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Apple CEO Tim Cook Evades Questions on Alleged Plans to Build Three 'Big' U.S. Factories

Tuesday August 1, 2017 3:28 pm PDT by
Last week, United States President Donald Trump told The Wall Street Journal that Apple had plans to build three "big, big, big" manufacturing plants in the United States, a statement that allegedly came from Apple CEO Tim Cook. Unsurprisingly, Cook was questioned about the president's statement during the question and answer portion of today's earnings call, and he deftly dodged it by...

Tim Cook and Other Leaders Contacted by Trump Administration for STEM Education Advice

Thursday July 27, 2017 4:44 am PDT by
Members of the Trump administration have begun contacting technology, education, and business leaders to ask for advice on "shaping funding approaches" for education related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in United States schools (via Bloomberg). Ivanka Trump is said to be involved in the effort, along with the president's special assistant for technology initiatives,...
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Apple Plans to Build Three 'Big' Factories in the United States

Tuesday July 25, 2017 1:04 pm PDT by
Apple is planning to build three "big, big, big" manufacturing plants in the United States, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly told U.S. President Donald Trump. The news was shared by Trump in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Executive Tech Summit at Trump Tower in December of 2016 Cook is said to have promised to build "three big plants, beautiful plants," but...

Apple Has Spent Record $2.2 Million Lobbying Trump Administration Over Past Three Months

Friday July 21, 2017 8:54 am PDT by
Apple spent an all-time high $2.2 million lobbying Donald Trump's federal government between April 1 and June 30, 2017, according to a disclosure form filed by the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives. That amount is by far the most Apple has ever spent on lobbying in a single quarter, eclipsing the previous record of nearly $1.4 million spent during Trump's first three...
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Tim Cook and Other CEOs Meeting With Trump Today to Discuss Using Tech to Reduce Government Spending [Updated]

Monday June 19, 2017 5:28 am PDT by
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos are among a group of technology leaders meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House today, with plans to discuss how the government can begin cutting waste and improving services. The Trump administration believes there is an "economic opportunity" to save as much as $1 trillion over the next ten years, and is seeking the advice of a...
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Tim Cook Talks HomePod, AR, and How America is 'More Important Than Bloody Politics' in New Interview

Thursday June 15, 2017 5:22 am PDT by
Bloomberg Businessweek sat down with Apple CEO Tim Cook last week to discuss a collection of topics related to Apple and the tech industry, including augmented reality, the legacy that Steve Jobs left behind, the HomePod, and the opinions he has following his work with U.S. President Donald Trump. Bloomberg Businessweek's full interview with Tim Cook will appear in the Sunday, June 19 edition of...
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Apple CEO Tim Cook to Attend White House for Kushner-Led Tech Summit

Friday June 9, 2017 2:53 am PDT by
Apple CEO Tim Cook will visit the White House later this month for the first meeting of U.S. President Donald Trump's American Technology Council, a report revealed on Thursday. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella are also expected to be in attendance, but Facebook has not yet responded to its invitation to the event. The meeting, which was formed as part of an effort to...
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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Trump's Decision to Withdraw From Paris Accord 'Was Wrong for Our Planet'

Thursday June 1, 2017 5:57 pm PDT by
Apple CEO Tim Cook this afternoon sent an email to Apple employees expressing his disappointment with U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate deal. In the email, which was shared by BuzzFeed, Cook says that while he tried to persuade Trump to keep the United States in the agreement, "it wasn't enough." Cook goes on to reiterate Apple's commitment to reducing its ...
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Apple CEO Tim Cook Urges U.S. President to Stay in Paris Climate Pact

Wednesday May 31, 2017 12:45 pm PDT by
Amid rumors suggesting U.S. President Donald Trump plans to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, multiple tech CEOs have been urging him not to do so, reports Bloomberg. On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook called the White House to ask the president not to abandon the agreement, which is a 195-nation pact committed to cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and reducing...
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Apple Raises $7 Billion in Debt Ahead of Trump's Proposed Tax Holiday

Friday May 5, 2017 6:48 am PDT by
Apple has raised $7 billion in debt in a six-part bond sale, according to the company's final pricing term sheet filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission today. The fixed and floating notes mature between 2020 and 2027. Apple said it entered 2017 with $256.8 billion in cash and marketable securities, but approximately 93 percent of that amount is held outside of the United States....
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Trump Administration Delivers on H-1B Visa Overhaul, Affecting Tech Companies Hiring Foreign Talent

Tuesday April 4, 2017 6:17 am PDT by
Apple and other technology companies in Silicon Valley will now find it more difficult to bring foreign workers into the U.S. through the H-1B work visa program, thanks to the Trump administration's follow-through of one immigration-related "America first" promise. In January, the administration drafted an executive order outlining an overhaul of various work visa programs, including H-1B, that...

