Live From WWDC 2019: Coverage of Apple's Keynote with iOS 13, macOS 10.15, and More

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) starts today at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, with the traditional keynote kicking things off at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

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We're expecting to see a number of announcements, including iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13. Many are also hoping for a preview of Apple's redesigned Mac Pro.

Apple is providing a live video stream on its website and via Apple TV. We will also be updating this article with live blog coverage and issuing Twitter updates through our @MacRumorsLive account as the keynote unfolds. Highlights from the event and separate news stories regarding today's announcements will go out through our @MacRumors account.

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Live blog transcript ahead…

8:58 am: Developers are lined up inside waiting to be let into the keynote room, while members of the media are in their separate holding area.

9:16 am: Just 45 minutes to go! Thanks for joining us, and welcome to the MacRumors 2019 WWDC live blog.

9:42 am: Attendees have been let into the keynote room and are taking their seats.

9:52 am: The livestream is up, though with just a splash screen for the moment.

9:58 am: The stream is starting with an animated video.


10:02 am: Here we go! Apple starting with a black-and-white video showing developers working from home, coding and designing.

10:03 am: "While the world sleeps, you dream. Welcome to WWDC."

10:03 am: Apple CEO Tim Cook comes on stage to applause. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Good morning and welcome to WWDC 2019!"

10:04 am: "We are inspired by the millions of incredible Apple developers around the world."

10:04 am: "WWDC is more vibrant than ever. More countries and more first-time attendees than ever. For most of you in the audience this morning, this is your first WWDC, so welcome!"

10:05 am: Hardware, software and services to deliver experiences unlike any other out there.

10:06 am: Going over the new services Apple launched earlier this year. Apple News+. Apple Arcade. Apple Card.

10:06 am: Apple TV Plus. Showing a sneak peek of a new show, For All Mankind.

10:07 am: It's a show about a fictionalized version of the Space Race where the Soviets are the first to land on the moon.

10:09 am: "I've gotten an early look at the entire season and I loved it."

10:10 am: "We completely redesigned the Home Screen, making ‌Apple TV‌ come to live from the moment you turn it on."

10:10 am: Today, the Up Next list has a mix of shows for everyone in the home. But we're introducing multi-user support for tvOS.


10:11 am: Apple Music gives personalized music suggestions to each user. Lyric display in sync with the music.

10:12 am: ‌Apple Arcade‌ gaining support for game controllers — the Xbox One and PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers.

10:12 am: Huge cheer for those.

10:12 am: New screensavers from under the sea. Partnered with BBC Natural History to shoot 4k HDR underwater footage.

10:13 am: Now, Apple Watch.

10:14 am: Another leap forward with watchOS to bring new experiences to Apple Watch. Kevin Lynch coming on stage to present.

10:14 am: First up, Watch Faces. More new watch faces this year than since the first Apple Watch.


10:15 am: Gradient face, animates with the time. Numerals face. Digital face. California dial. Complications are supported, etc. Solar face visualizes the sun's 24 hour path around the dial.

10:16 am: Taptic chimes, feeling a silent vibration on your wrist, and an hourly chime if the audio is turned on.

10:16 am: More Apple Apps are coming to watch. Audiobooks and Voice Memos.

10:16 am: Calculator!

10:16 am: Tip calculations and bill splitting.

10:17 am: Extended time to access API motion data. Streaming audio API, go with just your watch and stream podcasts, music, live sports, etc.

10:17 am: App Store to Apple Watch.

10:18 am: Search with dictation, scribble, or Siri.

10:18 am: Can purchase and install directly on the Watch.



10:20 am: For Activity, in watchOS 6, adds Activity Trends to track long-term activity. Over 90 days vs 365 days. It'll give an idea of whether your activity is trending up, maintaining, or trending down.

10:21 am: Hearing health: Protecting your hearing is critical. Since hearing loss is so gradual, it's important to know when sounds around you are loud enough to impact your hearing. Noise app can tell you if your environment is too loud and could impact your hearing.

10:21 am: Feature was designed with privacy in mind. Periodically measures, and does not record of save any audio.

