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Tim Cook Says One-Third or More of Apple Store Visitors Now Using Trade-In Program

Friday October 25, 2019 9:29 am PDT by
Prior to delivering the keynote address at the Ceres sustainability gala in New York City this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke briefly with GQ about the company's environmental efforts, iPhone trade-ins, and more. Apple has heavily promoted its iPhone trade-in program at its retail stores and on its website over the last year, and Cook said the increased emphasis has been effective, noting...

Apple Wins CITI Outstanding Brand Award in China for Environmental Focus

Thursday October 24, 2019 3:58 pm PDT by
Apple today announced that it is the first company to receive a Green Supply Chain CITI Outstanding Brand award for its environmental efforts in China, specifically its contributions towards making its entire supply chain more environmentally responsible. Apple announced the news on its Chinese site (via 9to5Mac), and said that as a CITI brand, the company will continue to maintain a "superior ...
China Clean Energy Fund Wind Farms Apple

Apple Invests in Three Wind Farms in China as Part of Renewable Energy Efforts

Tuesday September 24, 2019 6:52 am PDT by
Last year, Apple announced the launch of a $300 million Clean Energy Fund in China to connect suppliers with renewable energy sources. Apple and 10 of its suppliers in China will invest nearly $300 million by 2022 to develop projects totaling one gigawatt of renewable energy. In a press release today, Apple said that includes three wind firms in Hunan and Hubei that will generate...
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Apple Partners With RESOLVE in Effort to Source Gold From Miners Committed to Habitat Restoration

Tuesday August 13, 2019 6:48 am PDT by
Apple today announced it has partnered with non-profit organization RESOLVE to seek out innovative ways to source gold responsibly. The problem: gold mining operations in Alaska and the Yukon region have resulted in a reduction in the salmon population in the creeks and streams being mined. RESOLVE's solution: combine mining with habitat restoration to improve the streams so that salmon and...
apple park solar

Apple Leads All U.S. Companies in Domestic Solar Energy Capacity

Thursday July 25, 2019 7:57 am PDT by
Apple had more installed solar energy capacity in the United States than any other company as of the end of 2018, according to a new report released by the Solar Energy Industries Association (via CNBC). Apple led the way with 393.3 megawatts of installed solar energy capacity, topping Amazon and Target at 329.8 megawatts and 242.4 megawatts respectively. Google trailed in sixth with 142.9...

Will, Jaden and Jada Smith Visit Apple Park for Environmental Discussion

Thursday April 18, 2019 9:21 pm PDT by
Will Smith, his wife Jada Smith, and his son Jaden Smith today visited Apple Park to discuss the environment and Jaden's Just Water company, according to a tweet Apple CEO Tim Cook shared on Twitter this evening. Just Water is a water company that sells ethically sourced spring water in paper-based bottles with sugarcane caps, all of which is more environmentally friendly than a standard...
material recovery lab

Apple Opens Material Recovery Lab in Austin to Improve Recycling Efforts

Thursday April 18, 2019 6:10 am PDT by
Apple has opened a new lab that will study how it can expand upon its current recycling processes through machine learning and robotics. The company announced the news today, along with other environmentally-focused updates, including that it will quadruple the number of locations where United States customers can send their iPhone to be disassembled by its recycling robot Daisy in a major...
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iPhone Assembler Foxconn and Other Suppliers Pledge to Use 100% Renewable Energy for Apple Production

Thursday April 11, 2019 5:45 am PDT by
Apple today announced it has nearly doubled the number of suppliers that have committed to run their Apple-specific production on 100 percent renewable energy, bringing the total number to 44. The list of newly committed suppliers includes, among others, Gorilla Glass maker Corning, Face ID module provider Finisar, A-series chipmaker TSMC, Apple Watch manufacturer Quanta Computer, AirPods...

Apple Partners With Akamai, Etsy, and Swiss Re for Renewable Energy Projects in Illinois and Virginia

Monday August 6, 2018 11:20 am PDT by
Apple is partnering up with Akamai, Etsy, and Swiss Re to develop two new wind and solar energy farms in Illinois and Virginia, the companies announced today. The new energy projects are set to generate 290 megawatts for the PJM electric grid in the Eastern United States, covering areas like Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. A solar farm in China As a collective,...

Apple Announces New $300 Million Clean Energy Fund in China

Thursday July 12, 2018 5:13 pm PDT by
Apple today announced the launch of a $300 million investment fund in China which is designed to connect Apple's suppliers with renewable energy sources. Apple, along with 10 initial suppliers, is investing $300 million into the China Clean Energy Fund over the course of the next four years. Apple says the fund will invest in and develop clean energy projects totaling more than 1 gigawatt of...

