Apple in iOS 18 added a Vocal Shortcuts accessibility feature, and now that ‌iOS 18‌ is available in a beta capacity, users have figured out that this option can be used to give Siri a new wake word.

iOS 18 Siri Integrated Feature
With Vocal Shortcuts, you can assign a custom phrase that ‌Siri‌ can understand to launch shortcuts and complete "complex tasks," and one of the shortcuts you can set up is an alternative for "Hey ‌Siri‌."

To set up a Vocal Shortcut for ‌Siri‌, open up the Settings app, go to Accessibility, and scroll down to Vocal Shortcuts. From there, choose "Set Up Vocal Shortcuts," and select "‌Siri‌" (not ‌Siri‌ Request). Type in the new name that you want to use to activate ‌Siri‌, such as "Computer."

siri vocal shortcut setup
Once your new name is set, you can say that name to activate ‌Siri‌ on the iPhone. Note that this is limited to the ‌iPhone‌, and it does not sync to other devices like HomePod so you'll still need to use "‌Siri‌" for those devices.

siri vocal shortcut setup 2
As noted on Reddit, if you set this up, you need to pause to wait for it to activate before you give a command. With ‌Siri‌, you can say an entire phrase, like "Hey ‌Siri‌ what time is it?" without stopping. That does not work with the Vocal Shortcut setup. You need to state the wake word, pause, and then give the command once the wake word has activated ‌Siri‌.

Because of the delay, this isn't likely an option that most people are going to want to use permanently, though ‌Siri‌ will still activate with "Hey ‌Siri‌" as well as the shortcut.

Vocal Shortcuts can be used to set a voice command to run any shortcut, plus you can set up triggers for apps, system features like taking a screenshot, changing volume, scrolling, activating Control Center, and more. Vocal Shortcuts can be paired with a custom sound instead of speech, and it is a useful accessibility option aimed at those who need alternative ways to activate system features.

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Popular audio company Sonos recently updated its U.S. privacy policy to make a small but notable change that seemingly puts customer data at risk. As noted by Louis Rossmann (via The Verge), the new Sonos privacy policy removes a line about not selling customer data.

sonos roam feature
In the 2023 version of its privacy policy, Sonos had this sentence: "We do not and will not sell your personal data to third parties." The statement has been removed from the 2024 version of the privacy policy in the United States, though it is still present in privacy policies in other countries.

The change to the privacy policy has sparked commentary on Reddit from Sonos customers who have become increasingly unhappy with the company in recent months. Back in May, Sonos rolled out a new app design that has been widely criticized for missing a long list of features like editing a song queue, managing playlists, shuffling a music library, and more.

Sonos users already unhappy with the app changes feel that the privacy policy update is another nail in the coffin for Sonos. From Reddit user RemarkableAgent1350:

What is happening at Sonos? This hurts to read, especially after all the app drama - and from a company that I loved. This just might be the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. I think I'm done with Sonos.

The removal of that line from the privacy policy doesn't mean Sonos is definitely selling customer data, and the company has not responded queries about what the change means as of yet.

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iOS 18 is giving iPhone users who find themselves in an emergency situation a way to provide more information and context to emergency responders with an update to Emergency SOS.

emergency sos
Emergency SOS now supports live video, which means once the SOS feature is activated, streaming video and recorded media can be sent to emergency personnel. Emergency dispatchers can send a request for a user to share either live video or a video from the camera roll, which Apple says should make it easier and faster to get help.

Video is sent over a secure connection to the emergency dispatcher. The option could allow those in emergency situations to send key information for location purposes, to assess injury or risk, or to be used as evidence at a later date.

Emergency SOS is a feature on the ‌iPhone‌ and Apple Watch that automatically calls the local emergency number and shares location information with emergency services. It is the backbone of the Crash Detection, Fall Detection, and Emergency SOS via satellite features.

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One of the Apple Intelligence features coming in iOS 18 is Genmoji, which will allow iPhone users to use AI to generate all-new emoji characters based on text input. The Genmoji will look similar to emoji, but are custom created, according to an iOS 18 WWDC session focused on Genmoji.

