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Tim is a Senior Editor at MacRumors and has been writing for the site since 2016. Formerly a magazine journalist, his work has appeared in over 30 newsstand print publications and online brands covering a range of topics, from the latest trends in technology to the mysteries of ancient history.

Based in the UK, Tim's current role at MacRumors involves editorial oversight and how tos, in addition to covering daily news and contributing occasional reviews. Tim can be reached at tim@macrumors.com, Telegram (@waxeditorial) or Twitter.

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Steam to End Support for macOS Mojave and 32-Bit Games

Friday December 1, 2023 5:21 am PST by
Valve's Steam gaming store will drop support for macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave early next year, effectively ending support for the last versions of macOS that could run 32-bit games. After the change comes into effect on February 15, 2024, Valve said existing Steam Client installations on these operating systems will no longer receive updates of any kind from Steam, including security...
Apple RED World AIDS Day family

Apple Highlights Partnership With (RED) For World AIDS Day

Friday December 1, 2023 4:52 am PST by
For World AIDS Day today, Apple highlighted its long-standing partnership with (RED), which has raised more than a quarter of a billion dollars since 2006, and is promoting (PRODUCT)RED versions of a range of products. PRODUCT(RED) products include Apple Watch Series 9, iPhone 14, ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE, and accessories, including the Silicone Case with MagSafe for the...
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Apple and Paramount Considering Discounted TV+ Streaming Bundle

Friday December 1, 2023 4:40 am PST by
Apple and Paramount have discussed bundling their TV streaming services at a discount, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal. The companies have talked about offering a combination of Paramount+ and Apple TV+ that would cost less than subscribing to both services separately, according to people familiar with the discussions. The discussions are in their early stages, and it is ...
iPhone 16 Pro Mock Header Updated

Both iPhone 16 Pro Models to Feature Tetraprism Zoom Lens

Friday December 1, 2023 4:26 am PST by
Apple is expected to bring tetraprism camera technology to both iPhone 16 Pro models next year, enabling at least 5x optical zoom and 25x digital zoom on the Telephoto lens. According to a new report by The Elec, Apple will add LG Innotek as another supplier of the folded zoom module used in the technology, in an attempt to secure production yields for the increased number of units...
iOS 17

28 New Things Your iPhone Can Do in December's iOS 17.2 Update

Friday December 1, 2023 2:57 am PST by
Apple made the first beta of iOS 17.2 available to developers in October. Since then we've seen three more betas, and with each iteration Apple continues to add more new features and changes, many of which users have been anticipating for quite a while. Below, we've listed 28 new things that are coming to your iPhone when the finalized version is publicly released this December. 1. Help...
iPad mini and Air Feature 2

Will Apple Launch New iPads in 2023? Here's What the Latest Rumors Say

Friday December 1, 2023 2:25 am PST by
Apple sometimes releases new iPads in the fall, but there is increasing skepticism about that happening in 2023. We're now into December, and if Apple plans to release any new iPads at all this year, it is fast running out of time. Here's what the latest rumors say. It's been over a year since Apple released a new iPad, the last being the two refreshed iPad Pro models and the latest low-cost ...

iPhone 16 Series Rumored to Have These 17 New Features

Friday December 1, 2023 1:17 am PST by
The iPhone 16 series is at least 10 months away, and yet there are 17 rumors already circulating about the devices. Below, we've recapped all of the new features and changes we have covered here at MacRumors so far. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. The following key changes have been rumored for the iPhone 16 lineup as of November 2023: Larger Displays: The...
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Use This Neat iPhone Trick to Move Several Apps at Once

Thursday November 30, 2023 7:20 am PST by
When it comes to rearranging the apps on your iPhone's Home screen, don't waste your time moving each app individually. Here's a neat trick that lets you move several apps in one go. By following the steps below, you can move multiple apps from your Home screen to another screen or into a folder, making organization a breeze. Press and hold a space on the Home screen to make all of your ...
calendar widget

Get Upcoming Calendar Events on Your iPhone Lock Screen

Thursday November 30, 2023 6:20 am PST by
On iPhones running iOS 16 or later, you can display upcoming calendar events directly on the Lock Screen. Keep reading to learn how it's done. Thanks to watch face complications, many Apple Watch owners are used to being able to glance at their wrist to check their next upcoming calendar event. With the advent of iOS 16 and Lock Screen widgets, you can view the same calendar event...
ios 17 reminders app

Create a Groceries List in Your iPhone's Reminders App

Thursday November 30, 2023 6:08 am PST by
In iOS 17, Apple has added a handy little list function to the Reminders app to help you when you're out to pick up some groceries. Keep reading to learn how to use it and make short work of your trip to the store. When you create a list with the new "Groceries" list type (named "Shopping" outside the U.S), you can input various foods and sundries and have them organized automatically by...

