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Apple Music Super Bowl Ad Features Tim Cook, Ludacris and More

Wednesday February 7, 2024 10:07 am PST by
Apple today shared an ad on its Apple Music YouTube channel promoting the upcoming ‌Apple Music‌ Super Bowl Halftime Show, which is set to feature R&B singer and songwriter Usher. In the spot, Ludacris, Lil Jon, and Taraji P. Henson are in Vegas, and they FaceTime with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The trio lets Cook know that they've "lost" Usher, and Cook tells them that they'll locate him. The...

Apple Shares New 'First-Timer' Ad for Vision Pro

Friday February 2, 2024 7:21 am PST by
Apple today shared a new "First-Timer" ad that emphasizes how easy it is to use the Vision Pro, which launched in the U.S. today. "Apple Vision Pro is so simple to navigate using your eyes, hands, and voice," says Apple. "It's like you already know how to use it." Apple also shared support videos with overviews of the Settings app, Control Center, Guest User mode, accessibility features,...

Apple Says 'Hello' to Vision Pro in New Ad as Headset Nears Launch

Sunday January 28, 2024 2:55 pm PST by
Apple today promoted the Vision Pro in a new video ad shared on its YouTube channel, ahead of the headset launching in the U.S. this Friday, February 2. The ad demonstrates wearing the Vision Pro and navigating the visionOS operating system. "Apple Vision Pro is here," the video description says. "Now, digital content blends seamlessly with your physical space. You can do the things you...

Swoop: Apple Promotes iPhone 15's Durability in Frantic New Ad

Wednesday January 24, 2024 8:04 pm PST by
Apple today promoted the durability of the iPhone 15's Ceramic Shield front glass in a new "Swoop" ad shared on its YouTube channel in Australia. In the video, a magpie attempts to attack a woman riding a bicycle, causing her to fall over. In the process, the iPhone she was using for cycling directions also drops to the ground, but it does not suffer damage due in part to the Ceramic Shield. ...

Latest Apple Ad Highlights iPhone 15 Plus Battery

Monday January 22, 2024 9:11 am PST by
Apple today posted an ad specifically focused on the iPhone 15 Plus, the larger version of the standard ‌iPhone 15‌ model. In the spot, Apple focuses on the battery life of the device, which is equipped with a higher capacity battery than the ‌iPhone 15‌ due to its larger size. In the humorous ad, a man takes a video of a child who is attempting to break a wood plank with his hand. The...

'New Driver' iPhone 15 Ad Highlights Automatic Check In

Saturday January 20, 2024 9:18 am PST by
Apple today premiered an iPhone 15 ad entitled "New Driver" on its YouTube channel, using the stress of being a parent of a new teenage driver to highlight the Check In feature of the Messages app in iOS 17. Check In allows you to automatically notify a friend or family member when you've arrived at your destination, reassuring them of your safety. In the new ad, an anxious father watches as ...

Apple Provides Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Vision Pro is Made

Friday January 19, 2024 7:47 am PST by
Apple today provided a behind-the-scenes look at how its upcoming Vision Pro headset is manufactured in a video uploaded to its YouTube channel. The video was also shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook on social media platform X. "A peek behind the scenes to see how we make Apple Vision Pro, our first spatial computer," said Apple, in the video's description on YouTube. Apple began accepting...

Apple Shares New 'Get Ready' Ad Ahead of Vision Pro Launch

Monday January 8, 2024 5:17 pm PST by
Apple today shared a new "Get Ready" ad promoting the upcoming launch of the Vision Pro headset. The ad features notable movie and TV show characters putting on masks, glasses, and other similar accessories. There are scenes from Star Wars, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Young Frankenstein, Kick-Ass, Up, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Star Trek, Snoopy, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Back to the Future, along with a...

Apple Shares iPhone 15 Plus Ad Highlighting Device's Long Battery Life

Sunday December 24, 2023 10:10 am PST by
Apple today shared a short iPhone 15 Plus ad on its YouTube channel that highlights the device's long-lasting battery life. In the video, an electrical outlet becomes sentient and sings the song "Way Too Long" by rapper Doe Boy. The outlet is sad that the iPhone 15 Plus lasts so long between charges, resulting in the device being plugged in less often. Apple's tech specs say the iPhone 15 ...

