The MacRumors Show: macOS 14 Wishlist – What Do We Want to See?

On this week's episode of The MacRumors Show, we discuss some of the top features and changes we would like to see in the next major update to macOS.

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Apple is expected to unveil macOS 14 at WWDC in June this year, but little is known about what enhancements and new features the company will debut with the update. Last year, macOS Ventura introduced Stage Manager, Continuity Camera, FaceTime Handoff, undo send and improved search in Mail, the Weather and Clock app on the Mac for the first time, Shared Tab groups in Safari, and more. We talk through some of the areas where we feel Apple could bring useful changes to the Mac this year, with particular attention to Safari, Mail, Apple Music, notifications, widgets, app organization, and Spotlight.

We also discuss some of the latest news and rumors, including the apparent delay of Apple's 27-inch monitor with mini-LED and ProMotion, scrapping of the iPhone 15 Pro's solid state buttons, likely launch of the 15-inch MacBook Air at WWDC, and alleged iOS 17 feature leaks.

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If you haven't already listened to the previous episode of The MacRumors Show, catch up for our discussion about the design of Apple's upcoming mixed-reality headset with professional product designer Marcus Kane.

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Top Rated Comments

blazerunner Avatar
7 weeks ago
The ability to hit the green button and have windows maximize without hiding the dock or file menu. You know, maximize the RIGHT way. Not this full screen crap. Make it an OPTION.
Score: 18 Votes (Like | Disagree)
vegetassj4 Avatar
7 weeks ago
Wish #1: Fewer Bugs/Better QC

But until Tim Cook turns blue, I guess we won't get this one.

Attachment Image
Score: 16 Votes (Like | Disagree)
bmustaf Avatar
7 weeks ago
I would like to see *NOTHING* new until quality and performance is consistent and reliable.

If "have you tried resetting, reinstalling, and toggling all these things while standing on your head" was a troubleshooting method I was interested in, or thought having to reinstall a fresh copy of my OS every 6 months was acceptable, I'd use Windows (sadly, the reality is now inverted, Windows is more reliable and performant than ever while I can't say the same for macos on even their newest, latest, greatest version and hardware).

I was hoping the "you're doing it wrong"/"you're holding it wrong" attitude would have gone away with Jobs' departure but the "user is wrong" mentality still persists in Apple's quality/design ethos and it is starting to show in quality. I should not be able to, through normal use of any reasonable platform or OS, introduce such bloat that it requires invasive maintenance of the OS/platform on a regular basis or undesirable/unintended operation.

Apple used to largely live this out and make this real (as much as is possible with technology, which is inherently imperfect, so I am not expecting flawless execution), but post-2010 or so has not been great for macos....
Score: 11 Votes (Like | Disagree)
oofio2461 Avatar
7 weeks ago
A more stable MacOS? Come on, we can't have a stable OS anymore without Apple revamping stuff that nobody asked? (Cough, Settings Revamp, Cough.)
Score: 10 Votes (Like | Disagree)
prefuse07 Avatar
7 weeks ago
As others have said -- make macOS solid. Stop wasting time on developing new emojis and useless fluff and just iron out all of the bugs and memory leaks.

Once you've got a solid foundation, then you can start bringing the fluff and shiny so the clueless can be happy
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)
TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
7 weeks ago
Can we also address the Memory leaks? Sometimes it's a struggle for Mac to keep up with the applications and system overload. Forcing you to reboot periodically.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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