10:21 am: Menstrual cycle tracking.



10:22 am: "Understanding what's normal for you is critical to making informed decisions." Gives a simple, discrete way to visualize your cycle right on your wrist. Symptoms, notified when a period is about to begin. Fertile window predictions. Also coming without a watch in the Health app on iOS.

10:23 am: Health app is the best way to see all your health data in one place. Redesigned app, with new summary view, favorites, and automatically generated highlights to see health data over time.

10:23 am: Machine learning on iPhone to determine which highlights are most relevant.

10:25 am: Demo time. Showing "Wind and Rain" watch face. Noise complication, asks the crowd to cheer.


10:26 am: Voice memo complication gives one-touch access to record thoughts.

10:26 am: ‌App Store‌ optimized for the Apple Watch. Shows ratings, screenshots, and can be downloaded directly on the Watch.

10:26 am: Demoing MLB app, can stream radio audio of games directly to the watch.


10:27 am: Lots of other updates, too. New summer color watch bands, and a new Pride Edition watch band. watchOS 6.

10:28 am: iOS updates. "The world's most powerful mobile operating system!" Last year, we delivered iOS 12.

10:28 am: Once again, iOS has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. 97% for iOS 12.

10:28 am: 85% of iOS customers are on the latest release.

10:29 am: Installed on more systems than any version of iOS ever.

10:29 am: Compares to "the other guys", last release was released before iOS 12. Only 10 percent adoption.

10:29 am: Craig Federighi coming on stage to talk about the next version of iOS.

10:30 am: "Our crack marketing team really surprised us this year by demonstrating their ability to count well into double digits. Yes, it's iOS 13"

10:30 am: "We worked top to bottom to make everything faster. Unlocking with Face ID is 30 percent faster."


10:31 am: Changed the way that we package apps on the ‌App Store‌. You'll see that your downloads are 50 percent smaller, and updates 60 percent smaller.

10:31 am: Apps launch up to twice as fast.

10:31 am: Showing a new feature with a video introduction...

10:32 am: Shows beautiful glowing jellyfish floating through water.

10:32 am: "iOS now lives in the dark." Dark mode!



10:33 am: "Let's begin our descent into darkness."

10:33 am: Showing dark appearance of notifications, widgets, calendar, notes. "It's really fantastic."

10:33 am: Added swipe to the stock iOS keyboard.


10:34 am: Adds new sharing suggestions, to text photos to people based on who is in the pictures.

10:35 am: Adds time-synced lyrics to the Music app.

10:35 am: QuickPath Keyboard is official name for swiping.

10:35 am: Safari, Mail, Notes. Safari can change text sizing and per-website settings. Rich fonts on Mail. Notes adds a new gallery view and shared folder support.

Type what you want, and Reminders will understand when and where to remind you.

10:36 am: Reminders has been rewritten from the ground up. More intelligent, intuitive and powerful.

10:36 am: Smart list, tagging people will show a notification next time you open a Messages thread with them.

10:37 am: Maps has been updated as well. "We've outfitted hundreds of planes and cars with custom sensors and lidar. Driven over 4 million miles.

10:37 am: Showing old versus new map. Rebuilt from the ground up.

10:37 am: Will have the new map to the entire US by the end of 2019, and select other countries next year.

10:38 am: Demoing the new map now. "We've been driving and flying all across the US to add significant new detail to the map." Roads and beaches, parks and buildings all look great.

10:38 am: New features on the launch screen: Favorites. Collections.

10:39 am: New binoculars button. Tap it for a "Look Around" window. Apple's version of Google Street View, apparently.

10:39 am: Has a smooth zoom feature to move down the street. Flies around like a drone.


Privacy is a fundamental human right.

10:40 am: Junction view in China, real-time transit, share ETA. Private and secure. "We protect your identity and privacy."

10:41 am: Sharing your location with a third-party app can enable some useful experiences. New: Share a location to an app just once, requiring it to ask for permission again the next time it wants it.

10:41 am: Adds background tracking alerts and reports so you know what the apps are up to. Some apps scan with wi-fi and Bluetooth signals. "We're shutting the door on that abuse as well."

