Apple Mulling Preview of New Modular Mac Pro at WWDC in June

Apple is considering previewing its upcoming redesigned Mac Pro at its Worldwide Developers Conference this June, according to a new report by Bloomberg today.

Modular Mac Pro concept from

Apple has said it is working on a high-end high-throughput modular ‌Mac Pro‌ for its pro user base that will be easily upgradable and will feature components for the most system intensive tasks.

According to sources who spoke to well-connected Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple has "internally weighed previewing a new version of the high-end ‌Mac Pro‌" at this year's WWDC, although no firm decision appears to have been made.

According to executives Craig Federighi and Phil Schiller, Apple is committed to making the ‌Mac Pro‌ the highest-end desktop system able to accommodate VR and high-end cinema production. Apple has also put together a "Pro Workflow Team" to tailor the ‌Mac Pro‌ and other Apple products to its professional users.

The modular workstation is expected to ship alongside an upcoming Apple-branded pro display, which rumors suggest will be 31.6 inches with a 6K resolution and have "outstanding picture quality" enabled through a new Mini LED-like backlighting design.

We still have no word on when in 2019 the ‌Mac Pro‌ is coming, but Apple did promise a 2019 launch date in early 2018. If it's anything like the last ‌Mac Pro‌ in 2013, we should indeed get further information at WWDC, which Apple is planning to hold from June 3 to June 7 in San Jose, California, based on permit filings uncovered by MacRumors.

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12 months ago
Apple are just 'mulling' this over?? Their lack of commitment to the Pro market is astounding (but sadly not surprising)!!
Rating: 63 Votes
12 months ago
Why is this so hard? There are a million companies making modular, upgradeable chassis for professionals. I have one sitting under my desk, running Linux. This is not a laptop where every millimetre counts.
Life only becomes difficult when Apple makes proprietary machines that are impossible to service, upgrade, or repair (macbook pro, imac pro, current mac pro). But that's not the goal this time, right Apple? ....Apple?
Rating: 55 Votes
12 months ago
I have a feeling people will be disappointed.
Rating: 45 Votes
12 months ago
Apple is really over-thinking this. Mac Pro is a truck to get work done, and all it's drivers want is a modern cheese grater-style tower. :rolleyes:
Rating: 42 Votes
12 months ago
sure... and it will be available at the end of december 2019 :rolleyes:
Rating: 41 Votes
12 months ago
If they keep waiting they won't have anyone left to sell it to... I mean people move on.
Rating: 35 Votes
12 months ago
Gotta admit, I find the touch bar on a tower pretty odd; it seems like something I’d come up with for a GIF. Might as well pop a notch on that bad boy too.

Ah, why the hell not?

Rating: 33 Votes
12 months ago
I'm also mulling over whether I want to continue working on OSX after 14 years because of the crapola that is the Touch Bar MacBook Pro, macOS and marzipan stupidification, Pro apps that died on the vine, and no commitment to desktop Macs.
Rating: 27 Votes
12 months ago
Two things make me expect disappointment:

* Mac mini pricing (with decent amounts of RAM and storage) is absurd, and there's no way the new Mac Pro will be more affordable.
* The fact that it's taking them this damn long guarantees that we'll get an over engineered, over complicated, and over priced machine. It doesn't take years to design an expandable chassis.

I've been using Apple products since my family got an Apple ][+ when I was a kid. I've used Windows machines in various jobs, but I've never once purchased a non-Apple computer. I hope never to have to, but Apple pisses me off lately.

Apple is becoming a victim of their own success. Johny Ive and crew have produced some beautiful designs, from Macs to iPods to iPhones. But now it's design and flash über alles, practicality be damned.

I used to be able to say, "Apple doesn't sell low end computers, but what they do sell is price competitive with comparably equipped PCs." Take a look at the Mac mini, and you'll see that's not true anymore: In many ways (particularly GPU), it's a low-end machine at high-end prices. Granted, the Mac Pro will be a high-end machine (at launch anyway; we'll see if Apple leaves it to languish again), but I expect the prices will start out high and quickly rise to ridiculous once options are added.

Apple, just give us a box we can open easily, that we can add RAM and storage (both SSD and HD) ourselves, with an upgradeable GPU. You did this a decade ago, and every other PC maker does this today. You can differentiate yourself from the others by making the box not ugly, and of course, with Mac OS. It's not that complicated, so stop making it so.
Rating: 26 Votes
12 months ago
I am guessing "Pro workflow Team" will make this "the most expansive Mac we have ever shipped!" This is ridiculous, businesses have to plan for purchasing of equipment. All this secrecy over a desktop computer is complete nonsense and a giant "FU" to every professional user that has supported Apple.
Rating: 22 Votes

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