Apple Eliminates Headphone Jack From Latest-Generation iPad Lineup

As rumored, the new tenth-generation iPad comes without a headphone jack. Following its debut, Apple has now removed the 3.5mm connector from all of the latest-generation ‌iPad‌ models in its lineup.

10th Gen iPad Feature Fanned Pink
The ninth-generation entry level ‌iPad‌, which Apple continues to sell, is now the only remaining tablet in Apple's ‌iPad‌ range that has the 3.5mm connector.

For users of the newer ‌iPad‌ who want to use wired headphones, or in scenarios where wired headsets remain widely used, such as in classrooms, Apple sells a $9 USB-C-to-3.5mm adapter.

Apple gradually removed the 3.5mm connector from its iPhones, and then from the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini, in that order. When Apple stops selling the previous-generation ‌iPad‌, it will be the death knell for the headphones connector on the company's tablets, and among Apple's hardware it will be only Macs that include the jack.

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Ahmamies Avatar
8 months ago
Are they giving up the education market? I don’t see schools being happy with using Bluetooth or loosing dongles.
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ThomasJL Avatar
8 months ago
Wasn’t one of Apple’s pathetic excuses for first removing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 was that since iPhones are so small, inside space is very limited and thus they need that space for other things? How the heck does that excuse apply to iPads which are much bigger?
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madebybela Avatar
8 months ago
people will call the headphone jack obsolete and unnecessary because muh AirPods, meanwhile Apple went ahead and UPGRADED IT to support high impedance headphones on their newer Macs.
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nicho Avatar
8 months ago

Is it just me or is this pretty much a non-issue at this point? I get that removing the headphone jack was a thing years ago… but now it’s kinda a done deal (for better or for worse).
It is a pretty big deal for the education market.
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timber Avatar
8 months ago

Buy a dongle
That does seem to be a common answer to a lot of questions regarding Apple's stuff.
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Bustycat Avatar
8 months ago
Not a big deal. ‘You just need to spend only $1,999 on one MacBook Pro 14" or Mac Studio for the most advanced headphone jack we have ever made!’
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