Second-Generation Eve Flare Launches With Thread Support

Eve today announced the launch of a second-generation Eve Flare light, which comes equipped with Thread support. Eve Flare is a portable, battery-powered lamp that can be used anywhere in the home or garden.

eve flare
The light features an IP65 water resistance rating and it includes a carrying handle so that it can be moved indoors and outdoors, and hung up if desired. The Eve Flare supports millions of colors and can be controlled through the Eve app, the Home app, or with Siri voice commands.

Eve Flare is designed for ambiance rather than for use as a main lamp, and it comes with several pre-selected colors like scarlet and jade, or you can pick your own colors. Color and brightness can be adjusted with voice commands or the app. The next-generation Eve Flare replaces the original model.

Along with the Eve Flare, Eve is today introducing the Eve Shutter Switch, which offers an Adaptive Shading function for use with roller shutters. The Eve Shutter Switch can change the position of the shutter based on where the sun is. The Eve Shutter Switch is limited to select regions in Europe.

Both the new Eve Flare and the Eve Shutter Switch feature support for Thread, a mesh smart home network system that improves the connectivity and responsiveness of connected products. Eve Shutter Switch and Eve Flare will also receive free Matter firmware updates in the future and will eventually support the Matter smart home standard.

Eve Flare can be purchased from the Eve Home website or from Amazon for $100, while Eve Shutter Switch is available in some European countries for 100 euros.

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dwhittington Avatar
3 weeks ago
I'm definitely getting one of these for the bathroom to set the mood when I go poop.
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dugbug Avatar
3 weeks ago
I get you can set a color, but can it flicker like a flame or do an effect like a lot of the others? (Cync / C by GE bulbs do fireworks, flame, lava, etc).

This would be a great addition to the back yard if it could do something like that.
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koil Avatar
3 weeks ago
Anyone know what's going on with Matter firmware for their pre-Matter Thread-enabled devices? They stated that all Thread-enabled devices will get Matter firmware in due time, but so far only one such device has received it, the Eve Energy 4th gen, my Thermo 4th gen and Room 3rd gen are still waiting to be upgraded!
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Verified Whiskey Avatar
3 weeks ago
I love Eve. Arguably the best smart home accessory company. Privacy, security, and reliability. Plus their products look great!!
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McWetty Avatar
3 weeks ago
My Eve products have really disappointed me lately. Their warranty replacement has been really great when I needed it, but I have never needed to use the Hue warranty so I don’t know if it’s apples… or oranges. Probably won’t pick up the Flare.

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