Amazon, Pepsi and Sony; Netflix Streaming

As we approach the Macworld Expo Keynote, a few industry news items that may be relevant to Apple:

Amazon, Pepsi and Sony
As previously reported, Amazon and Pepsi are teaming up for a 1 billion song giveaway to be launched during the Superbowl.

Meanwhile, Sony announced that it was the last of the major record labels to join Amazon and is now offering their catalog (DRM free) on Amazon's MP3 Download Store.

Netflix Streaming
In face of rumors that Apple would be entering the movie rental arena, Netflix announced that they are allowing customers to stream an unlimited number of movies for a flat monthly fee (starting at $8.99). This service offers customers access to over 6000 titles for streaming. Prior to this announcement, streaming downloads were subject to usage caps based on your subscription plan.

Netflix streaming, however, is not yet available on the Mac.