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Apple Shares Videos From Creators Using iPad Pro to Make Apple TV+ Show Posters

Apple today shared a pair of videos from content creators who designed posters for Apple TV+ shows "Dickinson" and "For All Mankind." Janice Sung, an illustrator and digital painter, said she created a poster for Apple TV+ series "Dickinson" using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and she outlined some of her creative process. Designer and illustrator duo Justin and Paige from Phantom City Creative in a separate video shared details on how they used an iPad Pro to create two new posters for Apple TV+ show "For All Mankind." Apple has in the past shared behind the scenes details on content created on the iPad Pro, but this is the first time Apple has shared iPad Pro-focused videos from Apple TV+ content

Apple Shares Close-Up Footage of Fire and Ice Shot on iPhone 11 Pro

Apple today shared a new video on its YouTube channel, titled Experiments IV: Fire & Ice. Shot on the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple says the 90-second video captures "incredible footage of elements at their most extreme." Apple has also shared a companion behind the scenes video. Watch other Shot on iPhone videos here.

Apple Shares New 'Slofie' Videos Shot on iPhone 11

Apple today shared four new "Slofie" videos on its YouTube channel, each shot on the iPhone 11. "Slofie" is Apple's marketing term for a slow-motion selfie video. Unlike older iPhones, the front-facing camera on ‌iPhone 11‌ models supports slow-motion video recording at 120 frames per second.

Apple Shares New 'Snowbrawl' Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Video

Apple this afternoon shared a new video in its long running "Shot on iPhone" series, this time showing off the photographic capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro. The new "Snowbrawl" video features a cinematic snowball fight between two warring teams. "Make your holiday videos epic with the highest-quality video in a smartphone, ever," reads the tagline for the video, which was directed by David Leitch. Apple has also shared a companion video that offers up a look behind the scenes at how the new ad was shot. Apple has shared many "Shot on ‌iPhone‌" photos and videos over the years, updating the available content with the launch of each new ‌iPhone‌ model. Apple's ‌iPhone 11 Pro‌, which is used for the newest ad, features a triple-lens camera with the best wide-angle sensor Apple has released so far along with a telephoto lens and a super wide-angle lens for better landscape

Apple Releases 'The Surprise' Holiday Ad

Apple has an annual tradition of sharing a heartwarming holiday-themed video ahead of Thanksgiving in the United States, and this morning, Apple released its newest holiday video on YouTube. The video starts out with a family that has two complaining kids going on a holiday trip, with the kids fighting until the iPads come out. The family arrives at their grandfather's house, who is still mourning the loss of his wife. The girls spend time with their grandfather and find old family photos, eventually putting together a slideshow of family memories and presenting it as a holiday gift to their grandfather. The ad is designed to show off some of the capabilities of the iPad, such as creating and displaying a photo slideshow.It features the song "Married Life" by Michael Giacchino, which was used in well-known Disney Pixar film "Up." "Sometimes, the best gifts can come from the most unexpected places," reads the tagline, with Apple linking to the iPad section of its website. Many of Apple's holiday ads have won awards and accolades in the past. Last year's video was an animated spot featuring music from 16-year-old songwriter Billie Eilish, while in 2017, Apple did an ad featuring a woman dancing through a snowy city.

Apple Advertising Partner Media Arts Lab Cuts ~50 Employees

Apple advertising partner Media Arts Lab has let go of approximately 50 employees, reports Bloomberg. Media Arts Lab is owned by TBWA\Chiat\Day and Apple is its only client. Staff cuts were made in multiple divisions, but many of the employees who were let go worked in the strategy division that helped Apple create ads for its newest products. In a statement to Bloomberg, a Media Arts Lab spokesperson said that the firm's relationship with Apple "has never been stronger.""Yesterday was a difficult day, as we had to part with some of our talented colleagues," a Media Arts Lab spokeswoman said in an emailed statement. "Our relationship with Apple has never been stronger, but as the needs of our client continue to evolve, we must adapt and continue to evolve the composition of our teams."Apple's VP of Marketing Communications Tor Myhren said that Apple asked Media Arts Lab to evolve its marketing approach as Apple evolves its own approach too.Apple's confidence and trust in MAL as our singular ad agency is as strong as it's ever been. As we continue to evolve our marketing approach, we've asked MAL to do the same.Media Arts Lab has worked with Apple for decades and has been responsible for some of Apple's most compelling ads, including the famous "1984" ad for the original Macintosh, the "Get a Mac" series with Justin Long, and the well-known silhouette ads used for the iPod and iTunes. More recently, Media Arts Lab was responsible for the "Welcome Home" video for the HomePod starring FKA Twigs, Apple's 2019 "Shot on iPhone" tour featuring bands like Florence and

