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How to Watch YouTube Without Ads

Monday December 6, 2021 4:35 pm PST by
YouTube in recent years has been increasing the number of ads that viewers see in and between videos, all in an attempt to get more people to subscribe to its YouTube Premium plan, which removes all ads for a monthly fee, amongst other benefits. If you're a regular user of YouTube, paying a few dollars a month to enjoy an ad-free experience is probably worth the outlay, especially if you...

How to Watch YouTube on a Third-Generation Apple TV

Wednesday March 3, 2021 12:57 pm PST by
Beginning March 2021, YouTube officially ended support for its YouTube app on third-generation Apple TV models. If you own the older set-top box, which launched in January 2013, you'll be unable to access the video platform directly via the official YouTube Apple TV app. (You're also basically in the same situation if you own the second-generation Apple TV, which doesn't have an App Store at...

iOS 14: Picture in Picture Not Working in YouTube? Here's a Workaround

Tuesday September 22, 2020 8:34 pm PDT by
In iOS 14, Apple added a Picture in Picture mode on iPhone that lets you watch a video in a small screen on your device while you continue to do other things on the phone. Picture in Picture mode doesn't work in the YouTube app, although it was possible to watch videos in Picture in Picture on YouTube's mobile website through Safari until YouTube intentionally nixed the workaround last...

How to Use the YouTube App's New Voice Search Feature When Casting to a Smart TV

Tuesday December 24, 2019 4:30 am PST by
The official YouTube app for iOS has gained a new voice search feature that aims to make searching for content easier when you're casting YouTube video to a smart TV. Once you've connected your iPhone or iPad to a smart TV, you can search with your voice via the mobile app, as well as use it to pause, play, and adjust the volume on your TV. Here's how it works. Download and launch the You...

How to Disable Autoplaying Videos in the YouTube App's Home Tab

Tuesday December 4, 2018 5:20 am PST by
Over the next few weeks, YouTube is rolling out a new feature for its mobile app called "Autoplay on Home," which automatically plays videos that appear on your Home tab. As you scroll through your Home feed, videos will begin to play on mute with captions auto-enabled. Google claims the previously Premium-only feature is a better way to experience new content on the go, and will help you...

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youtube playables

YouTube Launches 'Playables' Mobile Games for iOS

Tuesday May 28, 2024 4:15 pm PDT by
YouTube is the latest company to introduce mobile games that are available outside of the App Store, today announcing the official launch of "Playables" in the YouTube app. Playables are free games that can be played on the YouTube website or in the YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. There are more than 75 games available, including Angry Birds Showdown and Cut the Rope. YouTube is focusing ...
juno 1 1 youtube

Juno YouTube App for Vision Pro Gains New Features in First Update

Thursday February 15, 2024 3:58 am PST by
Juno, developer Christian Selig's YouTube app for Apple Vision Pro, has received its first update since launching earlier this month, introducing several user-requested features like the ability to select video quality. Juno automatically selects the quality of videos based on its "best guess," says Selig, but previously provided no manual control. As of Juno 1.1, however, the UI includes a...
General YouTube Feature 1

YouTube Claims an Apple Vision Pro App is On the Roadmap

Monday February 5, 2024 10:57 am PST by
The Apple Vision Pro App Store launched without a few key apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. A YouTube app could be coming in the future, though, according to a statement the company gave to The Verge. YouTube says that it is "excited" by the Vision Pro launch and that an app is on the company's roadmap, but no timing was provided. YouTube's full statement: We're excited to see...
juno youtube

Juno App Brings YouTube to Apple Vision Pro Because Google Won't

Friday February 2, 2024 4:02 am PST by
Developer Christian Selig of "Apollo for Reddit" fame has created what Google wouldn't – a dedicated YouTube app for Apple Vision Pro. Called Juno for YouTube, the app lets Vision Pro owners browse the YouTube platform in a cleanly refined visionOS interface without having to resort to the lackluster alternative, which is visiting the YouTube website in Safari. The video player includes...
Apple Vision Pro with battery Feature Blue Magenta

YouTube and Spotify Apps Won't Be Available on Vision Pro

Thursday January 18, 2024 1:42 pm PST by
YouTube and Spotify do not plan to offer apps on the Vision Pro headset, according to a new report from Bloomberg. YouTube said that it is not developing a YouTube Vision Pro app, nor will it allow the YouTube iPad app to run on the device. Spotify is also not working on an app, and it does not have plans to allow the Spotify ‌iPad‌ app to be available through the Vision Pro App Store....
General YouTube Feature 1

YouTube Premium Quietly Hikes Subscription Prices in the US [Updated]

Thursday July 20, 2023 12:48 am PDT by
Google has quietly increased its YouTube Premium subscription prices for newcomers in the United States (via 9to5Google). Individual YouTube Premium subscriptions now cost $13.99 per month, up $2 from the previous $11.99 price. Signing up to a monthly subscription from within the iOS YouTube app has also increased to $18.99, up from $15.99. Annual plans have gone up from $119.99 to...
General YouTube Feature 1

YouTube Working on 'Playables' Gaming Service

Monday June 26, 2023 12:42 pm PDT by
YouTube appears to be developing a new gaming service called "Playables," according to The Wall Street Journal. The service allows users to play games on mobile devices or desktop computers, and it is being tested with Google employees internally. Playables appears to offer instant-play games through the YouTube website or YouTube mobile apps, offering an alternative to video content. In a...
General YouTube Feature 1

YouTube Premium to Offer SharePlay and Enhanced 1080p Video on iPhone

Monday April 10, 2023 8:18 am PDT by
YouTube Premium subscribers will soon have access to SharePlay and an enhanced 1080p video quality option with a higher bitrate on the iPhone. In a blog post today, YouTube said both features will be available in its iOS app "in the coming weeks." SharePlay will let you watch YouTube videos with friends and family while on a FaceTime call together, while the enhanced 1080p option will make...
youtube tv

