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Full Transcript of Apple's WWDC 2014 Keynote: OS X 10.10, iOS 8, and More [Keynote Ended]

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off today at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco, with the event headlined by the traditional keynote address beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific Time / 1:00 PM Eastern Time. At the keynote, Apple is expected to provide the first official look at OS X 10.10 and iOS 8, discuss initiatives in home automation, health, and iBeacon technology, and perhaps make additional announcements.

Apple is providing a live video stream on its website and via Apple TV.

In addition to Apple's video stream, we will be updating this article with live blog coverage and issuing Twitter updates through our @MacRumorsLive account as the keynote unfolds. Separate news stories regarding the event announcements will go out through our @MacRumors account.

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Full Keynote Transcript Below

11:57 amKeynote is over, everyone standing up.
11:57 am"Enjoy the week! Thank you very much!"
11:57 amTim is thanking Apple employees back in Cupertino and all over the world.
11:57 amCrowd cheering.
11:57 amTim asking Apple employees to stand up for a round of applause.
11:56 am"You've seen a few people on stage this morning, but there's thousands of people who made today possible."
11:56 am"This is something only Apple can do."
11:56 amThe goal is to create an unparalleled seamless experience.
11:56 amAnd how developers can create better apps, faster and easier, than ever before.
11:55 amMentioning how all of the Apple products will offer a continuous experience.
11:55 amTim seems to be bringing the keynote to a close, further summing up what was covered today.
11:54 am"An incredible set of features and an incredible release."
11:54 amTim is back on stage.
11:54 amComing to everyone else in the fall.
11:54 amiOS 8 beta available TODAY.
11:54 amExtensions, Metal, Swift, etc.
11:53 amCraig is summing up all the features they went over today.
11:53 am"iOS 8 is a huge developer release and a great end user release."
11:53 amDay one you can submit apps written in Swift when IOS 8 is available.
11:53 amA Swift language guide is available now in iBooks.
11:53 amSwift has complete Xcode support, Swift will be ready for primetime out of the gate.
11:52 am"I think you guys are going to absolutely love it."
11:52 amSceneKit being shown now, 3D version of the same demo game appears on screen.
11:51 amA timeline at the bottom of the screen allows you to go forward and back in the execution of your game to see how the effects all interact.
11:51 amIn Playground, you can see immediate feedback live in your game as you tweak the code.
11:50 amA simple change, and the whole visualized path reflects it.
11:50 amCan visualize the entire history of a value, shows the equation used to control a blimp will cause it to sink.
11:50 amShowing positioning a blimp in game.
11:49 amWith Swift you can get a lot done with very little code.
11:49 amLoading a resource, image shown inside Xcode in the sidebar.
11:49 amCurrently writing a simple casual 2D game.
11:49 amYou can build anything with Swift, social media apps to high-performance games.
11:48 amCode is run as you type it, result displayed in sidebar on the right.
11:48 amWriting some new Swift code in Xcode.
11:48 amDemo now.
11:47 amSwift allows for a feature called Playgrounds.
11:47 amSwift code can fit along side Objective C and C code in the same application.
11:47 amTotally native to Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
11:47 amLarge classes of common programming errors aren't possible.
11:46 amCrowd is very excited for new features.
11:46 amSwift is 3.9x faster than Objective C
11:45 amIt's fast, modern, designed for safety.
11:45 am"It totally rules."
11:45 amSwift.
11:45 amCrowd goes "Whaaaaat?"
11:45 amNew programming language.
11:45 am"Objective C without the baggage of C?"
11:45 am"It has served us well for 20 years."
11:44 amCentral to Xcode is Objective-C
11:44 amLast version was downloaded 14m times.
11:44 amXcode
11:44 amPhysics engine, particle effects, and more.
11:44 am3D scene renderer designed for casual games.
11:44 amSceneKit
11:43 amEnhanced with light sources, field forces, per-pixel physics, inverse kinematics
11:43 amIt's been a big hit with casual games.
11:43 amSpriteKit
