Apple and Samsung Seek to Extend Infringement Claims in Second U.S. Patent Lawsuit

Both Apple and Samsung are continuing the patent battle in the courtroom with a second patent infringement lawsuit filed in August. This is a separate U.S. lawsuit from the $1 billion verdict that was awarded to Apple.

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Due to the early stages of this lawsuit, both sides are trying to extend the scope of their case against the latest products from each company. Last week, Samsung sought to extend the infringement claims to include the iPad 4 and iPad mini. Days later, Apple also brought a motion to include several recent Samsung products, including the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Rugby Pro and Samsung S III Mini.

Samsung had previously moved to add the iPhone 5 to the U.S. lawsuit shortly after its release. As noted by FOSS Patents, this latest Samsung/Apple lawsuit won't even go to trial until March 2014.

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spyguy10709 Avatar
120 months ago
Stop Apple, just stop... give me a better UI experience! Focus on innovation, not litigation.

Yes, because Jony Ive is in the courtroom, every day, preparing legal documents. These kinds of comments are foolish.


I wish they could just come to an agreement and start focusing on making products

Again like I said earlier, It's obvious that Jony Ive is in the courtroom every day preparing legal documents and court evidence... not making products. :/

Come on people, Apple employes thousands of people, the legal team is just some people working in a completely separate environment from the product guys.
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spyguy10709 Avatar
120 months ago
Everyone, even I, has been hating on Apple for all these lawsuits recently.

But think about it for a second. Apple invented the core technologies behind these devices, it doesn't matter if it's "old news" or a "tired story"... It's Apple fighting for innovation.
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bennyboy34 Avatar
120 months ago
Great, at least 2 more years of lawsuit stories on MacRumors.
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rjohnstone Avatar
120 months ago
Everyone, even I, has been hating on Apple for all these lawsuits recently.

But think about it for a second. Apple invented the core technologies behind these devices, it doesn't matter if it's "old news" or a "tired story"... It's Apple fighting for innovation.
What "core technologies" did Apple invent?

Multi touch? Nope
Capacitive screens? Nope
Mobile radio tech? None at all

Name one piece of actual tech, not software, that Apple "invented" that is in the iPhone.

Software patents are a different beast and many would agree that some patents that have been granted are a joke at best.
Copyright law should be sufficient in most of these cases.
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tmoney82 Avatar
120 months ago
This is all about a patient for a"Volume Control" (US Patent No. 7,672,470 )?

I am pretty sure that "volume controls" existed way before Samsung patented them.

I'm pretty sure that "rectangle shape" existed before Apple patented it.
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Yahrghrr Avatar
120 months ago
Stop Apple, just stop... give me a better UI experience! Focus on innovation, not litigation.
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