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Visioneer Back to Mac

According to MacUser UK, href=""
>Visioneer is planning Mac versions of it's
- again...

If you don't remember... Visioneer first appeared on the
Mac with the B&W Paperport - simple and
straightforward - this sheet-fed scanner was a popular

Macintosh Stackable Systems

writes "Marathon Computer (href="">http://www.
offers rack mounts for Macintosh computers. Turn your
qute iMac into a rack mounted internet server. They sell
iMac disassembly instructions and Rack mounts from
G3s, G4s, and many other Macintosh Systems. "

Transmeta's Crusoe coming to the Mainstream? Apple/AMD again?

According to this CNet article:
IBM said today that it plans to show off a ThinkPad notebook based on a processor from upstart Transmeta at a trade show later this month.

Transmeta made waves in January when it announced their unique software/hardware low-power processor (Crusoe Explored). Since the announcement, there has been speculation that a PPC version would follow. Certainly x86 mainstream acceptance would probably be required before Transmeta explores less popular processors.

Apple can't wait for Motorola/IBM forever. A MacRumors reader wrote in to revive old AMD/Apple partnership rumors - claiming AMD plans to meet with Apple on producing new chips for Mac, but from our perspective Mac OS X Intel isn't going to happen soon despite MacOS Rumors' speculation on DP4 x86 code modification dates (posted today) and AMD branded PPC's are even more

Apple Serious about Games?

jasonr writes "Looks like Apple's hiring a Games Technology Manager."

Yep - it looks like Apple is serious about Mac Gaming. From the job description:

"Our new games technologies product manager will work with Apple's management, hardware and software teams to make sure tomorrow's Macintosh computers are THE best game machines."

and later...

"A successful candidate will be intimately familiar with the console and PC game market place, very knowledgeable on graphics, sound, and input technologies, and well versed on business models for game products and platforms."

This is good news with the recent concerns from certain developers about Apple's move from Sprockets to more integrated solutions in Mac OS X. Of note, Microsoft is planning a full-blown attack on the gaming market with their upcoming X-Box platform.

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eBooks for Mac

According to this MacWeek article, Lightning Source (an eBook distributor) announced Mac support for their ebooks via Adobe's Acrobat software.

This is probably good news with the recent ebook push by Microsoft. Microsoft partnered with Barnes and Noble to distribute eBooks for their Pocket

New iMac Builder

As seen on MacNN, CNet Investor posted a short blurb about a new company building iMacs for Apple:

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., one of Taiwan's biggest computer parts manufacturers, has received orders
from Apple Computer Inc. to produce its iMac computer

Production will begin in the 3rd quarter. What wasn't clear is if this was a ramping up of production or simply a redistribution of current

Mactella v.0.53

cxc, inc. is working on a Mac native version of Gnutella. Their version is called Mactella and is currently at v.0.53.

From the site: Be careful when you use this program it will crash!

Not much to see now, but worth following. Previously, we reported that there was a cross-platform Java Gnutella which works on Mac.

Magnetic RAM

ABC News posted a short item on a technology that IBM is working on... "magnetic RAM"... which would prevent you from losing the contents of memory when you cut the power, thus providing you with an "instant on".
Scientists at IBMs Almaden Research Center say they have now fabricated a crude magnetic RAM prototype containing 500 working memory cells (each cell represents a bit of memory) by sandwiching aluminum between ultrathin layers of a ferromagnetic metal alloy. The prototype has storage density as good as DRAM (dynamic random access memory), the most common type of semiconductor memory, but reads and writes information 20 times faster while consuming less than than one hundredth the energy.

MidRange Cinema Display

MacOS Rumors updated on Friday with an interesting tidbit about a rumored 18" Mid-range Cinema Display:

This second member of the Cinema Display family would sport a similar enclosure to the 22" model, but would cost only

Rad Game Tools for Mac

Good news for game developers? According to MacWeek, Rad Game Tools has ported their game API/Tools to the Mac:

"I'm positive you will see more games ported to the Mac now that our tools are available," said Rad programmer Jeff Roberts. The Mac and PC APIs are identical, making it easier for game developers to port

SuSE Linux for Mac

00/suse.shtml">MacAddict reports
that the Mac
Port of the SuSE Linux
will be released "any day now":

SuSE will include all the goodies such as
databases, firewall scripts, web servers and mail
programs, but also cool stuff like video editing system
Broadcast 2000, or Linux's answer to Photoshop, GIMP.
Also of interest are advanced Mac on Linux capabilities,
allowing users to access Macintosh software and
functionality without leaving the Linux

According to the same article, SuSE is the first
mainstream Linux distribution to come to the Mac.
Sounds interesting - but, with Mac OS X around the
corner, it may be less tempting than it once may have