Set a Custom Vibration Alert for a Contact on iPhone

Thursday November 30, 2023 5:51 am PST by
You can create custom sounds and ringtones for text alerts, phone calls, and more on your iPhone, but did you know the same functionality exists for vibrations? Setting a special vibration alert for someone in your Contacts app enables you to recognize when a specific person is calling you or has sent you a text, without you even having to look at your ‌‌iPhone‌‌ or ‌iPad‌ screen....
iOS 17 General Safari Feature

How to Clear Safari Profile Web History on iPhone

Thursday November 30, 2023 5:46 am PST by
In iOS 17, Apple has increased the options available for clearing Safari's web history and website data. You can even clear Safari's cache for a specific Safari profile. Keep reading to learn how it works. Whenever you browse the web in Safari, the browser stores website data so that it doesn't have to download it again each time you revisit a site. In theory this should speed up your...

How to Access Your iPhone Wallpaper Gallery

Thursday November 30, 2023 5:43 am PST by
In iOS 16, Apple introduced some major changes to its mobile operating system, including a total overhaul of the Lock Screen. On an iPhone running iOS 16 or later, it's possible to customize the Lock Screen in ways that were simply not possible before, thanks to new options to apply unique fonts, colors, filters, and, for the first time, add widgets. Recognizing that users might like to ...
close iphone app

How to Close iPhone Apps

Thursday November 30, 2023 5:24 am PST by
Apple designed its iPhone software so that you don't have to close an app when you're not using it, since most apps that are not active remain in a suspended state and don't use up any resources or eat up battery. However, if an iOS app becomes unresponsive, you may need to force quit the app and restart it to get it to work properly again. Here's how you can do that on both older and newer ...
Chrome Feature 22

Latest Chrome Browser Update Fixes Critical Security Flaw

Thursday November 30, 2023 4:35 am PST by
Google has issued a critical security update for Chrome on macOS, Windows, and Linux that fixes a zero-day vulnerability in the browser. On Tuesday, Google in a Chrome stable channel update said it "is aware that an exploit for CVE-2023-6345 exists in the wild." Google has not provided further details about the CVE-2023-6345 exploit, which was discovered last week by security researchers in...
instagram threads app

Threads Is Coming to the EU in December

Thursday November 30, 2023 4:07 am PST by
Meta intends to launch Threads in the European Union next month, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The social media network debuted in most markets in July, but did not launch in the EU because Meta was unsure whether it would be able to adhere to the bloc's stringent regulations for online services. Threads can import data from Instagram, including behavioral and...
iOS 16 Lock Screen Customization

Set Different Wallpapers on iPhone Lock Screen and Home Screen

Thursday November 30, 2023 3:42 am PST by
Apple took Lock Screen customization to a whole new level with iOS 16, allowing you to change the font and style of the clock, add widgets, and apply dynamic weather and astronomy wallpapers. As a result, it also changed the way you go about setting a different Home Screen background to that of your Lock Screen. Keep reading to learn how it's done. When you customize the Lock Screen for the...
No 13 Inch M3 MacBook Pro Feature 2

Is 8GB of RAM Enough for MacBook Pro?

Thursday November 30, 2023 3:37 am PST by
The debate over whether 8GB of RAM is sufficient for a MacBook Pro has long been a topic of contention. The controversy goes back to at least 2012, when Apple launched the first MacBook Pro with Retina display, which started with 8GB of RAM. In 2023, Apple still offers 8GB as the base configuration for its latest 14-inch MacBook Pro. Coupled with the significant cost of upgrading to higher memory ...
apple tv keyboard notification iphone tight

How to Stop Apple TV Keyboard Notifications on iPhone

Thursday November 30, 2023 2:30 am PST by
On the Apple TV, if you prefer not to input text using the Siri Remote you can use a nearby iPhone or iPad to type. Whenever a text field appears on the ‌Apple TV‌, a notification appears on the ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌, and after tapping the notification, you can use the on-screen keyboard on your iOS device to enter text on the ‌Apple TV‌. You can disable these notifications on your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ if...
Apple 5G Modem Feature Triad

Apple to Discontinue Custom 5G Modem Development, Claim Reports

Wednesday November 29, 2023 4:19 am PST by
Apple is discontinuing in-house modem development after several unsuccessful attempts to perfect its own custom 5G modem chip, according to unconfirmed reports coming out of Asia. According to the operator of news aggregator account "yeux1122" on the Naver blog, supply chain sources related to Apple's 5G modem departments claim that the company's attempts to develop its own modem have...