Apple on Tuesday offered two potential fixes for the recently reported Apple Watch issue where watch face Weather complications fail to load data.

weather complications
Apple Watch owners have been complaining of malfunctioning Weather complications since the launch of watchOS 10, with both the initial launch and watchOS 10.0.1 affected. Those impacted are seeing a blank reading where the weather data should be, but tapping into the Weather app shows the expected information.

In a new support document titled "If the Apple Watch Weather complication isn't working," Apple suggests users affected by the issue try the following:

Reset iPhone Settings

  1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app, then tap Privacy & Security -> Location Services.
  2. Scroll down and tap Weather.
  3. Under Allow Location Access, tap Never, then tap your original setting.
  4. Check whether the issue is resolved.

If weather data still doesn't load, Apple suggests trying these steps:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app, then tap General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  2. Tap Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy.
  3. If prompted, enter your passcode and reset.
  4. Check whether the issue is resolved.

Apple on Tuesday also released a new watchOS 10.0.2 update, which was initially thought to resolve the Weather complication issue, but it seems that a number of users did not see any permanent resolution after updating.

Did either of Apple's suggested fixes work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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After three months of beta testing, macOS Sonoma is finally available to everyone. macOS updates often don't get as much attention as iOS updates during the beta testing process, but there are plenty of notable reasons install the new software.

Aerial Screensavers

If you're a fan of the aerial screensavers on the Apple TV, you're in luck because Apple brought them to the Mac in ‌macOS Sonoma‌.

macos sonoma new aerial wallpaper
There are more than 100 videos to choose from across categories that include Landscape, Cityscape, Underwater, and Earth. Most of these are from the ‌Apple TV‌, but there are some from the Sonoma region of California that are new this year. The aerial screensavers accompany matching wallpapers that animate when you wake your display for a seamless transition from screensaver to wallpaper.

Interactive Desktop Widgets

Widgets aren't constrained to the Today Center in ‌macOS Sonoma‌, and the focus on widgets is perhaps the most notable change in the update. ‌Widgets‌ can be added directly to the desktop, and they are interactive, just like widgets on iPhone.

macos sonoma widgets
You can check off Reminders, control smart home products, and interact with third-party apps from your Mac's desktop without the need to open up the full app. ‌Widgets‌ blend in to the background when not in use, and through Continuity, there's also an option to see and use your ‌iPhone‌ widgets on your desktop without having to install the corresponding Mac app.


Apple added a Presenter Overlay that is designed to let you share your screen in FaceTime or third-party video apps like Zoom without blocking your face. The feature basically shows you over your background, so you can present and remain on-screen.

For fun, there are also new 3D reactions that pop up with hand gestures during ‌FaceTime‌ calls and calls in apps like Zoom. Reactions include Love (hearts), Like (thumbs up), Dislike (thumbs down), Balloons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks, and Thunderstorm. The gestures that trigger the effect are listed below.

  • Heart - Heart emoji
  • Thumbs up - Thumbs up emoji
  • Two thumbs up - Fireworks
  • Single thumbs down - Thumbs down emoji
  • Two thumbs down - Storm
  • Peace sign with one hand - Balloons
  • Peace sign with two hands - Confetti
  • "Rock on" sign with two hands - Lasers

You will need an Apple silicon Mac to see the reactions, and they can pop up in any app that uses the camera.

Safari Profiles

Safari supports separate profiles, so you can divide work browsing from personal browsing. Profiles have distinct browser history, extensions, Tab Groups, cookies, and favorites.

macOS Sonoma Safari Profiles
You can create different browsing profiles for any purpose, so it serves as an extension of the Tab Groups feature that came out with macOS Ventura. You can do Work and Personal, separate out hobbies, plan trips with a separate profile, and more.

Web Apps

A website like can now be added to the macOS dock as a web app, so you can get to your favorite websites right from the dock. Web apps saved to the dock feature a simplified toolbar and support notifications.

macOS Sonoma Web App 1

Game Mode

If you have an Apple silicon Mac you game on, you can turn on Game Mode, which prioritizes CPU and GPU performance for gaming purposes. Game Mode cuts down on audio latency for AirPods and input latency for select game controllers, speeding up your response times.

macos sonoma presenter overlay


Compared to ‌macOS Ventura‌, ‌macOS Sonoma‌ drops support for the 2017 MacBook Pro, the 2017 iMac, and the 2017 12-inch MacBook. It can run on the Macs below:

  • iMac - 2019 and later
  • iMac Pro - 2017 and later
  • Mac mini - 2018 and later
  • MacBook Air - 2018 and later
  • MacBook Pro - 2018 and later
  • Mac Pro - 2019 and later
  • Mac Studio - 2022 and later

Read More

More on the new features that are available in ‌macOS Sonoma‌ can be found in our macOS Sonoma roundup.

