Report: Apple Starts Work on 20-Inch Foldable Display, Possibly for Future MacBook Pro

Apple has reportedly kicked off the development of a 20-inch display, possibly for a future MacBook Pro model, according to a report today by The Elec, citing industry sources.

foldable macbook astropadConcept by Astropad

Per the report, the 20-inch device will feature a 20.25-inch OLED display made by an unknown South Korean component supplier. With a 20.25-inch display unfolded, the device would feature a 15.3-inch screen when folded, larger than the current largest iPad Pro but smaller than the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Given that the screen size is in its early 20 inches when unfolded, the project product is likely to be in a form close to a MacBook (laptop). Assuming a 20-inch product is 20.25 inches, it will be 15.3 inches in size when folded. The currently available Apple MacBook Series screen sizes are mid-to-late 10 inches, and the iPad (tablet) series screen sizes are between less than 10 inches and early 10 inches.

The report claims that Apple is eyeing a mainstream commercial launch of its foldable device in 2026 or 2027, but is cautious that Apple is unlikely to do so until it transitions the iPad and Mac to OLED displays. Currently, only the high-end iPhone and Apple Watch models have OLED displays while other Apple products have LCD panels.

In an additional tidbit of the report, The Elec claims that Apple is looking to replace the iPad mini with a foldable device that measures 10 inches and notes a foldable ‌iPhone‌ is "unlikely," despite reports that Apple is working on one.

According to today's report, Apple plans to launch 11-inch and 12.9-inch ‌iPad‌ models with OLED displays in 2024, lining up with previous reports and rumors. The report also cites 2025 as the year Apple plans to debut a MacBook Pro with an OLED display.

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madmin Avatar
25 weeks ago
Apple have a strange love-hate relationship with keyboards
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
25 weeks ago
Foldable Display doesn't really interest me but give me the 16" iPad and bring back the 17" MacBook Pro, please.
Score: 14 Votes (Like | Disagree)
ThisBougieLife Avatar
25 weeks ago
A touchscreen just doesn’t replace a real keyboard for me. There’s a reason iPads have keyboard attachments. Can I type 110 WPM on a screen?
Score: 13 Votes (Like | Disagree)
till Avatar
25 weeks ago
Foldables are a physical, mechanical problem that nobody has really come close to solving well. They damage easily and don't look seamless.

I'm sure Apple experiments with a lot of ideas, but it would surprise me if they managed to launch a foldable product which is radically better than the garbage out there.
Score: 10 Votes (Like | Disagree)
TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
25 weeks ago

My 16" MBP display seems bigger than my old 17" MBP display. not sure why... maybe an optical illusion?
It could be because of the edge-to-edge display. It still has an amazing display tho.,edge%2Dto%2Dedge%20display.
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
crsh1976 Avatar
25 weeks ago

Here come the “who would ever buy this” comments. I know I would buy one looks cool as hell
That's the trouble with products/concepts that look cool, they're presented without any sort of ergonomic or usability concern.

This thing, as presented, is unusable.
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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