Genmoji iOS 18
Emoji are not images, but are instead pictographs that are encoded in the Unicode Standard and rendered by each platform. Emoji are added by the Unicode Consortium, which raised some questions about how Apple's Genmoji solution will work.

As it turns out, Apple has designed an NSAdaptiveImageGlyph API for Genmoji and also other images like stickers and Memoji, and this API makes them behave like emoji. It is powered by a standard image format in a square aspect ratio with support for multiple resolutions, and it is augmented with metadata. This setup means that Genmoji and other content using NSAdaptiveImageGlyph can be used with and formatted alongside regular text, similar to emoji.

Genmoji can be used alone, copied, pasted, and sent as stickers. They can be used inline with text, and they respect line height and text formatting. Anywhere that can support rich text can support Genmoji, according to Apple.

Genmoji are not Unicode and may not be appropriate for some data such as identifiers, phone numbers, email addresses, and will not be supported as widely as emoji. Prior versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, as well as apps that do not support rich text will denote Genmoji with a text description.

Apple Intelligence features like Genmoji are not yet in the ‌iOS 18‌ developer beta, but Apple plans to let developers begin testing Apple Intelligence sometime this summer. Genmoji and Apple Intelligence will be available to the public this fall, but they will be limited to iPhone 15 Pro models and iPads and Macs with M-series chips.

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The Home app in iOS 18 allows HomeKit users who have more than one device that serves as a home hub to select which one should be used as the preferred hub. It is a small but useful change because it prevents ‌HomeKit‌ from choosing a hub that is further away from most ‌HomeKit‌ products or that has a weaker connection.

homekit showdown 2 thumb
In iOS 17 and earlier, there has been no way to select a home hub, and ‌HomeKit‌ has picked randomly. That can lead to connectivity issues in some situations. For those who do not care about which home hub ‌HomeKit‌ selects, Automatic Selection remains an option.

The Apple TV and the HomePod are able to serve as home hubs, but the option to set a preferred hub seems to be limited to the ‌Apple TV‌ as of right now, because Apple has not yet provided a ‌HomePod‌ beta to developers.

preferred home hub ios 18

Other features coming in ‌HomeKit‌ include Customize Access for managing how and when people access devices like alarm systems, door locks, and garage door openers, with support for guest schedules. There's also a new Express Mode for unlocking door locks automatically as you approach, and support for robot vacuum cleaners is set to come later this year.

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Apple plans to overhaul the design of its TestFlight app that is available to developers for beta testing their apps, and the updated design was highlighted in a WWDC session on App Store Connect.

testflight redesign
TestFlight in iOS 18 features a new invitation experience that will better showcase the app by highlighting key information including app name and icon, screenshots, developer name, build expiration date, and app description.

The refreshed design looks much more similar to the App Store than the current TestFlight interface, which provides little in the way of app data beyond the features that are being tested. Apple's current design assumes that testers are familiar with an app that they're invited to test, while the refresh provides key information to testers who might not be in tune with what an app is designed to do.

Along with design changes, the new version of the app lets developers enroll testers that meet multiple criteria, such as specific devices and operating system versions. TestFlight will only allow testers that meet the criteria to accept a public TestFlight invitation.

Apple has not yet released the redesigned TestFlight app, but it will likely come at some point this summer or in the fall when ‌iOS 18‌ goes live.

Other changes planned for ‌App Store‌ Connect include a Nominations option for developers to inform the ‌App Store‌ Editorial Team about new content for consideration for an ‌App Store‌ feature, and alerts when an app gets an ‌App Store‌ feature that include marketing assets for social media.

Apple today shared a Beats Solo Buds unboxing video on YouTube, providing a closer look at the wireless earbuds before they launch next week.

beats solo buds red pairing
Priced at $79.99, the Beats Solo Buds feature up to 18 hours of battery life, a USB-C carrying case, and Find My support on both iOS and Android. However, they lack active noise cancellation, and the carrying case does not have a built-in battery and can only charge the earbuds when a USB-C cable is connected to an external power source.

