Apple today provided the first betas of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 to public beta testers, bringing the new software to the general public for the first time since the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Apple has seeded three developer betas so far, and the first public beta includes the same content that's in the third developer beta.

Public beta testers who have signed up for Apple's beta testing program can download the ‌iOS 18‌ and ‌iPadOS 18‌ updates by opening up the Settings app, going to General, tapping into the Software Update section and selecting the ‌iOS 18‌ Public Beta option.

Note that betas can have bugs, battery issues, and other complications, so it is wise to install the software on a secondary device or make a backup in case you need to downgrade back to iOS 17.

‌iOS 18‌ introduces Apple Intelligence, which are AI features deeply integrated into the operating system. Not all functionality is available at this time, but it brings Writing Tools for rewriting, polishing, proofreading, and summarizing text across apps, and you can generate custom images with Image Playground. There are custom emoji available through the Genmoji feature, and Siri is getting entirely overhauled. Note that Apple Intelligence isn't yet live in the betas.

ipaos 18 image playground
Along with the AI features (which will be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro models and M-series iPads), ‌iOS 18‌ brings a redesigned Home Screen with the option to rearrange app icons and widgets with open spaces, plus there's a tint option and new darker colors for Dark Mode.

iOS 18 Home Screen Feature 1
Control Center has been revamped and you can pick and choose what you want to have front and center from the new Controls Gallery. There are multiple pages so you can group related controls, and you can customize sizes. As part of this update, the Flashlight and Camera icons on the Lock Screen can be swapped out, and you can also choose Control Center options for the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Action Button.

control center ios 18
The Messages app supports scheduling texts, you can use any emoji for the Tapback feature, and you can send messages via satellite. There are text effects you can use for any word, phrase, or emoji, plus formatting like bold and italic is an option. For texts with Android users, Apple now supports RCS, which basically means you won't run into issues with sending images and files, plus you can see typing indicators and read receipts and send texts over Wi-Fi.

iMessage Send Later iOS 18
Safari is able to summarize webpages and show you important info at a glance, the Photos app has been overhauled to focus more on surfacing your best photos. A dedicated Passwords app makes it easier to get to your saved passwords and logins, and you can now lock any app with Face ID or Touch ID.

ios 18 safari app
There are a ton of new features in ‌iOS 18‌ and ‌iPadOS 18‌ that aren't mentioned here, so for a more in-depth look make sure to check out our iOS 18 roundup and our iPadOS 18 roundup.

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Apple today released the first beta of an upcoming macOS Sequoia update to its public beta testing group, giving the general public a chance to try out the new operating system's features ahead of its fall launch. The first public beta includes the same content as the third developer beta.

macos sequoia iphone mirroring
Public beta testers can download ‌macOS Sequoia‌ from the Software Update section of the System Settings app after signing up on Apple's beta testing website and opting into the public beta under the Beta Updates section.

‌macOS Sequoia‌'s biggest feature is iPhone Mirroring, which is designed to let you control your ‌iPhone‌ from your Mac using your keyboard and mouse. You can see notifications and use your ‌iPhone‌ apps even when your ‌iPhone‌ is tucked away and locked, and later this year, you'll be able to use the feature to drag and drop apps from your Mac to your ‌iPhone‌ and vice versa.

Window tiling has been improved to make it easier to get multiple windows on your Mac in a way that works for you, Safari can summarize websites and show you highlights, and the Messages app supports scheduling messages and using the Tapback feature with any emoji.

There's a new Passwords app for managing your passwords, logins, and passkeys, the Photos app has a new design, the Notes app supports audio transcription and summarization, and you can also type in any equation and get it solved automatically.

‌macOS Sequoia‌ supports all of the new Apple Intelligence features that are also coming to iOS 18, offering all kinds of quality of life improvements. Writing tools help you proofread and polish your writing across apps, you can create unique images with Image Playground, and make up your own emoji with Genmoji. ‌Photos‌ includes a Clean Up tool for removing unwanted images, and Siri will use AI for better language understanding and contextual relevance. ‌Siri‌ will even be able to consult ChatGPT for complicated queries.

There are a long list of additional features coming to ‌macOS Sequoia‌, with more information available in our dedicated roundup.

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Apple today released the first beta of watchOS 11 to public beta testers, allowing non-developers to give the new features a try ahead of when the software launches this fall.

watchos 11 vitals
‌watchOS 11‌ can be downloaded after signing up on Apple's beta software website and upgrading your iPhone to the public beta version of iOS 18. You'll need to open up the Watch app on ‌iPhone‌, go to General, select Software Update, and choose the ‌watchOS 11‌ Public Beta option under Beta Updates.

With ‌watchOS 11‌, Apple added a new Vitals app that can be used to give you a daily overview of your health metrics, letting you know if anything is out of the ordinary. It compares information collected at night like heart rate, sleep, respiratory rate, and oxygen level to your levels over the previous weeks.

Smart Stack has new widgets like Translate and Shazam, plus it's smarter because it is able to suggest widgets based on time, date, location, and daily routine. Interactive widgets let you access app features from the Smart Stack, and it also supports Live Activities.

