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Customers Lining Up At Boutiques Carrying Apple Watch Ahead of Launch

The Apple Watch isn't going to be available for sale tomorrow in Apple's retail stores, but there are a select handful of high-end fashion boutiques around the world that will be offering various Apple Watch models for sale.

One of the stores, Maxfield, is located in Los Angeles, and people are already lining up outside the store in the hopes of getting an Apple Watch on launch day. Maxfield is the only store in the United States that have the Apple Watch in stock on April 24.

Line at Maxfield LA, image via Alidir8

Other stores that will have Apple Watch stock tomorrow include Dover Street Market in Tokyo and London, Colette in Paris, and The Corner in Berlin. It is not known how much stock each of these stores has available, but according to Dover Street Market's CEO, the Tokyo location will have 350 watches available for purchase, while Dover Street Market in London will have 570. Neither store is expected to have the Apple Watch Edition, but beyond that models in stock are unknown.

Though Apple's retail stores are not offering the Apple Watch for sale, there appears to be some confusion among customers. At Apple Stores in Australia, there were customers lining up outside of stores in the hopes of getting an Apple Watch.

The confused 23-person #AppleWatch queue outside Australia's flagship store.

A photo posted by Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson (@jendn) on

According to Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts, Apple Watch orders may not be available in stores for a month or longer as the company works to get all pre-orders delivered. Apple is getting orders out rapidly, however, and many customers who had 4 to 6 week shipping dates will be getting their devices tomorrow.

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24 months ago
the days of waiting in line are not over Angela!
Rating: 24 Votes
24 months ago

Are they carrying every model?

No, the models usually walk on their own.

They are very light to begin with, unless they are plus models.
Rating: 22 Votes
24 months ago
The lines outside regular apple retail stores shows this launch is not perfect.
Rating: 20 Votes
24 months ago
I for one enjoyed the days of waiting in line ... KNOWING I would get my device on actual launch day. I even enjoyed pre-ordering and having the option to pick-up from the store.
Rating: 17 Votes
24 months ago
This isn't too surprising. When I went for my try-on appointment, the employee told told me they would be available in the store on the 24th. I didn't bother correcting her. Apple Store employees seem exceedingly ignorant about the products they sell.
Rating: 14 Votes
24 months ago
I would be waiting in a line right now knowing that I would get my :apple: watch on launch day, but instead I followed procedure and now have to wait however long after the launch to receive mine. (even though people who ordered after me have already received shipping confirmations)
What a mess :apple:
Rating: 10 Votes
24 months ago
Boy when Angela finds out these low-lifes are outside her store she gonna be pretty pissed!
Time to bring out the water cannons.
Rating: 7 Votes
24 months ago

C'mon at least it's not Limited Edition.

That would be infinitely better.. Which edition do you have? I have the sport, oh I have the Red, I have the edition... yeah which edition? Edition.. IT. IS. SO. DUMB..
Rating: 6 Votes
24 months ago
It's actually the line for the new Star Wars movie that opens in December.
Rating: 6 Votes
24 months ago


Yeah. I understand an occasional cockup. Nobody's perfect, right?

But this was cockup, followed by denial, followed by more bad decisions, followed by (an attempted) PR coverup, like they planned all this.

At least take ownership and admit you blew it.
Rating: 5 Votes

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