More details about the earbuds can be found in our initial coverage of the Beats Studio Buds announcement back in late April.

Beats Solo Buds will be available to pre-order on Apple's online store starting Tuesday, June 18, ahead of a Thursday, June 20 launch.

iOS 18 and tvOS 18 reintroduce SharePlay for Apple Music on the HomePod, HomePod mini, and Apple TV. The feature first appeared in the iOS 17.4 and tvOS 17.4 betas earlier this year, but it was removed before those updates were released.

SharePlay Music Control Expanding Feature 2
This feature allows others to control Apple Music playback on your HomePod or Apple TV with permission, regardless of whether they subscribe to the service. The primary user can decide whether to approve or deny each request.

Apple already rolled out a similar feature for CarPlay last year, allowing anyone in a car to control music playback via SharePlay with permission.


While playing a song in the Music app on your iPhone, tap the SharePlay icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up a QR code, which another person can scan with their iPhone or Android smartphone's camera to request access to music playback controls. Even a screenshot of the QR code suffices for remote access.

The feature works on both the HomePod and HomePod mini, and we could imagine the QR code eventually being shown on the long-rumored HomePod with a screen.

Apple TV

With the tvOS 18 update, the Music app on the Apple TV can also show a QR code on the TV that guests can scan to request access to music controls.

The expansion of this feature to the Apple TV and the HomePod is useful for house parties, allowing everyone to be the DJ.

iOS 18, tvOS 18, and HomePod software version 18 are currently in beta, and the updates will be widely released later this year.

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The European Commission plans to charge Apple for violating the Digital Markets Act after determining that the iPhone maker is not complying with obligations to allow app developers to "steer" users to offers outside of the App Store without fees, according to the Financial Times, which cites three people familiar with the matter.

App Store vs EU Feature 2
It appears that the EU is taking issue with Apple's Core Technology Fee, but the exact charges that it allegedly plans to bring against Apple are unclear.

Apple could face non-compliance fines of up to 5% of its average daily worldwide revenue, which is currently just over $1 billion, according to the report.

The report said the EU's findings are preliminary, so Apple may still have time to make any necessary changes on iOS before the charges are formally laid by regulators. In the event the EU moves forward with the charges, they would be formally announced by the European Commission over the "coming weeks," the report added.

Apple made major changes to the App Store, Apple Pay, Safari, and more on the iPhone in the EU as part of iOS 17.4 earlier this year. Apple now allows alternative app marketplaces, but it still charges a Core Technology Fee. Apple also introduced a default web browser selection screen in Safari, now allows third-party web browsers to use web engines other than its own WebKit engine on the iPhone, and now allows third-party mobile wallet apps to access the iPhone's NFC chip for contactless payment functionality.

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The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2024 is now available to watch on YouTube. Daring Fireball's John Gruber discussed Apple Intelligence and other WWDC announcements with Apple's software engineering chief Craig Federighi, marketing chief Greg Joswiak, and AI/machine learning head John Giannandrea in front of a live audience.

The on-stage interview took place on Tuesday evening at the California Theatre in San Jose, California, and it ran for nearly two hours.

Also check out our special WWDC episode of The MacRumors Show filmed at Apple Park.

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We're tracking a huge collection of discounts on Apple products and related accessories this weekend as we head into the final days before Father's Day this Sunday, June 16. With two days to go until Father's Day, most orders placed today will probably miss the delivery window, but there are steep discounts here that are worth looking into even if they arrive a bit after the holiday.

Fathers Day Deals 2020Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

These sales include discounts on AirPods, iPads, MacBooks, Sonos speakers, and other products. All of the deals listed in this article have already begun, and most of them will last until Sunday, June 16, unless otherwise stated.

Best Father's Day Deals


airpods fathers day
AirPods deals are in abundance this week, perfectly timed for anyone who wants to pick up a pair for Father's Day. The rarest discount is $100 off the AirPods Max, but you'll also find steep markdowns on AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Pro 2, all on Amazon.

