'MacBook Pro 2010' RAM Modules Spotted?

ThesMac.gr (translation) claims that they have spotted evidence of new memory modules marketed for the upcoming "MacBook Pro 2010".

The site doesn't list the source for the image, though a quick search shows a site called Adl.it listing the same part. The same parts were spotted at Kingston last week but were not labeled as "MacBook Pro 2010" modules at the time. The "MB" part numbers, however, do match up with Kingston's other MacBook RAM parts.

While new MacBook Pros are expected, there are a few inconsistencies in the listings that make them hard to take at face value. The photo above labels the processor as the outdated Core 2 Duo. Also, the bus speed of 1333MHz doesn't really match up with the expected processors to be found in the MacBook Pro. Still, the part numbers seem real and have been propagated to other resellers.

Apple is widely expected to launch new MacBook Pros any day now.