AirPods: Our Complete Guide to Apple's Wireless Earphones

First released in 2016, Apple's AirPods are widely considered to be one of the company's best products in recent years, with AirPods offering great battery life, portability, simple charging, and unparalleled Bluetooth range.

AirPods are so popular that Apple still has trouble keeping them in stock at times, and two years after launch, it's not uncommon to see an abundance of AirPods out on the street, in movies, in TV shows, and everywhere else you look.

If you're new to AirPods, considering buying a pair, or just want to pick up some new tips, this guide is for you.

What are AirPods?

AirPods are Apple's completely wire-free headphones, which look a bit like the Apple EarPods from older devices, but without the cables. AirPods have Apple-designed tech inside like a special wireless chip called the W1, an accelerometer for gestures, dual optical sensors, dual beamforming microphones for Siri and phone calls, and a second accelerometer for speech detection.

AirPods come with the AirPods Charging Case, which is used for both charging and storage purposes so the AirPods don't get lost. The Charging Case is about the size of a container of dental floss, so it's easily pocketable. A Lightning port at the bottom lets the AirPods and the case be charged with the Lightning cables you already have on hand.

How do I set up my AirPods?

One of the best thing about AirPods is how easy they are to set up with an Apple device. All you need to do is unlock your iPhone or iPad, pop open the top of the AirPods Charging Case, hold it near your device, and wait for a popup on your iPhone or iPad's display.

From there, you just tap the connect button and the AirPods pair like magic.

AirPods are designed to connect to your iPhone or iPad whenever you open the case lid, so all you need to do to listen to music is take them out of the case and put them in your ears.

Your AirPods are linked to your iCloud account, so once you pair them with one device, your other devices know they exist. You can switch connections between your devices through the standard Bluetooth settings options, where AirPods will be listed on any device that you're signed into with your iCloud account.

More setup instructions: How to Set Up Your New AirPods, a visual guide.

Basic AirPods Tutorials

What are all the features of my AirPods?

AirPods have a number of unique features when used on an Apple device, and they've been designed to work well with all of your Apple products. If you're considering AirPods you'll want to check out this list so you know just what makes them so special.
  • Zero wires
  • Comfortable fit
  • Five hour battery life
  • 24 hour total battery life with Charging Case
  • 3 hours charge from case in 15 minutes
  • One tap setup for Apple devices
  • Instant connection to iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch
  • Easy switching between iOS and Mac devices
  • Accelerometer plays music right when you put the AirPods in your ears
  • Taking out an AirPod pauses music
  • Just one AirPod can be used for calls or music
  • Double tap access to Siri
  • Double tap for changing tracks or playing/pausing music
  • W1 chip for efficient battery and extended bluetooth range
  • Microphone for calls and Siri
These are all features that other headphone manufacturers have attempted to match, but haven't been able to get quite right in this combination. AirPods continue to be ahead of the competition, and they're almost universally loved by those who have Apple devices.

What devices are compatible with AirPods?

AirPods work with all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models that run iOS 10 or later. This includes the iPhone 5 and newer, the iPad mini 2 and newer, the fourth-generation iPad and newer, the iPad Air models, all iPad Pro models, and the 6th-generation iPod touch.

AirPods work with all Apple Watch models running watchOS 3 or later, which includes the original Apple Watch and all subsequent Apple Watch releases.

AirPods also work with all Mac models that run macOS Sierra or later, including the late 2009 or newer MacBook, the mid-2010 or newer MacBook Pro, the late 2010 or newer MacBook Air, the mid-2010 or newer Mac mini, the late-2009 or newer iMac, or the mid-2010 or newer Mac Pro.

With the above listed iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac models, all AirPods features are available. You can pair AirPods with other non-Apple devices, you just won't get to take advantage of all the bells and whistles.

Using AirPods With Your Apple Devices

Can I use AirPods with Android devices?

You can use AirPods with Android smartphones and other devices, and for instructions, we have a handy AirPods Android guide that goes over how to use AirPods on Android, the benefits, the downsides, and how well AirPods work on non-Apple devices.

AirPods are just like other Bluetooth headphones, and will connect to any device that supports Bluetooth audio.

AirPods Tips and Tricks

AirPods Maintenance and Troubleshooting

More AirPods Questions

Are AirPods comfortable and do they stay in your ears?

Based on reviews, user anecdotes, and our own experiences here at MacRumors, most people who own AirPods find them to be relatively comfortable, even when using them for long periods of time.

That said, everyone has ears that are shaped differently, so there are some instances where AirPods might not be a good fit. With small ears, for example, AirPods can be a tight fit and can be uncomfortable for longterm wear.

We haven't seen complaints of AirPods falling out of peoples' ears with regular use, but it's worth noting that AirPods are not designed for exercising and can come out with rigorous activity.

Are AirPods sweatproof?

AirPods will unofficially hold up to a small mount of moisture without becoming unusable, but there is no water resistance rating and they are not meant to be used when working out. Future AirPods may be more water resistant, but for the current version, use caution.

Are there useful AirPods accessories?

There are quite a few accessories on the market that you can get for your AirPods, including protective cases, cases that add wireless charging, and more. We've listed a handful of the best accessories we've found below.
  • AirSnap from Twelve South ($30) - A handy little leather case for your AirPods, metal clip included for keeping them within reach in a bag.

  • HyperJuice Wireless Adapter ($20) - The HyperJuice snaps onto your AirPods case and lets you charge your AirPods using a Qi wireless charging mat.

  • PowerPod Wireless Charging Case ($30) - Another wireless charging case that's designed to fit over the AirPods Charging Case.