10:42 am: Sign in with Facebook/Google logins — this can be convenient, but it can also come at the cost of your privacy. Personal information gets shared behind the scenes, and logins can be used to track you. We wanted to solve this.

10:42 am: "Sign in with Apple."

10:42 am: Fast, easy sign in. Without the tracking. Simple API puts the sign in right in the app. Authenticated with ‌Face ID‌, logged in with a new account without revealing any new personal information.

10:43 am: Some apps may want your name or email to send you information. They can request this information... but you can choose to share your actual email address, or hide it and use a unique, random address that forwards to your real address.

10:43 am: A hidden, anonymous relay email address. Each app gets a unique random address, so you can disable any one of them for any time when you're tired of hearing from that app.

10:44 am: This is available across all of our platforms and also on the web.

10:44 am: HomeKit: Homes are places we deserve to feel safe and secure.

10:44 am: No accessory is more personal than security cameras that film in and around your home.


10:45 am: Most home cameras today send people's video the the cloud to see the difference between a leaf blowing in the wind or someone at your door. New feature, HomeKit Secure Video.

10:45 am: Video is analyzed in your home, on HomePod, iPad, or ‌Apple TV‌. Encrypted and sent to iCloud where no one, not even Apple, can see it.

10:45 am: You'll be alerted if there's any activity and you'll be able to review the recordings. 10-days of storage included in ‌iCloud‌ account, and it won't count against your storage. Netatmo, Logitech, and Eufy supported initially.

10:46 am: Devices connect directly to the internet, can be compromised. ‌HomeKit‌ for Routers, firewalls off accessories from each other and your network. First coming from Linksys, Eero, and Charter/Spectrum.

10:47 am: Messages gaining shared name and profile/animoji from user to user. Only shared when you message someone.

10:47 am: New options for memojis. Showing a video of new options.

10:48 am: New makeup and accessories. Eyeshadow, lipstick, piercings, teeth, earrings, hair.

10:48 am: Hats, glasses, AirPods.

10:49 am: "So I think that's given us all a great deal to think about."

10:49 am: Memoji stickers

10:49 am: Incorporated into emoji in the system keyboard.

10:50 am: Memoji stickers and Memoji editor is supported for all devices with an A9 chip or later, not just those with TrueDepth camera.

10:50 am: Updates to camera and photos

10:51 am: Portrait Lighting taken to a "new level" — high-key mono. Extended to adjust the intensity of the lighting effect to virtually move light closer or further from the subject.

10:51 am: Photo editing: see at a glance all your settings, and with a tap and a drag, you can make adjustments. Applies across all existing effects, and new effects.

10:51 am: Bringing it to video as well.

10:52 am: You can now rotate a video in the edit screen!

10:52 am: Apply filters, and all the effects.

10:52 am: Photos weighed down with pictures of screenshots and receipts. Filters them out and organizes them. Automatic diary of your life.

10:53 am: Demoing the new ‌Photos‌.

10:53 am: Often times my best shots get lost in days of images. Switches to Days mode. Shows a single day at a time. Using "intelligence" to create layouts of photos.

10:54 am: Videos play automatically.

10:54 am: Days is "simply the best way to browse your photos."

10:54 am: Now in Months, it organizes into trips, events, and more. Makes it easier to browse "greatest hits"

10:55 am: In Years, gives a high-level overview of the library. Shows photos based on context. Recognizes that this is WWDC, so shows photos from the same day every year. If it's you daughter's birthday, will show pictures from birthday parties. Easy to scroll through from year to year.

10:56 am: While much of our interaction with iOS is through touch, we use it in so many other ways as well.

10:57 am: AirPods, ‌HomePod‌, CarPlay, and ‌Siri‌.

10:57 am: AirPods gaining new feature: ‌Siri‌ can read incoming messages as soon as they arrive and you can instantly respond. Announces and reads messages automatically.

10:58 am: Works with Messages and any third party messaging app using SiriKit.

10:58 am: Can share audio from one user to another via AirPods.

10:58 am: ‌HomePod‌ now gains Handoff.