Training Load is a new way of measuring how the intensity and duration of workouts impact the body over time, with Apple providing an effort level for cardio-based workouts to help you know when to rest and when to push harder.

You can now customize your Activity Ring requirements for different days of the week, and Apple added support for rest days. Taking a break from activity will no longer ruin a streak because you can pause for a day, a week, a month, or more.

Other new features include more workout types, Check In for Messages, a revamped Photos watch face, improvements to Double Tap, and more, with additional information available in our watchOS 11 roundup.

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Apple today released the first public beta of tvOS 18, giving the general public a chance to try out the new features ahead of the software's fall launch.

apple tv 4k design triad
Public beta testers can download the tvOS 18 beta by opening up the Settings app on Apple TV, choosing the Software Updates section under System, and then toggling on the Get Public Beta Updates option. Signing up on Apple's public beta website is required to get the option to show up.

tvOS 18 isn't as feature rich as some of Apple's other updates, but it brings a new InSight feature to the ‌Apple TV‌ app. InSight is similar to Amazon X-Ray, providing real-time information about actors, music, and more in ‌Apple TV‌+ shows and movies.

The Enhanced Dialogue feature uses computational audio and machine learning to better boost vocal clarity over background noise and music, plus it works with built-in TV speakers, AirPods, and other Bluetooth devices. Subtitles have been tweaked to show up automatically when relevant, such as when the TV is muted.

Apple added new screen savers and made it easier to swap between them, plus there's 21:9 aspect ratio support for projectors and an option for Live Captions during FaceTime calls.

tvOS 18 is limited to public beta testers and developers right now, but it will see a public launch this fall.

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The revised third beta of iOS 18 that Apple released today eliminates the emoji and sticker changes that Apple introduced with the initial third beta release.

ios 18 emoji stickers memoji
In the prior beta, stickers behaved like emoji and could be added right inline with your messages, rather than only being available as large, stand alone message additions or drag and drop add-ons to texts. You could type a message and add a little sticker or Memoji to the end of it rather than an emoji, but Apple has pulled back this change, along with the interface changes that were introduced.

Emoji, Memoji, and stickers were all combined, and could be navigated using small icons at the bottom of the emoji picker, plus emoji were displayed larger than before, with fewer on a single screen. Apple added dedicated sections for stickers and Memoji rather than showing stickers only in the Recents section, and both stickers and Memoji could be created from the emoji window. It was a design that made both Memoji and stickers quicker to access and use.

With the revised version of beta 3, the emoji picker has been reverted to the beta 2 design. It's not clear why Apple made the change, but it's likely temporary. Sometimes Apple adds features in the beta and then pulls them to implement further refinements before reintroducing them at a later time, so we could see the emoji picker changes re-added in a later beta.

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Best Buy's "Black Friday in July" sale is in full swing today, and in addition to a few iPad Air discounts we shared earlier, there are also some steep markdowns on the M3 MacBook Pro. You will need a My Best Buy Plus or Total membership in order to get some of these deals.

macbook pro januaryNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Best Buy. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Best Buy's deals include all-time low prices on the 14-inch and 16-inch models, and the best discounts will be found on the larger screen computers. The 16-inch M3 MacBook Pro is currently discounted by $500 for all customers on Best Buy, but if you have a My Best Buy Plus/Total membership, you can add up to an extra $200 off select models.

You can also find $300 off 14-inch models on Best Buy this week, and these deals do not require a My Best Buy Plus or Total membership. We've collected all of the M3 MacBook Pro discounts in the list below, and remember that the Black Friday in July sale ends Wednesday, so be sure to place any orders before that day.

14-inch MacBook Pro

16-inch MacBook Pro

Keep up with all of this week's best discounts on Apple products and related accessories in our dedicated Apple Deals roundup.

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OWC this week has knocked the price of the popular 14-Port Thunderbolt 3 Dock down to $99.99, from its original price of $279.99. This is a match of the all-time low price on the accessory, which we last tracked way back in April. You'll see this price once you add the accessory to your cart and head to the checkout screen, where an automatic coupon will be applied.

owc docks white logoNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with OWC. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Besides this dock, you'll find a large collection of accessories on sale at this time on OWC, including USB-C hubs, external drives and enclosures, and internal memory upgrade kits for Mac.

Note: You won't see the deal price until checkout.

In regards to the 14-Port Thunderbolt 3 Dock, this accessory features two Thunderbolt 3 ports, five USB Type-A ports, one USB Type-C port, one Mini DisplayPort port, one gigabit Ethernet port, one S/PDIF digital audio output port, and one 3.5mm stereo audio input/output port. There are also two memory card slots for microSD and SD cards.

All of the devices listed below are in new condition at OWC, although the retailer does provide various item condition options for anyone who might want to save money by purchasing open box items. Be sure to visit OWC's sale landing page to browse the full sale, which also features deals on cables, Mac accessories, keyboards, and headphones.

