, and MLB-themed original content and programming on demand.

Apple TV plus MLB Friday Night Baseball hero big
There is a new "Major League Baseball" heading in the ‌Apple TV+‌ section of the TV app that serves as a hub for all Friday Night Baseball-related content.

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Apple Confirms Third Season of 'Ted Lasso' Coming to TV+ This Spring

Thursday January 19, 2023 3:20 am PST by
Apple has confirmed that the third season of hit comedy drama series "Ted Lasso" will arrive on Apple TV+ in the spring, although it did not offer a specific date. "Ted Lasso" is one of Apple's most popular TV shows to date, and it has won a number of awards. In the series, Jason Sudeikis plays a small-time college football coach from Kansas who is hired to coach a professional soccer team...
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Apple TV+ Series 'Severance' and 'Black Bird' Nominated for Golden Globe Awards

Monday December 12, 2022 9:05 am PST by
Apple TV+ series "Severance" and "Black Bird" have been nominated for the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards, which will be presented on January 10, 2023. A few prominent cast members in each show have also received nominations. Apple's streaming service landed six nominations in total:Severance — Best Drama Series Black Bird — Best Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Television Motion Picture...
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Best Apple TV+ Shows and Movies to Watch With Friends and Family

Wednesday November 23, 2022 12:04 pm PST by
With the holiday season approaching, many people will be spending lots of time with family and friends. We thought we'd create a handy list of Apple TV+ shows and movies that are suitable for watching with family members young and old, and that are great to catch up on if you have some extra time in the coming weeks. Spirited Starring well-known comedians Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds,...
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Apple Nearing Deal for Film About Sam Bankman-Fried and the Collapse of FTX

Wednesday November 23, 2022 3:51 am PST by
Apple is close to a deal for the book rights to Michael Lewis' story about the fall of entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried and his cryptocurrency trading platform FTX, reports Deadline. The author of Moneyball, The Big Short, and The Blind Side spent six months will Bankman-Fried before his crypto exchange collapsed earlier this month. Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO of FTX, which was once...