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Ulysses 18 Brings Native Dark Mode and Split View Support for iOS 13 and iPadOS

Popular writing app Ulysses received its eighteenth major update today, adding some notable features and bringing full support for iOS 13 and iPadOS. First up, version 18 of Ulysses adds support for Apple's new system-level Dark Mode, meaning users no longer need to activate the app's native dark theme to get a twilight look that's designed to be easier on the eyes. Instead, the app can now honor the user's global preference and will also respond to the new Automatic setting that switches between Light and Dark based on the time of day. This version also sees the removal of Ulysses native iPad Split View feature, which makes way for the new system Split View. The decision to drop the app's native Split View was tough for the developers, but ultimately they felt it was important that it conforms to the behavior of the global feature, and the functionality is very similar anyway. Notably, ‌iPadOS‌ also allows apps to have multiple windows open in so-called spaces, and Ulysses fully supports that now, so users can work on several projects and easily switch between them. Elsewhere in this version, users can now optionally save Ulysses files in external folders (though in iOS, this is currently limited to Dropbox) without losing access to all of Ulysses' advanced features. So things like annotations, writing goals, keywords, notes, and image attachments remain functional in files that are synchronized via Dropbox instead of iCloud. In addition, Ulysses 18 supports previewing image captions in the editor and exporting them to PDF and DOCX documents,

Ulysses 17 Gains Keyword Management for iOS, New iPad Fullscreen Mode, and More

Version 17 of Ulysses was released today, bringing some much-requested features to the popular Mac and iOS app for writers. First up, the developers have brought keyword management to the iOS app, following the introduction of the feature on Mac in spring. You can now edit or delete keywords, customize colors, and merge several keywords into one, whichever device you're working on. You can also mark your most-used keywords as favorites for easy access within the app, with full keyword sync across Mac and iOS. Regular Ulysses users will be familiar with the app's ability to export their texts as a formatted PDF or DOCX document. In this latest release, four new export styles are included. Business is for laying out reports and strategy papers. Academica is for lecture notes. Review is suited for on-paper editing (the style reproduces comments and text deletions and comes with a large margin for hand-written notes). Finally, Manuscript is geared to the U.S. layout standards used for submitting literary works to publishers. In addition to the above, this version shows image captions in image previews, and for iPad users, there's a completely overhauled fullscreen mode that puts your text front and center. There are no onscreen toolbars, and sidebars slide into view for quick interactions before sliding out again to keep you focused. With an external keyboard attached, the same Mac shortcut Command-Control-F opens and closes fullscreen mode, and the shortcut bar is hidden. Elsewhere in this update, there's added support for previewing image

Ulysses Gains Native iPad Editor Split View and Ghost Publishing Support

Ulysses is due to receive an update today that brings two key features to the popular universal app for writers – Ghost publishing support and a native split view on iPad. The ability to display two texts next to each other is handy when comparing two versions of a document or keeping an eye on your reference notes while writing, and Ulysses recently improved the experience on Mac by introducing its own native split view function with the ability to view two sheets in the writing window. With this version, split view editing comes to ‌iPad‌, enabling Ulysses users to not just display and edit two texts at a time, scroll both texts simultaneously, and apportion the available screen space between the two editors. With a split view containing two app windows, they can also navigate and show an export preview next to an editor, to see what the finished article is going to look like when they write. Today's other big addition to Ulysses is in its publishing function. To date, Ulysses has offered users direct uploading of texts – including images, links, tags, and so on – to WordPress and Medium. With this new release, writers can also upload their work straight to the Ghost platform, which specializes in blogs and online publications. Elsewhere in this release, the developers have added syntax highlighting for more programming languages, including Mathematica, Vimscript, Smalltalk, GraphQL, and Handlebars. Shared sheets are also now exported in a compressed format, which fixes a multitude of sharing issues, while the first launch experience has been updated to