Apple Shares 2018 Environmental Report With Details on Daisy Recycling Robot, Progress on Closed-Loop Supply Chain

Thursday April 19, 2018 1:02 pm PDT by
Apple today shared its 2018 environmental report [PDF], outlining all of the improvements and changes that were implemented throughout 2017 and early 2018 to lessen the company's overall environmental impact. As was announced earlier this month, Apple recently hit a major milestone and longtime environmental goal, with 100 percent of its operations around the world powered by renewable energy. ...
apple daisy

Apple Debuts New iPhone Recycling Robot Daisy and GiveBack Trade-In Program

Thursday April 19, 2018 11:00 am PDT by
Ahead of Earth Day on Sunday, Apple today announced a few initiatives that support the company's commitment to the environment, including its goal of making its products using only recycled or renewable materials. Apple's new iPhone disassembly robot Daisy First, for every device traded in or recycled at Apple Stores or on worldwide between today and April 30, the company will make...
apple park environment

Apple Opposes Proposed Repeal of Clean Power Plan in United States

Friday April 6, 2018 9:26 am PDT by
Apple has formally objected the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan in the United States. In a letter submitted to the agency today, Apple said repealing the policy would subject the company and its manufacturing partners to increased investment uncertainty in relation to clean energy, according to Reuters."Repealing the Clean Power Plan will subject...

Greenpeace Gives Apple a B- in 'Guide to Greener Electronics'

Monday October 16, 2017 10:01 pm PDT by
Greenpeace today published its Guide to Greener Electronics, which provides insight into the environmental practices of 17 major companies including Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, and more. Among all of the companies Greenpeace evaluated for energy, resource consumption, and chemicals, Apple received the second best marks, trailing behind only Fairphone, a device designed...
iphone 7 packaging

Apple Shares Meticulous Steps Taken to Ensure iPhone Packaging is Environmentally Friendly

Tuesday October 10, 2017 10:14 am PDT by
Apple has shared a new Paper and Packaging Strategy white paper, outlining steps the company takes to reduce its paper impact by using paper more efficiently, sourcing it responsibly, and protecting or creating sustainable working forests. iPhone 7 packaging To protect the environment for the future, Apple said three priorities guide its efforts: 1. Reduce impact on climate change by using...
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Apple and Other Tech Companies Accused of 'Weakening' Green Electronics Standards

Thursday August 3, 2017 7:44 am PDT by
In a new 45 page report by Mark Schaffer of, Apple, Sony, and other tech industry companies have been targeted as the reason behind lagging green electronics standards in the United States, which are meant to establish an overall set of environmental leadership specifications for the design, usage, and end-of-life phases of electronic devices. According to, Apple and...

Apple Shares New Earth Day Ad in Late July

Thursday July 27, 2017 1:40 pm PDT by
Earth Day was over three months ago, on April 22, yet Apple today uploaded another quirky Earth Day video outlining the company's plan to ensure almost one million acres of forests are responsibly managed by 2020. The one-minute ad was shared on Apple's own YouTube channel today, and later tweeted by Apple's environmental chief Lisa Jackson. Apple's 2017 Earth Day video campaign began...

Apple Adds Phobio as New Mac Trade-In Partner

Tuesday June 20, 2017 1:55 pm PDT by
Apple today updated its Mac recycling program to partner with a new company, replacing longtime partner PowerOn with Phobio, a company that promises a seamless device buyback program. Apple's recycling program is designed to offer Apple users cash for their old devices by providing simple trade-in options. Starting today, when you use Apple's Renew and Recycling program to recycle a Mac...
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Apple Issues $1 Billion Green Bond Sale to Fund Renewable Energy

Tuesday June 13, 2017 8:15 am PDT by
Apple today issued a $1 billion green bond to fund renewable energy generation, according to Bloomberg. Apple reportedly said it plans to use the proceeds to finance projects involving renewable energy resources and energy efficiency, including advancing its goal of achieving a closed-loop supply chain, through which products are made using only renewable resources and recycled material....
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Apple CEO Tim Cook Urges U.S. President to Stay in Paris Climate Pact

Wednesday May 31, 2017 1:45 pm PDT by
Amid rumors suggesting U.S. President Donald Trump plans to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, multiple tech CEOs have been urging him not to do so, reports Bloomberg. On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook called the White House to ask the president not to abandon the agreement, which is a 195-nation pact committed to cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and reducing...