Docks and Hubs

External Drives and Enclosures



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Apple today seeded a revised third beta of macOS 15 Sequoia to developers for testing purposes, with the software coming a week after the initial release of the third beta.

macOS Sequoia Feature
Registered developers can opt-in to the macOS Sequoia beta through the Software Update section of the System Settings app. An Apple ID associated with an Apple Developer account is required to get the beta.

‌macOS Sequoia‌ includes iPhone Mirroring, which allows you to control your locked ‌iPhone‌ from your Mac. You can open and use ‌iPhone‌ apps, interact with notifications, and drag and drop files between your ‌iPhone‌ and Mac and vice versa.

There are new options for window tiling, and dragging a window to the edge of the display will suggest a tiled location to make it easier to use multiple apps at once. Apple is adding a Passwords app for managing passwords, Safari can summarize websites and surface key information, and Notes has support for live audio transcription and math equations.

All of the Apple Intelligence features coming to iOS 18 will also be available in ‌macOS Sequoia‌, but Apple does not plan to add these until later in the beta testing process. Apple Intelligence includes Writing Tools for editing, proofreading, and summarizing text in apps, and an Image Playground allows for AI images to be created from prompts.

Custom emoji or "Genmoji" can be created for any situation and used just like emoji, and Siri is getting much smarter. ‌Siri‌ will be able to do more in apps and will better understand requests, especially those made in regard to on-screen content.

The updated third beta comes as we await the launch of a public beta for ‌macOS Sequoia‌. Apple said that a version of ‌macOS Sequoia‌ would be available for public beta testers at some point in July.

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Apple today seeded updated third betas iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 to developers for testing purposes, with the software coming a week after Apple initially released the third betas.

Generic iOS 18 Feature Real Mock
Registered developers are able to opt into the betas by opening up the Settings app, going to the Software Update section, tapping on the "Beta Updates" option, and toggling on the ‌‌iOS 18‌/‌iPadOS 18‌‌ Developer Beta setting. Note that an Apple ID associated with a developer account is required to download and install the beta.

‌iOS 18‌ introduces Apple Intelligence, a set of AI features that are built deeply into the operating system. Apple Intelligence won't be coming until later in the beta testing process, but it includes features for refining and editing writing, generating images and emoji, and most notably, improving Siri and search. ‌Siri‌ is gaining a better understanding of natural language, improved contextual awareness, and the personal assistant will integrate with ChatGPT to answer more complex queries.

Apple Intelligence features are limited to the iPhone 15 Pro models and iPads with an M-series chip, but there are a number of other features that are coming. Apple is allowing users to rearrange Home screen apps to have open spaces, plus there's a dark mode for app icons and tinting options.

The Control Center is customizable and third-party developers can add controls for their apps, with the Lock Screen Flashlight and Camera icons able to be replaced or removed. Messages is gaining Rich Communication Services support to improve conversations with Android users, the option to schedule texts to be sent later, new text effects, messages over satellite when there's no cellular, and the option to use any emoji for Tapback responses.

There's a dedicated Passwords app for logins, passkeys, Wi-Fi passwords, and verification codes, and there's now an option to lock and hide apps, which means they can't be opened without secondary Face ID or Touch ID authentication even when your phone is unlocked.

Safari has a highlights feature that summarizes articles and surfaces key information on websites, the Photos app interface has been overhauled, and there's a new Tap to Cash feature for privately and securely transferring money using Apple Cash. Other features include equation solving and voice memo transcription in Notes, a game mode for improving game performance, and an option to respond to ‌Siri‌ on AirPods with head gestures.

‌iOS 18‌ is only available to registered developers at the current time, but this revised third beta comes as we are expecting a public beta. Apple said in June that a public beta would be made available sometime in July.

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Today we're tracking deals on Apple's fifth-generation iPad Air, which are only available on Best Buy. This sale includes nearly every model of the M1 iPad Air on sale at an all-time low price, with as much as $250 off select models. The deals are part of Best Buy's Prime Day-like "Black Friday in July" sale, which lasts through Wednesday.

m1 ipad air fathers dayNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Best Buy. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Starting with the 64GB Wi-Fi M1 iPad Air, Best Buy has this model for $399.99, down from $599.99. This is an all-time low price on this model of the 2022 iPad Air, and it's available in three colors. You'll also find the 256GB Wi-Fi iPad Air on sale for $499.99, down from $749.99, which is about $50 cheaper than the previous record low price.

Apple introduced new M2 iPad Air models in May, which is why we're seeing steep discounts on the previous generation models more often. You can still save a bit of money on the 2024 models if you're interested in owning the latest version.

Best Buy's Black Friday in July event has much more on sale than just the iPad Air, including other Apple products like MacBooks and Apple Watches. You can also find great deals on TVs, video games, appliances, headphones, smartphones, sound bars, streaming devices, computers, and much more.

Be sure to visit our full Deals Roundup to shop for even more Apple-related products and accessories.

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Amazon today has kicked off early Prime Day deals on Apple's 2024 M3 MacBook Air, with new record low prices on both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. This is the first time we've tracked discounts on these computers in a few weeks, and they're reaching up to $200 off original prices.

m3 macbook air prime dayNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Prices start at $898.99 for the 8GB RAM/256GB SSD 13-inch MacBook Air, which is down from $1,099.00. For the bigger model, prices start at $1,099.00 for the 8GB RAM/256GB SSD 15-inch MacBook Air, down from $1,299.00.

