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Apple Shares Praise From Developers Happy With 15% App Store Fee Cut

Tuesday November 24, 2020 9:17 am PST by
Apple last week announced the launch of a new App Store Small Business Program that will see the company lowering its ‌App Store‌ fees for small business owners and independent developers. On January 1, 2021, all developers who earn less than $1 million from the ‌App Store‌ will pay a 15 percent commission to Apple instead of the standard 30 percent. Apple today shared a press release that...
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Apple Extends Deadline Requiring Apps Offering Virtual Group Events to Use In-App Purchases

Monday November 23, 2020 9:33 am PST by
Apple in September tweaked its App Store rules surrounding in-app purchase requirements for realtime experiences, and as a result, apps that offer virtual events for more than a single person must use in-app purchases. Apple was originally requiring apps to comply starting in December 2020, but the deadline has now been pushed out until June 30, 2021.As the world fights COVID-19, we...
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Developers Now Able to Create Subscription Codes to Lure New and Returning Subscribers

Tuesday November 17, 2020 3:17 pm PST by
Apple today informed developers that they can now take advantage of subscription codes, which can be provided to customers to allow them to sign up for subscriptions at a discounted price or for free for a specified duration. Developers are able to create unique, alphanumeric codes, which Apple says can be used to acquire, retain, and win back subscribers. Codes can be provided digitally,...

App Store Connect App for Developers Gets Fresh Icon, New Features

Wednesday October 7, 2020 12:53 pm PDT by
Apple today updated its App Store Connect app designed for developers, introducing a new icon that is a more complex version of the original simple blue and white "A" design. New icon on the right ‌App Store‌ Connect is used by developers for iOS app management. It provides info on app statuses, offers data on app performance and sales, and lets developers access and respond to reviews....

Apple Releases New Tools for Developers to Create Short App Store Links and QR Codes​

Tuesday September 29, 2020 11:01 am PDT by
Apple today informed developers that it is making new App Store marketing tools available for use, providing developers with a simple way to create short links, embeddable code with app icon and product page, QR codes, and more. Take advantage of new marketing resources to promote your apps around the world. You can now generate short links or embeddable code that lead to your App Store...
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Apple Releases Enhanced Sandbox Testing to Developers

Thursday September 10, 2020 5:33 am PDT by
After being announced earlier this year at WWDC, Apple has now released enhanced sandbox testing to developers. The feature will allow developers to test their in-app purchases for a wide range of scenarios, such as upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, introductory offers, and interrupted purchases. The Apple sandbox environment lets you test in-app purchases on devices using product...
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Apple Introduces Subscription Codes for Developers

Wednesday September 2, 2020 1:57 pm PDT by
Apple today informed developers about an upcoming Subscription Code feature that's designed to allow developers to offer up discounted or free auto-renewable subscriptions to lure customers. Later this year, you'll be able to acquire, retain, and win back subscribers with subscription offer codes: unique, alphanumeric codes that provide free or discounted prices for auto-renewable...

Apple Raising App Store Prices in Chile, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Turkey Due to Tax Changes

Tuesday September 1, 2020 11:22 am PDT by
Apple today began informing developers of upcoming App Store pricing changes in several countries due to tax changes, with the prices of apps and in-app purchases affected. Prices are shifting in Chile, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Chile: New value-added tax of 19% Mexico: New value-added tax of 16% Saudi Arabia: Increase in value-added tax from 5% to 15% Turkey: New...
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Apple Encourages Developers to Use iOS 14's New App Attest API to Protect Against Security Threats

Monday August 3, 2020 9:56 am PDT by
Apple in iOS 14 added a new App Attest API to the DeviceCheck feature that helps keep iOS apps secure. Apple today sent out a reminder to developers, letting them know about the new API. App Attest is designed to reduce fraudulent app use, generating a cryptographic key on a device to verify app integrity before the server provides access, which will help cut down on hacked apps and apps...

U.S. Antitrust Regulators Investigating Apple's App Store Fees and Policies

Friday June 26, 2020 3:14 pm PDT by
As part of an ongoing antitrust inquiry into Apple's App Store policies, U.S. antitrust regulators are looking into the 30 percent cut that Apple takes from in-app subscriptions, reports Bloomberg. Government lawyers have been meeting with developers over the course of the last several months, and in meetings as recent as last week, developers have been asked questions about Apple's...