Apple Watch

apple watch fathers day
Similar to AirPods, we're tracking discounts across the entire Apple Watch lineup this week, including the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch Ultra 2. These deals can all be found on Amazon this time around, and most color and band combinations are delayed beyond Father's Day.

M2 iPad Air

m2 ipad air fathers day
Amazon has up to $80 off the M2 iPad Air this weekend, starting at $569.00 for the 128GB Wi-Fi 11-inch iPad Air, down from $599.00. These models just launched last month, and included the M2 chip, Touch ID, a Retina display, and more.



M1 iPad Air

m1 ipad air fathers day
Over at Best Buy, you can find $200 off the previous generation M1 iPad Air in every color of every configuration. Prices start at $399.99 for 64GB Wi-Fi, and include both Wi-Fi and cellular models.

M2 iPad Pro

2022 ipad pro fathers day
Similar to the M1 iPad Air, Best Buy also has great discounts on the previous generation M2 iPad Pro at up to $500 off select tablets. You'll find steep markdowns on both 11-inch and 12.9-inch models, with the majority of the deals focused on Wi-Fi models.



M3 MacBook Air

new macbook air fathers day
Deals on the M3 MacBook Air are mainly focused on 13-inch models, at both Amazon and Best Buy. Amazon has the best deal on the 256GB entry-level model, down to just $899.00 this week and $200 off the original price.

M2 MacBook Air

old macbook air fathers day
Just like the M3 MacBook Air, deals on the previous generation model are focused on the 13-inch sizes. Amazon has $170 off every model in every colorway, starting at $829.00 for 256GB and rising to $1,029.00 for 512GB.


sonos fathers day blue
Sonos began its Father's Day sale last week, and it's still going on this weekend. In this sale, you can find steep discounts on select home theater audio equipment. This includes record low prices on the Sonos Arc soundbar ($719), as well as various discounted bundles, all of which are rare deals we haven't tracked since earlier in the year.

This sale has a good balance between individual Sonos products and bundles that should help elevate your home theater setup with various soundbars, subwoofers, and speakers. Highlights of the event include the Sonos Arc for $719 ($180 off) and Sonos Sub Gen 3 for $639 ($160 off), which are rarely discounted outside of holiday events like this one.

Speakers and Soundbars


Charging Accessories

anker fathers day
Amazon this weekend has a large collection of discounts from Anker, Eufy, and Jackery, including a wide array of wall chargers, Bluetooth trackers, and other USB-C accessories. Some of these deals will require you to clip an on-page coupon then head to the checkout screen before you see the final sale price, and some require a Prime membership.




Portable Batteries

Power Stations

Wall Chargers



Keep up with all of this week's best discounts on Apple products and related accessories in our dedicated Apple Deals roundup.

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iOS 18 includes a handful of enhancements to the Wallet app on the iPhone, with new features for Apple Pay, Apple Cash, event tickets, and more.

iOS 18 Wallet Feature
Below, we outline everything new for the Wallet app on iOS 18, based on information from Apple's press release and a WWDC 2024 coding session.

Redesigned Event Tickets

redesigned event tickets in Wallet feature
Event tickets have an all-new design in the Wallet app on iOS 18, complete with relevant info like a map of the stadium and other venues, local weather forecasts, recommended Apple Music playlists for concerts, and more.

Event Tickets as Live Activities

Live Activities Event Tickets
Event tickets now work with the Live Activities feature, so you can view your seating information on the Lock Screen and in the Dynamic Island when you are near the venue. Live Activities also appear on the Apple Watch on watchOS 11.

Tap to Cash

tap to cash ios 18
Tap to Cash is a new iOS 18 feature that allows users in the U.S. to send and receive Apple Cash by simply holding two iPhones together.

Tap to Add New Cards to Wallet App

A new Tap to Provision feature on iOS 18 will allow users to add eligible credit or debit cards to the Wallet app by simply tapping their card on the back of their iPhone. Apple says this feature will only be available in select countries.