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Apple today announced the launch of a new "Meet with the Apple Experts" resource for developers, providing developers with opportunities to participate in sessions, workshops, labs, and one-on-one meetings hosted by Apple.

apple developer banner
At the current time, Apple is offering more than 50 workshops and consultations, some of which are hosted online and some of which are in Cupertino. Most of the events are online and are open to developers around the world, but those that involve the Apple Vision Pro headset are available at the Apple Developer Center at the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

Some of the events include "Explore the highlights from WWDC23," "Explore what's new in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17," "Optimize Your App for iPhone," and "Get Started with App Discovery and Marketing." Many of the sessions are hosted in different languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese) to make them accessible to developers outside of the United States. Developers can request one-on-one design and technology consultations to get feedback on app design, resolving bugs, and implementing new technologies.

Notably, developers can request a one-on-one App Review consultation to receive advice on how the review process works, how an app can best align with guidelines, and reasons for common rejections. According to the announcement of the new service, developers will be connected with Apple evangelists, engineers, and designers.

Apple's sessions begin as soon as September 27, with many dates in October and November.

The watchOS 10.0.2 update appears to address a bug with Weather complications, but the issue is only fixed on the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2, the two devices that are able to receive the new software.

weather complications
Multiple reports on the MacRumors forums confirm that watchOS 10.0.2 solves the Weather complication bug, but those who do not have an ‌Apple Watch Ultra 2‌ or an ‌Apple Watch Series 9‌ will have to wait for Apple to release another watchOS update.

Apple Watch owners have been complaining of malfunctioning Weather complications since the launch of watchOS 10, with both the initial launch and watchOS 10.0.1 affected. Those impacted are seeing a blank reading where the weather data should be, but tapping into the Weather app shows the expected information.

Some users have been able to fix the issue by opening up the Watch app on iPhone, toggling the 24-Hour Time switch in the Clock app Settings, and waiting a few seconds before toggling it back to the original position. Others have had luck turning off Location Services on the ‌iPhone‌ temporarily and then toggling it back on after a short waiting period.

These solutions have not worked for all users, however, so there may be no fix for everyone affected until another version of watchOS comes out.

Update 7:00 p.m.: A number of users who initially saw the complication working properly after updating to watchOS 10.0.2 are once again seeing broken Weather complications, suggesting any fix after the update was temporary at best.

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The Resident Evil 4 remake that's coming to iPhone will be priced at $59.99, the same price that Capcom charges for the game on consoles like the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

resident evil 4
Resident Evil 4 can be pre-ordered on the ‌iPhone‌, iPad, and Mac right now, and under the in-app purchase list, the full unlock is listed for $59.99. An additional DLC pack is priced at $19.99, and several weapon packs are available at prices ranging from $2.99 to $9.99.

Capcom released the Resident Evil 4 remake on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC back in March. Compared to the original game from 2005, it features overhauled graphics, new characters, and updated gameplay elements such as the option to create items and ammo from resources.

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro models include an A17 Pro chip that allows for console-quality games to be played on the device. It supports hardware-based ray tracing and has enhanced GPU capabilities to allow for more system-intensive gameplay.

Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Village, Death Stranding, and Assassin's Creed: Mirage are console games that are set to be released on the ‌iPhone‌ in the future. The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max are the only iPhones that will be able to run the games, but it will also be playable on M1 and later iPads and Macs.

Resident Evil 4's release date has not yet been announced.

GravaStar is a small company that designs quirky speakers and unique desktop power adapters, and its latest product, the Delta35 GaN Fast Charger, combines fun and functionality. The Delta35 is a 35-watt power adapter that looks like a little robot.

gravastar delta 35 main
There are two USB-C ports at the top of the power adapter, LED lights that serve as eyes and glow when the adapter is in use, and fold-up prongs for charging at the bottom. GravaStar has also added two ball-jointed ears or antennae, and two ball-jointed arms.

Both the antennae and the arms can be repositioned and moved around, so the little robot charger can serve as a desktop distraction when it's not in use as a charger. The arms, antennae, and other robotic design elements serve no practical purpose, but they add visual interest to the power adapter.

The two USB-C ports on the Delta35 are at the top of the power adapter. Given this design, it works well plugged into a desktop power strip because that is the ideal orientation of the charger, but it can also be used in the wall. Note that it will look a little odd plugged into the wall because the robot's features will be sideways.

This is a charger that uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology as most do these days, so it is compact. It does not take up much room on a desktop and is similar in size to an iPad charger. While the prongs fold down, the arms and antennae add bulk. Even so, it's still small enough to be tucked into a bag for use as a charger when on the go.

gravastar delta 35 charging
The Delta35 maxes out at 35W, which is enough to charge an iPhone, ‌iPad‌, or MacBook, but it isn't enough capacity to charge multiple devices at their maximum speeds at one time. With just the iPhone 15 plugged in, the Delta35 is sized for fast charging, and it can deliver a ~50 percent charge in 30 minutes.

