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Review: 'Anchor' Offers Simple Apple Watch Charging, but With Drawbacks

Thursday October 15, 2015 3:25 pm PDT by
Native Union's Apple Watch charging solution, dubbed the "Anchor," is definitely winning in one category: its simplicity. The new accessory is neither a stand nor a dock, but more of a pad designed to nestle an Apple Watch charger and act as a dedicated area for users to rest their Apple Watches on to give them power. It's a stripped-down approach that makes the Anchor endearing, but ultimately...

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native union 2 in 1

CES 2024: Native Union Debuts 2-in-1 Qi2 Charger, Laptop Stand, Magnetic Power Bank and More

Wednesday January 10, 2024 12:06 pm PST by
Apple accessory company Native Union this week unveiled a number of upcoming accessories that are set to launch throughout the year. The Voyage 2-in-1 is a Qi2 wireless charger that supports the latest wireless charging standard. It is able to charge an iPhone at up to 15W, the same as MagSafe. The foldable charger has a main charging base for the ‌iPhone‌ and a second charging base with an...
native union belt cable duo

Native Union Launches 'Impossible' Dual USB-C and Lightning Charging Cable

Wednesday December 14, 2022 2:37 pm PST by
Accessory company Native Union today announced the launch of the Belt Cable Duo, a dual-headed charging cable that offers both Lightning and USB-C charging ports, so it can be used with all of your devices. These types of cables are not uncommon, but charging options that include both Lightning and USB-C chargers are generally USB-A cables, rather than USB-C. The Belt Cable Duo has an...
airpods beanies 1

Native Union Brings Back iPod Socks, But for AirPods

Tuesday October 26, 2021 10:12 am PDT by
Native Union this week announced the launch of AirPods Beanies, a new carrying case for the AirPods that's modeled after the iconic iPod Sock. AirPods Beanies come just after the 20th anniversary of the iPod, and will be appealing to iPod fans. Apple began selling iPod Socks in 2004, offering a set of six for $29. When they were introduced, Steve Jobs jokingly referred to them as a...