Apple Shares New 'Simple as That' Ad in 'Privacy on iPhone' Series

Apple this afternoon shared a new "Privacy on iPhone" ad on its YouTube channel, highlighting the company's support of customer privacy. The spot is a simple overview of a city that zooms across office buildings, homes, and more, before centering on a girl with an iPhone 11 Pro Max, all while a voice over talks about the importance of privacy. Right now, there is more private information on your phone than in your home. Think about that. So many details about your life right in your pocket. This makes privacy more important now than ever. Your location, your messages, your heart rate after a run. These are private things. Personal things. And they should belong to you. Simple as that.The video ends with the tagline "Privacy. That's ‌iPhone‌," and in the video description, Apple says that privacy should be simple and straightforward.We believe your privacy should never be something you have to question. It should be simple, straightforward, and understood.Apple has uploaded several other privacy-focused videos in the "Privacy on ‌iPhone‌" series, including several that have a comedic tone. This most recent video is is more serious, focusing on Apple's core privacy beliefs. Apple has long said that it believes privacy is a "fundamental human right," and the company makes efforts to minimize customer data collection. Apple's privacy policies are available on its dedicated privacy website.

Apple Shares New iPhone 11 Pro Videos Highlighting Durability and Camera Capabilities [Updated]

Following the launch of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro pre-orders, Apple today shared two new videos highlighting iPhone 11 Pro features. The first video features random objects, food, and water being hurled at the ‌iPhone 11 Pro‌ to demonstrate the device's increased durability. Apple says its new iPhones are made from a tougher glass and both the 11 and 11 Pro have improved IP68 water resistance ratings. The second video highlights the new triple-lens camera system with 12-megapixel wide, ultra wide, and telephoto lenses. In the video, a dog enters a wind simulator and the iPhone's three cameras are used to demonstrate the different focal lengths and also Night Mode, which is designed to take bright, crisp photos even in very low lighting conditions. Pricing on Apple's ‌iPhone 11 Pro‌ starts at $999, and the device is available for pre-order starting today. It will begin arriving in the hands of customers on Friday, September 20. Update: Apple has shared a third video called "Cinematic Tests," demonstrating 4K video capture. The video was part of Tuesday's event.

Apple Shares Video Showcasing Apple Arcade Games in 100 Seconds

Apple today shared a new video on its YouTube channel that highlights some of the games coming to Apple Arcade in 100 seconds. Earlier this week, Apple announced that its subscription-based ‌Apple Arcade‌ gaming service will launch September 19 in over 150 countries. In the United States, pricing is set at $4.99 per month, with a one-month free trial available. This price will apply to individuals or a family of up to six members via Family Sharing. Featured games and their corresponding timestamps in the video:[00:00] “Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm” by Cornfox [00:04] “Towaga: Among Shadows” by Noodlecake [00:04] “Mosaic” by Raw Fury [00:04] “Overland” by Finji [00:05] “Manifold Garden” by William Chyr [00:05] “Lifeslide” by Block Zero [00:06] “Where Cards Fall” by Snowman [00:06] “WHAT THE GOLF” by Fun Plus [00:06] “ChuChu Rocket! Universe” by SEGA® [00:07] “Cat Quest II” by Gentlebros [00:07] “The Enchanted World” by Noodlecake [00:07] “Hot Lava” by Klei Entertainment [00:20] “EarthNight” by Cleaversoft [00:30] “Skate City” by Snowman [00:42] “Jenny LeClue - Detectivu” by Mografi [00:53] “LEGO Brawls” by Lego [01:08] "Sayonara: Wild Hearts" by Annapurna [01:22] "Sonic Racing" by SEGA® [01:24] "Pac-Man Party Royale” by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. [01:26] “Frogger in Toy Town” by Konami [01:27] “Shinsekai: Into the Depths” by Capcom [01:29] “Cricket Through the Ages” by Devolver [01:31] “ShockRods” by Stainless Games [01:32] “Redout: Space

Apple Showcases Cute Ways Customers Have Customized Their AirPods Cases in Korean Ad

Apple today shared a new AirPods ad in Korea that showcases a variety of cute ways in which customers have customized their AirPods charging cases, including adding heart stickers, teddy bear ornaments, salt and pepper decals, and more. Many of the ‌AirPods‌ cases have also been transformed into keychains. Apple does not offer any of these customization options for ‌AirPods‌ cases in Korea or elsewhere and is merely promoting the creativity of its Korean customers. The ad is featured at the top of Apple's homepage in Korea. This follows Apple's creative "Bounce" ad that highlighted the newer wireless charging case available for ‌AirPods‌.