When two devices are plugged in, the power is split between them with each port receiving 12W, so charging speeds slow down. 35W is on the lower side for a two-port charger, but if you're doing something like charging an ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌ on your desk throughout the day and don't need power quick, it works out well as a desktop solution.

In my testing, the Delta35 worked as expected, and I appreciated the design, but I do wish it was delivering more power. As it stands, it is appropriate for the ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌, MacBook Air and other similar smaller devices, but not more powerful Macs.

I will point out that this is essentially the same as the 35W dual USB-C power adapter that Apple offers alongside the ‌MacBook Air‌ and charges $59 for. GravaStar's version is cuter and costs a lot less at $30.

The Delta35 GaN Fast Charger can be ordered from the GravaStar website for $29.95. It comes in white and pink and will be shipped starting on October 20.

Spotify this week announced an AI translation feature for podcasters that could give it an edge over Apple's podcasting platform. Voice Translation for podcasts uses artificial intelligence to translate podcasts into additional languages using the original podcaster's voice.

General Spotify Feature
While Spotify developed the tool, it is using OpenAI's latest voice generation technology. It learns the original speaker's voice and style and then translates the podcast into another language. Spotify says that this system will provide a "more authentic listening experience" that is more natural and personal than standard dubbing. Podcasts translated this way will retain the speaker's distinctive speech characteristics.

Spotify is testing Voice Translation at the current time, and is working with podcasters like Dax Shepard, Monica Padman, Bill Simmons, Steven Bartlett, and Lex Fridman to create AI-powered voice translations in languages like Spanish, French, and German for both existing episodes and future podcast episodes.

Voice-translated episodes are available worldwide to Premium and Free users. An initial bundle of translated episodes in Spanish are available now, with French and German rolling out "in the coming days and weeks." According to Spotify, the pilot program will provide "important insights" for future expansion and iteration.

While Apple does not have a competing tool at this time for the Podcasts platform, it is experimenting with AI voice technology. In iOS 17, Apple added a Personal Voice feature that allows you to use AI to create a replica of your voice. Right now, this is an accessibility feature that Apple has designed for those who are at risk of losing their ability to speak, but it stands to reason that Apple could use voice replication in other areas in the future.

Apple today released watchOS 10.0.2, a minor update to the watchOS 10 operating system that came out earlier this month. watchOS 10.0.2 comes five days after the release of watchOS 10.0.1, another minor update.

watchOS 10 Launch Feature
According to Apple's release notes for the update, watchOS 10.0.2 includes bug fixes and important security updates for the Apple Watch.

‌watchOS 10‌‌.0.2 can be downloaded for free through the Apple Watch app on an iPhone running iOS 17 by opening it up and going to General > Software Update. To install the new software, the Apple Watch needs to have at least 50 percent battery and it needs to be placed on a charger.

Today's update appears to be limited to the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

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Apple today released iOS 17.0.2 and iPadOS 17.0.2 updates, with the software coming five days after the releases of iOS 17.0.1 and iPadOS 17.0.1.

iOS 17
Today's iOS 17.0.2 and iPadOS 17.0.2 updates arrive as build 21A351 and can be downloaded on eligible iPhones and iPads over-the-air by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Note that iOS 17.0.2 was previously made available for iPhone 15 owners, and those who purchased an ‌iPhone 15‌ were prompted to install the update during the iPhone setup process.

Apple has now made iOS 17.0.2 available for all iPhones compatible with iOS 17 instead of limiting it to the ‌iPhone 15‌, but ‌iPhone 15‌ users already have the software and will not see the update.

According to Apple's release notes, iOS 17.0.2 fixes an issue that could prevent transferring data directly from another ‌iPhone‌ during setup, an issue that affected the ‌iPhone 15‌ models. The iPad release notes are the same, but mention transferring from another ‌iPad‌.

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Apple's services chief Eddy Cue today testified in the antitrust trial between the U.S. Department of Justice and Google, answering questions about a deal that sees Google set as the default search engine on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

According to a report from The Verge today, Google pays Apple billions of dollars per year in order for Google to be set as the default search engine on Apple platforms. The exact amount that Google pays Apple has not been publicly disclosed during the trial, as a lot of the testimony in the case has taken place behind closed doors.

Cue reportedly last negotiated the deal between Apple and Google in 2016. When asked why Apple chose Google as its default search engine, Cue said "there wasn't a valid alternative to Google at the time," and he said there still isn't one.

"We make Google be the default search engine because we've always thought it was the best," added Cue. "We pick the best one and let users easily change it."

Cue acknowledged that Apple feels it is more committed to privacy than Google, but argued that the deal between the two companies requires Google to allow users to search without logging in, and said that Apple has built several privacy protections into its Safari web browser in order to ensure that users are safeguarded.

