Belkin Debuts Official MagSafe Car Charging Mount

Belkin today announced the launch of the first official 15W MagSafe charger designed for in-vehicle use, debuting the Boost Charge Pro Wireless Car Charger with MagSafe.

belkin magsafe charger car
There are other magnetic car charger solutions on the market, but this is the first that provides full 15W charging for compatible MagSafe-enabled iPhone models.

Priced at $100, the Boost Charge Pro Wireless Car Charger is designed to attach to the vent inside of a car. It can be used in landscape or portrait mode, and it comes with a USB-C cable and a CLA charger that can be plugged into a car lighter socket.

Belkin is selling the Boost Charge Pro Wireless Car Charger with ‌MagSafe‌ exclusively from the online Apple Store, and it can be preordered starting today with an official launch coming November 14.

Apple's online store has also added a number of other products today, including two new ‌MagSafe‌ mounts from Joby. There are two options, a standard GripTight GorillaPod mount for $70 and a MagSafe Vlogging Kit for $220, which comes with a stand, LED light, and microphone.

joby gorillapod magsafe
Other new accessories include updated Logitech Keyboard Cases, new AirTag holders, MacBook sleeves, and more, with a full list on Apple's Accessories page.

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Top Rated Comments

Htsi Avatar
8 months ago
$100? Get outta here

I do want it though, the MagSafe and vent holder I’m using is no where near as good as the 7.5 Belkin MagSafe I already have. Pricing is rich. Looks like a $40-$50 premium over using my current methods.
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boshii Avatar
8 months ago
$100 for a car vent mount?! Who is buying this?
Score: 25 Votes (Like | Disagree)
atomx66 Avatar
8 months ago
Just get this Spigen vent mount. $19.

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Zaft Avatar
8 months ago
It’s nice until the phone starts to overheat from using GPS and charging at the same time..

I have a similar one and my 12PM overheats regularly when charging and gps, especially if it’s sunny outside.
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Ronal Avatar
8 months ago
I also want to say that without proper cooling, especially in a car, it can get quite hot (direct sunlight, closed interior) and with full 15w charging speed, this is going to generate so much heat for the phone which will end up damaging The battery; lower life span, maybe even swelling.

and kudos belkin for making the cable fully attached to the damn hing, very apple thing to do
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christarp Avatar
8 months ago
You can also just buy a magsafe puck and sticky tape it somewhere in your car..
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