YouTube TV Price Goes Up to $73 Per Month

Thursday March 16, 2023 11:46 am PDT by
YouTube today announced that it is increasing the price of the YouTube TV service, with the cost set to go from $65 to $73 starting today. New members will need to pay $73/month for the streaming service starting now, while prices will increase for existing members on April 18. According to YouTube, the price is increasing because "content costs have risen" and it needs to charge more to...
nfl sunday ticket feature

YouTube Secures Deal for NFL Sunday Ticket After Apple Drops Out of Negotiations

Thursday December 22, 2022 5:55 am PST by
YouTube has won the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket after negotiations and a deal between the NFL and Apple failed to fully materialize, Google and the NFL announced today. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, YouTube will pay roughly $2 billion a year to secure the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket franchise as part of its YouTube TV service. NFL Sunday Ticket is a package that...
General YouTube Feature 1

YouTube's Apple TV App is Crashing and Causing Issues For Users After Latest Update

Monday December 12, 2022 4:47 am PST by
YouTube's Apple TV app is crashing and causing some issues for users when they try to exit out of the app, according to user reports online. On Twitter and Reddit, users report that when trying to exit out of the YouTube app, their ‌Apple TV‌ becomes unresponsive and shows a black screen. The issue begins when users press the back button on their ‌Apple TV‌ remote, which then causes the...
General YouTube Feature 1

YouTube Getting New Look, Video Player Improvements and Pinch to Zoom on iOS

Monday October 24, 2022 9:35 am PDT by
YouTube today announced a number of updates that are designed to improve the look and performance of the popular video player on desktop and on mobile devices. An "ambient mode" changes the background color of the app in a subtle way to match the video that is playing, an effect that YouTube says is meant to draw viewers into the content. Ambient mode will be available on the web and on...
General YouTube Feature 1

YouTube Ends Limited Test That Locked 4K Video Behind Premium Paywall

Tuesday October 18, 2022 3:10 am PDT by
YouTube has brought to an end a limited test that locked 4K videos behind its Premium subscription, according to one of its official Twitter accounts (via 9to5Google). YouTube has supported 4K videos since 2010, and they have since been freely available to be viewed by anyone. At least, that was until earlier this month, when some users reported seeing a "Premium" label against 2160p/4K...
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You May Soon Need to Be a YouTube Premium Subscriber to Watch 4K Videos

Monday October 3, 2022 4:29 am PDT by
YouTube may make watching videos in 4K quality on the platform exclusive to only YouTube Premium subscribers, according to screenshots posted by users on Twitter and Reddit. On Reddit (1,2) and Twitter, some users have started to recently notice that on iOS, and presumably across other platforms also, YouTube is now saying that in order to watch videos in 4K, the user must be a paying...

Apple Posts 'Far Out' Event Live Stream Placeholder on YouTube

Wednesday August 24, 2022 10:40 am PDT by
Apple is preparing for its first fall event that is set to take place on Wednesday, September 7, and the company today launched a YouTube live stream where viewers can sign up to get a reminder when the event begins. The "Far Out" event will kick off at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on September 7. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said earlier in August that Apple has already prepared a prerecorded version ...
youtube test video zoom in

YouTube Testing Ability for Users to Zoom Into Videos

Friday August 5, 2022 5:58 am PDT by
YouTube is testing the ability for users to zoom into videos on iOS as part of its suite of features offered to premium subscribers. The "Pinch to zoom" feature is available as an experimenatal feature to YouTube Premium subscribers, and as it sounds, lets viewers zoom up to 8x into a video as they're watching it. The feature will be available until September 1 and may become a permanent...
YouTube Picture in Picture Feature

YouTube Rolling Out Picture-in-Picture Support on iOS for All U.S. Users, Premium Users Globally

Monday July 11, 2022 2:12 pm PDT by
YouTube today announced that it has begun rolling out picture-in-picture support for all iOS users in the United States, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to close the YouTube app when watching a video and continue to view the content in a small pop-up window while doing other things on their devices. Picture-in-picture support has previously available to YouTube premium subscribers in the...
youtube tv smartphone integration

YouTube on TVs Now Supports iPhone Syncing for Easier Access to Commenting, Liking and More

Wednesday June 1, 2022 10:02 am PDT by
YouTube today announced the launch of a new syncing feature that allows an iOS or Android device to connect to a TV that has the YouTube app, allowing the connected device to be used for commenting, liking videos, and more. According to YouTube, people were already using the mobile app to engage with YouTube videos watched on TV sets, and the company decided to take advantage of that to...
General YouTube Feature 1

YouTube Adds 'Most Replayed' Feature for Identifying Most Popular Parts of Videos

Thursday May 19, 2022 1:39 am PDT by
YouTube has added a new playback feature to its web player and mobile apps that helps users identify the most replayed parts of a video they're watching (via TechCrunch). Going forward, a gray graph will appear along the top of the video progress bar. "If the graph is high, then that part of the video has been replayed often," says YouTube. "You can use the graph to quickly find and watch...
YouTube Picture in Picture Feature

YouTube Says iOS Picture-in-Picture Coming to All Users 'in a Matter of Days' [Updated]

Monday April 11, 2022 4:29 am PDT by
Following a lengthy testing period, YouTube's picture-in-picture support for iOS will begin rolling out in the next few days, allowing all users, including non-premium and premium subscribers, to close the YouTube app and continue watching their video in a small pop-up window. Google in June announced that picture-in-picture support would be rolling out to both premium and non-paying YouTube ...