iOS 18 Rumored to Add New Features to These 16 Apps on Your iPhone

Apple is expected to announce iOS 18 during its WWDC keynote on June 10, and new features have already been rumored for many apps, including Apple Music, Apple Maps, Calculator, Messages, Notes, Safari, and others.

iOS 18 Apple Music Messages and Notes Feature 1
Below, we recap iOS 18 rumors on a per-app basis, based on reports from MacRumors, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, and others:

While they are not dedicated apps, it has also been rumored that generative AI technology will allow the iPhone's virtual assistant Siri and built-in search tool Spotlight to respond to more complex questions and search queries.

For even more rumors, read our iOS 18 roundup.

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Top Rated Comments

DroidBro Avatar
4 weeks ago
Here’s everything I’m hoping for:

iOS 18 Wishlist

? Notications/ Notication Shade.

•Option to turn off all notification badges with one toggle.

* Notification pinning

•Entirely new and revamped notification drawer. Basically just rip off everything Google is doing wholesale. Theirs is superior.

•Sync notifications across the ecosystem. If I read/dismiss a notification on iPhone it should be removed from all my other devices.

?️ Photos App.

•Magic eraser like feature.

•New library management feature that finds all duplicates, blurry photos, screenshots, other junk photos and allows you to delete with a tap.

•Screenshots go into their own album, away from all photos view.

☎️Phone app

•Option in calls to pull up a quick note.

? Screen Pinning (again rip off android) No more fears of them swiping away from what you want them to see.

? Secure Folder (again rip off android, specifically Samsung)

? Customization

-free app placement

•Theme Store Compatible with iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS

•Allow 3rd parties to create unique themes/icons/system sounds for iOS, iPad OS, MacOS.

•Material U like wallpaper themes

•System-wide themes. Icons, Sounds, Notification sounds, Ringtones, keyboard, toggles, sliders, colors etc. Rip off Material U.

-custom ring, notification sounds. Easier to add custom sounds without a mac. Ability to buy and download them from third party apps.

? iMessage.

•Group Typing Indicators

•Group Delivery reports (Delivered/Read)

•Theming Change Bubble Colors per contact, Expiring messages, More screen effects, Chat backgrounds.

•iMessage status. Ability to set iMessage status; auto replies with that status.

•Archive feature. There are threads I’d like to keep but not stare at everyday.

•Auto delete 2fa codes after a day

•Ability to select threads and remove all multimedia (pics, vids, audio messages) with one tap to free up iCloud/local storage

• Schedule Send

? “Your Phone” app. Mirror/control iPhone from iPad or mac. Basically the windows your phone app but for mac/ipad os.

? Universal Clipboard.

•Holds multiple items, syncs across all devices. •Ability to copy and paste anything and move it seamlessly between apps & devices

•Accessible within the keyboard or by pressing and holding in a text field.

? Multi-window apps on iPhone. Two apps open at the same time (again like android, it’s time)

? Show charge rate and time to full charge on Lock Screen when charging

? Siri/Dictation/Accessibilty

•Make Siri surpass Google assistant in terms of capability and reliability. Google has set the bar.

•Improve dictation. Has way too many errors in its current form even when speaking slowly and enunciating.

•App for speech impaired individuals, text to speech AAC.

?️User accessible file system

⚙️ Ability to close all apps at once

? From within the emoji Section of the keyboard, a new dedicated view to add favorite emojis. Ability to set skin tone for all applicable emojis one time.

⚙️ Settings App

•Ability to clear system and app cache with a tap

•During setup, allow WiFi setup via QR code

•Scheduled restarts to keep phone running smoothly

•CarPlay set home screen layout once. Syncs to iCloud. Can apply to multiple cars.

•Fullscreen, scrolling screenshots. Ability to adjust size.

•Change Lock Screen shortcuts

•Ability to schedule low power mode, prevent low power mode from turning off when 80% is reached, super annoying!!

•Icon or text on Lock Screen to let user know whether device is fast charging or not.

•Better user dictionary (more accessible) syncs to iCloud and across devices

•Ability to force/check for AirPods update

? Journal app

•Ability to have multiple journals

•Tagging feature to find entries.


•Mood feature. Each entry starts (if users wishes) by entering their mood. Moods are searchable. Mood can be imported/syncs with  Health (incredible that they didn’t have this at launch).

•Each new journal entry automatically adds weather and location info.

•IPad App

•Watch app for quick dictation entries

•MacOS App

? Service mode

* Disables all apps aside from core system apps with user data removed.
* Can only be turned off with combined biometric and pass code
Score: 14 Votes (Like | Disagree)
reubs Avatar
4 weeks ago
I had the Music app create a station from a song I was listening to this AM, and then three songs later, it played the song I had started the station from, so I heard the same song twice in 15 minutes; not a huge deal, but I'm not optimistic about Music getting any better.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Kylo83 Avatar
4 weeks ago
We need calendar app changed to get rid of the dot so we can see what we have per day
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Saturn1217 Avatar
4 weeks ago
Can Apple music just have a landscape mode, without being on a dock? I just want to be able to turn my phone on its side and have the UI make sense in that orientation.
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Jimmy Bubbles Avatar
4 weeks ago
awesome! but can they fix automatic updates on apps yet? Oh they've moved on from that..? cool, I love manually updating them every hour.
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
KurtWilde Avatar
4 weeks ago
Just let Siri live on the Dynamic Island and not take over the screen
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)