Cue also admitted that Apple does not allow users to change the default search engine during the iPhone's setup process, but he said this decision supports Apple's goal of getting users "up and running as fast as possible."

To change the iPhone's default search engine at any point after setup, users can simply open the Settings app, tap Safari, tap Search Engine, and select one of the available options: Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Ecosia.

The Verge and The New York Times have additional coverage of Cue's testimony.

Apple today released Safari 17, the newest version of the Safari browser. Safari 17 can be downloaded on macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura, and it brings some of the macOS Sonoma features to older operating systems.

safari icon blue banner
Safari 17 introduces support for Profiles, so browsing can be separated into topics like work and personal, plus it adds enhanced private browsing functionality that locks the private browser when it is not in use.

Apple says that search has been improved to provide more relevant results, and multiple tabs can be selected to add them to the tab bar or a Tab Group. Apple's full release notes for the update are below:

Safari 17 introduces new features, even faster performance, and improved security.

- Profiles keep your browsing separate for topics like work and personal, separating your history, cookies, extensions, Tab Groups, and Favorites
- Enhanced Private Browsing locks your private browsing windows when you're not using them, blocks known trackers from loading, and removes identifying tracking from URLs
- Streamlined search offers more relevant, faster, and easier-to-read results
- Multiple tab selection allows you to select multiple tabs at once and move them around the tab bar or create a Tab Group

Some features may not be available for all regions, or on all Apple devices.

Safari can be downloaded from the System Settings menu on ‌macOS Ventura‌ or in System Preferences on macOS Monterey.

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Alongside macOS Sonoma, Apple today released a Studio Display 17 firmware update after several months of beta testing. The update includes improvements to the camera, and it is available after updating to ‌macOS Sonoma‌.

apple studio display blue
The Studio Display firmware can be updated by connecting the display to a Mac. Studio Display owners can go to System Preferences > Software Update to install the firmware.

According to Apple's release notes, the update adds support for zoom, recenter, and manual framing for the built-in camera in the Studio Display, plus it includes minor stability improvements.

Apple has been improving the Studio Display camera since the device first launched and it was criticized for poor camera quality. Back in April of 2022, Apple released firmware to improve the functionality of the built-in camera, improving the contrast, colors, and overall look.

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Apple may have canceled plans to produce a lower-cost version of the Apple Vision Pro headset, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. There were multiple rumors of a lower-cost model coming out sometime around 2025, but that may not happen.

Apple Vision Pro with battery Feature Blue Magenta
Kuo does not give a reason for why the lower-cost headset may have been nixed, but he says that unless Apple significantly cuts down on cost, significant shipment growth in Vision Pro shipments may not happen in 2025. Kuo expects Apple to ship approximately 400,000 to 600,000 headsets in 2024, and he says that while it will provide an "excellent experience," it may take "longer than the market expects" to become Apple's next star product.

A second-generation version of the ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ is expected to go into mass production by the first half of 2027 "at the latest," and Kuo says that it is possible there will be no hardware updates for the Vision Pro until then.

Both The Information and Bloomberg have suggested that Apple is working on a more affordable version of the ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ headset. The initial version will be priced at $3,500, which will put it out of reach of many Apple customers.

The rumors have said that Apple is developing a budget-friendly model that could be closer in price to the iPhone, but given the high price of the current model, it is unclear how rapidly Apple could bring component costs down. If Apple does indeed continue work on a more affordable model, it could feature lower resolution internal displays and cheaper build materials.

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Apple today released macOS 14 Sonoma, the newest version of the operating system that runs on the Mac. macOS Sonoma has been in beta testing for several months, and it is compatible with the 2019 and later iMac, the ‌iMac‌ Pro, the 2018 and later Mac mini, the 2018 and later MacBook Pro, the 2019 and later Mac Pro, and the Mac Studio.

macos sonoma 4
The ‌‌macOS Sonoma‌ update can be downloaded for free on all eligible Macs using the Software Update section of System Settings.

‌macOS Sonoma‌ adds interactive widgets to the desktop, bringing them out of the Today view and making them more prominent and useful. With Continuity, you can even see and interact with your iPhone widgets on your Mac.

There are a range of new Apple TV-like screensavers that feature slow-motion videos of worldwide locations, along with matching desktop wallpapers. Apple added a new Game Mode for Macs with Apple silicon chips, and this option prioritizes games on the CPU and GPU for smoother performance.

Video conferencing gets a boost with a Presenter Overlay effect for sharing content, plus there's a high performance mode for Screen Sharing that offers higher frame rates and low-latency audio so pros can access their content creation workflows from anywhere.

Safari's Private Browsing mode is locked behind Touch ID, Profiles can be used to separate work and personal browsing, and there are improved tracking and fingerprinting protections to preserve your privacy. You can save your favorite websites as web apps on the desktop or the dock, and they will work as regular apps with a simplified toolbar.