Ulysses 15 Introduces Split Text Editing Window, Keywords Manager, and More

Version 15 of Ulysses was released today, bringing some notable new features to the popular Mac and iOS app for writers. On Mac, users now edit two texts simultaneously in a split editing window, with options to display the two texts next to or on top of each other and switch the editors around. The currently active editor remains highlighted to make it easy to recognize, while both sheets retain their individual zoom settings. The developers have also added new shortcuts to allow for fast switching between (Command-Option-Left/Right) and simultaneous scrolling (holding Option) of the two editors, making it easier for writers to refer to their research while writing, for example. Ulysses 15 also brings new search and management features to keywords, with a new way to search for keywords in the sheets panel. There's also a new Keywords Manager lets users edit all keywords in one spot, with options to change colors, rename, merge or delete them. Elsewhere, users can now set pre-defined image sizes that apply during export, and Ulysses is now able to display previews of web images inside the editor (i.e., images that are referenced with a URL). Web images are now also supported when exporting to PDF, DOCX, or ePub. In addition, Ulysses for Mac, iPhone and iPad now includes an option to turn on a dark mode for the export preview, enabling users to view what a final ebook, PDF document or blog post will look like without being blinded by a contrasting white screen. Ulysses can be downloaded for free on the App Store and the Mac App Store. After a

Ulysses App Gains New Mojave-Ready Dark Mode, Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12, and More

Popular writing app Ulysses is being updated to coincide with the release of macOS Mojave and iOS 12, introducing support for new features in Apple's latest desktop and mobile operating systems. With macOS Mojave, Apple has introduced a new system-wide Dark Mode, which means many third-party apps will need updating with a similar color scheme. Since its initial release, a Dark Mode has been part of Ulysses, but the new update introduces a reworked and fine-tuned version to fit with the new system requirements. Ulysses users will be able to have Dark or Light Mode auto-switch according to the system preferences, or continue to switch manually between the two from within the app. In addition, a new editor theme for Ulysses is available — D14 — with colors optimized for the new Dark Mode. Elsewhere, Ulysses for Mac is getting a redesigned sheet list (the column displaying an overview of divided texts in a group) with bigger tiles and a lighter appearance for clarity and legibility. There's also a new share extension that lets users send links, texts and images from Safari and many other apps directly to Ulysses. Meanwhile, in other improvements: Command-clicking a link in the editor now opens the link in the default browser. Four spaces are no longer replaced with tabs. Comment blocks no longer add to paragraph count. Double-pressing arrow keys in editor no longer switches between sheets. Improved reliability when editing goals. Over on iPad and iPhone, the Ulysses update brings support for the new Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12. Users can now assign voice

Writing App 'Ulysses' Gets iPhone X Redesign and Face ID Text Library Lock Support

Popular writing program Ulysses received an update to its iOS app today, bringing a revised interface and full compatibility with iPhone X. Various interactions in the Ulysses UI have been reworked, and the app now fully complies with the all-screen design of the iPhone X's OLED display. Beyond the changes induced by the iPhone X screen, the update brings redesigned editors for objects like images, annotations, notes, and footnotes. The text counter has also been tweaked based on user feedback, as has the automatic fullscreen mode. In addition, Ulysses now also supports Face ID, Apple's new facial authentication system, to complement its privacy options, which previously only offered passcode protection. With Face ID enabled, writers can unlock their text libraries with a simple glance. Lastly, the app ships with a new default editor theme, featuring sparsely applied colors and bold black headlines, which the developers say is simpler, cleaner, and more typographic. Ulysses can be downloaded for free on the App Store and the Mac App Store. After a 14-day trial period, a subscription is required to unlock the app on all devices. A monthly subscription costs $4.99, while a yearly subscription is $39.99. Students can use Ulysses at a discounted price of $11.99 per six months. The discount is granted from within the app.

