Apple Releases New Holiday Ad 'The Song'

Apple today released a new 90-second holiday ad entitled "The Song", following in the footsteps of last year's "Misunderstood" ad.

"The Song" centers around a girl who stumbles upon an old record, apparently a gift from her grandmother to her grandfather from 1952. The record includes a message about not being able to be together for the holidays and then a rendition of "Love Is Here to Stay" sung by the grandmother.

Upon finding the old record, the girl secretly learns the tune's vocals and puts together her own accompaniment on several instruments, eventually recording her own portions of the song alongside her grandmother's. The girl then leaves an iPad mini with a note saying "A Duet, Press Play" for her grandmother, who listens to the duet between her much younger self and her granddaughter, bringing her to tears as she looks through the old photographs left along with the iPad by the girl.

The new ad is currently being featured on and should be added to Apple's YouTube site shortly.

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68 months ago
Absolutely wonderful.

I like how Apple shows what you can do, not bragging about specs or how they're better than the other guys. Just this is what you can do with an iPod/iPad/iPhone etc.
Rating: 96 Votes
68 months ago

boring as hell. felt empty watching it. better try nxt time.

It's just an ad. It can't fill the emptiness in your heart.
Rating: 78 Votes
68 months ago
Sappy or not, this is why Google or Samsung or Apple haters will never get Apple or the people who buy their products.

To others, it's all about specs.
Rating: 62 Votes
68 months ago
I love Apple's ads, they're so personable and much different than the competition. It's a good thing Samsung or similar competitors don't copy this part about Apple... although they probably couldn't if they tried.
Rating: 62 Votes
68 months ago
The holidays are always hard for my family since the loss of my mother. This year, my mother in law will not be home for Christmas. This ad hits home. Well done Apple. Well done.
Rating: 51 Votes
68 months ago
Best Apple TV commercial in a long time


didn't do anything for me. I actually wondered what it was trying to say about the apple hardware.

It does and why it works.
Rating: 50 Votes
68 months ago
I love it. It made me tear up. I really believe this is the way Apple approaches their products. Sure, to make money, but also to create an experience.
Rating: 37 Votes
68 months ago
That was lovely. Too bad a few don't get it. Most everyone else does.
Rating: 36 Votes
68 months ago

This is a Holiday ad. People are thinking of buying gifts for others, and they are feeling sentimental, nostalgic, etc. Most such ads for most tech products at this time of year try to make them seem exclusively youthful in a bid to get parents/grandparents to buy them for kids. But this one says that you can buy an Apple product for your granddaughter OR your grandmother.

Apple has been very, very smart with this ad. Among the things this ad does: it implies that you can buy Apple products for anyone of any age. It makes the product personal and friendly rather than just a piece of cold hardware (like the record or the photos are personal rather than just photos or vinyl). It implies the product helps to make connections, preserves old bonds while creating new ones. It goes for the heart rather than the head hitting sentiment and nostalgia AND family buttons. And it show the versatility of its products, that they can be used for artistic expression as well as communication.

This last, by the way, is pure Steve Jobs. Both Technology and Liberal arts.

Most of all, this ad reads as sincere. Not as a cold company selling a product, but as a company that wants to provide something more than hardware. It has humanity. So, maybe you find it boring, or it does nothing for you, or whatever. Doesn't matter. It's brilliant. :cool:
Rating: 32 Votes
68 months ago
Is somebody chopping onions in here?
Rating: 31 Votes

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