11:43 amZen Garden will be available as a free tech demo as soon as iOS 8 is available
11:42 am"A stunning breakthrough."
11:42 amThey're amazed by the amount of objects they can render at once.
11:42 amDemo was crazy, definitely watch the video if you can.
11:42 amThis demo looks and navigates a lot like Infinity Blade with how it pans around.
11:41 amMetal freed up so much resources each fish in a Koi pond can have its own AI.
11:41 amAll sorts of visual effects being shown, water effects, etc.
11:40 amLooks INCREDIBLE.
11:40 amRunning on an iPad.
11:40 amUsing Metal gives them an order if magnitude of detail improvement.
11:40 amShowing a live zen garden, built on a high-end mac.
11:40 am*Sweeney
11:40 amTim Sweeny from Epic is coming on stage.
11:39 amUp to 10x the performance before.
11:39 amCrytek was able to bring their console engine to iOS, 4,000 draw calls per frame.
11:39 amUsing Frostbyte console engine on mobile.
11:39 am1.3m triangles at a time with depth of field effects.
11:39 amShowing the console Plants vs Zombies.
11:39 amHave been working with leading providers, unity crytek, epic, etc.
11:38 amGet access to compute power of the GPU, pre-compiled shaders, multithreading, etc.
11:38 amUp to 10x faster draw call rates.
11:38 amMetal reduces that overhead.
11:38 amOpenGL ends up being an overhead between game and hardware.
11:38 amOpenGL is the standard-based way for 3D graphics.
11:37 amMetal?
11:37 am1PB assets, 10TB database, 5TB/day asset transfer
11:37 am*With limits*
11:37 amCloudKit is "effectively free."
11:37 amCloudKit takes over all the cloud stuff, adds client side programming model.
11:36 amCloudKit
11:36 amTriggers a whole system of garage door closed, lights off, etc.
11:36 amEven works with Siri, "Get ready for bed."
11:36 amEven works with Siri, "Get ready for bed.
11:36 amSecure pairing, control individual devices, AND group them in to scenes.
11:35 amLocks, lights, cameras, doors, etc.
11:35 amWorked with leaders of home automation.
11:35 amShowed non-Nest thermostat.
11:35 amCompanion apps for all sorts of things.
11:35 amShowing Philips Hue bulbs.
11:35 amHomeKit!
11:34 amPhoto kit API is faster, read/write to photo library, non-destructive edits.
11:34 amManual control of exposure, light balance, and focus.
11:34 amCamera API's
11:34 amStill protects fingerprint data, it's never exposed anywhere outside the A7 processor.
11:34 amProtects data, unlocks keychain items
11:34 amShowing the Mint app.
11:34 amThird party apps can use TouchID as well.
11:34 amPasscode usage before TouchID was less than half, 83% via Touch ID on iPhone 5s.
11:33 amDiscussing popularity if Touch ID.
11:33 amNext up, Touch ID API.
11:33 amYou can give it access though.
11:33 amKeyboards have the most restrictive sandbox, no network, etc.
11:32 amSomething that looks like Swype is being shown.
11:32 amYou can also install system-wide third party keyboards.
11:32 amCan select your board and other Pintrest settings.
11:32 amAnd now sharing that via Pintrest.
11:31 amVery cool.
11:31 amTranslating in real time, in line, via Bing.
11:31 amShowing text being translated directly inside of Safari.
11:31 amCan bid direct from Notification Center.
11:30 amWidget for ebay shows all active bids.
11:30 amAlso works for the iPad.
11:30 amTap edit, adds Sports Center to the notification center.
11:30 amPull down notification center, says "one new widget available."
11:30 amVery seamless.
11:29 amTap edit, top left is an extensions button, Waterlogue pops up and turns photo in to a watercolor. When you're done it's back in photos.
11:29 amIn photos, have a photo of a flower.
11:29 amNow a demo.
11:29 amThird party apps can also do Today screen widgets.
11:28 amThird party document providers.
11:28 amPhoto filters are supported.
11:28 amBing could offer translation inside of Safari.
11:28 amAdd new sharing options, like Pintrest can offer a share sheet to Safari.
11:28 amApps can reach out and talk to extensions, apps can project UI.
11:28 amBuilding on the same sandbox model.
11:27 amApps are in sandboxes, can access own data but not other apps without your permission.
11:27 amApps from the App Store can extend the system, offer services to other apps.
11:27 amExtensibility.
11:27 am4,000 new developer APIs
11:26 amCraig is back on stage.
11:26 am"Biggest release since the launch of the App Store."
11:26 amNow discussing the SDK.
11:26 amEverything coming in the fall.
11:25 amDevs can invite users to beta test their app.