Apple Pay in Any Desktop Browser

Apple Pay Code Scan Feature 1
iPhone users who update to iOS 18 will be able to use Apple Pay in desktop web browsers beyond Safari, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and others. The computer running the browser can even be a Windows PC instead of a Mac.

Any website that implements the latest version of Apple Pay will support this new system. When a customer checks out with Apple Pay in a desktop browser other than Safari, a code will appear on the screen that can be scanned in the Camera app on an iPhone running iOS 18 or later, allowing them to complete the purchase on the iPhone.

Apple Pay Adds Credit Card Rewards

Apple Pay rewards and installments feature
Starting with iOS 18, Apple Pay will allow users to redeem rewards and access installment loan offerings from eligible credit and debit cards.

Here are the details from Apple:

  • The ability to redeem rewards will be available beginning in the U.S. with Discover and Synchrony, and across Apple Pay issuers with Fiserv.
  • The ability to access installments from credit and debit cards will roll out starting in Australia with ANZ; in Spain with CaixaBank; in the U.K. with HSBC and Monzo; and in the U.S. with Citi, Synchrony, and issuers with Fiserv.
  • Users in the U.S. will be able to apply for loans directly through Affirm when they check out with Apple Pay.

Apple Card Data in More Budget Apps

Apple Card FinanceKit
Apple has made its FinanceKit API available to all developers, meaning that any finance or budgeting app will be able to display Apple Card, Apple Card Savings, and Apple Cash balance and transaction details with a user's permission.

This feature debuted with iOS 17.4, but it was limited to select apps like Copilot.

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After over a year of reports, there are now more than a dozen specific rumors about the features and improvements set to be offered by the two non-Pro iPhone 16 models later in 2024.

iPhone 14 vs 16 Feature

While the upgrades that the ‌iPhone 16‌ offers over the iPhone 15 will likely be at the center of Apple's marketing strategy later this year, many users are on two-year upgrade cycles, so the features introduced on both the ‌iPhone 15‌ and ‌iPhone 16‌ will stack up. All of the changes the ‌iPhone 16‌ models are expected to feature compared to their two direct forerunners are listed below, using information from a range of reliable sources that we have previously covered. We will update this article as more rumors emerge in the coming months.

This guide focuses on the iPhone 14 and ‌iPhone 16‌, but to learn about how we are expecting the ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro to improve on the iPhone 16 Pro, see our other comparison article.


The ‌iPhone 16‌ and ‌iPhone 16‌ Plus are expected to largely carry over the design of their predecessors. As a result, the ‌iPhone 16‌ will be a relatively significant evolution over the ‌‌iPhone 14‌‌, featuring slightly rounded edges, a frosted glass back, and a vertical rear camera arrangement to facilitate spatial video capture. Other important design changes are expected to include the removal of the mute switch in favor of the Action button introduced on last year's Pro models and the introduction of an all-new "Capture" button.

‌iPhone 14‌ ‌iPhone 16‌
Aluminum chassis with squared-off edges Aluminum chassis with contoured edges
Glossy glass back Color-infused frosted glass back
"Notch" TrueDepth camera array Dynamic Island
Diagonally arranged rear camera array Vertically arranged rear camera array to support spatial video capture
Ring/Silent switch Action Button
"Capture Button" to trigger photography and videography features
Lightning port USB-C port


For ‌iPhone 14‌ users, the ‌iPhone 16‌ will offer many of the display upgrades that came to the previous generation, as well as a more efficient OLED panel thanks to micro-lens technology.

‌iPhone 14‌ ‌iPhone 16‌
More efficient OLED display with brighter micro-lens technology
800 nits max brightness (typical) 1,000 nits max brightness (typical)
1,200 nits peak brightness (HDR) 1,600 nits peak brightness (HDR)
2,000 nits peak brightness (outdoor)


The ‌iPhone 15‌ introduced a major camera upgrade for Apple's standard smartphone lineup, bringing over the 48-megapixel camera of the ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro. With a number of other improvements such as spatial video capture, the ‌iPhone 16‌ should be a significant camera upgrade over the ‌iPhone 14‌.

