Apple Card Promo Offers $75 in Daily Cash to New Users

Apple is offering $75 in Daily Cash to customers who open a new Apple Card through February, but they must open the account through a referral page at and make their first purchase within 30 days in order to qualify.

apple card 1 iPhone 13
The $75 in Daily Cash is applied to the new Apple Card account's Apple Cash balance after the first transaction posts to the account, according to Apple.

Apple has run similar limited-time promotions several times in the past. For example, in September, Apple offered a higher $100 in Daily Cash to customers who opened a new Apple Card through the referral page at the time. This latest promotion began on November 30, 2022 and runs until February 28, 2023.

Apple previously announced that customers who sign up for an Apple Card between December 1 and December 25 are eligible for an increased 5% Daily Cash on Apple products purchased with the card between those dates at Apple Stores and on

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TinyMito Avatar
11 months ago
Come-on Apple Canada...
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Choco Taco Avatar
11 months ago
The two year 0% financing on iPhones is why I got it. Then every year when the new iPhone is around the corner I sell the phone for most of what I originally paid, pay off the remaining balance, then do the two year 0% thing on the new iPhone. And it builds my credit and the limit goes up every time I do this. So ... yay.
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russell_314 Avatar
11 months ago

they don’t care lol. they see what the competition does and they just shrug.

curious to see how they’ll grow/elevate Apple Card though, if at all.
The $75 was enough to entice me. It's $75 I didn't have before. I like the convenience of Apple Card and how easy it is to manage but it doesn't have the high rewards of some of my other cards so I don't use it quite as much.
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Dark_Omen Avatar
11 months ago

That's not a very serious sign up bonus (SUB). A typical no annual fee (AF) card might offer a $200 bonus if you spend $500 in the first 3 months.
If I buy a pack of gum for $0.50, I get a $75 bonus on a no AF card. That's a much higher reward than getting $125 more for spending $495.50 more.
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newyorksole Avatar
11 months ago

The $75 was enough to entice me. It's $75 I didn't have before. I like the convenience of Apple Card and how easy it is to manage but it doesn't have the high rewards of some of my other cards so I don't use it quite as much.
that’s awesome. my rule of thumb is… if you like it and it doesn’t hurt you physically, emotionally or fincianclly… just get it! lol

people love to say “why get Apple Card? there are a MILLION better cards out there!”

uhh because I like Apple, it’s convenient, integrates well into the ecosystem and is TITANIUM. that’s reason enough lol.

a nice addition.
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Macintosh Quadra 840av Avatar
11 months ago

I'm interested in where you retrieved your statistics from?

The only 2.5% cash back card (on everything) with no AF I've heard of is the USAA Limitless... And it was available in select states, required a single direct deposit of $1,000 or more a month, and also no longer exists.

If you want 2.5%+ back in rewards on all purchases, one would have to get a Chase or AMEX and redeem for flight mileage.
Even with 2% being a minimum, Apple Card falls short as you have to use Apple Pay in order to get that amount, while many other cards give it to you on ALL purchases, including using the physical card.

It's also missing a lot of the fairly common features found on other cards, like rental insurance, extended warranties, and more.
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