11:25 amNew beta test service called... Test Flight.
11:25 amApp previews, developers can embed videos in iTunes creenshots.
11:25 amAt a discounted price with just one tap.
11:24 amUsers can buy multiple apps.
11:24 amApp Bundles!
11:24 amRelated searches, and new Editors' Choice logo users can find the best apps.
11:24 amFaster searches through continued scrolling lists.
11:24 amTop-trending searches.
11:24 amAll kinds of sub-categories.
11:23 amAdding an "explore" tab to help users find apps.
11:23 amRolling out new features on the App Store.
11:23 am75b apps downloaded.
11:23 amNot just browsing, but downloading.
11:23 am300m people visit the App Store every week.
11:23 am1.2m apps available.
11:23 amAll apps delivered via the App Store.
11:22 amThe second part of the story is what iOS 8 provides for developers.
11:22 amTim back on stage.
11:22 amThat's a look at the CONSUMER part of iOS 8.
11:22 amChina is getting better, vector based maps, navigation, lunar calendar support, improved predictive input, and weather.
11:21 am22 new languages are coming.
11:21 amSiri hooks in with Shazam, can be triggered by saying "Hey, Siri."
11:21 amSiri up next.
11:21 amNot clear but that might be limited to photo storage only.
11:20 amFirst 5GB free, 20GB for 99c a month, 200gb for 3.99 a month.
11:20 amNew iCloud tiers.
11:20 amAll photos and videos, original format and resolution.
11:20 amAlso will be in Windows via the web.
11:20 amPhotos coming to Yosemite in the future.
11:19 amShowing another photo being corrected, works surprisingly great, almost magical.
11:19 amEdits are there as well, all the same adjustments.
11:19 amAll the same gestures, etc.
11:18 amLooks a lot like photos from iOS, but on the Mac.
11:18 amNow showing sneak peek.
11:18 amWorking on a new photo solution for the Mac shipping early next year.
11:18 amChanges are reflected live on multiple devices pretty quickly.
11:18 amShowing the ability to favorite a photo, and how the same functionality exists on the iPad.
11:17 amEdits immediately get sent to the cloud.
11:17 amBefore and after is very dramatic with a few simple swipes.
11:16 amColor works similarly.
11:16 amAutomatically doing all these different settings based on detailed image analysis for exposure, shadows, etc.
11:16 amTapping light, you get a live display of what's being modified in the photo.
11:16 amShowing a dark/washed out photo.
11:15 amNow showing demo.
11:15 amSmart editing controls for light, color, auto-straightening and cropping.
11:15 amLocation, time, albums, etc.
11:15 amFollowing the Spotlight theme, you can search photos in al sorts of ways.
11:14 amDevice has access to more photos in the cloud than it can store locally.
11:14 amPreserving common organization and edits.
11:14 amPhotos and iCloud, every photo you take is on all your devices.
11:13 amNext: Photos.
11:13 amAdult account gets a notification that their kid tried to buy something.
11:13 amKids get prompted to ask adults for permission before buying something.
11:13 amUp to six family members who all share the same credit card.
11:13 amCan share media, apps, and all the purchases of your family.
11:12 amAutomatically can share photos, calendars, reminders, etc and auto-configure Find My friends, find devices, etc.
11:12 amCan do a "Family Setup"
11:12 am"The easy way to share what's important."
11:12 amFamily Sharing up next.
11:11 amMayo Clinic thinks this will revolutionize how the health industry works.
11:11 amAlso working with Mayo Clinic, with HealthKit they can figure out personalized thresholds for readings, notify doctors automatically, and more.
11:10 amCan link in to third party apps.
11:10 amCorresponding app, "Health" monitors all your fitness metrics.
11:09 amProvides a single place for health apps to compile a profile.
11:09 amHealthKit
11:09 amShowing health devices, fitbit, weight, blood pressure, etc.
11:09 amWhite icon with small red heart.
11:09 amHealth!
11:08 amManagement includes books and PDFs for education users.
11:08 am3rd party documents providers, OneDrive, Box, "More..."
11:08 amAll sorts of new Exchange stuff.
11:08 amPasscode protection for all data types.
11:08 amin iOS 8, this continues.
11:07 amEven can download all your enterprise apps.
11:07 amDevice Enrollment Program allows you to get a new iPhone/iPad and have it auto configure for your enterprise.
11:07 amAll because of great applications and security technologies.
11:06 am98% of Fortune 500 uses iOS.
11:06 amiOS is a huge hit in enterprise.
