Nomad Launches 65W Dual-Port GaN USB-C Power Adapter

Nomad, known for its range of accessories designed for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, today announced the launch of a dual-port 65W USB-C PD charger that uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for a slim and light design.

nomad 65w power adapter
This is Nomad's third GaN charger, and it is the company's most powerful with 65W maximum. When a single device is plugged in, the power adapter is able to charge at the full 65W, and when both ports are in use, the upper port outputs at 45W and the bottom port supplies 20W.

We were able to test out the charger ahead of its launch, and it has a simple, compact shape with collapsible prongs that make it ideal for travel. It works as expected, and is able to charge an M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro, iPad, or iPhone at full speed, with a second port available for another device. It can dual charge an iPhone or iPad and a MacBook at the same time, though it is not powerful enough for Apple's 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

The charger is ideal for Apple products but it also works with Nomad's Base One and Base One Max MagSafe chargers.

The 65W AC Adapter can be purchased from the Nomad website starting today for $69.95.

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kevcube Avatar
24 months ago
Some people need to just stop competing. Anker sells this exact product (Anker 726) for $50.
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boylerman Avatar
24 months ago
Nomad has an exaggerated opinion on the value of their products. I can't imagine anyone buying this at this price point.
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Gasu E. Avatar
24 months ago

Does anyone know why these GaN chargers don't seem to support 30/30 W from the two ports? The second port is always limited to 18/20 W. 30/30 W would be great for charging two MBAs within a household, or a MBA and iPhone Pro Max (which can take 27 W).
It's a pre-wired switch. It only has discrete modes it can switch between, and adding another mode adds cost, bulk, etc. Plus, it's easy and cheap to merely tell if two cables are plugged in, and switch based on detecting wires are plugged in, vs. trying to figure out what kind of power each is trying to draw and adjust on the fly. So, they pick what they think is the most likely two device configuration, which is a medium-draw laptop plus a phone. Two low-draw laptops plugging into a single outlet seems like a much rarer use case.
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svish Avatar
24 months ago
Looks slim and compact. Price could have been $10 less.
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viatorem Avatar
24 months ago
I don’t think many of you realise that nomad is just another one of those companies that just bulk buy products from AliExpress, rebrand them, resell them for quadruple the price and claim it as their own. Same with Voltacharge. They’re pretty much a scam and people actually fall for their products.
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justperry Avatar
24 months ago

Sure, Aukey and Ravpower are gone from Amazon but in their place are several new brands selling the same lines of chargers. And some of those brands have proven to be just fine in my personal experience. Plenty of options that are equivalent to this overpriced Nomad plug.
Have you opened them?

I am not saying those you mentioned are unsafe...but, I prefer to buy my chargers from 100% reputable sources/brands.

Have you ever seen those videos on youtube targeting cheap Chinese chargers, some of them are freaking death traps. ('//')
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