Apple Gives Developer Account Page a Design Refresh

Apple today overhauled the developer account interface that developers access when logging into Apple's site, introducing a cleaner look that provides access to more information at a glance.

apple developer account page
While the prior version of the website had a side bar for navigation, the updated site features a top navigation bar with access to program resources, email preferences, membership details, code-level support, agreements, and events.

All of the same information can be accessed by simply scrolling down, and with most of what's needed right in program resources at the top, it should be quicker and easier for developers to find the tools that they're looking for.

Program resources includes App Store Connect information and one-click access to apps and analytics, plus it has software downloads and certificates, identifiers, and profiles for testing and distributing apps.

There are quick access tools for managing an Apple developer account, receiving emails and notifications, and using Technical Support Incidents for code-level support for Apple frameworks, APIs, and tools from an Apple engineer. The site is limited to developers and requires an Apple developer account to access.

(Thanks, @alixrezax!)

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AndyGasman Avatar
9 months ago
Looks like if you have more than 15 client developer accounts they get lost off the bottom of the top right drop down menu, on a normal sized laptop screen, and you can't scroll the list, which it quite unhelpful.

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nealibob Avatar
9 months ago
Ah yes, let's move the navigation to the top now that everyone has a widescreen display.
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HorstBockman Avatar
9 months ago
I appreciate that Apple has never shoved betas in developers' faces on the page.
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tastesliketailpipe Avatar
9 months ago
Now we can start living our lives to the fullest. ??
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fontman Avatar
9 months ago
YAY thank you
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