11:06 amNext up: Enterprise.
11:06 amHave access to all of this on your Mac.
11:06 amEdits are saved to original location.
11:06 amSay you're in an app like Sketchbook, you can open compatible documents through iCloud Drive.
11:05 amiCloud Drive is up next.
11:05 amCraig is back on stage.
11:05 amLower iPhone, message sends.
11:05 amCan reply to it in the same way.
11:04 amRaising your iPhone to your ear plays an audio message.
11:04 amSimilarly, this all works from the lock screen.
11:04 amThere's a "keep" button next to each one.
11:04 amAudio/video messages self destruct unless you tap to keep them so they don't take up loads of space.
11:03 am"Super duper easy."
11:03 amWhen you get an audio message, you just tap to play it.
11:03 amAll super easy.
11:03 amTaking a selfie on stage, sending it to the group.
11:03 amShowing sending a quick audio message.
11:02 amAll attachments show up in one place, can view all the photos instead of scrolling forever.
11:02 amDo not disturb toggle also in this view, or you can leave.
11:02 amLocation sharing can be shared for an hour, the rest of the day, or longer.
11:01 amAll these group settings are managed through a "Details" button.
11:01 amDoing a brief demo now.
11:01 am"A rich and powerful platform for communication."
11:01 amCan also do video in the same way.
11:00 amShows up sort of similar to Find My Friends.
11:00 amCan share your location with people in a conversation.
11:00 amYou can leave a thread yourself.
11:00 amDo Not Disturb on a per-thread level.
11:00 amCan name threads, add/remove people from conversations.
10:59 amGroup messaging enhancements.
10:59 amMessages is the most frequently used app on iOS.
10:59 amCan also answer calls from iPad if phone is nearby.
10:59 amContinuity is next, briefly going over what was shown on the Mac side of things.
10:59 amMultiple language models, not just English.
10:59 amIt learns how you type, offers buttons that say "epic", "awesome" etc if that's how you type.
10:58 amContext sensitive, if someone asks if you want to go to dinner or a movie you get buttons like "dinner" "a movie"
10:58 amQuickType is predictive typing suggestions.
10:57 amSpecial keyboards,character sets, dictation, handwriting, etc.
10:57 amShowing how the iPhone changed mobile keyboards.
10:57 amKeyboard enhancement: QuickType.
10:57 amSafari bar works very similar.
10:57 amSeems to work like Yosemite Spotlight but iOS-ized.
10:56 amSearch for news, restaurants, movies, etc.
10:56 amSearching for apps will show apps on the App Store if you don't have them.
10:56 amYosemite enhancements also have made their way over
10:56 am"Let's talk about Spotlight."
10:56 am"We're all going to love doing mail this way."
10:56 amShowing email composing, all works super fluid with sliding the draft down, pulling up different email, selecting, copying, tapping to restore the draft then paste.
10:55 amAlso showing off gestures you can do to messages like flagging, unread, deleting, etc.
10:54 amMail from Open Table, offers intelligent suggestion to add reservation to your calendar.
10:54 amiPad mail enhancements being shown now.
10:54 amDouble tap home button, see a group of recent people, you can call, iMessage, Facetime them, etc.
10:53 amFlicking up still works to dismiss notifications.
10:53 amGets tagged on Facebook, can swipe down and like.
10:53 amGetting an iMessage, swipe down to reply without leaving app.
10:53 amGets a notification for a meeting request, can swipe to accept/decline on lock screen.
10:52 amNow demoing the new features.
10:52 amCan swipe a message down in mail, and access the rest of your mail.
10:52 amCan mark messages unread or flag through different gestures.
10:51 amBirds eye view coming to iPad from Yosemite Safari tabs.
10:51 amDouble tap shows recent people as well as multitasking apps.
10:51 amAlso works on the lock screen to get action buttons.
10:51 amYou can pull down and reply to a iMessage without needing to leave the app you're using.
10:50 amNotification center is refined, new interactive notifications.
10:50 amWith enhancements to iPhone and iPad.
10:50 amBuilds on design of iOS 7.
10:50 amGoing over end user features of iOS 8 with Craig.
10:50 amGreat end-user features, and incredible developer features.
10:49 am"A giant release."
10:49 amAnnouncing iOS 8 today.
10:49 amTim couldn't be happier with iOS 7, but they're not standing still.
10:49 am"Android fragmentation is turning devices into a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities."