10:59 am: Put ‌iPhone‌ near the ‌HomePod‌ to handoff music, podcast, or a phone call. Take it with you the exact same way.

10:59 am: Live radio via ‌Siri‌ fromiHeartRadio, TuneIn, Over 100,000 radio stations.

10:59 am: ‌HomePod‌ can recognize who is talking and personalize the response. Playlists, favorites, taste profiles.

11:00 am: Personalization of messages, reminders, notes and more.

11:00 am: ‌CarPlay‌ is now available in 90% of cars sold in the US, and 75% of cars sold globally.

11:00 am: Biggest update to ‌CarPlay‌ since the beginning.

11:00 am: New ‌CarPlay‌ dashboard. Maps, other details, sharing the screen.

11:01 am: Calendar app, redesigned Music app, ‌Siri‌ can get directions and music, and now works with this-party apps like Pandora and Waze.

11:01 am: Shortcuts app is built in to iOS 13. All shortcuts including those added to ‌Siri‌ are listed. New feature called suggested automations, based on your habits.

11:02 am: New way to create voice with Neural text to speech. Entirely generated by software. Has more natural cadence and better emphasis.

11:02 am: Showing how much better ‌Siri‌ sounds on longer sentences.

11:03 am: Much more natural and lifelike.

11:03 am: Automatically send unknown callers to voicemail.

11:04 am: Single-sign on to enterprise accounts. Separate ‌iCloud‌ accounts for personal and work lives.

11:04 am: ‌iPad‌ gains all these great new features... but over the years, ‌iPad‌ has evolved into something unique with giant canvas and powerful features. Slideover and split view, drag and drop, and Apple Pencil. We have some big changes coming to ‌iPad‌ this year. The time has come to recognize the platform in a special way.

11:05 am: Now there's iPadOS.

11:06 am: Tighter grid of icons. Can pin widgets right on the home screen.


11:07 am: Multi-window capability for apps on ‌iPad‌. Can show two windows from the same app, side by side.

11:07 am: Drag and drop apps between spaces. App Expose on ‌iPad‌.

11:08 am: Works for system and third-party apps. Microsoft Word documents side by side. "That's enterprisey right there"

11:09 am: Files gains column view.

11:09 am: File preview, quick actions, rich metadata.

11:09 am: iCloud Drive folder sharing.

11:10 am: Built-in support for SMB file sharing.

11:10 am: USB drive and SD card support.


11:10 am: Import photos directly to apps from a camera.

11:11 am: Safari on ‌iPad‌ adds "Desktop-class browsing"

11:12 am: Safari does all the heavy lifting, so you won't get mobile site but will get a desktop site sized for the ‌iPad‌ display. Works for Google Docs, SquareSpace and Wordpress. Download manager, 30 new keyboard shortcuts.

11:12 am: Use custom fonts in apps. Download right from the ‌App Store‌.

11:12 am: Updated text editing. Grab a scroll indicator to move through a document.

11:13 am: Moving cursor, can pick up and drag it where you want it to go. Selecting text, put your finger down and drag out a selection. No double tap, no magnifying glass.

11:13 am: Copy with three finger pinch, paste with three finger spread.

11:13 am: Three finger swipe left to undo.

11:14 am: ‌Apple Pencil‌ has 20ms latency currently. But with optimizations, it's down to 9ms in iPadOS.

11:14 am: Tool palette and tools have been redesigned. New PencilKit developer API. Easier to markup anything on any app.

11:15 am: New demo — new shrunk keyboard able to move to the right for single-finger typing

11:16 am: The selecting and gesture demo isn't quite as seamless as usual, but seem easy to use. Three-finger pinch and spread. Three-finger swipe left to undo, shake to undo sticks around too. Gestures aren't limited to text, works with any app for copy/paste, undo/redo.

11:17 am: ‌Apple Pencil‌ demo... drag in from the corner of the ‌iPad‌ to go into Markup in any app. Shows screenshot that can be edited. New full-page capture mode.

11:18 am: Back to Tim.

11:19 am: Mac!

11:19 am: New ‌Mac Pro‌. "To create a product further than it's ever gone before. I am so excited and thrilled to show it to you now."