  • Catalyst Waterproof AirPods Case ($25) - This silicone case fits over your AirPods Charging Case and keeps it safe from water or dust. It also includes a carabiner.

  • Airfly from Twelve South ($40) - The Airfly is an adapter that lets you use AirPods where wired headphones would normally be required, such as at gyms or with airplane entertainment systems.

  • Spigen AirPods Strap ($8.99) - If you want to add a cable to your AirPods for some reason, Spigen has you covered with a strap that connects them together.

  • EarBuddyz Ear Hooks ($11.95) - If you want to get some ear hooks to help your AirPods stay in place, EarBuddyz offers a soft silicone option.

How do AirPods compare to other wireless headphones?

We've done a couple of comparisons that pit the AirPods against other wire-free headphones. Spoiler: the AirPods are super popular for a reason and are the best wireless headphones we've found for Apple's devices.

Where can I buy AirPods?

AirPods can be purchased from Apple for $159, but third-party retailers sometimes have them available at a discounted price. For the best possible deal on AirPods, make sure to check out our AirPods deal guide.

What's next for the AirPods?

Apple is, of course, working on a second-generation version of the AirPods, and you can see all of the details in our AirPods rumor roundup. We're expecting to see a wireless charging case, "Hey Siri" support, and perhaps even some new health features.

Our roundup also has more on the technical details of the AirPods, including the design, how they work, the internal components, and more, so make sure to check it out.

AirPods Community Discussion

If you have any specific questions or want to discuss AirPods with others in the MacRumors community, visit our iPhone Accessories sub-forum which houses many discussions about AirPods, including:

Guide Feedback

Know of an AirPod feature or how to that would make a good addition to this guide, or have an AirPods question you want answered? Email us at

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4 days ago at 04:34 pm
From there, you just tap the connect button and the AirPods pair like magic.

And then they take the connect button away, so that when you want to hook up to your iPhone again after pairing with another device, you must swipe up control panel, hit a small, badly placed target, wait for it to show up in the list, and select it again.

That is not magic.

If they kept the damned connect button on there all the time, then it’d be magic.

Right now, it’s annoying as hell.
Rating: 6 Votes
4 days ago at 07:16 pm
I honestly think they’re overrated. I wouldn’t buy them again.

Sound is the same as standard EarPods.

Sometimes they won’t automatically connect.

Sometimes music won’t automatically pause if I remove an AirPod.

When I open the case the battery status for the case won’t pop up on iPhone unless I close them and open them again.
Rating: 5 Votes
4 days ago at 06:52 pm

* PowerPod Wireless Charging Case ('') ($30) - Another wireless charging case that's designed to fit over the AirPods Charging Case.

Yo dawg, I heard you like charging cases, so we put a charging case in your charging case so you can charge while you charge.

Rating: 3 Votes
3 days ago at 04:36 pm


We don’t care about your big ears or that you returned..adds zero value to the discussion.

The poster you were rudely responding to was posting on topic.

From the thread article:

AirPods have a number of unique features when used on an Apple device, and they've been designed to work well with all of your Apple products. If you're considering AirPods you'll want to check out this list so you know just what makes them so special.

* Zero wires
* Comfortable fit

The poster addressing the comfort / fit aspect mentioned in the article. Your post is what failed to add anything of substance to the topic of discussion.
Rating: 1 Votes
3 days ago at 04:20 pm
They fell right out of my ears. I even tried a few hacks from fellow MacRumors folks. Still fell out. Brought them back to Apple the next day.
Rating: 1 Votes
4 days ago at 05:30 pm

If only they had a way to tap or slide your finger on the AirPods themselves to adjust volume. Siri and adjusting volume on the device just didn't cut it for me, so I had to return. Otherwise, they are great.

Yeah that would be a nice feature but with the Apple Watch it’s not a big deal you can adjust it from there.
Rating: 1 Votes
4 days ago at 08:39 am

That’s fine, but for the third time, I don’t have or want a watch. I just am hoping for a simple functionality to control volume manually on the AirPods themselves.

Noted, just thought I'd point that out - wasn't expecting to change your mind. I agree that a more direct way would be preferable, I've held back on the airpods so far for various reasons and that's one of them.
Rating: 1 Votes
4 days ago at 05:24 am
It seems weird to publish a guide for a product 2.5 years old. I feel like everyone that wants AirPods has already bought them, right?

Holy crap. why are they more popular than ever? I've had mine since December of 2016 and sort of ready to upgrade.
Rating: 1 Votes
4 days ago at 12:55 pm
The batteries in my Airpods are very bad now after only 2 years. Probably wont buy them again because of that.
Rating: 1 Votes
4 days ago at 10:34 am

Is it just me or did AirPods work better when they dropped than now? They don't automatically connect most of the times now, hell, they don't even connect to my MacBook. Also, I own 3 pairs; it's not an isolated case.

I think they used to work better. Now, getting the damned battery thing to pop up is hit-or-miss. And it will drop connection for no reason. Or is slow to show up on the list of B.T. items.

The Apple Watch is the same way. Used to unlock my Mac 100% of the time without issue. Couple of MacOS releases and it was failing ~75% of the time, so turned it off because I can log in quicker by typing my password if I expect that password field to be there all of the time.

And there’s all these other little thing about Apple products lately that have gotten irritating, like my phone refusing to connect to the network, the alarm on the watch turning off my AirPods when I’m listening to my phone, AppleTV saying my iTunes server has no content and then refusing to change its mind until I restart the Apple TV.

Apple before: It just works

Apple now: It’s just good enough
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