Shoppers should note that Best Buy is offering an extra $50 in savings on these computers, but you'll need to have a My Best Buy Plus or Total membership in order to see the discounts. Otherwise, if you don't have a membership, you can find matching prices on every M3 MacBook Air at Best Buy.

13-inch M3 MacBook Air

15-inch M3 MacBook Air

If you're looking to spend a little less, and are fine with investing in a previous generation model, Amazon also has great deals on the 2022 13-inch M2 MacBook Air. You can get the 256GB model for $799.00 (matched at Best Buy) and the 512GB model for $999.00 (also matched at Best Buy), and they're both $200 off and all-time low prices.

Head to our full Deals Roundup to get caught up with all of the latest deals and discounts that we've been tracking over the past week.

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Apple today announced that the existing HomePod mini is now available in a Midnight color option, which replaces the nearly-identical Space Gray color previously offered. The speaker remains available in Blue, Orange, White, and Yellow as well.

HomePod Mini Midnight 1
Apple now offers both the full-sized second-generation HomePod and the HomePod mini in Midnight, so this minor change brings some consistency to the lineup. Apple did not mention any other changes to the HomePod mini today, and the speaker remains priced at $99 in the U.S. for all of the color options.

The new Midnight color option can be ordered on starting today, and it will be available at Apple Store locations in the U.S., Canada, China, Singapore, and 28 other countries and regions starting July 17.

Apple first released the HomePod mini in November 2020, and it has yet to release a second-generation model of the speaker.

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Apple typically releases its new iPhone series around mid-September, which means we are about two months out from the launch of the iPhone 16. Like the iPhone 15 series, this year's lineup is expected to stick with four models – iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max – although there are plenty of design differences and new features to take into account.

iPhone 16 Pro Sizes Feature
To bring you up to speed, we've summarized below the biggest iPhone 16 rumors we've covered so far here on MacRumors. For more details, follow the links, or dive into our dedicated roundups for both iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models.

1. Larger Displays

Biggest Ever iPhones

This year's iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are rumored to be getting bigger display sizes, increasing to 6.27- and 6.86-inches, respectively. For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are equipped with 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays, respectively. The new display sizes would be the largest ever for the iPhone.

2. Vertical Camera Layout

iPhone 16 & iPhone 16 Plus

Apple's iPhone 16 base models will feature a vertical camera arrangement with a pill-shaped raised surface, instead of a diagonal camera arrangement like the iPhone 15. The new camera bump features two separate camera rings for the Wide and Ultra Wide cameras. The vertical camera layout is expected to enable Spatial Video recording, which is currently limited to the iPhone 15 Pro models.

3. Battery Changes

All iPhone 16 Models

One rumor suggests the ‌iPhone 16‌ and iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature larger batteries than their predecessors, but the ‌iPhone 16‌ Plus may have reduced capacity. The iPhone 16 is said to have a 6% increase over the iPhone 15, with the iPhone 16 Pro Max gaining a 5% increase. In contrast, the iPhone 16 Plus is rumored to have a 9% reduction in capacity. On the other hand, Apple could also potentially use stacked battery technology to increase energy density and prolong lifespan across the lineup.

4. Capture Button

New Camera Capabilities

All iPhone 16 models will have a new "Capture Button" dedicated to triggering image or video capture. The button will add features like the ability to zoom in and out by swiping left and right on the button, focus on a subject with a light press, and activate a recording with a more forceful press. The Capture Button will be located on the bottom right side of the ‌iPhone 16, and will take the place of the mmWave antenna on U.S. ‌iPhone‌ models, with the antenna relocating to the left side of the device below the volume and Action buttons.

5. Ultra Wide Lens Upgrade

iPhone 16 Pro & iPhone 16 Pro Max

The iPhone 16 Pro models are expected to feature an upgraded 48-megapixel Ultra Wide camera lens, which should allow it to capture more light, resulting in improved photos when shooting in 0.5× mode, especially in low-light environments. This also means that iPhone 16 Pro models should be able to shoot 48-megapixel ProRAW photos in Ultra Wide mode. These photos retain more detail in the image file for more editing flexibility, and can be printed at large sizes. The iPhone 16 Pro Max is also rumored to boast a bigger main camera thanks to an advanced custom 48-megapixel Sony IMX903 sensor.

6. Super Telephoto Camera

iPhone 16 Pro Max

The iPhone 16 Pro Max could be the first to feature a super telephoto periscope camera for dramatically increased optical zoom. "Super" or "ultra" telephoto usually describes cameras with a focal length of over 300mm. The current telephoto lens is equivalent to a 77mm lens, so if accurate, there could be a notable increase in zoom capabilities. Super telephoto cameras are often used for sports and wild animal photography, but the extremely soft backgrounds they create also make them useful for portrait photography, providing there is enough distance between the subject and the photographer.