10:48 amAndroid "dominates the mobile malware market."
10:48 amThese customers are not getting great new features, run new apps, or security updates.
10:48 am"That's like ancient history."
10:48 am1/3 of Android users are running a version from four years ago.
10:48 am9% on KitKat.
10:48 am"This is in stark contrast to Android."
10:47 am89% of install base are running iOS 7.
10:47 amPeople love iOS because updates are available to as many customers as possible.
10:47 amCustomer satisfaction ratings "no one gets."
10:47 am97% overall satisfaction for iOS 7.
10:47 amiOS 7 took the iOS experience to a higher level.
10:46 am"And then sought a better experience and a better life and decided to check out iPhone and iOS."
10:46 am"They had bought an Android phone... by mistake."
10:46 amMany were switchers from Android.
10:45 am130m totally new customers in the last year on iOS devices.
10:45 am"This is incredible."
10:45 amiPhone 500m units.
10:45 amiPad 200m units.
10:45 amiPod touch, 100m units.
10:45 amSold over 800m iOS devices.
10:45 amNext up is iOS.
10:45 am"I'm glad I'm in the beta program."
10:44 amTim is back on stage now.
10:44 am
10:44 amThis summer there will be a public beta.
10:44 amYosemite will be FREE.
10:44 amEveryone else will get it in the Fall.
10:44 amAvailable to developers TODAY.
10:43 amCraig is summing up everything he just showed off.
10:43 am"And that's Continuity."
10:43 am(Says Dr. Dre)
10:43 am"I can't wait to get to work with the team at Apple."
10:43 am"New employee orientation starts at 9:00" says Craig.
10:42 amCraig welcomes Dr. Dre to Apple, crowd goes nuts.
10:42 am"Hello?" says Dr. Dre.
10:42 amRinging.
10:42 amRinging.
10:42 amCalling Dr. Dre.
10:42 amGoing to call a new Apple employee instead.
10:41 amLooking up a restaurant in Safari.
10:41 amShowing how we can make a phone call.
10:41 amCan accept/decline calls on the Mac.
10:41 amGetting a phone call on the Mac.
10:40 amFlick up, and you've got the same link open.
10:40 amPicks up iPad, in bottom left is Safari.
10:40 amClicking a URL from iMessage on a Mac.
10:40 amStarts writing email on phone, click Mail on the Mac, it's all there.
10:39 amCurrently demoing this functionality on emails.
10:39 am"Call xxx-xxx-xxx on iPhone" pops up in Safari.
10:39 amEven works on web pages.
10:39 amContacts from Mac can dial directly on your phone.
10:39 am"Even works if your phone is across the house in a charger."
10:38 amIf your phone is nearby, Mac will show caller ID and you can use your Mac as a speakerphone.
10:38 amAlso make and recieve phone calls.
10:38 amSMS now show up on your Mac.
10:38 am"We have these green bubble friends who have inferior devices and insist on sending us messages."
10:37 am"We all love iMessage."
10:37 amSMS is next.
10:37 amIncredibly seamless.
10:37 amMac sees your phone, prompts you to connect to it if you need to to get online.
10:37 amInstant Hotspot when your phone is nearby.
10:37 amPrompts come from the dock though.
10:36 amSimilarly, email works the same way.
10:36 amSwiping up opens the numbers document you have open on your Mac.
10:36 amiPad gets a camera-like icon in the lower left of the screen
10:36 amWhen you're working on a Mac, your devices nearby are aware of what you're doing.
10:36 amNew feature, Handoff.
10:35 amAirDrop now works with the Mac.
10:35 amLooking to make the transitions between these devices seamless.
10:35 amShowing iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
10:35 amNext up is Continuity
10:34 amScribbly speech bubble gets refined in to what looks like a comic book speech bubble.
10:34 amWhen Markup recognizes you trying to draw a shape, it makes it nicer.
10:34 amCan also add text via markup.
10:33 amErr an arrow rather.
10:33 amShowing sending an image to a new email, using Markup to circle a few climbers in the photo.
10:33 amThe new share button in Safari allows you to click a button and send a link/image/etc to a huge variety of services.
10:32 amTab view gives you a bird's eye view of all the open tabs, when you get a bunch tabs from similar sites stack in to what looks like piles of cards.
10:32 amYou can now scroll through tabs regardless of how many you have open.
10:31 am"It's super convenient."
10:31 amSpotlight suggestions for searches show snippets from Wikipedia and more.
10:31 amNew URL bar combo search field looks great.
10:31 amTab view looks really cool, smaller title bar gives you a huge view for whatever you're looking at.
