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March Launch for Slightly Thicker iPad 3? iPhone with 4-Inch Screen in Summer?

iLounge offers a series of tidbits from its "most reliable source" regarding Apple's product plans for 2012, reporting that the iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro will all be receiving redesigns.

- iPad: The source indicates that the iPad 3 is planned to launch in March and that it will be approximately 0.7 mm thicker than the iPad 2 due to the need to incorporate a dual light bar system for the higher-resolution display. The iPad 2 currently checks in 8.8 mm thick, which would make the iPad 3 approximately 8% thicker than the iPad 2 but still substantially thinner than the 13.4 mm original iPad.

Previous "iPhone 5" mockup based on leaked case designs

- iPhone: iLounge's source claims that the next-generation will not resemble the teardrop "iPhone 5" design that circulated ahead of the iPhone 4S introduction last month. The next iPhone is, however, said to carry a 4-inch display (up from 3.5 inches in the current iPhone) and be 8 mm longer than the current form factor. Apple is said to be targeting a summer launch for the device, which would mark a short interval from the iPhone 4S launch last month.

- MacBook Pro: The source indicates that 2012 will indeed see the launch of a thinner MacBook Pro form factor, barring any last-minute problems. We've been hearing for some time that Apple has been finishing up work on just such a redesign, although the company did sneak in one last minor refresh using the current form factor just last month. Recent reports have claimed that an ultra-thin 15" Mac notebook, whether it be a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, is on target for a March launch with small volumes of components already making their way through the supply chain.

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36 months ago
0.7mm thicker. Oh the humanity!:rolleyes:
Rating: 28 Votes
36 months ago
Apple releasing a thicker iteration of a product!!??

Steve, did you hear that!?
Rating: 28 Votes
36 months ago
Not that picture again!
Rating: 27 Votes
36 months ago
The iPhone 5 is most likely coming out in the fall. I highly doubt they'll release the 5 so close to the 4S.
Rating: 21 Votes
36 months ago
I missed you iphone 4ss 5 render!
Rating: 19 Votes
36 months ago
The iPhone 5 MAY have a summer release date now, but there will be "problems" that will push it to Fall 2012.

Remember this. This is what will be said when Summer gets here. smh.

Rating: 18 Votes
36 months ago
The iPhone 3G was slightly thicker than the iPhone. This wouldn't be the first time. I think customers won't mind (or notice) 0.7mm when the screen is retina quality.
Rating: 15 Votes
36 months ago
I'd buy an iPhone if it looked like that.
Rating: 13 Votes
36 months ago
The iPad could be .7 mm thicker and people would say, "There are Android tablets that are thinner!"

Let me know when those same tablets can run a retina display with the additional time .7mm of battery thickness provides, assuming these rumors are true...
Rating: 12 Votes
36 months ago

Long story short: A LOAD OF BULL THIS IS.

Give me a break.

Rating: 12 Votes

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