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iPad 3 Rear Shell Measures in at 9.5 mm Thick, 0.8 mm Thicker Than iPad 2

While comparison photos of the iPad 2 rear shell and a claimed iPad 3 rear shell have shown slightly increased thickness for the forthcoming model and reports have suggested that the difference is roughly 1 mm, no measurements had surfaced to quantify the exact difference in thickness between the two devices. now points [Google translation] to a new photo showing both shells being measured with a digital caliper. According to the photo, the iPad 2 rear shell measures in at 8.69 mm thick while the iPad 3 part comes in at 9.50 mm, a difference of 0.81 mm.

(Note: Text labels added by image poster are off by a factor of ten. Readings on caliper are correct.)

Apple's official iPad 2 specs peg the device at 8.8 mm thick, just slightly thicker that the rear shell itself, which wraps around the sides of the device. Given a nearly identical design for the iPad 3, the overall device would measure in at roughly 9.6 mm, or about 9% thicker than the iPad 2 but still well below the 13.4 mm thickness of the original iPad. Sources who have handled the iPad 3 rear shell suggest that the difference from the iPad 2 will be nearly imperceptible to users.

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91 months ago
Geesh forget it then!

Wow, that's just ridiculous. I totally won't buy an iPad 3 now. It's too fat!

(sarcasm :) )
Rating: 27 Votes
91 months ago
No big deal. Bigger battery…Better screen.
Rating: 14 Votes
91 months ago
So it is over 3in thick?

How can I trust these measurements if someone can not even write down the result?
Rating: 14 Votes
91 months ago
I hope no one mistakes my iPad 3 for a cinder block.
Rating: 11 Votes
91 months ago
Those pictures are a bit of a fail.

95MM = 9.5 CM. That's one thick iPad! My TV's thinner than that!
Rating: 9 Votes
91 months ago

Steve would have NEVER allowed this. He doesn't believe in making products thicker, only thinner.

/sarcasm. :)

Now, come on Apple, announce it next week and make it available the week of March 12-16. :p
Rating: 8 Votes
91 months ago
Cue the next Samsung ad with a a guy with massive comedy hands trying to hold onto the iPad 3 due to its increased thickness.
Rating: 8 Votes
91 months ago

0.8 mm is nothing!

Who is gonna notice that!

My ipad2 case, that's who.
Rating: 7 Votes
91 months ago
Does my iPad 3 look big in this?
Rating: 6 Votes
91 months ago

Steve would allow/say anything to make him and Apple more money, end of

You clearly have no idea what kind of a person Steve Jobs was.
Rating: 5 Votes

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