Tim Cook Remembers Steve Jobs on 8th Anniversary of His Death

Eight years ago today, Steve Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 56, one day after somewhat subdued Apple executives introduced the iPhone 4s at a media event on the company's Infinite Loop headquarters campus.

As he traditionally does, Apple CEO Tim Cook today marked the anniversary of Jobs' death with a tweet, sharing a Jobs quote and a photo of him at the iconic cube at Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store in New York City.

Apple continues to maintain its "Remembering Steve" page highlighting a few of the over one million submissions from people around the world who "shared their memories, thoughts, and feelings about Steve."

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16 weeks ago
Apple died with him, unfortunately
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16 weeks ago
I remember Steve's keynotes for how natural and fairly down-to-earth they were.
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16 weeks ago
I can only imagine what Apple would be today if Steve hadn't been taken so early.
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16 weeks ago

Apple died with him, unfortunately

Things changed, sure. But there’s no need to be so dramatic about it. It didn’t “die”.
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16 weeks ago
These people don't care about Apple or Steve Jobs. They are just riding on the coat tails of history. Here's the evidence.

Apple under Steve Jobs
Laptops and desktops as fast or faster than PCs
Laptops and desktops becoming more affordable and competitively priced
OS X faster and more bug free than Windows
Bugs fixed quickly
Updates to Power Mac/Mac Pro regularly
Operating systems not called 'GM' when they are rough beta
Wide choice of industry standard and third party hardware upgrades
Slower and high quality release cycles
Industry standard graphics APIs with similar performance as PCs
Serve users first and then shareholders

Apple after Steve Jobs
Throttling **** badly designed laptops
T2 disaster controller /sound chip with bugs that Apple won't even acknowledge
macOS slower than Windows in every possible way
Bugs fixed after 10000 complaints from users
Almost impossible to upgrade anything
Much slower graphics APIs and GPU performance than PCs
New operating systems released in poor condition
Updates to Mac Pro after 6 years and it is massively slow crap compared to even a $2000 PC
Apps and services worse than the competition
Serve shareholders first and screw users

They won't change until we stop buying. The problem isn't just Apple. The tech industry is abusive. They don't care if their services make life expensive and hard for common working people. If Uber slows traffics and increases pollution or if AirBNB or WeWork makes rent unaffordable, they don't give a damn. They just want to fill their pockets up. Then politicians see the tech industry getting away with these abuses and think....hey we can do that too.
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16 weeks ago
Tim Cook isn’t the technological visionary Jobs was, but nobody else is either. And to be fair, there have been many products I have loved since Jobs passed like the iPhone 5S, 6S Plus, 7 Plus and my XR. I love my iPad Pro and the three Apple Watches I’ve had as well. They are still making some truly great products and industry leading hardware in spite of the loss of Jobs 8 years ago.
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16 weeks ago
Tim is Boss now and Apple is a Billion Dollar Company. How could this happen? What did Tim wrong? Nothing but some people still say it would be better if it would be different. Steve Jobs was and is a huge figure for Apple but he passed away 8 years ago and apple did just fine without him.
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16 weeks ago
The bottom line is...without Steve the world wouldn't be the same. He will go down in history as one of the greatest inventors of all time. He transformed so many industries and so many lives. That smartphone we all enjoy in our pocket would not have been the same without Steve. The iPhone may be the single greatest invention of our generation. He laid the foundation for Apple, and the team has continued to build upon Steve's successes. You can't expect Apple to innovate or operate the way Steve did when he was alive because a personality and genius like Steve is rare. His legacy will live on forever.
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16 weeks ago

I can only imagine what Apple would be today if Steve hadn't been taken so early.

It would be about where it is today.
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16 weeks ago

Baloney, Tim "Me Too" Cook would not rise to the level of dust on Steve's boot soles.

Yet here we are, with Apple having many millions of repeat customers, willing to open their wallets and purchase outstanding and premium-priced products and services, year after year after year, enabling Apple to enjoy the success and recognition it today enjoys.
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