‌iPhone 14‌ ‌iPhone 16‌
12-megapixel main camera with ƒ/1.5 aperture 48-megapixel main camera with ƒ/1.6 aperture
0.5x and 1x optical zoom options 0.5x, 1x, and 2x optical zoom options
24- and 48-megapixel super-high-resolution photos
Smart HDR 4 Smart HDR 5
Portrait mode with Focus and Depth Control Next-generation portraits with Focus and Depth Control
Night mode and Night mode portraits Improved Night mode and Night mode portraits
Spatial video capture

Chip, Memory, and Connectivity

With the ‌iPhone 16‌ models rumored to receive the same A18 chip as the Pro models, the new models could offer a major performance improvement over the ‌iPhone 14‌, which features the A15 Bionic chip first introduced in 2021. The 2GB of additional memory and the second-generation Ultra Wideband chip are also due to be notable upgrades.

‌iPhone 14‌ ‌iPhone 16‌
A15 Bionic chip (TSMC's "N5P" enhanced 5nm process) A18 chip (TSMC's "N3E" enhanced 3nm process)
16-core Neural Engine Enhanced neural Engine with "significantly" more cores to support new AI features
6GB memory 8GB memory (+33%)
Wi-Fi 6 connectivity Wi-Fi 6E connectivity
First-generation Ultra Wideband chip Second-generation Ultra Wideband chip (connects from 3x further away)
Precision Finding for Find My friends

Batteries and Charging

The ‌iPhone 16‌ models could receive some major improvements in battery technology and charging, sporting denser batteries and faster charging capabilities. It is worth noting that the ‌iPhone 16‌ Plus is rumored to feature a smaller battery than its predecessors, but it is not clear how this will affect actual battery life.

‌iPhone 14‌ ‌iPhone 16‌
Single-layer battery technology Stacked battery technology for increased energy density and prolonged lifespan
iPhone 14: 3,279 mAh battery
iPhone 14 Plus: 4,325 mAh battery
iPhone 16: 3,561 mAh battery
iPhone 16 Plus: 4,006 mAh battery
Up to 27W wired charging Up to 40W wired charging (48% faster)
15W charging via MagSafe 20W charging via ‌MagSafe‌ (33% faster)
Setting to prevent charging above 80%
Battery manufacture date, first use, and cycle count information in Settings

Other Features and Changes

The ‌iPhone 16‌ will be the first standard-line iPhone to support Apple Intelligence, Apple's upcoming artificial intelligence system, thanks to the more powerful Neural Engine in the A18 chip. The device is also rumored to tout upgraded microphones and new color options.

‌iPhone 14‌ ‌iPhone 16‌
Support for Apple Intelligence
Microphone Upgraded microphone with improved signal-to-noise ratio and water resistance
Improved audio quality on phone calls
Available in Midnight, Starlight, (PRODUCT)RED, Blue, Purple, and Yellow Available in Blue, Pink, Green, Black, and White

Will It Be Worth Upgrading?

The ‌‌iPhone 15‌ was a fairly significant upgrade over the ‌‌iPhone 14‌‌ in 2023, introducing a more modern design with the ‌Dynamic Island‌, a USB-C port, and a 48-megapixel camera. The ‌‌iPhone 16‌ will build on these upgrades, offering the Capture and Action buttons, Apple Intelligence, and spatial video capture. With over 30 upgrades rumored to be in store, many ‌current ‌iPhone 14‌‌ users will find upgrading to an ‌‌iPhone 16‌ model worthwhile, if not essential.

Release Date

The ‌iPhone 16‌ and ‌iPhone 16‌ Plus are expected to launch in the fall. Apple usually hosts an event every September to unveil new ‌iPhone‌ models, with launch following just over a week later. For more information about the ‌iPhone 16‌ models, see our comprehensive roundup.

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New legislation in Japan requires Apple to allow third-party app stores and payment providers on the iPhone.

apple japan new year promotion 2022
The Japanese parliament has passed the Act on Promotion of Competition for Specified Smartphone Software, a law that compels Apple to allow access to third-party app stores and payment providers on devices that run iOS. The legislation, which was passed by Japan's upper house and will be enforced following Cabinet approval within the next eighteen months, seeks to curb the dominance of major tech firms like Apple in the smartphone market.