10:30 amNow showing a quick demo of Safari.
10:30 am6.5x faster on Javascript.
10:30 amNow showing performance graphs, Safari is faster than ever.
10:29 amUsing the new HTML 5 video, you can get up to 2 hours longer streaming Netflix.
10:29 amWebGL, SPDY, IndexedDB, Javascript Promises, CSS Shapes, HTML5 premium video.
10:29 amAlso made privacy settings better, adding something similar to Chrome's Incognito mode.
10:28 amNew tab view, gives you a expose-style look at all your tabs you have open.
10:28 amLikely also significantly snappier.
10:28 amSpotlight suggestions show up in the URL bar/smart search field.
10:28 amThe top bar has been shrunk even more, favorite bar gone (but can be brought back), smart search field shows all favorites instead.
10:27 amSafari is next.
10:27 amShowing how you can doodle on emails, PDFs, images, etc.
10:26 amMarkup is next.
10:26 amAttachments can be up to 5GB in size.
10:26 amAttachments can be sent encrypted via iCloud, it's seamless on a Mac otherwise they get a link.
10:26 am"Mail Drop"
10:26 amAddressing a problem with email, large attachments.
10:25 amMail has a new UI, "Focus on the basics"
10:25 amMail is next.
10:25 amWindows support as well.
10:25 amSynched across all your Macs seamlessly, also available in iOS.
10:25 amBrowsable photos on your Mac for apps you might not even have.
10:24 amiCloud drive looks sort of like Dropbox?
10:24 amCrowd goes "Ooooh?"
10:24 amiCloud Drive is next.
10:24 amSimilarly, searching for "Godz" shows all kinds of Godzilla stuff from showtimes locally to Godzilla content in iTunes and more.
10:23 amInformation seems sourced from Yelp.
10:23 amCan search for "sushi" to find local sushi places right inside of Spotlight.
10:23 am"Yose" shows Yosemite entry from Wikipedia, news from various sources, and a map to Yosemite.
10:23 amShowing how Spotlight can convert from Miles to kilometers and other things.
10:22 amCan search for "num" to see recent documents opened by Numbers.
10:22 amSearches for "Phil", finds all sorts of results between meetings, emails, and more.
10:21 amShowing Spotlight, just a few characters are required to get it to start looking things up.
10:21 amShowing 3rd party widget, ESPN Sports Center being dragged in.
10:21 amApps can export widgets which can be dragged in.
10:21 amIn Notification Center's Today View it has stocks, reminders, clocks, weather, and can be edited by clicking an "edit" button.
10:20 am"It's really cool."
10:20 amShowing Messages, dragging the window around to show transparency.
10:20 amCalendar has a new day view.
10:19 amMaps looks great, title bar is transparent and has a neat effect as the map scrolls under it.
10:19 am(Using those iMacs on stage mentioned earlier.)
10:19 amNow doing a quick demo.
10:19 amAlso loops in Wikipedia and all sorts of other online data sources for searches.
10:18 amLooks exactly like Quicksilver and Bartender.
10:18 amIn Yosemite, Spotlight has a new interface that pops up in the middle.
10:18 amNext up is Spotlight.
10:18 amNotification Center has a iOS-like today view with calendar views, weather, and customizable widgets from the Mac App Store.
10:17 amDark mode looks like notification center does now basically.
10:17 amSidebar apps like Messages get a new look too, with sidebars consistent across Reminders and other apps with similar UI elements.
10:17 amWindow design maximizes the space for content.
10:17 amBlackish instead of white.
10:16 amMenu bar goes dark, etc.
10:16 amA new dark mode will be included.
10:16 amAlso focused on precise and consistent typography throughout the whole OS.
10:16 amGoing over icons, "Check out that trash can."
10:16 amTransparent windows look really cool, the dock got similar treatment.
10:15 am"Your windows take on the personality of your desktop."
10:15 amTransparency lets you see content as you scroll.
10:15 amToolbars and windows have been refined.
10:15 amFocus is on clarity and utility.
10:15 am"I think the team has done some remarkable work."
10:14 amCalendar looks just like iOS 7.
10:14 amTransparent finder views, looks awesome.
10:14 amNew icons across the board, all flat and iOS 7-like.
10:14 amLooks very iOS-7-y.
10:14 amNow showing a video of the design changes of Yosemite.
10:13 amAnd how it has evolved to Mavericks.
10:13 amDiscussing the "bold design" of Aqua.
10:13 amNew interface, big enhancement to popular apps, and new "Continuity" feature.
10:13 amOSX Yosemite it is!