Many of the features that are in iOS 17 are also in ‌macOS Sonoma‌. The Messages app supports a new stickers experience that turns all emoji into stickers, the People album can recognize pets, and Visual Lookup works with videos and can recognize food and identify symbols on labels and signs.

AirTags can be shared with other people using Find My, iCloud Keychain passwords can be shared with friends and family members, the Notes app supports inline PDFs, and Siri can now be activated without saying "Hey." Apple's full release notes for the update are below.

macOS Sonoma brings all‑new capabilities that elevate your productivity and creativity. Discover even more ways to personalize your Mac with stunning screensavers and widgets that you can add to your desktop. Elevate your presence on video calls with a new way to present your work that keeps you a part of the presentation. Safari profiles and web apps help you organize your browsing in all-new ways. Game Mode boosts your gaming performance. Sonoma also brings big updates to Messages, Keyboard, and Accessibility. And when you upgrade, you get the latest security and privacy protections available for Mac.

Screen Savers
Stunning screen savers of locations from around the world seamlessly become your desktop wallpaper when you log-in
- Shuffle settings for rotating through screensavers by theme including Landscape, Cityscape, Underwater, and Earth

- Widgets can be placed anywhere on the desktop and adapt to the color of your wallpaper while working in apps
- iPhone widgets can be added to your Mac when your iPhone is nearby or on the same Wi-Fi network
- Interactive widgets let you take actions directly from the widget such as running a shortcut, pausing media, and more

Video Conferencing
- Presenter Overlay keeps you front and center while sharing your screen in FaceTime or third-party video conferencing apps (Mac with Apple silicon)
- Reactions layer 3D effects like hearts, balloons, confetti, and more around you in video calls and can be triggered with gestures (Mac with Apple silicon, Continuity Camera with iPhone 12 and later)

Safari and Passwords
- Profiles keep your browsing separate for topics like work and personal, separating your history, cookies, extensions, Tab Groups, and favorites
- Web apps let you use any website like an app, complete with an icon in the Dock for faster access and a simplified toolbar for easier browsing
- Enhanced Private Browsing locks your private browsing windows when you're not using them, blocks known trackers from loading, and removes tracking that identifies you from URLs
- Password and passkey sharing allows you to easily share accounts with trusted contacts

- Live Stickers sync from iOS and iPadOS to macOS, giving you access to the Live Stickers you create on your iPhone and iPad
- Search filters for people, keywords, and content types like photos or links help you more easily find what you are looking for
- Swipe to reply inline on any iMessage bubble

- Game Mode gives games the highest priority on the CPU and GPU, delivering more consistent frame rates and lower latency to wireless controllers and AirPods (Mac with Apple silicon)

- Improved autocorrect accuracy makes typing even easier by leveraging a more powerful transformer-based language model
- Inline predictive text shows single- and multi-word predictions that you can add by pressing the Space bar
- Improved Dictation experience supports using your voice and keyboard together to enter and edit text

- Adaptive Audio delivers a new listening mode that dynamically blends Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency to tailor the noise control experience based on the conditions of your environment (AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with the latest firmware)
- Personalized Volume adjusts the volume of your media in response to your environment and listening preferences over time (AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with the latest firmware)
- Conversation Awareness lowers your media volume and enhances the voices of the people in front of the user, all while reducing background noise (AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with the latest firmware)
- Press to mute and unmute your microphone by pressing the AirPods stem or the Digital Crown on AirPods Max when on a call (AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation), or AirPods Max with the latest firmware)
- Improved AirPods automatic switching now detects Mac up to 2X faster (AirPods (2nd and 3rd generation), AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation), AirPods Max with the latest firmware)

- Sensitive Content Warnings can be enabled to help prevent users from unexpectedly viewing sensitive images in Messages
- Expanded Communication Safety protections for children now detect videos containing nudity in addition to photos shared through Messages and the system Photos picker
- Improved sharing permissions let you choose which photos to share and add calendar events without providing access to your entire photo library or calendar

- Live Speech lets you type what you want to say and reads it aloud in FaceTime calls or in-person conversations
- Personal Voice helps users at risk of speech loss create a voice that sounds like them in a private and secure way using on-device machine learning
- Made for iPhone compatible hearing devices can be paired and used with Mac (MacBook Pro (2021), Mac Studio (2022), and Mac computers with M2 chip)

This release also includes other features and improvements:
- One-Time verification code AutoFill from Mail helps you quickly sign into sites in Safari, without leaving the browser
- Inline PDFs and document scans in Notes are presented full-width making them easy to view
- Grocery Lists in Reminders automatically group related items into sections as you add them
- Visual Look Up for recipes helps you find similar dishes from photo
- Visual Look Up in video helps you learn about objects that appear in paused video frames
- Pets in the People album in Photos surfaces individual pets just like friends or family members
- Option to say "Siri" in addition to "Hey Siri" for a more natural way to activate Siri (Mac with Apple silicon, AirPods Pro (2nd generation))
- High performance mode in Screen Sharing supports color workflows and improves responsiveness while remotely accessing a Mac (Mac with Apple silicon)
- Item sharing in Find My allows you to share an AirTag with up to five other people
- Activity History in Home displays a recent history of events for door locks, garage doors, security systems, and contact sensors
- Battery health management updated on 13-inch MacBook Air with M2 chip to better optimize long term battery health

Some features may not be available for all regions or on all Apple devices.

