16-inch MacBook Pro Announcement Expected by Tomorrow

Apple plans to announce its widely rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro this week, according to a tweet from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

In another tweet, Gurman suggested the announcement will be made by Wednesday. The news would likely be shared in the form of a press release on the Apple Newsroom and would also likely coincide with early hands-on impressions of the 16-inch MacBook Pro from select media outlets and YouTube channels.

9to5Mac recently reported that Apple appears to be holding private press briefings of some kind at its luxury loft mansion in New York City this week, likely to facilitate those 16-inch MacBook Pro first impressions. Multiple out-of-town tech reporters have tweeted that they are in or headed to New York City over the last few days.

Rumors suggest the 16-inch MacBook Pro will feature slimmer bezels around the display, a more reliable scissor switch keyboard, a standalone Touch ID sensor, and possibly a much-requested physical Esc key. Pricing is unknown, but would likely be higher than the $2,799 high-end 15-inch MacBook Pro.

For what it's worth, 15-inch MacBook Pro models with AMD Radeon Pro Vega graphics options became available to order on the Wednesday of this week a year ago, along with a (PRODUCT)RED version of the Apple Watch Sport Loop. Apple also launched its annual holiday gift guide on the same day.

After rampant rumors, supply chain clues, and leaked imagery from macOS Catalina, the 16-inch MacBook Pro might be 24 hours or less away.

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11 weeks ago
I can’t wait to not be able to afford it.
Rating: 54 Votes
11 weeks ago

Rating: 32 Votes
11 weeks ago
I love that the stock image of the 16" is using a Tiger era wallpaper.

amazing to think these 'new' keyboards have been in circulation, and multiple revisions ultimately resulting in the same concerns there always was, since 2015 introduced with the now discontinued 12" MacBook.

I hope these new-new keyboards are rolled out on every new Mac moving forward, assuming they're 'all that' (and have more key travel). Time will tell though if they're worth being jealous of

I think Apple seems to intuitively forget a lot of people inherently like pressing buttons and feeling a click and physically interacting with their electronics to varying degrees.
Rating: 18 Votes
11 weeks ago
My $5K are ready.
Rating: 14 Votes
11 weeks ago
I can't wait for everyone to get excited about this then lambast it when the price/specs/touchbar/keyboard specifics come out.
Rating: 14 Votes
11 weeks ago
Now will they also announce BTO pricing and ordering information for the Mac Pro, as well?
Rating: 12 Votes
11 weeks ago

Yawn, are people still buying Apple laptops?

Yes, and why are you here?
Rating: 11 Votes
11 weeks ago
I know there's more chance of Jeffrey Epstein having slipped on a banana peel, but my dream announcement is a 16.4inch+ screen with zero Touch Bar.

*crosses fingers*
Rating: 10 Votes
11 weeks ago
My prediction:

Intel i3, integrated graphics, 2 gb RAM, 64 gb storage, all for $3500.

Intel i9, AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100, 128 gb RAM, 4 tb storage, all for $7000.

And nothing in between.

Everything is soldered and glued together. No upgrades and an iFixit repairability score of “get an insurance policy.”
Rating: 9 Votes
11 weeks ago
My 2018 MacBook Pro TouchBar died again this weekend. Went completely blank. No escape key, nothing. Killing the Touch Bar agent and control strip did nothing. Had to reboot to get it back. It's going on 4 years with this damn thing and we're still dealing with this awesomsauce.

Combine that with the 2x I've had my laptop in for service for both the keyboard and the display being defective, and I'm reaching the end of my rope.

Escape key. Functioning keyboard. Arrow keys that can actually be distinguished from one another. It's not like we're asking for a miracle here.
Rating: 9 Votes

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