7. Faster Wi-Fi Support

Wi-Fi 6E & Wi-Fi 7

Apple's 2024 iPhone Pro models are expected to get Wi-Fi 7 in the Pro models, enabling data transfer over the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands simultaneously. This should result in faster Wi-Fi speeds, lower latency, and more reliable connectivity. With technologies such as 4K QAM, Wi-Fi 7 is also expected to offer peak data transfer speeds of over 40 Gbps, a 4× increase over Wi-Fi 6E. Meanwhile, the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus is rumored to support Wi-Fi 6E, which works with the 6 GHz band, enabling faster wireless speeds and reduced signal interference.

8. New A18 Series Chips

All iPhone 16 Models

Apple's next-generation A18 Pro chip is expected to be manufactured with TSMC's second-generation 3nm process, known as N3E. All four iPhone 16 models will be equipped with A18-branded chips, according to rumors, but Apple could still differentiate between the standard models and the Pro models, even giving the chips separate A18 and A18 Pro names. It makes sense for all four ‌iPhone 16‌ models to have the same A18 chip because of the Apple Intelligence features set to debut in iOS 18. Apple Intelligence requires a high-powered chip for the AI features to run on-device. At this time, only the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and Pro Max are able to use Apple Intelligence.

9. 5G Qualcomm Modem

iPhone 16 Pro & iPhone 16 Pro Max

Apple is expected to use Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon X75 modem in this year's Pro and Pro Max models. The Snapdragon X75 includes improved carrier aggregation and other technology advancements for faster 5G download and upload speeds compared to the X70, which is used in iPhone 15 models. The modem's combined mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G transceiver also takes up 25% less circuit board space, and is said to use up to 20% less power. The standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus are expected to retain the Snapdragon X70 modem.

10. Tetraprism Lens

iPhone 16 Pro

Both iPhone 16 Pro models are expected to feature 5x optical zoom, which is currently exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Apple's tetraprism lens system has a "folded" design that allows it to fit inside the smartphone, enabling up to 5x optical zoom and up to 25x digital zoom. In contrast, the current smaller iPhone 15 Pro is limited to up to 3x optical zoom, which is in line with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

11. Micro-Lens Technology

More Efficient OLED

Apple is said to be weighing up the use of micro-lens technology to maintain or increase the brightness of OLED displays on next year's iPhone 16 models while potentially reducing their power consumption. MLA works by using a uniform pattern of billions of lenses inside the panel that reduces internal reflections. These lenses turn the path of light reflected backwards from the inside of the panel towards the screen, which can serve either to increase perceived brightness while maintaining the same level of power consumption, or maintain brightness levels while consuming less power compared to conventional OLED panels at the same luminance.

12. Action Button

iPhone 16 & iPhone 16 Plus

The iPhone 15 Pro models include an Action Button, and in 2024, the Action Button is expected to be expanded to the standard iPhone 16 models. The Action Button used across the iPhone 16 lineup will be identical to the iPhone 15 Pro Action Button. The Action button, which replaces the traditional mute switch, can perform multiple functions such as activating the Flashlight, turning on the Camera, launching a Shortcut, enabling or disabling a Focus mode, using Translate, turning on/off Silent Mode, and more.

13. 40W Fast Charging and 20W MagSafe

Both iPhone 16 Pro Models

The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will support 40W wired fast charging and 20W MagSafe charging, according to a recurring rumor. Right now, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models are capable of up to 27W peak charging speeds with an appropriate USB-C power adapter, while official MagSafe chargers from Apple and authorized third parties can wirelessly charge the iPhone 15 models at up to 15W. The charging boost is expected to balance and improve the problem of increasing charging time caused by the increase in battery capacity.

14. Upgraded Microphone

Enhanced Siri

Apple is said to be planning a significant upgrade to the iPhone 16 microphone to improve the new Apple Intelligence-enhanced Siri experience, which will include contextual awareness, semantic indexing, app control, and on-screen awareness. Apple's Siri AI ambitions will heavily rely on improved voice input processing, and the new mic is expected to offer significantly enhanced signal-to-noise ratio.

15. New Thermal Design

Reduced Heat

Apple is rumored to be working on a graphene thermal system for the ‌iPhone 16‌ lineup, while the ‌iPhone 16‌ Pro models could add metal battery casings to reduce overheating. Graphene has high thermal conductivity, surpassing that of copper, which is currently used in iPhone heat-sinks. Apple has been filing patents related to using graphene for thermal management for some time. The move could be in response to widely encountered overheating issues experienced with the iPhone 15 Pro, which Apple addressed through a software update.

16. Expanded Storage

Both iPhone 16 Pro Models

The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will be available with double the maximum storage capacity as the iPhone 15 Pro models, increasing from 1TB to 2TB, according to one rumor. The move is said to be a result of Apple's switch to higher-density Quad-Level Cell (QLC) NAND flash for higher storage models. Apple's use of QLC NAND could allow Apple to fit more storage into a smaller space and it is less expensive than Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND, which current iPhones use. On the downside, QLC has comparatively slower read and write speeds.

