Apple Suppliers Reportedly Preparing for Launch of New MacBook Pros Ahead of Rumored October Event

Apple's suppliers are reportedly preparing to produce and ship Apple's next-generation 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, which are expected to feature M2 Pro and ‌M2‌ Max chips.

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According to DigiTimes, suppliers within Apple's Mac supply chain are preparing for shipments of upcoming MacBook Pros by slowing down production on existing Macs. DigiTimes notes that Apple's suppliers are similarly ramping down production on the first-generation AirPods Pro following the second-generation's announcement last week.

Apple is expected to update its 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with the yet-to-be-announced ‌M2‌ Pro and ‌M2‌ Max chips sometime in the near future. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has reported that Apple is planning an event next month that will be Mac and iPad-focused. Gurman has said that the development of the updated machines is well underway and could see a launch as soon as this fall.

The new 14-inch and 16-inch models are expected to retain the same design as the models announced in October 2021 but with the added performance and power efficiency of the ‌M2‌ Pro and ‌M2‌ Max chips. The chips are expected to be based on the 5nm process and will likely have increased GPU core counts and RAM compared to their M1 equivalents.

Other than updated MacBook Pros, Apple could also be planning to announce an updated Mac mini with ‌the ‌M2‌‌ chip, new iPad Pro models, and potentially the Apple silicon Mac Pro at an event next month.

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urtules Avatar
21 months ago

Whhhhhhyyyyyyyy would Apple release a new model of MacBook Pro where the only update is its power?
Sorry, you are completely missing the point. Mac and iPhone are different products, yes, both are computers but I don't know anyone who updates Mac every year. Apple is probably going to bump M1 to M2 and it will be a nice boost in power/efficiency, no matter how small it is, they still should do it.

– People do not update Mac every year anyway.
– Every year, every day, people buy new Macs.
– It's a good thing that Mac have as up-to-date specs as possible.
– The price remains the same, people getting better specs and use their machine for long time.
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mdgm Avatar
21 months ago

I don't see many reasons for many to upgrade their M1 to and M2. I am sure Apfel ? is also aware of this.
Apple doesn't expect most people to upgrade every time new machines are released. Historically they used to do 2 years Apple Care for phones and 3 years for Macs, so they expected there'd be enough of a jump to warrant upgrading to a new Mac machine every 3 years.

The M2 would be aimed at those upgrading from Intel Macs. Some people will have held off on getting new Macs for longer than normal not wanting to get a 1st gen Apple Silicon Mac and wanting to wait for more software to be rebuilt to run natively on Apple Silicon and for any early issues that may have arisen with the transition to get resolved. Many business users don't want to feel like beta testers, they want to be very confident that what they are getting will work with minimal issues.
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MajorAbomb Avatar
21 months ago
I'm going to assume it will be the exact same body/screen etc as they keep them around a few years, but would be nice to see a better usage out of the notch, or even just go iPhone 14 pro and give us the Dynamic Island instead.
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scottrichardson Avatar
21 months ago

I don't see many reasons for many to upgrade their M1 to and M2. I am sure Apfel ? is also aware of this.
Yeah but it gives those of us who are still using powerful last generation Intel machines more of a reason to go buy a new Mac. The M1 wasn’t a big enough jump in GPU performance for me to make the jump.
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EugW Avatar
21 months ago
DigiTimes, so take with a grain of salt.

Anyhow, please give us the updated Mac minis already, Apple.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
mikethemartian Avatar
21 months ago

The macbook pro 16 inch isn't even a year old and it took most people 4 to 5 months to finally get their machines. If they already to to M2 chips, that would be very frustrating for all who have purchased since last November...
Why should that be frustrating? A person who purchased the previous model received the latest technology available at the time.
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