11:20 am: It looks like a miniaturized old ‌Mac Pro‌ tower, complete with matching display.


11:21 am: New ‌Mac Pro‌.

11:21 am: It looks vaguely like a cheese grater. Sorry Jony.

11:22 am: Stainless steel frame with a foundation for modularity and flexibility. Stainless steel handles.

11:22 am: Internal modules mount to the frame. 360 degree access.

11:22 am: Processor: Brand new Intel Xeon processor, up to 28-cores.

12 DIMM slots. Up to 1.5 terabytes of system memory.
6 memory channels

2933MHz ECC

11:23 am: 300 watts of power and massive heatsink. Can run fully unconstrained all the time.

11:24 am: PCI expansion is back. 8 internal PCIe slots. 4 double-wide slots, three single-wide slots. One additional half-length slot for an I/O card. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports, Two USB-A ports, 3.5mm audio minijack.

11:24 am: Two 10Gb ethernet ports.

Radeon Pro 580X, Radeon Pro Vega II (14 teraflops, 32GB HBM2), or two Vega II GPUs.
11:25 am: x16 PCIe connector. Added PCIe, DisplayPort, and power. 500 watts on graphics card. Fanless design with huge heatsink. We call this the ‌Mac Pro‌ Expansion module. MPX Module.

11:25 am: World's most powerful graphics card.

11:26 am: Infinity Fabric Link between dual GPUs. And can be configured with two dual GPUs. 56 Teraflops and 128GB of HBM2 memory.

11:27 am: Converting video between native formats and proxies takes time. New card called Afterburner for video editing. Hardware accelerator card capable of processing 6 billion pixels per second. Unprecedented level of performance for ProRes and ProRes RAW. With Afterburner, can play back 3 streams of 8K ProRes RAW.

11:27 am: Or 12 streams of 4K. We can finally say goodbye to Proxy workflows.

11:28 am: 1.4 kW power supply. Three enormous fans and one large blower that can generate 300 cfm of airflow. As quiet as an iMac Pro.

11:28 am: Optional wheels!

11:29 am: Real world performance has been focus. Working with pro app developers like Adobe, Autodesk, Serif, and Blackmagic who all support ‌Mac Pro‌ today.

11:29 am: Real time effects on 8K content. SideFX, RED, Unreal, Avid.

11:29 am: Unity, Pixar, Foundry, Maxon are supporting as well.

11:30 am: Redshift render engine is coming to the Mac.

11:30 am: Logic and Final Cut demos now


11:32 am: Showing a complex Logic score. New version of Logic with performance — using sampler instrument libraries. Added 50-piece ensemble and a 100-piece orchestra. And another full orchestra. 1000 tracks running simultaneously.

11:32 am: 56 threads across 28 cores, with more tracks and plugins than has been seen before. Still has power to spare.

11:33 am: Showing 8K playing back in full resolution. Realtime 8K effects. Color correction and lens flare without stopping for it to render.

11:34 am: Three 8K streams running simultaneously. 100 million pixels.

11:34 am: The most powerful Mac we've ever made. And... a new display.

11:36 am: Talking about HDR and reference monitors and the features users want.

11:36 am: Make a display that expertly delivers every feature pros have asked for.

11:36 am: The most incredible panel we've ever made. 32-inch LCD, 6016x3384, 20 million pixels. 6K Retina display.

11:37 am: Largest Retina display we've ever made. More than 40% larger than ‌iMac‌ 5K display. P3 wide color, 10-bit, reference modes.

11:37 am: Superwide viewing angle, with contrast 25x better than typical LCD display.

11:37 am: Anti-reflective coating, and matte option.

11:37 am: Nano-texture glass with low-reflectivity.

11:38 am: HDR with extreme brightness with extreme contrast next to deep blacks. New backlighting system.

11:38 am: Every LED on every display is calibrated. Massive algorithm, with each LED modulated based on content. Custom lenses and reflectors.

11:38 am: Designed the rear lattice pattern of the screen to act as a heat sink.

11:39 am: Can maintain 1000 nits of full-screen brightness indefinitely.