17. Increased Memory

iPhone 16 & iPhone 16 Plus

Apple's iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models have been rumored to both feature 8GB of RAM, an increase over the 6GB of RAM in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. More working memory should equate to improved performance for multitasking on the iPhone. Apple has hinted that plenty of RAM is required for Apple Intelligence features, so it is perhaps no coincidence that all devices in the iPhone 16 lineup will have at least 8GB of RAM.

18. Upgraded Neural Engine

Enhanced Machine Learning

Apple's next-generation A18 chips will feature an upgraded Neural Engine with "significantly" more cores, according to one Taiwanese report. An upgraded Neural Engine should improve the performance of Apple Intelligence features and machine learning tasks. Apple's iPhone 12 through iPhone 15 models all include a 16-core Neural Engine. Despite no difference in core counts across generations, Apple has still managed to improve their performance in successive models.

19. Ultra-Thin Bezel Technology

Maximized Display Size

Apple plans to maximize the display size on the iPhone 16 series by using a new ultra-thin bezel technology, according to one rumor. Apple will use Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology to minimize the bezel at the bottom of the display. BRS achieves this by rolling up the internal copper wiring into a more compact package. Apple reportedly plans to apply the borderless display technology to all four iPhone 16 models, but the Pro models will have the thinnest bezels of any smartphone, beating the screen border thinness of even its latest iPhone 15 Pro devices.

20. New Polished Titanium Finish

iPhone 16 Pro & iPhone 16 Pro Max

Apple will use an improved finishing process for the titanium chassis on the iPhone 16 Pro models, according to one rumor. The new process will allegedly make the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max look more polished than the iPhone 15 Pro models, which have a brushed finish. The improved manufacturing process will result in a glossy appearance that is more akin to the heavily polished stainless steel material used in previous Pro iPhones. However, the new titanium finish will be less prone to scratches compared to stainless steel.

21. Reduced Lens Flare

Less Photo Artifacts

Apple is said to be testing a new anti-reflective optical coating technology for its iPhone cameras that could improve the quality of photos by reducing artifacts like lens flare and ghosting. Apple plans to bring new atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment into the iPhone camera lens manufacturing process to apply the coating. ALD-applied materials can also protect against environmental damage to the camera lens system without affecting the sensor's ability to capture light effectively.

22. New Colors

All iPhone 16 Models

The iPhone 16 Pro and ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ Max are expected to be available in black, white or silver, gray or "Natural Titanium," and rose. This suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro's Blue Titanium option will be discontinued and replaced with a new rose color. Meanwhile, the ‌iPhone 16‌ and ‌iPhone 16‌ Plus is said to be coming in black, green, pink, blue, and white. Compared to the iPhone 15, this means that white will replace yellow, with the other colors remaining the same.

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Apple this weekend approved free PC emulator "UTM SE" for the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and Vision Pro. The app allows users to emulate old versions of Windows OS, macOS, Linux, and more to fire up classic software and games on Apple devices.

utm se pc emulator ios
As the first of its kind to be allowed on the App Store, UTM SE offers several unique features like VGA mode support for graphics and terminal mode for text-only OSes, emulation of x86, PPC, and RISC-V architectures, support for pre-built machines, and the ability to create custom bootable machines.

Apple initially rejected the app in June, despite changing its global App Store policy in April regarding retro game emulators. According to the developers, Apple said the app violated rule 4.7 of its App Review Guidelines because "PC is not a console," regardless of the fact that there are retro Windows/DOS games for the PC that UTM SE can be useful in running.

Apple also deemed UTM SE unsuitable for third-party marketplaces in the European Union, because it violated rule 2.5.2 of its Notarization Review Guidelines. That rule states that apps have to be self-contained and can't execute code "which introduces or changes features or functionality of the app, including other apps."

After Apple's rejection, UTM's developer said they would not keep going back and forth because the app would become "a subpar experience." However, after help from the AltStore team and another developer to work on some changes, UTM SE was finally approved by Apple on Saturday.

As with other emulators, UTM SE requires that users supply the operating systems they want to emulate, but the UTM site includes guides for Windows XP through Windows 11 emulation, as well as downloads of pre-built virtual Linux machines. UTM SE can be downloaded from the App Store [Direct Link].

Game emulator Delta, which has been a hit among retro gaming enthusiasts on iPhone, is now officially available for iPad, following an app update to version 1.6.

delta emulator ipad
Delta has been hugely popular since its debut on the App Store and the emulator has been a constant presence in the Top Charts, with users flocking to play retro games that originally appeared on NES, SNES, N64, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance.

With iPad support in v1.6, users can now take full advantage of the device's larger display and play in fullscreen. There are new controller skins designed specifically for iPad, and the app supports multiple windows in Stage Manager and Split View, with games able to optionally pause when switching windows. The iPad version also supports external game controllers, and the developer Riley Testut says emulated games "hand off" seamlessly between iPhone and iPad, allowing gamers to continue playing where they left off.