'Ulysses' iOS Writing App Gains Drag and Drop, Image Previews, and More

Popular text editor Ulysses received a substantial update on Thursday, adopting features and UI design concepts that bring the universal app into greater alignment with iOS 11. Foremost in the changes is support for Drag and Drop in iOS 11, enabling users to rearrange sheets by picking them up and moving them around. It's also now possible to drag images and text passages from other apps to Ulysses' editor, or the other way around. In terms of functionality, Ulysses for iPad has aligned more closely with its Mac counterpart: The library now grants access to all texts, regardless of whether they are stored on iCloud, in Dropbox, or locally, which should save users a couple of steps when switching between those sections. In addition, users can now work with open sidebars, for example to leave attached writing goals, keywords and images open for quick reference. A new, much-requested feature has also made it into this Ulysses update: Image previews in the text editor window. Up until now, images in a text were only indicated via a small tag — and adding a visual representation within the text was high up on the customer's wish list, according to the developers. Elsewhere, the new version refines Ulysses' filter and search capabilities, improves the accessibility for the visually impaired, and enhances performance. Ulysses for iOS can be downloaded for free on the App Store, while the macOS version, which was updated over weekend, is available on the Mac App Store. After a 14-day trial period, a subscription is required to unlock the app on all

Mac and iOS Writing App 'Ulysses' Transitions to Subscription Model

Ulysses, the company behind the popular Ulysses writing apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, today announced that it is transitioning to a subscription model going forward. Starting today, Ulysses will be priced at $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year, with a subscription plan unlocking Ulysses for use on all devices. Ulysses is also offering a student plan with six months of access for $10.99, and there are now two-week free trials available. With a subscription model, Ulysses says the company will be able to do steady, small releases more often, focusing more on the needs of the user base rather than aiming for big updates to lure in new customers.Co-founder Max Seelemann about the new subscription model: "This step was necessary to put Ulysses' future development on a solid foundation. We weighed several alternatives -- paid updates among them -- and concluded that the subscription model, as it is available with the App Store since 2016, is best suited to meet both our customers' needs and our needs as developers."To encourage existing customers to switch over to the new subscription model, Ulysses is offering a permanent life-long discount on the yearly plan, dropping the price from $40 per year to $30 per year (50% off a monthly subscription). Customers who recently purchased Ulysses for Mac can get up to 12 months of free use, while customers who have purchased the app on an iOS device can get up to six months of free use based on grace periods calculated from the date of purchase. Ulysses plans to inform customers about the offers from within the app. The

Ulysses 2.8 Update Brings Touch ID Text Library Support, New Filter Options

Popular writing platform Ulysses was updated to version 2.8 on Wednesday, bringing some notable new features and improvements including Touch ID and password support. The release of the new version means iOS users can now protect their text library via Touch ID, while Mac users without access to fingerprint recognition, or who prefer not to use it, can alternatively rely on a personal password. The idle time after which the app locks itself can also be customized. Beyond the new access protection, the update enhances Ulysses' document management features, like groups and filters. Filters can now be used to narrow down the library content based on negative criteria. In other words, users can search for texts that don't contain a specific word, phrase or keyword. In addition, a number of new icons for labelling groups and filters have been added. Combined text statistics for groups and filters, so far limited to the Mac version of Ulysses, are now available on iPad and iPhone as well. Elsewhere, update improves the support of x-callback-urls on both macOS and iOS, and adds a number of new x-callback-actions. X-callback is used by certain applications for automating action sequences, among others the iOS app Workflow which was recently acquired by Apple. Lastly, the update adds support for VoiceOver to its Touch Bar controls, and adds a number of performance improvements and bug fixes. Ulysses 2.8 is a free update for existing users on both iOS and macOS. Ulysses for Mac costs $44.99 on the Mac App Store, while the universal app for iPhone and iPad

Ulysses 2.7 Brings Touch Bar Support, macOS Sierra Tabs and More to Popular Writing App