11:39 am: 1600 nits peak.

11:39 am: Video editors can work for HDR content exactly as its intended.

11:39 am: Gorgeous, incredibly nuanced contrast — 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

11:40 am: Extreme Dynamic Range — XDR. The Pro Display XDR.

11:40 am: We have delivered every feature on the Pro wishlist. Thunderbolt 3, can power two displays off a single plug on a new MacBook Pro. New ‌Mac Pro‌ can power four of the displays.

11:40 am: 120 million pixels.

11:41 am: Pro Stand has counter balanced arm that makes the display feel weightless. Tilt and height adjustment. Screen can rotate to portrait mode too. Vaguely reminiscent of the old lamp ‌iMac‌.

11:41 am: VESA mount adapter.

11:42 am: "The world's best pro display"

11:42 am: Starting with 8-core Xeon, 32GB memory, Radeo Pro 580X, 256GB SSD. Starts at $5,999

11:43 am: Available this Fall.

11:43 am: A rack-mount version available as well.

11:44 am: Pro Display XDR is $4,999. Nano-texture version is $5,999. VESA is $199. Stand is $999.

11:44 am: macOS up next.

11:45 am: macOS Catalina

11:45 am: iTunes. Started at "Rip. Mix. Burn." Then iTunes Music Store. Then Podcasts. Radio. Video. Syncing.

11:46 am: "Can iTunes do even more?"

11:46 am: Jokingly suggests Calendar in iTunes. Mail in iTunes. Safari in iTunes.

11:46 am: Dock in iTunes. "NAILED IT"

11:46 am: "Our team had a better idea."

11:47 am: iTunes is now ‌Apple Music‌, Apple Podcasts, ‌Apple TV‌.

11:47 am: ‌Apple Music‌ is focused on music. All the powerful music features you'd expect from iTunes.


11:47 am: When you plug in your phone, this is what you see: nothing.

11:47 am: If you do want to sync, you can find it in the sidebar in Finder. All the sync options are there.

11:48 am: Podcasts: dedicated podcast listening experience.

11:48 am: Machine learning indexes spoken content in a podcast to search within your episodes.

11:49 am: ‌Apple TV‌ app is home for TV and music on the app. Watch Now, HBO, Showtime, purchased movies from iTunes. Includes 4K HDR support on recent Macs. Dolby Atmos and Vision.

11:49 am: Sidecar. New feature that allows an ‌iPad‌ to be used as a second display.




11:50 am: Can use ‌Apple Pencil‌ as an input device for the Mac, works as a tablet. Wired and wirelessly. Works across all apps that support tablets.

11:51 am: Accessibility. For users with physical motor limitations, voice can be powerful way to operate computer. New Voice Control feature. Lets you control your Mac and iOS entirely with voice.

11:51 am: Voice Control. "It's a whole new way to do everything you love."

11:52 am: Showing a powerful navigation of the app via voice only from a gentleman in a wheelchair, with no other input mechanism.

11:52 am: Very impressive.

11:52 am: Dictation and editing, navigation, iOS attention awareness, and on-device processing.

11:53 am: None of the audio goes to Apple.


11:53 am: "Find My" - combines ‌Find My‌ ‌iPhone‌ and ‌Find My‌ Friends. It can now locate Apple devices that are offline.

11:54 am: When it's offline and sleeping, it sends out a secure Bluetooth beacon that can be detected by other Apple devices nearby (even those owned by other people). Can relay location back to the network. Encrypted and secure.

11:54 am: Activation Lock - Adding Activation Lock to your Mac. Available in all Macs with T2 security chip. Works just like on ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌.


11:55 am: New start page in Safari, gallery view in Notes, redesigned Reminders app. ScreenTime coming to the Mac.

11:55 am: Project Catalyst - lets developers develop apps for the Mac based on existing ‌iPad‌ apps. Over 1,000,000 ‌iPad‌ apps out there. We think some of them would be fantastic on the Mac.

11:56 am: Improved sidebar, better text interaction, smoother scrolling. Catalyst is available to developers today.

11:56 am: Open up ‌iPad‌ in Xcode and check "Mac" box.

