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New Full-Sized iPad to Have Upgraded FaceTime Camera?

BGR posts what it claims to be photos from a new iPad's display assembly. BGR refers to the part as an "iPad 4" part but is somewhat uncertain about exactly what the part could represent. Apple is believed to be working on a revised full-size iPad (in addition to the iPad mini) that could also be launched on Tuesday as part of their media event. The new iPad would have a lightning connector and expanded LTE support. And, according to BGR, could have an improved FaceTime camera: They point to an enlarged front-camera opening as evidence that Apple could be upgrading the front-camera on this new iPad. The most noticeable changes we can see are the fact that the front-facing camera cutout is larger than the previous model, allowing Apple to include a bigger sensor. A larger sensor could allow for a higher quality camera. At the moment, the iPad's front camera offers "VGA-quality" photos. Notably, the iPhone 5's front-facing camera was upgraded to 720p video and 1.2MP photos, suggesting this is a direction they could also take the iPad. BGR acknowledges that the part, however, could be for a future iPad update. Apple's media event kicks off on 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern on Tuesday, October

Claimed Front Panel of White Next-Generation iPhone Surfaces points [Google translation] to a photo posted to a Photobucket account that appears to show a white version of the next-generation "iPhone 5" front panel. This appears to be the first time that a claimed photo of the white version of the device has been seen. Front (top) and back (bottom) of claimed front panel from white next-generation iPhone As with previously-leaked photo and video of the black version, the new photo seems to show the front-facing FaceTime camera centered on the device, located above the earpiece rather than to the left of it as seen on current iPhone models. The small black window to the left of the earpiece on the white panel is likely to be the proximity sensor, which is visible above the earpiece on current white models. The panel also shows a display with an aspect ratio of close to 16:9, in line with rumors of a taller screen measuring four inches diagonally. Overall, the front panel appears to match up closely to a previously-leaked design drawing showing details of the front panel. Notably, the Photobucket account hosting the new photo is the same one that previously posted leaked measurement comparisons between the rear shells of the third-generation iPad and the iPad 2, showing roughly how much thicker the new iPad would be over the previous

iPad 3 Rear Shell Measures in at 9.5 mm Thick, 0.8 mm Thicker Than iPad 2

While comparison photos of the iPad 2 rear shell and a claimed iPad 3 rear shell have shown slightly increased thickness for the forthcoming model and reports have suggested that the difference is roughly 1 mm, no measurements had surfaced to quantify the exact difference in thickness between the two devices. now points [Google translation] to a new photo showing both shells being measured with a digital caliper. According to the photo, the iPad 2 rear shell measures in at 8.69 mm thick while the iPad 3 part comes in at 9.50 mm, a difference of 0.81 mm. (Note: Text labels added by image poster are off by a factor of ten. Readings on caliper are correct.) Apple's official iPad 2 specs peg the device at 8.8 mm thick, just slightly thicker that the rear shell itself, which wraps around the sides of the device. Given a nearly identical design for the iPad 3, the overall device would measure in at roughly 9.6 mm, or about 9% thicker than the iPad 2 but still well below the 13.4 mm thickness of the original iPad. Sources who have handled the iPad 3 rear shell suggest that the difference from the iPad 2 will be nearly imperceptible to users.

Photo of the Back of an iPad 3 Rear Shell, Smart Cover Magnets

Apparently, iPad 3 enclosures are easy to come by these days. Earlier today, Repair Labs posted a photo of the interior the iPad 3 rear shell. They concluded that there were some minor changes that suggested a larger battery and redesigned logic board. Tonight, 麼這麼多阿-xd/"> posts an image of the back of the same shell, showing it to look quite simliar to the current iPad 2 backing, though the camera appears closer to the edge. There's no markings on the enclosure, however. No "iPad" or serial number markings. The site also claims to have a photo of the Smart Cover magnets, suggesting the iPad 3 will share the same Smart Cover as the iPad 2. iFixit has a magnet teardown of the iPad 2 which shows a similar magnet

