Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ Models Have Slightly Later October 5 Launch Date

The Apple Watch Series 4 officially launches on Friday, September 21 in the first wave of countries, but like last year, customers interested in Nike+ models will have to wait a couple of weeks longer.

In fine print, Apple announced that new Series 4 models of Apple Watch Nike+ will be available in limited quantities starting Friday, October 5, although Apple Watch Nike+ pre-orders still start tomorrow, September 14, like regular Series 4 models.

The new Apple Watch Nike+ devices come with all the features new to the Series 4 models, including a larger screen, thinner body, a (currently U.S-only) ECG reader, fall detection, and more.

In addition, the Nike+ collection features redesigned Nike watch faces that match to the new band colors, including a Pure Platinum/Black Sport Band and a Summit White Sport Loop with reflective yarn.

Apple Watch Nike+ comes in four styles in both 40mm and 44mm sizes, with both cellular and Wi-Fi + GPS only models to choose from:
Apple Watch Nike+ models are priced between $399 and $499 in the United States. Additional Nike+ bands are $49 each.

Launch countries include Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Macau, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UAE, the U.K., and the U.S.

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5 days ago at 11:25 am
Why is no1 talking about the new reflective bands I want to see those in a video or pictures
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6 days ago at 06:31 am

I was actually looking at getting the Nike+ model, I guess I'll go with the regular then.

Another victim of the "I gotta have them now" bug spread by Apple! ;)

Honestly, what's a couple of weeks wait?
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5 days ago at 01:59 pm

Do both colors of Nike bands have the reflective threading? Or is it just the white one?

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5 days ago at 09:32 am

I currently have a Series 2 in Stainless Steel. I like the Stainless Steel, but I like some of the advantages of the Nike version too. I just don't love the aluminum case. Can anyone help me decide between the two options?

I had a stainless S0, and an aluminum S3. I vastly preferred the Aluminum S3 because it was so much lighter, and the resale value held up much better. I had no issues with the screen scratching, but got AppleCare+ (which also helped the resale value a lot).
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4 days ago at 09:38 am

But you can't buy the new Nike bands yet. You'll probably be able at some point in the future, but currently they are exclusive to the Nike watches.

Assuming the past pattern holds, then yes you will be able to buy them separately. Which is then an added cost.

Though it's not like the Nike+ version costs a penny more than the regular version. They're priced the same.

If someone wants the Nike version, simply wait.

Patience is a virtue. Impatience is expensive.

(and don't be one of those jackholes intentionally abusing the return policy due to having the patience of a two year old...) (not directed at anyone in particular, just a general comment)
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4 days ago at 11:02 pm

It's 2 weeks.

Oops...yeah...2 weeks...thanks!
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4 days ago at 05:33 am
I'm going for the Nike+ model because I already have the Nike black sport loop and the regular sport loop. Now i'll have the new black sport loop with reflective fibers plus Nike watch faces as an option should I want to switch it up sometime. I already have a refurbished Series 3 so my goal was to build upon that.
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5 days ago at 03:58 am

Let me explain: The Nike ones have the extras that the ordinary aluminums don’t at the same price point and most people prefer the earlier...who wouldn’t want extras, right? So those people are now faced with a decision to buy now or wait. The more expensive SS watches also complicates the decision by flaunting themselves to those same people. Although expensive, but they are “now immediately” available!

Again, this excludes people who know from the get go what they’re buying and are not easily swayed by the “I gotta have it now” bug that one forum member demonstrated on this lovely thread. And you won’t believe how many are those same people are out there. This is the same group of people Apple is targeting with this marketing/distribution strategy.

Do you have a better reason why the Nike ones are delayed a week?...just a week?

Yes, there is other reasons I think and that has nothing to do with Apple wanting people to buy more expensive ones. Aluminum Apple watches are priced the same (Nike + or Regular Apple Watch) I have Nike + right now on my hand. Yes, it does have some Nike watch faces but not a big deal.
From what I know, Apple pays royalty fees to Nike for every Apple Watch Nike + they sell. So not having Nike + on a launch days is Apple trying to minimise on these fees. Which if that is the case, it is still nasty.... but is not that Nike + ones are superior and the rest are leftovers. To me are both the same. Rarely use the Nike + watch faces anyway. And straps I can buy if I wanted to.
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6 days ago at 06:29 am
I was actually looking at getting the Nike+ model, I guess I'll go with the regular then.
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6 days ago at 06:57 am
Going to wait for this as well.

Might go the Best Buy route and trade in my AW3 42mm Nike w/LTE but they are only offering $125 while Apple is offering $225. Only perk would be points with Best Buy credit card purchase.

Decisions decisions...
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