German developers The Soulmen today released a new version of popular writing app Ulysses, bringing Touch Bar support, Tabs in macOS Sierra, and a host of other new features and performance improvements. From Wednesday, users launching version 2.7 of the award-winning app on Touch Bar equipped MacBook Pros will see new contextual functions for Ulysses in the OLED strip, bringing the ability to assign markup tags directly while they write. Ulysses 2.7 now also includes tabbed windows in macOS Sierra, making it possible to switch between multiple open texts within the same window. Elsewhere, Ulysses now offers full support for the TextBundle format outside its iCloud library. TextBundle combines Markdown text and all referenced images into a single file for convenience, and Ulysses now allows writers to use images when working from Dropbox or other storage providers. The latest update also makes it easier to switch from Evernote to Ulysses, by allowing users to import ENEX Evernote export files containing multiple notes, upon which individual sheets are created for each note. In addition, a new Reading Time writing goal has been added to the existing options (number of characters, words, or pages), while a number of more general improvements, bug fixes, and stability enhancements have also been implemented in the latest version of the app. Ulysses 2.7 is available for MacOS and iOS on the Mac App Store and App Store respectively, and is a free update for existing users. The Mac app costs $44.99, while the universal iOS app costs

Writing App 'Ulysses' Gains WordPress Publishing Support and More

Popular writing app and Apple Design Award winner Ulysses gained WordPress publishing and Dropbox support today, in a simultaneous update to its iOS and Mac apps. The changes that come with version 2.6 of the writing app mean that bloggers can publish their texts straight to a WordPress account, complete with tag, category, excerpt, and featured image support. Writers using the iOS or Mac app can also schedule the publishing time and preview their posts before they go live, all from within Ulysses. German developers The Soulmen say the app supports blogs hosted on WordPress.com as well as self-hosted installations, and also allows publishing to multiple accounts. As with the Mac, iPad and iPhone users can now also sync their texts over Dropbox instead of via iCloud, with full support for adding Dropbox folders to Ulysses' hierarchical text library. In addition, plain text and Markdown files stored in Dropbox folders behave just like native Ulysses sheets – supporting the app's sorting tools, filters, group goals, favorites, and so on – so users no longer need to import their files manually. The 'Quick Open' feature on Ulysses for Mac has also made its way over to the iOS version, allowing users to perform entire library searches and open sheets without navigating through text hierarchies. Meanwhile, Ulysses 2.6 brings Typewriter Mode to iOS, which promises the same focused writing experience to be found in the Mac app, allowing writers to highlight paragraphs and sentences, fix scrolling, mark the current line, and more. Lastly, Ulysses 2.6 has

Popular 'Ulysses' Writing App for Mac Expands to the iPad, Gets Major Update

Soulmen's popular Markdown text editor designed for writers, Ulysses, has long been available on the Mac and is one of the more popular Mac-based writing apps due to its clean, text-focused distraction-free interface and it's organizational system. As of today, Ulysses for Mac is getting a major update and it's also expanding to the iPad. For those of you unfamiliar with the app, Ulysses sets itself apart from other similar writing apps with a three-paned sidebar that lets users see all of their files in one place and its ability to organize files using groups and filters. Writing takes place on sheets, and files are stored locally on the Mac or in iCloud. Markdown text written in Ulysses can be exported in several different file formats, including PDF, ePub, and HTML. The newest version of Ulysses for Mac includes a new name (dropping the former III) and a new icon -- a butterfly. It's been updated with a Yosemite-style redesign that includes an attachment bar, Favorites on the sidebar, and a new Dark Mode. Quick Export and Preview have been updated, adding TXT and ePub previews, plus export optimizations. Ulysses for Mac The biggest change to Ulysses for Mac, aside from the redesign, is its integration with the new Ulysses app for iPad. The Mac app fully syncs with the iPad app via iCloud, making it easy to begin work on one device and pick up on another. Handoff support is also built in. "Our ideal conception has always been to make Ulysses a universal tool that authors can use for any writing task, at any time and everywhere. Bringing it to iPad means a