New Photos of Camera-Equipped iPod Nano Casing Surface

Last April, Taiwanese site posted a photo of what appeared to be an iPod nano with a hole in the rear casing that was said to be for a camera. A second photo showing the casing from the other side surfaced a month later, appearing to show a clipless design for the device and claiming that it would carry a 1.3-megapixel camera. Apple ultimately made no changes to the design of the iPod nano in September of last year, instead opting to update the software and lower pricing on the 8 GB and 16 GB models. But the idea of a camera-equipped iPod nano was revived in November with the publication of a May 2010 patent application on speaker design that appeared to show a hole in the iPod nano's clip in the same location as the rumored camera hole seen in the leaked photos. now reports [Google translation] that a series of new photos have surfaced showing this camera-enabled iPod nano casing in even more detail. The new photos clearly show the device retaining its clip-on design with a metal housing for a camera assembly protruding from the back of the main case and sitting flush with a hole in the device's clip. The design would allow Apple to squeeze a camera into the current diminutive form factor of the iPod nano by moving much of the lens and sensor hardware outside of the main casing but still within the overall device envelope by utilizing a small portion of the gap between the device and the clip. Given that this design for a camera-equipped iPod nano has been floating around for some time and did not make an appearance during last

Taiwanese Site Sued by Supplier After Leaking Claimed iPad 3 Dock Connector

Last July, Taiwanese site posted photos of what was claimed to be the dock connector and ribbon cable for the iPad 3. While the connector doesn't reveal much of anything about the full iPad 3 device other than some speculation about the connector itself being white as opposed to black on the iPad 2, it was one of the first reported leaks of iPad 3 parts. Claimed iPad 3 dock connector leaked in July 2011 Apple's suppliers seem to have taken the leak seriously, however, as now seems to report [Google translation] that it has been sued by the supplier responsible for the part leaked in last year's report. Apple's security demands are of course well-known, but parts for the company's devices have regularly leaked well before their public release. Most of the leaked parts have been basic ribbon cables and other internal components that have revealed little about the complete devices despite significant amounts of analysis and speculation. Clearly Apple and its suppliers prefer that even these components not make their way into public view, although given the massive size of Apple's supply chain it may continue to have difficulty plugging leaks. Parts continue to leak on a regular basis, with some online vendors already offering some of the iPad 3 parts for

Photos of Claimed 'iPad 3' Dock Connector in White Surface

Taiwanese site has posted [Google translation] photos of what is claimed to be the dock connector and ribbon cable for the next-generation iPad. While the part is a proprietary but relatively standard one that provides no specific insight into the device's specs, one interesting observation is that the actual connector portion is white rather than the black color seen on the iPad 2. The dock connector on the iPad 2 is embedded in the curved aluminum shell of the iPad 2 and not the black or white bezel, and is in fact black on all models. Consequently, it is possible that this white dock connector portends a modified case design in which the dock connector itself would be preferred to be white, as is found on white iPhone 4 models. The dock connector on the original iPad was white, however, despite the fact that the device came only in black and the connector was similarly embedded in the aluminum shell. There are of course no guarantees that the part depicted in the photos is indeed a genuine dock connector for the iPad 3 as claimed, but the part carries a very similar form factor to the existing part and a part number updated from 821-1180-A in the iPad 2 to a newer 821-1259-06. The tail end of the ribbon cable also makes a 90-degree turn in the new part, whereas the iPad 2's dock connector ribbon cable is entirely straight. Apple has been rumored to be introducing some sort of updated iPad in the fall timeframe, with most sources suggesting that it should be considered a "pro" or "plus" version of the existing iPad 2 carrying a

iPhone 5 Camera Parts Show No Attached Flash has posted photos comparing parts of the iPhone 5 camera components alongside the iPhone 4 camera components. (via 9to5mac) Notably, the iPhone 5 rear camera does not come with an integrated Flash attached to it. This would suggest that the case photo posted earlier today may be accurate, and that the next generation iPhone's camera flash will be located separately from the camera. offers this photoshop mockup of the camera and flash in separate locations:

Clipless Next-Generation iPod Nano With 1.3-Megapixel Rear Camera?

In early April, Taiwanese site posted a photo of what was claimed to be the rear case for the next-generation iPod nano, appearing to reveal that the device will add a rear-facing camera to its recently-reduced form factor. Claimed next-generation iPod nano case (left) vs. current generation (right) While the previous shot showed that rear case from the front, thus showing the interior of the device, has now received a new photo [Google translation] appearing to show the same or similar part from the backside. The photo again clearly shows the camera hole, although there is obviously no camera module included with the case. Interestingly, the new photo shows no clip attached to the rear of the case, with the Apple logo appearing directly on the case itself. We had pointed out in our earlier report that it was unclear how the camera would function in relation to the clip on the existing model that covers essentially the entire back of the iPod and would thus obscure the camera lens. Removing the clip from the iPod nano entirely, however, would be a bit of a surprise given the device's small size and Apple's marketing of the current model as a sporty accessory to be worn on the outside of the user's clothing for quick access to device functions. The iPod nano and clip carry a similar functionality to that used with the iPod shuffle for many years, a design that Apple briefly deviated from before returning to the previous form factor last year. Today's new report also claims that the iPod nano camera will check in with a resolution of 1.3

Next-Generation iPod Nano to Add Rear-Facing Camera?