Apple Reiterates Commitment to Obama Era Climate Pledge

Friday March 31, 2017 3:49 am PDT by
Apple has said it will honor the commitment it made under the Obama administration to fight climate change, regardless of actions by President Trump to dismantle his predecessor's environmental policies (via Bloomberg). Back in April 2016, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft filed an amicus brief in support of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan, which aimed to cut carbon...
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Apple Not Listed on New Legal Brief Opposing Trump's Second Travel Ban

Thursday March 16, 2017 5:06 am PDT by
Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more than 60 other companies have either decided not to sign, or have yet to sign, a new legal brief filed in federal court in Hawaii this week, constituting the makings of a lawsuit looking to block the second version of President Donald Trump's travel ban (via Reuters). Trump referred to the new order as a "watered-down version" of the...
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Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Says Trump Administration Will Be 'Catalyst' for Self-Driving Tech

Monday February 27, 2017 4:31 am PST by
In a bid to reassess self-driving car guidances following the Obama administration, the Trump administration's newly appointed Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao, said this weekend that she is reviewing the guidances while urging companies "to explain the benefits of automated vehicles to a skeptical public." Chao said that there's a lot at stake in improving and regulating the technology, and ...
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Foxconn Gives Sharp the Lead on $7 Billion U.S. Manufacturing Plant

Wednesday February 8, 2017 4:34 am PST by
Following weeks of reports and speculation on the potential opening of a United States-based factory built by Apple suppliers Foxconn and Sharp, a report from Reuters today states that Sharp is "taking the lead" on a $7 billion plant in the U.S. that was initially outlined by parent company Foxconn. The plant will break ground sometime in the first half of 2017. The timing of the news...
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Apple Joins Nearly 100 U.S. Firms to File Legal Brief Opposing Trump's Immigration Ban

Monday February 6, 2017 1:08 am PST by
Apple has joined 96 other companies in filing a legal brief opposing President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration, Bloomberg reported on Monday. Other technology companies named in the amicus brief include Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Snap, Uber, Twitter, and Intel, with consumer goods companies like Levi Strauss and Chobani also named in the brief. Amazon wasn't listed,...
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Apple and Others Pen Open Letter to Trump: 'We Are a Nation Made Stronger by Immigrants'

Thursday February 2, 2017 4:17 am PST by
Last night news broke that a collection of major technology companies, including Apple among them, were prepping an open letter to United States President Donald Trump as a means to voice opposition to the immigration executive order that he signed last Friday. Today, a draft of the full letter has been shared online, and it goes into detail about the importance of immigrants in the U.S.,...
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Tim Cook Says He Met Donald Trump Because 'You Don't Change Things by Just Yelling'

Monday December 19, 2016 2:43 pm PST by
Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook attended President-elect Donald Trump's tech summit at Trump Tower in Manhattan alongside other tech leaders, including Alphabet CEO Larry Page, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Oracle CEO Safra Catz, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Since the roundtable meeting, which reportedly focused on topics such as job creation and ...
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Apple CEO Tim Cook Attends Executive Tech Summit at Trump Tower

Thursday December 15, 2016 3:51 am PST by
Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Trump Tower along with other prominent tech executives on Wednesday as they gathered in New York for a summit with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, who was accompanied by three of his adult children. According to The New York Times, the meeting was attended by 11 other tech executives, including Alphabet's Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, ...
tim cook donald trump

Tim Cook to Attend Donald Trump's Tech Summit on Wednesday

Sunday December 11, 2016 2:15 pm PST by
Apple CEO Tim Cook is among a small group of tech leaders who plan to attend President-elect Donald Trump's reported tech summit at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Wednesday, according to Recode. Apple CEO Tim Cook and President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore) Other attendees will allegedly include the CEOs of Google parent company Alphabet, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Intel, and Oracle....