Testut says the need for BIOS files has now been eliminated, streamlining the setup process. Users should also notice a considerable improvement in the performance of DS games. The update introduces various menu button gestures, providing more intuitive navigation options. An experimental feature, "Reverse Controller Skin Screens," has also been added, allowing users to switch controller skin screens at runtime, offering greater customization and flexibility during gameplay.

Testut previously explained that Delta for iPad had not originally been a development priority because the plan was to limit the emulator's launch to the EU via alternative app marketplace AltStore PAL, which doesn't support iPad.

However, in a reversal of a years-old policy, Apple in April decided to allow retro game emulators on the ‌App Store‌. Delta was therefore made available on the App Store as a free download in the United States and other countries, with users supporting the developer via Patreon. Official download links for the latest version can be found on the Delta website.

Samsung this week introduced its latest earbuds, the Galaxy Buds3 Pro, which look quite a bit like Apple's AirPods Pro 2. Given the similarities, we thought we'd compare Samsung's new earbuds to the ‌AirPods Pro‌.

Design wise, you could potentially mistake Samsung's Galaxy Buds3 Pro for the ‌AirPods Pro‌. The Buds3 Pro have the same general shape and a silicone tip, though it's worth noting that the Buds3 Pro come in both white and gray, so you're not limited to white as you are with the ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2. The charging case is similar to the AirPods Charging Case too, but there's a transparent upper portion.

The Buds3 Pro sound great out of the box, but there is an option to adjust the sound using the equalizer, which isn't possible with the ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2. The Active Noise Cancellation and the "Ambient Mode" or transparency on the Buds3 Pro work as well as those features on the ‌AirPods Pro‌, and it's tough to tell the difference between them.

Samsung's Buds3 Pro do not perform as well as the ‌AirPods Pro‌ when it comes to ambient noise detection to adjust sound, however. The ‌AirPods Pro‌ can adjust sound when someone is speaking to you so you can hear them, but the Buds3 Pro struggled to do the same.

The Buds3 Pro have a built-in LED light for aesthetics, and there are controls on the stem for adjusting volume. Samsung also added an interpreter mode for translating foreign languages when connected to the most recent Galaxy phones, but the feature wasn't super accurate.

Though the Buds3 Pro are similar to the ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2, it's hard to see the two as competitors because you're only going to want to use the Buds3 Pro with Android devices, while the ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2 work best with Apple devices. iPhone users should stick with the AirPods, while Samsung users will want to check out the Buds3 Pro.

Samsung's Galaxy Buds3 Pro are priced at $250, which is the same price as the ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2. Pre-orders are available now ahead of a July 24 launch date.

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Amazon is soon to be back with its annual summertime Prime Day event, lasting for just two days from July 16-17. As it does every year, Prime Day offers shoppers a huge selection of deals across Amazon's storefront, and there are already many deals you can get on sale ahead of the event.

primeday2020 feature3Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

For our coverage, we're focusing entirely on early discounts for Apple and Apple-related products that can be purchased right now on Amazon. As of today, this includes deals on AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook Air, and more. We're also sharing deals being matched at retailers like Best Buy in some cases.

As is typical for Prime Day deals, these markdowns are very time sensitive, so sales listed below may disappear fast, and new ones may appear even faster. With this in mind, we'll keep this article updated over the next few days, and keep an eye on the MacRumors front page as we'll be posting particularly great deals in separate articles next week.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Amazon Prime Day requires you to have an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of the discounts. Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139.00 per year, and it comes with a 30-day free trial for new subscribers.

Apple Watch

prime day series 9

Series 9

You can get up to $100 off most Apple Watch Series 9 models right now on Amazon, starting at $299.00 for the 41mm GPS watches. We've rounded up all of the deals below, focusing on the aluminum devices, but you can also find $100 discounts on a few stainless steel models as well.


Apple's 40mm GPS Apple Watch SE is available for $189.00 today on Amazon, down from $249.00. This is just $10 higher compared to the all-time low price on the wearable. This deal is available in all three aluminum color options, and only Amazon has the discount.

You can also get the 44mm GPS Apple Watch SE on sale right now, available for $219.00 on Amazon, down from $279.00. This is another near all-time low price that's just $10 away from the lowest price on the Apple Watch SE, and it's only available in Starlight.

M2 iPad Pro

m2 ipad pro prime day

Over at Best Buy, today you can find some of the biggest discounts on the M2 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro that we've seen in months, including both Wi-Fi and cellular tablets. A My Best Buy Plus/Total membership is not required to see these discounts.

With such steep savings, these previous generation iPad Pros are worth looking into purchasing for anyone who wants to prioritize saving money over owning the newest M4 iPad Pro. There are some major differences between the two generations, like the M4's support for Apple Pencil Pro and a new nano-texture display option, so be sure to read about which one works best for you in our Buyer's Guide.







M4 iPad Pro

m4 ipad pro prime day

For the newest M4 iPad Pros, Amazon is offering up to $200 off select models of both the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro. Deals are primarily focused on Wi-Fi models, but you can find a few cellular tablets on sale at this time as well.



M2 iPad Air

ipad air prime day


The cheapest model is the 128GB Wi-Fi 11-inch iPad Air for $559.00, down from $599.00. You'll also find deals on the 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB models below, all of which are in stock on Amazon with delivery dates as soon as the middle of next week for Prime members.


