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AirFlick Offers Video Streaming from Mac to Apple TV over AirPlay

As followup to the reverse engineering of AirPlay, Erica Sadun has released an alpha version of a new tool called AirFlick. The previous tool allowed iOS 4.2 users to stream video to their Mac.

This new tool called AirFlick now allows Mac users to stream video content to their Apple TVs. This includes both locally saved files as well as streaming from files hosted on the internet.

It also allows you to open videos located on the Internet by pasting a URL and clicking the play button. I was able to watch a number of Internet Archive ( mp4 videos on a big screen TV by browsing that website, selecting URLs, and opening them with AirFlick.

The software is still in an early alpha state. Still, it's an interesting proof of concept and hopefully someone will pick it up and run with it, or maybe Apple will provide this functionality themselves in the future.

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107 months ago

It means you can stream from other apps and play non-iTunes compatible media.

No it doesn't - according to the article, only ATV-compatible H.264 video is supported. Now, if AirFlick indeed transcoded non-H.264 video into compatible format and streamed it via AirPlay - that would actually be useful.
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