Apple Highlights More Projects Designed by Swift Student Challenge Winners

Thursday June 25, 2020 1:23 pm PDT by
Apple hosts a Swift Student Challenge ahead of WWDC each year, tasking students with creating an innovative Swift Playgrounds project. Apple has been highlighting Swift Student Challenge winners in 2020, and today shared some of the projects students created on the Apple Developer site. Brazilian student Henrique Conto, for example, created a three-minute Touch Bar game where players help a...

Apple Now Letting Developers Know When Customers Request In-App Refunds to Prevent Scams

Wednesday June 24, 2020 12:48 pm PDT by
Apple is introducing a new in-app purchase server notification system that lets developers know when a customer requests and receives a refund for an in-app purchase, allowing the developer to take an appropriate action, such as revoking the purchased item. Developers are not involved in Apple's refund process, which is handled by the company. Prior to now, when a user requested and received ...

Apple Revamps App Store Connect With Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Interface

Tuesday June 16, 2020 12:34 pm PDT by
Apple today updated App Store Connect on the web, based on tweets from developers who are pleased with the newly introduced interface changes. ‌App Store‌ Connect is designed to let app developers manage the apps that they have available for download in the ‌App Store‌. New UI on the App Store Connect dashboard! #iOS— illustratorSal (@thatsalih) June 16, 2020 ...

Apple Launches Open Source Project to Let Password Management Apps Create Strong Passwords

Friday June 5, 2020 9:20 am PDT by
Apple today informed developers that it has launched a new open source project that's designed to let those who develop password management apps create strong passwords compatible with popular websites. The new Password Manager Resources open source project allows password management apps to integrate website-specific requirements used by the iCloud Keychain password manager to generate...

Ahead of WWDC, Apple Invites Some Developers to Attend Virtual Accessibility Session

Monday April 20, 2020 8:05 pm PDT by
Apple is inviting some developers to a special Accessibility session designed to teach them how iOS apps can take advantage of accessibility features built into the operating system, according to an email shared by developer Steve Troughton-Smith. The event, set to be held on April 23, will be an online session that takes place live, with developers able to ask questions and sign up for...

Apple Shares Updated Human Interface Guidelines for HealthKit, Now Lets Developers Use Apple Health Icon

Monday April 20, 2020 11:32 am PDT by
Apple today informed developers that it has released updated Human Interface Guidelines for HealthKit, providing new guidance on using the Apple Health app icon, additional guidance on using Apple Health-related terms, and new privacy and data usage guidelines. HealthKit is the SDK that allows developers to create integrations with the Apple Health app for health and fitness-focused apps,...

Apple Updates 'Apple Developer' App With New Video Features Ahead of Digital WWDC

Thursday March 26, 2020 11:47 am PDT by
Apple today updated its Apple Developer app to add new features related to video watching and sharing. The Apple Developer app was formerly known as the WWDC app, and it is where content from this year's digital WWDC event will be accessible to developers. Today's update introduces multiple playback speeds for watching videos, an option to interact with full video transcripts, and a feature...

Apple Lets Developers Know That Universal Purchase for Mac Apps is Now Available

Monday March 23, 2020 4:57 pm PDT by
macOS versions of apps can now be included as part of a universal purchase, which allows customers to purchase a single app (or in-app purchase) that works across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Apple says that developers can get ready to use the feature by assigning a single bundle ID for apps in Xcode and setting up their app record for universal purchase using App Store Connect. A ...

As of April 30, All Apps Submitted to App Store Must Use iOS 13 SDK or Later

Wednesday March 4, 2020 9:40 am PST by
Apple today informed developers that starting on April 30, 2020, all iPhone and iPad apps submitted to the App Store must be built with iOS and iPadOS 13 SDK or later. Apple previously told developers that iOS and iPadOS 13 SDKs would be required as of April, but did not give a specific date.iOS 13 is now running on 77% of all iOS devices introduced in the last four years, worldwide. Deliver ...

Apple Shares Updated App Store Review Guidelines on Spam, Push Notifications, App Store Reviews, MDM Apps and More

Wednesday March 4, 2020 9:34 am PST by
Apple today informed developers that it has released updated App Store Review Guidelines, with changes that cover reviews, spam, push notifications, Sign in with Apple, data collection and storage, mobile device management, and more. Apple's new guidelines can be found on its developer website, but we've highlighted a few notable changes below. 1.4.4 - Apps used to commit or attempt to...