The law requires Apple to make several significant changes to its business practices. The company will have to permit third-party app stores on its devices, just like it does in the EU. App developers will be allowed to use third-party payment services. There are also provisions to allow users to change default settings via new choice screens during setup, such as for selecting a default browser.

Apple will be forbidden from giving its own services preferential treatment in search results without a justifiable reason. The law also prohibits the use of data acquired about competing software to benefit its own apps. Additionally, the law requires that third-party developers have access to the same features as Apple's own apps and services, such as NFC for contactless payments.

Failure to comply with these new regulations could lead to fines amounting to 20 percent of relevant turnover, with the figure increasing to 30 percent for repeat offenses. In a statement to The Verge, Apple said:

The Japanese government made a number of changes to the legislation that will help protect user privacy, data security, innovation, and our intellectual property. We will continue our engagement with the JFTC during the implementation period as we remain concerned about how the law will impact Japanese consumers and the secure and private iPhone experience our users have come to expect.

The law is expected to be fully implemented by the end of 2025. Epic Games has already announced plans to bring Fortnite and its game store platform to iOS in Japan by late 2025.

Japan's move follows a trend of international legislative efforts aimed at regulating the dominance of major tech companies. The European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the UK's Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill are similar initiatives designed to foster competition and prevent monopolistic practices. Various antitrust cases in the United States are also targeting similar issues.

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Apple has been gradually expanding its suite of satellite connectivity features for iPhone, and iOS 18 brings a significant new one in the form of Messages via satellite. The feature allows users to send and receive iMessages and SMS texts, including emoji and Tapbacks, while out of range of cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

CNET met up with Apple's senior director of platform product marketing, Kurt Knight, this week for an early first look at how the feature works, while iJustine offered a similar walkthrough of it.

When your phone detects it's out of range of terrestrial networks, you'll get a pop-up alert that offers quick access to all of the available satellite-enabled services including Emergency SOS, Roadside Assistance, Find My, and now Messages.

Messages via satellite can also be accessed directly from the Messages app when off the terrestrial grid, with iOS popping up a card to help you point your ‌iPhone‌ toward an available satellite. From there, it works just as a normal Messages conversation does, and you're able to send and receive messages, emoji, and Tapbacks. Conversation messages sent via iMessage are also end-to-end encrypted when sent via satellite.

iMessages can be sent freely back and forth via satellite, but there are limitations on SMS due to the volume of promotional and automated messages that come through that protocol. Your emergency contacts and specified family members will be able to contact you via SMS at any time, but for all other contacts, you will need to send the first SMS message via satellite, which will then allow them to respond for a period of time.

Notably, despite Rich Communication Services (RCS) support coming in ‌iOS 18‌ later this year, Messages via satellite will not initially work with ‌RCS‌. Knight says the ‌RCS‌ protocol has not yet been optimized to a small enough size to work over a satellite connection, at least as far as Apple is concerned.

As with Apple's other satellite services, Messages via satellite will launch initially only in the United States with ‌iOS 18‌ before later expanding to other countries. Apple's satellite services work on iPhone 14 and later, and while Apple has indicated it will eventually charge for satellite services, it continues to offer them without charge for the time being.

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Apple this week previewed a new system that will allow iPhone users who update to iOS 18 to use Apple Pay in any desktop web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and others. The computer running the browser can even be a Windows PC.

Apple Pay Code Scan Feature 1
Any website that implements the latest version of Apple Pay will support this new system. When a customer checks out with Apple Pay in a desktop browser other than Safari, a code will appear on the screen that can be scanned in the Camera app on an iPhone running iOS 18 or later, allowing them to complete the purchase on the iPhone.

Apple Pay Code Scan Feature 2
Apple provided more details about this system in a WWDC 2024 coding session released today. It will take time for website developers to adopt the latest Apple Pay SDK, so this feature will not be widely available on the web right away.

