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Latest iPad 2 Cases Show Two New Ports

The newest next-generation iPad case designs from Chinese accessory manufacturers show off two additional openings that haven't been seen before. The images above (via MIC Gadget and AppleInsider) reveal a left-upper slot and a top-middle slot that were not found on previously leaked designs.

A recent report from Engadget claimed that the new iPad will have an SD card slot. The most likely location for that seems to be the top-left (shown above) opposite the current volume buttons. Meanwhile, the top slot is more of a mystery, though the above articles both speculate that it could be the right size for a video output such as mini DisplayPort.

While it's hard to get excited over the growing number of case designs coming out of China, what struck our eye was that the two ports match up exactly to a leaked design document from December. Those images also have the distinction of being forcibly taken down upon legal demand, suggesting that there may have been some legitimacy to them.