10:12 am"Strangely this one had large pockets of support."
10:12 amOSX Weed? Crowd goes nuts.
10:12 amOSX Oxnard? Crowd laughs.
10:12 am"Another year, time for another name."
10:12 amDiscussing the shift from cats to places in California.
10:11 amMaking jokes about OSX naming, "averting a crisis".
10:11 amCrowd clapping like crazy.
10:11 am"Good morning!"
10:11 amCraig is coming on stage now to talk about the Mac.
10:11 am"We could not be happier with Mavericks and the momentum of the Mac."
10:10 amWild applause.
10:10 amTim, "Need I say more?"
10:10 amCrowd goes "Awwwwww".
10:10 amWindows 8 at 14%.
10:10 am"You may wonder how that compares to Windows."
10:10 amFastest adoption of a PC OS in history.
10:10 amOver 50% of the install base (51%) uses Mavericks.
10:10 amMost in Apple's history.
10:10 amSince release in October, 40m copies of Mavericks have been installed.
10:09 amWith loads of features for power users, better battery, etc.
10:09 amMavericks release has done "really great."
10:09 amDespite industry decline of 5%, Macs grew by 12%.
10:09 am"We're shipping the best Macs in our history."
10:09 amStarting with OSX and the Mac.
10:09 amAn entire section of the presentation will be just for this.
10:08 amAlso going to see the "mother of all releases" for developers.
10:08 amWe're going to see how they've been "engineered to work seamlessly together."
10:08 amGreat new features and updates for both.
10:08 amHere to talk about "two powerful platforms", OSX and iOS.
10:08 am9m registered developers, 47% increase from last year.
10:08 am"We're going to be seeing apps from them for a long time."
10:07 amThe youngest developer in the audience is 13.
10:07 am"Special shout out" to the student scholarship winners.
10:07 amTim is going over what WWDC is going to be about this week, attendees from 69 countries, 70% are first timers.
10:06 amThis is the 25th anniversary of WWDC, the first one was to talk about system 7.
10:06 amMentioning all of the lives that have been enriched by apps and developers, thanking all developers for doing this.
10:06 amTim is welcoming all the developers.
10:05 am"Good morning!"
10:05 amTim Cook takes the stage.
10:05 amVideo is over, massive applause.
10:05 amBack to people talking about how magical developers are and how they're changing the world.
10:05 amThe video is now shifting to a montage showing all these different apps used everywhere like cockpits, concerts, and more.
10:04 amNow they're showing an app controlled robotic hand used by a man.
10:04 am"This has become as essential as my guitar," in regards to music apps.
10:03 am"Now it's easy for them to focus on dreaming."
10:03 amApps are used my baseball players at all, breaking down the swing of a batter for improvement.
10:02 amOther people are listing off games, Candy Crush, Words with Friends, etc.
10:02 am"The best app of all time has to be Tinder."
10:02 amIn the same video, a scientific sailing vessel uses apps to help with the study. Navigation apps, data collection apps, etc.
10:01 amInstagram, tumblr, Pintrest, etc.
10:01 amNow people are discussing the apps they can't live without.
10:01 amNow demoing Paper to draw on an iPad in this same video.
10:01 amA bunch of different people talking about how the apps developers make let them do amazing things.
10:00 amStarting a video talking about what a developer looks like.
10:00 amMusic is lowering.
10:00 amEveryone is cheering.
10:00 amLights dimming.
9:58 amEveryone is cheering for the camera that is panning around as we get closer to starting.
9:54 amAnnouncer just said the presentation is starting shortly, asked everyone to make sure their phones are on silent.
9:51 amConnectivity is predictably pretty bad in the hall, lots of people mentioning not being able to get online at all to tweet or post photos.
9:51 amApple employees are going around making sure all the seats near the front are full, trying to squeeze the last few people in.
9:48 amMusic still playing, most people are seated now.
9:47 amTwo iMacs are on the left of the stage set up for likely keynote demos.
9:45 amCameras on cranes are panning all over the audience.
9:44 amApple employees wearing orange shirts are doing everything they can to keep people from standing on their chairs to take photos.
9:43 amMusic is still playing as people continue to file in to their seats.
9:24 amPhoto of on-stage Macs running OS X 10.10 via @LanceUlanoff
9:01 amOne hour to go. Media and other attendees are gathering outside the keynote room.