Read More

For a deeper look at all of the new features in ‌macOS Sonoma‌, we have a dedicated macOS Sonoma roundup.

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Complaints about heat issues with the iPhone 15 Pro models are not related to TSMC's 3-nanometer node that was used for the A17 Pro chip, according to well-respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPhone 15 Pro Lineup Feature
Kuo says that overheating could be caused by "compromises made in the thermal system design" that allowed Apple to cut down on the weight of the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models. Kuo says that the reduced heat dissipation area and titanium frame have negatively impacted the thermal efficiency of the devices.

Apple is expected to address the thermal issues through software updates, but improvements will be limited unless Apple plans to lower processor performance. Kuo believes that if Apple is unable to "properly address this issue," shipments could be impacted over the life cycle of the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌.

There have been reports about the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models becoming hot to the touch, and some tests have suggested that when this happens, the processor is throttled in order to cool the iPhone down. These tests have been benchmarks and extreme use cases that may not impact users in day-to-day life, but it remains to be seen how the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models will run console-quality games like Resident Evil Village and Death Stranding.

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macOS Sonoma better optimizes the long-term battery health of the 13-inch MacBook Air with the M2 chip, according to Apple's release notes for the software update.

macbook air spacegray purple battery
"Battery health management updated on 13-inch MacBook Air with M2 chip to better optimize long term battery health," the release notes state.

Apple does not provide any additional details about the exact optimizations that it made, nor have there been any widespread battery health complaints from customers who own this 13-inch MacBook Air model, released in July 2022. Battery health information can be found by opening the System Settings app and clicking on Battery.

In a support document, Apple explains how the battery health management feature works:

Battery health management is designed to improve your battery's lifespan by reducing the rate at which it chemically ages. The feature does this by monitoring your battery's temperature history and its charging patterns.

Based on the measurements that it collects, battery health management may temporarily reduce your battery's maximum charge. This happens as needed to ensure that your battery charges to a level that's optimized for your usage—reducing wear on the battery, and slowing its chemical aging.

macOS Sonoma is set to be released today following over three months of beta testing, with key new features including interactive desktop widgets, a Game Mode, the ability to add websites to the Dock as web apps, several Safari improvements, and more. We previously shared a list of Macs compatible with the update.

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EU industry chief Thierry Breton today publicly called on Apple CEO Tim Cook to open the company's ecosystem of hardware and software to rivals (via Reuters).

European Commisssion
Following an in-person meeting with Cook earlier today in Brussels, Belgium, Breton told Reuters:

The next job for Apple and other Big Tech, under the DMA (Digital Markets Act) is to open up its gates to competitors. Be it the electronic wallet, browsers or app stores, consumers using an Apple iPhone should be able to benefit from competitive services by a range of providers.

The EU's Digital Markets Act seeks to curtail the power of major tech companies. Designated "gatekeeper" platforms will now face prohibition against favoring their own services over those of rivals. Earlier this month, Apple's App Store, Safari, and iOS were officially classified as gatekeepers. Apple is expected to add support for sideloading apps from outside the ‌App Store‌ on iPhones and iPads in Europe via an update to iOS 17 due to the DMA's requirements.

Breton went on to be critical of Apple's argument that security and privacy are the reasons it protects its closed ecosystem. "EU regulation fosters innovation, without compromising on security and privacy," Breton added. After the discussion, Cook today visited a local Apple retail store in Brussels:

Apple apparently declined to respond to Breton's latest remarks.

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Apple last week launched watchOS 10, the latest major software update for compatible Apple Watch models, as well as the new Apple Watch Series 9 and second-generation Apple Watch Ultra, both of which come with ‌watchOS 10‌ pre-installed. Headline ‌watchOS 10‌ features include a new Smart Stack interface with widgets, new watch faces, and more.

22 Hidden Features in watchOS 10 Feature
In this article, we've listed 22 other features and enhancements in Apple's new smartwatch software, many of which may have gone under your radar. Bear in mind that ‌‌watchOS 10‌ requires Apple Watch Series 4 or later and an iPhone XS or later running iOS 17.

1. Automate Night Mode

On Apple Watch Ultra models, ‌watchOS 10‌ brings a new Modular Ultra watch face that, like the Wayfinder face, supports Night Mode. ‌Night Mode‌ puts a red filter on the display, and previously could only be manually activated by turning the Digital Crown.

