Apple Silicon Mac Pro Said to Feature Same Design as 2019 Model, No User-Upgradable RAM

The upcoming high-end Apple silicon Mac Pro will feature the same design as the 2019 model, with no user-upgradeable RAM given the all-on-chip architecture of Apple silicon.

Mac Pro 2019 Apple
In his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple's upcoming ‌Mac Pro‌, which is the final product to make the transition to Apple silicon, will feature the same design as the current ‌Mac Pro‌ from 2019. Unlike the current Intel-based ‌Mac Pro‌, the upcoming model will also not feature user-upgradeable RAM.

In another disappointment, the new Mac Pro will look identical to the 2019 model. It will also lack one key feature from the Intel version: user-upgradeable RAM. That's because the memory is tied directly to the M2 Ultra's motherboard. Still, there are two SSD storage slots and [spaces] for graphics, media, and networking cards.

Gurman has reported that Apple has canceled plans to release a higher-end model of the upcoming ‌Mac Pro‌ with 48 CPU cores and 152 GPU cores given its high cost and likely niche market.

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mystery hill Avatar
20 weeks ago
“there are two SSD storage slots for graphics, media, and networking cards.”

Does Gurman mean PCIe slots?
Score: 54 Votes (Like | Disagree)
mystery hill Avatar
20 weeks ago
How will we run Chrome with only 128GB of memory?
Score: 43 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Corefile Avatar
20 weeks ago
No user upgradable RAM? Is this a joke???
Score: 43 Votes (Like | Disagree)
MacBird Avatar
20 weeks ago
Why would the form factor be so large if it is basically a Mac Studio on steroids?
Score: 38 Votes (Like | Disagree)
dantracht Avatar
20 weeks ago
Based on what I just read from Gurman, sounds like a meh 2023 is in store.
Score: 37 Votes (Like | Disagree)
MayaUser Avatar
20 weeks ago
Again, if these all are true, why is this different from a Mac Studio with an upcoming M2 Ultra??
Score: 34 Votes (Like | Disagree)