Apple Tablet Interface to Come With 'Steep Learning Curve'?

Cult of Mac reports that it has received a tip from someone claiming to have contact with an Apple employee who revealed that the company's much-rumored tablet will have a "steep learning curve" when it comes to the device's interface.

According to reader Tom: "I just heard [to] be ready for a steep learning curve regarding the "new" Apple product about to be released [and its] interface. This person is an employee of Apple and had just had a meeting regarding some of the new things coming. He/She would not go into details, but did say that he/she hoped we liked learning."

While the source offers no details on the interface and unverifiable reports from people claiming to have received information from Apple employees are common, the claim is intriguing in light of increasing reports that Apple's tablet may offer a design surprise related to the user interface.

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130 months ago
I like learning.
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