1 auto night mode
In ‌watchOS 10‌, however, there's a ‌Night Mode‌ setting in the watch face edit screen for these two watch faces that lets you set it to Auto or On/Off. On the Auto setting, ‌Night Mode‌ will automatically activate in poor lighting conditions, such as when your sleeve is covering your watch or when you look at it in a dark room. Note that turning the Digital Crown no longer works, as this action now brings up the new Widget Stack.

2. Check Control Center Status

Small icons at the top of Control Center indicate the status of certain settings — for example, that your Apple Watch is connected to cellular, your location is being used by an app, and features like Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb are on.

2 control center status
If you're not sure what a displayed status icon means, you can now tap the icons to get details.

3. Set Multiple Timers

Like iPhones running iOS 17, you can now set multiple concurrent timers on Apple Watch.

3 multiple timers 1
Open the Timer app, create and start a timer, then tap the + button in the upper right corner to return to the Timers screen, where you can create and start another timer.

With multiple timers counting down, you can use the Digital Crown to switch between timer displays, or alternatively you can keep track of them in the timer list. Tip: to assign a label such as "cupcakes" to a timer, use Siri. Raise your Apple Watch, then say something like "Set a 12 minute cupcakes timer."

4. Access the App Switcher

In previous versions of watchOS, you could access the Dock by pressing the Side button, but in ‌watchOS 10‌ this action has been reassigned to the Control Center.

4 access app switcher
You can, in fact, still access the Dock (now called the App Switcher) with a double press of the Digital Crown. Turning the Digital Crown scrolls through apps, and the most recently used app appears at the front of the Dock with other apps behind it, in the order they were last opened. Apps that are currently running a session — a Maps navigation session or a Workout session, for example — appear at the front.

You can also remove apps from the App Switcher: turn the Digital Crown to the app you want to remove, swipe left on the app, then tap X.

5. Adjust the Flashlight

When the flashlight it activated, you can now adjust the brightness intensity by turning the Digital Crown up and down.

5 adjust flashlight
To turn on the flashlight, press the Side button to open Control Center, then tap the Flashlight button. Don't forget, you can also swipe left to choose a mode — steady white light, flashing white light, or steady red light.

6. Set a Target Elevation Alert

In the compass app, you can set a target elevation and receive an alert after going beyond it. The new alert option is designed to help you stay safe and remind you to rest and acclimate as you move.

Open the Compass app, tap the info (i) button, then tap Set Target Alert. Turn the Digital Crown to set the target elevation, then tap the check button, and you'll receive the alert when the elevation is exceeded.

7. Get Relative Waypoint Elevation

Each screen that shows the compass dial in the Compass app has a new Elevation button at the bottom of the display.

Tap it, and you'll get a 3D-like view of your waypoint elevations relative to your current elevation.

8. Browse Waypoints

In ‌watchOS 10‌, you can browse waypoints, including those you’ve created in the Compass app as well as waypoints from guides in the Maps app.

In the Compass app, tap the info (i) button, then tap Waypoints. Tap Compass Waypoints, and you'll see any waypoints you’ve created as well as automatically generated waypoints such as the location of your parked car and the last estimated locations where cellular connectivity and Emergency SOS were available.

You can also tap a guide, such as My Places or a guide you created in the Maps app, to view those waypoints on the compass. Note that waypoints that are more than 50 miles from you won’t appear on the compass dial.

9. Find Your iPhone With Directions

The ‌Apple Watch Series 9‌ and Apple Watch Ultra 2 share the same updated Ultra Wideband chip as can be found in the iPhone 15 series, so if you have one of the latest Apple Watch models you can use Precision Finding to ping your nearby ‌iPhone 15‌ and get accurate directions to it.

On your Apple Watch, press the Side button to bring up the Control Center, then tap the Ping ‌iPhone‌ button. Your ‌iPhone‌ will play a sound and, if your ‌Apple Watch Series 9‌ or Ultra 2 is within range, the screen will display a general heading and distance to your ‌iPhone‌, and the size of the circle increases to guide movement in the correct direction.

10. Find Hiking Trails

In ‌watchOS 10‌, you can use the Maps app to find hiking trails and learn more about them, including details like their name, length, highest and lowest elevations, and the distance from your current location to the nearest access point.

In the Maps app, scroll to the area you want to search, tap the search button, then enter "trails" into the input field. Nearby trailheads will appear as green dots that you can tap, and the name of a trail appears near the bottom of the display. You can also turn the Digital Crown to browse through nearby trail results.

11. View Offline Maps

In ‌iOS 17‌, Apple has added the ability to download Maps for use offline, providing access to turn-by-turn directions and information for a chosen area even if you do not have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Offline maps are automatically available on Apple Watch when your ‌iPhone‌ is on and within Bluetooth range (about 33 feet or 10 meters). To learn how to download offline maps on your ‌iPhone‌, see our dedicated how-to.