With the shift in form factor for the iPod nano at its latest update, a number of users were disappointed to see the camera that had been added in the fifth-generation model disappear. But if a new report from Taiwanese site [Google translation] is correct, the seventh-generation iPod nano presumably set for introduction later this year may retain its current smaller form factor but still add a rear-facing camera once again. According to the report, a source in California sent the below photo claimed to be the rear case for the next-generation iPod nano, displaying what appears to be a camera hole in an upper corner. The report raises some question as to whether the photo could be an April Fools' joke, although the photo does at least appear genuine and is consistent with the casing of the sixth-generation model with the exception of the new camera hole. Based on the position of the hole, the camera would appear to take up space currently occupied by a portion of the iPod nano's battery, so it is unclear whether the device would be able to use a smaller battery or if components could be shifted around enough to accommodate the camera while maintaining the same size for the battery. Unaddressed is how the clip on the next-generation iPod nano would accommodate the rear-facing camera, as the clip is currently covers the entire back of the device and would of course obscure the camera. Based on the screws visible on the inside back of the case, however, it seems that Apple have simply narrowed the clip and perhaps shifted it down slightly from center

Claimed Dock Connector From iPhone 5 Reveals Few Changes

Claimed iPhone 5 dock connector and cable (Source: Taiwanese site today posted a photo [Google translation] claimed to be of the dock connector and cable for the next-generation iPhone. The part is nearly identical to the corresponding part found in the current iPhone, with the main exception of a slightly narrower connector and cable where the part connects to the device's main board. The connector carries a part number of 821-1300-02, compared to 821-1281-A for the Verizon iPhone and 821-1093-A for the original iPhone 4. iPhone 4 dock connector (Source: iFixit) It may also be somewhat notable that this part exists in the first place, if it is indeed legitimate, as it would confirm that Apple is continuing to use the dock connector on the next-generation iPhone rather than shifting entirely to a different standard. The European Commission recently implemented a micro-USB universal charger standard, leading to some speculation that Apple would have to include such a port in addition to or instead of the existing dock connector, but Apple can meet the new requirements by simply including a dock connector to micro-USB adapter. It is not entirely clear from the automated translation of today's post, but the author also seems to assert that the recently-claimed larger screen for the iPhone 5 is indeed a fake, possibly claiming knowledge of a four-inch screen only in a slider form factor previously rumored by the site. We continue to have a hard time believing that Apple is planning to release an iPhone with slide-out keyboard, but it is

Apple Testing Three iPhone 5 Prototypes, One With Slide-Out Keyboard?

Keyboard Buddy Case for iPhone 4 Taiwanese site reports (via AppleInsider) that Apple has been testing three separate prototypes for the fifth-generation iPhone, including one with a slide-out keyboard. There are three iPhone5 prototype one is a sliding cover which Is the introduction of the keyboard after the side coverOther prototypes are said to be similar to the iPhone 4 except with an upgraded battery and apparently an 8-megapixel camera, up from the 5-megapixel sensor found on the iPhone 4's rear-facing camera. The report likens those prototypes to the transition from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS, with the same basic design augmented primarily by improvements in the device's internals. As for claims of a slide-out keyboard, the rumor seems incongruous with Apple's devotion to multi-touch functionality with on-screen virtual keyboards. Normally, we would simply cast such suggestions aside, but has a strong track record of providing leaked information from Apple's product pipeline. Most recently, the site posted photos of a small Apple-branded touchscreen that appeared a few months later in the company's latest iPod nano. The site also notes several times that these are prototypes, suggesting that the model sporting a slide-out keyboard could simply a design put together by Apple for the purposes of testing out various form factors, and may never be intended for a public release. Today's report from also reiterates ongoing claims that the next-generation iPad will be thinner and will carry at least one built-in

Design Drawings for Next iPhone?

Tw.Apple.Pro has published some design drawings which they believe to be for the next generation iPhone. The drawings aren't particularly revealing but they draw comparisons to the leaked iPhone parts video that was posted earlier this week. That video was removed from YouTube at the demand of Apple, suggesting the contents were legitimate. The video showed that the break points in the frame between the two antennas have been moved to different locations, indicating that the antenna design has been tweaked despite a very similar overall appearance for the new iPhone. Image from pulled video.

