Apple is experimenting with various devices with foldable displays, including a MacBook. You might immediately want to point out that the MacBook is already foldable, but what we're talking about is an all-display MacBook form factor that has no standard keyboard.

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This guide covers everything we know about Apple's work on an all-display foldable Mac in the MacBook family.

Form Factor

Apple is rumored to be working on a foldable MacBook, which would have an all-display design. A single large screen would be able to be folded in half, and the device would be dual-use. It would serve as a notebook when folded in half, and could be used as a monitor when paired with an external keyboard.

Alternatively, Apple could create a foldable display with a physical keyboard, which would allow for a taller vertical display that would fold down into a compact package. We explore the different display possibilities in our dedicated foldable MacBook article.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that LG will produce display panels for a MacBook with a 20.2-inch or 18.8-inch foldable screen in the fourth quarter of 2025, which could lead to a launch in late 2025 or early 2026.

Display research analyst Ross Young says that Apple will use an 18.8-inch display for the device. Apple is aiming to make the display "as crease-free as possible" when it is unfolded.

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Analyst Jeff Pu believes that Apple will release a large-screen foldable or Mac as soon as 2025, with an iPhone to follow.

Display Technology

Apple is rumored to be working with LG Display to develop a foldable OLED display panel that could be used for future foldable MacBook and iPad devices. LG Display is developing technology that would use an ultra-thin cover glass, an upgrade over the polyimide material that current foldable displays use.

Apple also is testing electronic paper display (EPD) technology that could be used in future foldable devices, according to Apple analyst ‌Ming-Chi Kuo‌. Apple could use color EPD displays from Chinese company E Ink, as this technology would be much more energy efficient than other forms of display technology.

Display Size

According to recent rumors, Apple is developing an 18.8-inch OLED foldable display that could be destined for a future MacBook.

Digital Keyboard

The foldable MacBook will presumably have an on-screen keyboard with digital keys rather than a physical keyboard, with Apple perhaps employing haptic feedback for key feel. Apple already uses haptic feedback for the trackpad on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro to simulate a click, so something similar could be used for an all-display device.


At the ~19-inch size that Apple is experimenting with, the foldable notebook could have a 4K or higher resolution.

M-Series Chip

The foldable Mac could be equipped with a next-generation M5 chip.

Release Date

Display analyst Ross Young said in July 2022 that Apple could bring some kind of foldable notebook to market in 2026 or 2027, and it is as of yet unclear if such a device would be classified as a Mac, an ‌iPad‌, or something in between. Apple analyst ‌Ming-Chi Kuo‌ said in 2024 that Apple would introduce a 18.8-inch foldable MacBook in late 2025 to early 2026, while analyst Jeff Pu said a foldable notebook will come as soon as late 2025.

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