12. View Maps Walking Radius

The Maps app now includes a new Walking Radius feature that shows you how long it will take to walk to points of interest around you.

To change the radius, turn the Digital Crown. You can increase it to a walking time of up to 60 minutes. To change the radius unit to distance, touch and hold the map, scroll down, then tap Distance below Radius Unit.

13. Share Your Location

Like in ‌iOS 17‌, you can now let others know where you are by sharing your location in Messages, and it will be updated in real time right in the conversation.

Start a new message or open a conversation, tap the A button, then tap the Share Location button. You can then choose to show your live location (Share), which updates in real time, or share your static location (tap the pin icon, then tap Send Pin).

If you share your live location, you can do so For One Hour, Until End of Day, or Indefinitely. To stop sharing your location, simply tap the shared location, then tap Stop Sharing.

14. Start a Group FaceTime Call

In ‌watchOS 10‌, you can now start group FaceTime audio calls right on your Apple Watch.

Open the Phone app on your Apple Watch, start a ‌FaceTime‌ audio call, then tap the ellipsis button and tap Add People to choose a contact. When someone joins the call, tap 2 People Active, tap the + button, then choose another contact.

15. Log Your State of Mind

Using the Mindfulness app on Apple Watch, you can log your mood at different times throughout the day and input an overall mood for the day.

Tap State of Mind, then tap either "Log how you're feeling right now," or "Log how you've felt overall today." Turn the Digital Crown to indicate how you're feeling then tap the checkmark button. You'll then be asked to choose words that describe how you're feeling and what's having the biggest impact on you.

After you've logged your state of mind, you can check it against other lifestyle factors in the Health app on your ‌iPhone‌, under Mental Wellbeing -> State of Mind.

16. Record Video

For the first time on Apple Watch, in ‌watchOS 10‌ you can use the Camera Remote app to record video from your ‌iPhone‌.

Simply open the Camera Remote app, position your ‌iPhone‌ to frame the shot using your Apple Watch as a viewfinder, turn the Digital Crown to zoom, then touch and hold the Shutter button to start recording video. Release the button to stop.

17. Plan Home Energy Usage

In the Home app on Apple Watch, Apple has added a new "Grid Forecast" section like the one found on ‌iPhone‌ in ‌iOS 17‌. The feature is designed to use your location to tell you when "clean" energy is available to use, so you can be mindful of when you're using energy.

ios 17 grid forecast
Open the Home app, then tap the Energy category to show the Grid Forecast. Green bars in the widget indicate when cleaner energy is available in your area. If there are no bars, cleaner energy isn't forecast for the near future.

If you're traveling, Grid Forecast shows energy information for both your home location, and the location of your paired ‌iPhone‌. Note that Grid Forecast is available only in the contiguous United States.

18. Add Another AirPlay Device

While controlling audio on an AirPlay device such as HomePod, you can switch to or add additional ‌AirPlay‌ devices using the Now Playing app.

now playing
On the Now Playing screen, tap the ellipsis (three dots) button. Tap ‌AirPlay‌, then add devices by tapping them. You can also stop playback on any device simply by tapping it.

19. Type to Speak

Using the Live Speech accessibility feature, you can type on Apple Watch and have your words spoken aloud, both in person and on phone and ‌FaceTime‌ audio calls. Live Speech can be set up on Apple Watch by going to Settings -> Accessibility -> Live Speech, where you can choose a voice to use.

After setting up the Accessibility Shortcut (Settings -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Shortcut -> Live Speech) you can triple-click the Digital Crown and type what you'd like to have spoken out loud.

20. Change Your Email Signature

By default, messages you send from your Apple Watch are signed with "Sent from my Apple Watch." Prior to ‌watchOS 10‌, you couldn't customize your email watch signature, but now you can.

Open the Watch app on your ‌iPhone‌, tap My Watch, tap Mail, then tap Custom. Tap Signature, then create your new signature.

21. Share a News Story

‌watchOS 10‌ introduces an option to share news stories in Apple News from your Apple Watch.

Open the News app on your watch, scroll to a story, then tap it. Scroll down, tap the Share button, then choose a sharing option.

22. Ping Your Apple Watch

For some time now, it's been possible to ping your misplaced ‌iPhone‌ with your Apple Watch. In ‌iOS 17‌, you can now do the reverse and ping your Apple Watch with your ‌iPhone‌ if you forgot where you put it down.

ping watch control center
Apple doesn't include the new Ping My Watch button in the default Control Center set, but you can add it manually: Go to Settings -> Control Center, then under "More Controls," tap the + button next to Ping My Watch. (Okay, technically not a "‌watchOS 10‌ feature," but still worth knowing!)

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