Apple Shares New 'Test the Impossible' Behind the Mac Ad

Apple today shared a new video in its ongoing "Behind the Mac" series that highlights the various ways creators use the Mac for art, education, music making, coding, and more. Today's video, "Test the Impossible," is a short 38 second spot that shows brief clips of the Mac being used for various creative pursuits, with a voiceover about what's possible when you don't know what's impossible. You have no idea what you're doing. This is great. People who know what they're doing know the rules and know what is possible and what is impossible. You do not. The rules on what is possible and what is impossible in the arts were made by people who had not tested the bounds of the possible by going beyond them. And you can.Apple has shared multiple videos in its Behind the Mac series so far, with the goal of highlighting its Mac lineup, from the iMac to the Mac

Apple's Latest 'Shot on iPhone' Campaign Goes 'On Tour' With 16 Singers and Bands Around the World

Apple is expanding its long-running "Shot on iPhone" marketing campaign with a new series of "On Tour" videos and billboard ads featuring 16 musicians and bands from around the world, according to Adweek. As part of the campaign, Apple has shared three new videos that provide an up-close and behind-the-scenes look at concerts hosted by rock band Florence and the Machine, singer FKA twigs, and jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington. The mini documentaries were shot by ‌iPhone‌ users, some with the help of "additional hardware and software." In addition to YouTube, the videos will be available on Apple Music and IGTV. Musicians and bands featured in the campaign include FKA twigs, Chai, Kacey Musgraves, Kamasi Washington, Florence and the Machine, Idles, Lizzo, Travis Scott, Tierra Whack, Leon Bridges, Skrillex, Sebastian Yatra, Jay de la Cueva, Gaye Su Akyol, Little Big, and Tyler, the Creator, according to Adweek. Images via Adweek Over the years, Apple has used its "Shot on ‌iPhone‌" campaign to feature photos shot by everyday ‌iPhone‌ users, portraits of NHL players, the Cuban surfing community, the Chinese New Year, and much

Two Apple Ads Nominated for Outstanding Commercial Emmy Award

Two of Apple's ads are in the running to receive the 2019 Outstanding Commercial Emmy. Both of the ads were created by TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Apple's longtime advertising partner. The first ad nominated for the award is Apple's "Make Something Wonderful" MacBook ad, released late last year. In the spot, which is in black and white, various creative personalities and people are shown with their Mac devices. The second ad nominated for the award is one of Apple's "Shot on iPhone" spots, specifically "Don't Mess With Mother," an April 2019 video featuring imagery of nature from around the world set to the song "Last Rites" by Megadeth. Apple will be competing with ad spots from Netflix (A Great Day in Hollywood), Nike (Dream Crazy), and and the "Point of View" video from Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit organization. In 2018, Apple was nominated for an Outstanding Commercial Emmy for its "Earth: Shot on ‌iPhone‌" ad, but ultimately lost to an ad from P&G.

Apple Promotes Face ID as Even Easier and More Secure Than Touch ID in Humorous New iPhone Ad

Apple's latest iPhone ad humorously demonstrates how Face ID is more convenient and secure than Touch ID for user authentication. Timed with midsummer, the 30-second spot depicts a man napping on a reclining lounger in a backyard. After receiving a trio of iMessage notifications on his iPhone XR, he slowly raises the lounger to line up his face with the iPhone and unlocks the device with Face ID, all while continuing to lay down. The messages come from a friend named Craig, who asks the man if he still plans to come around, suggesting that the two had made plans together. Instead, the man promptly returns to his nap alongside his dog. The ad is aptly titled "Nap" and features the song "Nice" by Grammy Award-winning DJ Latroit. Face ID debuted on the ‌iPhone‌ X in 2017. At the time, Apple said the probability that a random person could unlock someone else's ‌iPhone‌ X was approximately one in 1,000,000, versus one in 50,000 for ‌Touch ID‌. The ad is part of Apple's ongoing "That's iPhone" marketing campaign promoting both hardware and software features of the device, such as iMessage encryption, App Store privacy, ‌iPhone‌ material recycling, and water resistance. "Face ID is even easier and more secure than ‌Touch ID‌. That's ‌iPhone‌." Update 1:40 pm: Apple has also released a new short feature-focused ad with a similar tagline emphasizing that Face ID is more secure than ‌Touch ID‌.