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15 weeks ago
Things to look forward to:
[*]OS X Yosemite Sam
[*]Beets by Dr. Schrute
[*]iPhone 6 with ultra-strong salamander display
[*]potential iWatch that doubles as a defibrillator
and of course…
Rating: 35 Votes
15 weeks ago
I'm officially excited!
Rating: 27 Votes
15 weeks ago
"Android has x, y, z features! Why doesn't iOS! Apple is so behind! They need to add them NOW."

*Apple adds versions of x, y, and z.*

"Why is Apple copying Android?!"
Rating: 18 Votes
15 weeks ago
My work productivity is going to suffer greatly in about 1hr45mins...
Rating: 14 Votes
15 weeks ago
Rating: 14 Votes
15 weeks ago

It's still only 14%

1. Windows 8 costs money, Mavericks is free.
2. The Windows userbase swamps the OS X userbase, even that 14% will be more than all OS X users combined.
3. Microsoft have a totally different support lifecycle than Apple. Microsoft support their older OSs for a long time after their successor is released. Apple don't.

These statistics they use to show off are all relative.
Rating: 14 Votes
15 weeks ago
The most amazing presentation, filled with so much new features.
Rating: 13 Votes
15 weeks ago
stop bashing the competition, it's very unattractive.
Rating: 10 Votes
15 weeks ago

No iPhone 6... let's watch AAPL's stock crash in 3, 2... oh, it's already going down.

Why would you expect hardware at a developers conference?

I'm absolutely baffled why people have been expecting hardware :confused:
Rating: 10 Votes
15 weeks ago
Best WWDC keynote of all time.
Rating: 10 Votes

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