Apple iPhone 15 Ad Highlights Portrait Camera Capabilities

Friday December 1, 2023 2:45 pm PST by
Apple today shared a new iPhone 15 ad that focuses on some of the camera capabilities of the device, such as the option to snap an image and then adjust the focus during the editing process. In the ad spot, a band is working on their album cover. One of the band members is using an iPhone to edit a picture of the trio in the group, and she uses the Portrait subject focus adjustment feature...
Personal Voice iPhone Feature

Apple Highlights iPhone Feature That Lets You Preserve Your Own Voice

Thursday November 30, 2023 7:28 am PST by
Apple today shared a heartwarming ad for its new Personal Voice accessibility feature, available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Introduced with iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma, Personal Voice allows those at risk of losing their ability to speak to create a synthesized voice that sounds similar to their actual voice, so they can continue to communicate with others. Personal Voice...

Apple Shares Heartwarming 'Fuzzy Feelings' Holiday Ad

Tuesday November 21, 2023 9:18 am PST by
Apple today shared its annual holiday-themed ad, which is titled "Fuzzy Feelings." This year, the mini film focuses on an animator who is working on a holiday-themed video in the spare moments she has off from her office job. The stop motion video stars her curmudgeonly boss, who is shown chastising her for being late, giving her last minute work, and generally being miserable. She finds an...

Latest iPhone 15 Pro Ad Focuses on A17 Pro Chip Capabilities

Wednesday October 25, 2023 2:14 pm PDT by
Apple today shared a new ad promoting the iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, highlighting the A17 Pro chip and the gaming capabilities of the new devices. In the ad, a gamer deeply immersed in his iPhone game shoots into the air, breaks through the ceiling of his apartment, and ends up in the subway all while still playing. The description for the video highlights the 2x faster...

Apple Shares 1.5-Hour 'Study With Me' Guided Session

Wednesday October 11, 2023 10:13 am PDT by
Apple today shared a new "Study With Me" Mac-focused video on its YouTube channel, providing a 1.5-hour guided study session for Apple device users. Hosted by Storm Reid, Euphoria actress and University of Southern California student, the video uses the Pomodoro technique for three 25-minute study sessions with three five minute breaks.90-minute Study With Me video featuring Storm Reid...

Apple Promotes 'Shot on iPhone 15 Pro' Ad Featuring Olivia Rodrigo

Friday October 6, 2023 10:31 am PDT by
Apple today shared a "Shot on iPhone 15 Pro" ad starring singer Olivia Rodrigo on its YouTube channel in Canada. The video provides a brief behind-the-scenes look at a music video that Rodrigo and her team shot entirely on the iPhone 15 Pro. Apple first shared the behind-the-scenes video on YouTube in the U.S. last month, but it is currently unlisted. The music video is for Rodrigo's song...

Apple Shares 'The Invincibles' Video Highlighting Prosthesis Made With iPhone 14 Pro Camera

Tuesday August 22, 2023 10:11 am PDT by
Apple today shared a new video in a new "Made on iPhone" series that features an adorable puppy that has a prosthesis. Chip was born with limb deformities, and he needed to have two of his legs amputated. The prosthesis that Chip uses was created by 3DPets, a small business that designs pet prosthetics using the LiDAR Scanner and TrueDepth camera on the iPhone 14 Pro. 3DPets walks through...

Apple Shares New 'The Underdogs' Video Focusing on Apple Security Features at Work

Wednesday July 19, 2023 2:42 am PDT by
Apple today shared a humorous new video on its YouTube channel that dramatizes many of the security features available when using Apple products at work. Titled "Swiped," the spot opens with a design team that is shortly about to give a "game-changing" presentation to a client, only for the MacBook Air on which the presentation exists to be swiped by thieves in the street when the team...

Apple Promotes Long Battery Life and Crash Detection in Two New iPhone 14 Ads

Monday July 10, 2023 2:54 am PDT by
Apple has shared two new ads on its YouTube channel, one promoting the long battery life of the iPhone 14 Plus and the other using the iPhone 14 Pro to highlight Apple's Crash Detection feature. The first one-minute ad, "Battery for Miles," depicts a man slowly driving a tractor as he tows a gigantic pumpkin along a long, straight road seemingly in the middle of nowhere. "Two Miles An Hour"...
Shared Health Info Feature

Apple's Latest Ad Campaign Takes a Humorous Look at Health Data Privacy

Wednesday May 24, 2023 8:00 am PDT by
Apple is launching a new ad campaign today featuring the company's emphasis on health data privacy, headlined by a humorous new commercial voiced by actress and comedian Jane Lynch. The new campaign centers around the fact that with people knowingly and unknowingly sharing more and more about themselves online, protection of private health information has become an increasingly important...

Apple Music Classical Promoted With TV Ad Following Launch

Tuesday March 28, 2023 8:31 am PDT by
Following the launch of Apple Music Classical, the first TV ad for the classical music streaming service has been released. The 30-second video features pianist Alice Sara Ott and conductor Karina Canellakis performing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 1. Apple Music Classical is now available to download on the App Store around the world. Apple highlighted the launch with a press release...