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Phil Schiller Says iPhone 5 Scratching 'Normal' for Any Aluminum Product

9to5Mac reports that one of its readers emailed Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller regarding scratching of the iPhone 5, an issue that we documented on launch day. The issue is most visible on the black models due to the anodized slate color scratching off to reveal the silver color underneath. According to Schiller, such scratching is "normal" with use.
Q: I love my Black & Slate iPhone 5, but I've been seeing some scuffs, scratches and marks throughout the band around the phone along with many others. What should we all do? Any plans to fix this?

Schiller: Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.

Intentionally scratched black iPhone 5 showing silver color underneath

Not only are users experiencing scratching on their iPhone 5 bodies with normal use, but a number of complaints have surfaced regarding units being scratched right out of the box. According to a a thread in our forums, several readers have reported scratching or scuffing out of the box before the device had even been handled.

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89 months ago
Every time there is a defect in its products, Apple call it a feature.

#iLost with Apple Maps is a feature. It will improve over time.
Antenagate is a feature; you're holding it wrong.
Aluminum back is easily scratched, it's normal.

Apple would never apologize, just like Mitt Romney. ;)
Rating: 101 Votes
89 months ago
It IS normal... it's not normal on a brand new phone out of the box...
Rating: 96 Votes
89 months ago
You're scuffing it wrong.
Rating: 85 Votes
89 months ago
"You're holding it wrong".
Rating: 82 Votes
89 months ago
In other news, metal dents.
Rating: 65 Votes
89 months ago
Coming up: Water wet. Sky blue. Pope Catholic.
Rating: 52 Votes
89 months ago
No, not normal.
Rating: 51 Votes
89 months ago
My friend says his less than one week old iPhone 5 looks like a cat got a hold of it.

All of a sudden my iphone 4 with a glass back is looking quite good.
Rating: 45 Votes
89 months ago
I had 2 marks right out of the box on my band. I took a sharpie to it and I cant see them anymore. However, this is terrible quality control. Let the user scratch it, not the Chinese assembly line...
Rating: 42 Votes
89 months ago
Get A Case!

The iPhone is beautiful and keeping it that way is the responsibility of the owner- placing it in your pocket with keys and coins will scratch it. This is a surprise? It's not Apple's problem.

If they're coming out of the box that way...that's Apple's problem.
Rating: 41 Votes

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