The 13-inch M2 iPad Air models start at $729.00 for the 128GB Wi-Fi tablet, down from $799.00. Similar to the 11-inch devices, all Wi-Fi models are on sale this week, and for the larger display iPad Airs these discounts reach up to $90 off original prices.

The iPad Air is Apple's middle-tier iPad model, equipped with an LCD Liquid Retina display, True Tone support, four unique color options, Touch ID, relocated front-facing camera, and two new size options with the 11-inch and 13-inch sizes.

10th Gen iPad

2022 ipad prime day

Amazon is taking $30 off the Wi-Fi models of the 2022 iPad, starting at $319.00 for 64GB Wi-Fi. You'll also find both cellular devices on sale this weekend.

M3 MacBook Pro

m3 macbook pro prime day

The best M3 MacBook Pro deal you'll find right now is on the 14-inch M3 Pro 512GB model, priced at $1,699.00. That's a $300 discount and the best price we've ever tracked, but you can also find a few other solid markdowns on more 14-inch MacBook Pros and 16-inch MacBook Pros at Amazon.

M2 MacBook Air

m2 macbook air prime day

Best Buy and Amazon today have Apple's 256GB 13-inch M2 MacBook Air for $799.00, down from $999.00. You'll find all four colors on sale at this price, including Midnight, Silver, Space Gray, and Starlight.

Compared to previous sales, this is a match of the all-time low price on the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air. Right now, both Best Buy and Amazon have this steep discount, and we aren't tracking any notable deals on the 512GB model.

Apple Pencil

pencil prime day

Apple Pencil deals include all-time low prices on the Apple Pencil 2 at $79.00 and Apple Pencil Pro at $119.00.

Our full Deals Roundup has more information on the latest Apple-related sales and bargains.

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Apple is moving right along with development and testing on iOS 18 and related software updates, with the third developer betas arriving this past week and public beta versions of most of them expected very shortly.

top stories 13jul2024
Not all of the new features Apple showed off at WWDC last month will be available right away, however, with some rolling out in later iOS 18 updates over the next year. In particular, significant Siri enhancements with Apple Intelligence are reportedly slated for iOS 18.4 in the spring of 2025. Other news this week included hints of a touchscreen-equipped HomePod and rumors about the next-generation Apple Watch SE, so read on below for all the details!

Everything New in iOS 18 Beta 3

Apple this week seeded the third beta of iOS 18 to developers for testing, and there are a handful of new features and changes. Check out our list of everything new in iOS 18 beta 3, including Dark Mode for additional app icons, tweaks to the Photos app, and more.

iOS 18 on iPhone Feature
Apple also seeded the third betas of iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, watchOS 11, tvOS 18, visionOS 2, and more.

iOS 18 Public Beta Coming Soon: How to Get Your iPhone Ready

Apple last month announced that the first public beta of iOS 18 would be released in July, so it should be available to try out soon. The first public betas of iOS 17 and iOS 16 were both released in the first half of July over the past two years, so it is possible that the iOS 18 public beta will be available next week.

iOS 18 Public Beta Thumb 3
Ahead of time, read our story outlining how to get your iPhone ready for the iOS 18 public beta.

New Siri Experience With Apple Intelligence Likely to Debut in Spring 2025

While some Apple Intelligence features will be available when iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia are first released to the public later this year, Apple last month said that some of the remaining features will be rolled out "over the course of the next year."

Apple Intelligence General Feature
According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, a smarter version of Siri powered by Apple Intelligence will likely launch as part of iOS 18.4 in the spring of 2025.

tvOS 18 Hints at HomePod With Touchscreen Display

A reference to an unreleased HomePod with a built-in screen has allegedly been uncovered in the tvOS 18 beta, following earlier reports that Apple plans to release such a device in the future.

HomePod With Screen and Arm FaceTime Feature 2MacRumors concept mockups based on early rumors

Apple is rumored to have been prototyping several different smart home accessories, including a HomePod with a screen, a smart home hub with a robotic arm, a device that combines a HomePod and Apple TV, and more, but it is unclear if or when all of them will be released to the public.

Apple Reportedly Developing Apple Watch SE With Plastic Casing

Apple is developing a next-generation version of the low-end Apple Watch SE with a plastic casing, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

apple watch se 2022
A third-generation Apple Watch SE is expected to be released in September, but it is unclear if Apple will move forward with the plastic casing, which would replace the aluminum casing on previous models. The current Apple Watch SE starts at $249 in the U.S., and the move to plastic could allow for the next model to have an even lower starting price.

10+ Changes to Control Center in iOS 18

Apple is significantly overhauling Control Center on iOS 18 for the first time since iOS 11, with greater customization, multiple pages, additional controls, and more. Apple also now allows users to customize the Flashlight and Camera shortcuts on the Lock Screen.

iOS 18 Control Center Guide 1
Check out our list outlining more than 10 new features and changes in Control Center on iOS 18, which will be widely released later this year for the iPhone XS and newer.

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