Apple Pay on the desktop web was previously limited to Safari on a Mac, so this is a much-awaited expansion of the feature to more browsers and devices.

iOS 18 is currently in beta, and it should be widely released in September.

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Amazon today has a few discounts across popular Apple accessories, including the AirTag and Apple Pencil. We're also tracking a few discounts on Eufy's own Bluetooth tracking accessories, the SmartTrack Link, which are slightly more affordable than the AirTag.


airtag blueNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Starting with the AirTag, you can get the 4 Pack of trackers for $79.99 on Amazon, down from $99.00. This is a solid second-best price on the accessory, and just about $5 higher than the all-time low price.


eufy smartrack link

Anyone who needs a Bluetooth tracker but wants to save a bit of money should look at Anker's Eufy brand of trackers, which are on sale on Amazon right now and compatible with Find My on Apple devices. These start at just $15.99 for one tracker and raise to $48.99 for a 4 Pack. Eufy also has a SmartTrack Card, but right now there is no deal on that tracker.

Apple Pencil

apple pencil 2 blue

If you're shopping for an Apple Pencil, Amazon has multiple models on sale this week. The biggest discount can be found on the Apple Pencil 2 at $50 off, but you can also find sales on the newer Apple Pencil with USB-C from 2023 and the Apple Pencil Pro.

Keep up with all of this week's best discounts on Apple products and related accessories in our dedicated Apple Deals roundup.

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Apple did not mention CarPlay during its WWDC keynote this week, but iOS 18 includes a handful of new features for the in-car software.

iOS 18 CarPlay Feature
Overall, there is not a whole lot new for CarPlay on iOS 18, with changes seemingly limited to the Messages and Settings apps so far.

Below, we recap everything new for CarPlay on iOS 18.

New for CarPlay on iOS 18

1. Contact Photos in Messages App

iOS 18 adds contact photos next to names in the Messages app, making it easier to identify conversations at a glance.

iOS 18 CarPlay 1
The contact photos are also visible in Messages app notifications.

iOS 18 CarPlay 4

2. Silent Mode Settings

In the Settings app, you can now choose to have Silent mode on your iPhone automatically turn on or off when the device is connected to CarPlay.

iOS 18 CarPlay 5

3. Color Filters

Apple has expanded Color Filters to CarPlay. This accessibility feature can help individuals with color blindness to differentiate colors on the CarPlay interface.

iOS 18 CarPlay 3
There is a grayscale option and three other color filters available to choose from.

iOS 18 CarPlay 2

4. Voice Control

Voice Control is another new accessibility feature that allows you to control CarPlay entirely with Siri voice commands through a connected iPhone.

iOS 18 CarPlay 7

5. Sound Recognition

Sound Recognition is expanding to CarPlay to provide notifications for driving-related sounds, such as car horns and sirens. This feature can be especially beneficial to drivers or passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

CarPlay Sound Recognition
We did not see Sound Recognition in the CarPlay settings on iOS 18 beta 1.

Update — June 14: Sports Score Card via Siri

We found another feature after publishing: if you ask Siri for a sports score, it will now show a card on the CarPlay interface. This works for the NBA and NHL at a minimum.

CarPlay iOS 18 Sports Siri

Next-Generation CarPlay

Apple shared some updated next-generation CarPlay images during WWDC 2024, revealing new Vehicle, Media, and Climate apps on the screen for the first time.

Next-generation CarPlay will be highly customizable, allowing automakers to tailor the design of the system to uniquely match their vehicles. Apple revealed a variety of different design options and layouts that will be available to automakers.

Next Generation CarPlay Design WWDC 2024 2
Automakers will be able to show custom notifications on next-generation CarPlay.

Next Generation CarPlay WWDC 2024 Charging
Apple's website continues to say that the first vehicles with next-generation CarPlay will arrive in 2024, but it has yet to provide a more specific timeframe, and it did not provide any timing-related updates in its WWDC coding sessions. Aston Martin and Porsche previewed next-generation CarPlay vehicle designs late last year.

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