What is Apple Planning on Making with this 3x3cm Touch Screen? posts a few images of an Apple-branded touch screen that only measures 3x3 centimeters. The site has been a source of early parts for Apple products in the past, including white iPhone 4 parts and MacBook Pro enclosures. Based on the machine translation they aren't quite sure what the part is for. Though, they speculate about an iPod Touch nano, iPod Touch shuffle and even a touch-screen wrist-watch. We're not sure what to make of it. The screen isn't the right proportion to be used in the current iPod nano, though Apple could change the design. We're also taking their word on it that it's even a touch

Image of Headphone Jacks for White and Black Next-Generation iPhone Surfaces

Taiwanese site is continuing to receive images of parts for the claimed next-generation iPhone, this time posting a picture of the headphone jacks for the device in both black and white. Always looking out for aesthetics, Apple has utilized separate black and white headphone jacks for its existing iPhone models in the respective colors, maintaining the consistency of appearance even for the small amount of the interior of the jack visible in the absence of connected headphones. Maintaining this consistency in the next-generation iPhone would appear to be less important given that the headphone jack is located on the aluminum edge of the handset rather than in the colored back wrapping around the edges found in existing models, but Apple appears to be continuing to match headphone jack colors to those of the

Next-Generation iPhone Battery Joins List of Surfacing Parts

Parts for the next-generation iPhone continue to surface as the device's expected introduction at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next week approaches. The latest part to make an appearance on Taiwanese site is the device's battery, and while it appears that no additional info can be gleaned from the new images beyond that disclosed in reports based on prototypes that surfaced in the hands of Gizmodo and a Vietnamese mobile phone dealer, it does appear to offer another example of Apple's supply chain leaking out parts for an unreleased product. As first disclosed by Gizmodo, the new images show that the next-generation iPhone's battery carries a capacity of 5.25 watt-hours, a nearly 16.5% increase from the 4.51 watt-hour battery in the iPhone 3GS. The Vietnamese leaked prototype, however, carried a 5.00 watt-hour battery. The site has also posted a photo of the forthcoming iPhone's dock connector and cable, which differ somewhat in appearance from the design used in the iPhone 3G and

Photo of Partially Assembled White 4th Generation iPhone

Apple Pro has posted photos of a partially assembled 4th generation white iPhone. As best we can tell, the images are of a white front plate, LCD screen and metal casing put together. All these parts have been circulating in the past, so it appears they simply put them together to show what a completed unit might look like. (via Engadget) The case contains the screwholes seen in the Gizmodo leak. Apple is widely expected to introduce the next generation iPhone at WWDC in

Next-Generation iPhone to Offer Option of White Front Panel? [Updated]

fscklog points to a posting on Taiwanese site showing photos of the front and back of a purported white next-generation iPhone front panel. While very similar to the traditional black panel seen in some previous parts leaks and in prototypes that have surfaced in recent weeks, it does carry an unknown physical feature directly above the earpiece slot. The feature appears similar to a "reflective surface" seen in another part leak back in February. Apple has offered a white back on its iPhone 3G and 3GS models, with the exception of the 8 GB 3G model. If today's purported images do in fact turn out to be authentic, it appears that Apple is looking to bring that style option around to the front with a more prominent presence. Update: The photos have since been revealed to have originally come from Chinese e-commerce site and were cropped before being posted at

15" MacBook Air Under Development?

Taiwanese blog reports (Google translation) that Apple is developing larger versions of the MacBook Air, speculating that a 15" version could be in the works. The report provides little information other than that the new MacBook Air would be based on new ultra-low voltage Core 2 processors from Intel, but they promise that more information will be forthcoming in the second half of this year.'s mixed track record includes genuine leaked photos of the current generation of the MacBook Pro and MacBook, but their purported

Two-Tone MacBooks and a Questionable MacBook Video

With only four days until Apple's "notebook" media event, the rumor mill continues to ramp up. 9to5mac claims that the laptop pictured on Apple's event invitation does not represent the new MacBook. Instead, they believe that the new MacBook will retain an outer plastic design while incorporating an aluminum inner frame. They describe the final product as "two tone" and expect the new MacBook to come in black at a minimum. Meanwhile, we're confused by the antics of taiwanese site The site has been the source of multiple case images claiming to be the MacBook Pro and MacBook. The MacBook Pro casing was also "confirmed" to be real by AppleInsider. The site has now posted a video of what is claimed to be the new MacBook but looks identical to the current MacBook Air with the exception of the name ("MacBook") stamped on the bezel. In fact, the video doesn't even match up with photos they published two days ago which show a similar case, but with the power button in a different location. The video is being mirrored on YouTube video (via Adflow). Due to all these discrepancies, it's hard to accept that this video is legitimate. All should be revealed on Tuesday, October 14th when Apple will be launching their new laptops at special media