11:57 am: One app that goes from ‌iPhone‌ to ‌iPad‌ to Mac.

11:57 am: Giving quotes from app developers. Including Twitter.

11:59 am: A developer from Atlassian talking about porting Jira to the Mac.

11:59 am: Jira Cloud is coming to the Mac App Store later this year.

12:00 pm: "Our biggest group of pros is Developers. Everything we do is focused on the goal of helping you create the greatest and most innovative apps."

12:01 pm: This year we have a whole bunch to talk about. Starting with AR:

12:01 pm: RealityKit. Photorealistic rendering, environment and camera effects, animation, physics and more.

12:01 pm: Reality Composer: Build interactive AR experiences, built-in AR content library, Xcode tool and iOS app.

12:02 pm: Available in Xcode and iOS.

12:02 pm: ARKit 3. Motion Capture and People Occlusion. Compositing of people in real time. Virtual content in front and behind.

12:03 pm: Demo of ARKit in Minecraft

12:04 pm: Minecraft Earth. Showing on the tabletop. Can watch someone else building through their ‌iPhone‌. Interactive and motion capture.

12:05 pm: Shows giant virtual Minecraft world on the stage, with the players appearing directly on the game.

12:07 pm: "It's incredibly immersive. The fun quirkiness and surprises of Minecraft are all around us to discover."

12:07 pm: Minecraft Earth coming this summer.

12:08 pm: "It's a huge year for AR. It's also an enormous year for Swift."

12:08 pm: 450,000 apps on the ‌App Store‌ using Swift

12:09 pm: New SwiftUI framework.

12:10 pm: Much less coding required to build UIs.

12:11 pm: Showing a developer-focused demo of Xcode and SwiftUI being used.

12:15 pm: The developers seem excited.

12:15 pm: SwiftUI is available for Apple Watch as well.

12:15 pm: ‌Apple TV‌, Mac, ‌iPad‌, ‌iPhone‌, Apple Watch.

12:16 pm: ‌Tim Cook‌ back on stage.

12:16 pm: "What an incredible morning. Have you enjoyed it?"

12:16 pm: Developer beta coming today, public seed for macOS, iOS and iPadOS coming in July. Release this Fall.

12:17 pm: ‌Mac Pro‌ and Pro Display XDR demos available for WWDC attendees.

12:17 pm: "I'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard at Apple on all of the products you saw this morning."

12:17 pm: "Let's give them a round of applause."

12:18 pm: "Have a great week, thank you!"

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Apple Now Selling Refurbished iPhone 14 Models

Friday May 24, 2024 11:15 am PDT by
Apple today added refurbished iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max devices to its online store for refurbished products, offering the prior-generation iPhones at a discount for the first time since their 2022 launch. The iPhone 14 is available starting at $619, the iPhone 14 Pro is available starting at $759, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max is available starting at $849. ...
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Top Stories: iOS 17.5.1 Fixes Concerning Photos Bug, All-New iPhone 17 Model Rumored, and More

Saturday May 25, 2024 6:00 am PDT by
It's been quite a week of Apple news and rumors, ranging from a concerning bug with deleted photos reappearing on users' devices to hot rumors about a new high-end iPhone model for 2025 and a MacBook with a foldable screen coming as soon as 2026. Other news and rumors this week included fresh expectations for iOS 18 features and new headphones from Sonos to compete head-to-head with AirPods...

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bobdobalina Avatar
65 months ago
Now we know what the Apple credit card was made for.
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Solomani Avatar
65 months ago

Tim Cook — Make Macintosh Grate Again!
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AngerDanger Avatar
65 months ago
This is your friendly neighborhood AngerDanger, reminding all passengers to drink plenty of water in preparation for the heaping doses of salt forthcoming. Thank you for riding with MacRumors and have a nitpicky time!
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AngerDanger Avatar
65 months ago
This has been my favorite Apple presentation in years.
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AngerDanger Avatar
65 months ago
Please stop saying "dub dub".
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redheeler Avatar
65 months ago
This will be fun- why the negativity before it starts?
You must be new here.
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