Apple Shares New AirPods Ad Highlighting Wireless Charging

Apple today shared a new AirPods ad called "Bounce," which is meant to highlight the ‌AirPods‌ Wireless Charging Case that launched in March alongside the second-generation ‌AirPods‌. In the spot, which was shot in black and white, a bored man pulls his ‌AirPods‌ off of their wireless charging pad (an Apple exclusive Belkin model) before he pops outside and begins bouncing over normal street items that are inexplicably bouncy like a trampoline. The song "I Learnt Some Jazz Today" plays while he runs through town. Apple has shared ‌AirPods‌ ads in the past, but this is the first ad that is specifically aimed at highlighting the wireless charging capabilities of the ‌AirPods‌. Apple sells the AirPods 2 for $199 with a Wireless Charging Case included, which is able to charge on any Qi-based wireless charging mat. It's also available on a standalone basis for $79. Update: Apple has also shared another short ad highlighting the Screen Time feature on iPhone.

Apple's Latest 'Shot on iPhone' Video Timed With 2019 Cricket World Cup

Apple this week shared a new "Shot on iPhone XS" ad highlighting the sport of cricket in India, coinciding with the ongoing 2019 Cricket World Cup in England and Wales. The video is featured on Apple's website in India. "It's the spirit of India, captured in a game, a love story that spans more than a billion hearts. Come, celebrate cricket the way India does." The video is part of Apple's efforts to step up its localized marketing over the past few years. In previous "Shot on iPhone" videos, Apple has highlighted a teenage athlete from the American Samoa, the Cuban surfing community, the Brazilian Carnival, professional hockey players in Canada, and

Apple Highlights iMessage Encryption, App Store Privacy, and iPhone Recycling in Trio of New Ads

Apple today shared three new ads on its YouTube channel in Australia, highlighting iMessage encryption, App Store privacy, and iPhone recycling, as part of its ongoing "That's iPhone" marketing campaign around the world. Apple also shared a new Shot on iPhone XS video and a companion behind-the-scenes video on its main YouTube channel on Saturday: The video was shot on the ‌iPhone‌ by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite, in collaboration with WET, and commissioned by

Apple Promotes Music-Making on Mac in New Ad

Apple today shared a new "Behind the Music" ad in the United Kingdom that promotes music-making on the Mac with portraits of artists. "From bedroom studio to stadium tour, the British music scene is alive," the video description says. "See the emerging and the iconic, the graft and the glory, a glimpse behind the scenes and behind the music." The ad is accompanied by a new page on Apple's website that says "Mac is the instrument of choice for musicians everywhere." The page highlights Apple's music software, including GarageBand, Logic Pro X, and MainStage 3. The ad is part of Apple's larger "Behind the Mac" campaign launched last

Apple Promotes iPhone XR's Battery Life in New Ad: 'You'll Lose Power Before It Will'

Apple has shared a new ad titled "Up Late" on its YouTube channel that promotes the iPhone XR having the "longest battery life in an iPhone ever." The 30-second spot shows various people falling asleep while using an ‌iPhone‌, including a parking attendant streaming an Inter Milan game, a woman laying on a couch and playing a game, and a man sitting on the end of a bed and watching a baby monitor, setting up the tagline "you'll lose power before it will." "‌iPhone XR‌ has the longest battery life in an ‌iPhone‌ ever," the video description reads. "So whether you're streaming video, watching live sports or playing a game, you'll lose power before your ‌iPhone XR‌ will." The ad is set to the soundtrack "Stay Awake" by Julie Andrews from the classic musical fantasy film "Mary Poppins." Despite being cheaper than the iPhone XS and ‌iPhone XS‌ Max, the iPhone XR does in fact have the longest battery life of any iPhone ever thanks to its large 6.1-inch size and more power efficient LCD versus the OLED displays in the latter two

Apple Shares New 'Inside Joke' Privacy-Focused Video Highlighting iMessage Encryption

Apple today shared a humorous new privacy-focused video on its YouTube channel, which is designed to highlight the end-to-end encryption feature in the Messages app. In the minute-long video, a woman is at a nail salon getting a pedicure, and she's receiving iMessages and cracking up at them over and over again. The viewer is never given a look at what she's seeing that's so funny, which emphasizes the fact that messages are private. The end of the video features the tagline "iMessage encrypts your conversations because not everyone needs to be in on the joke." Apple has shared several other privacy-focused videos in recent months, including a "Privacy Matters" spot and a video that highlights limited ad tracking in