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Apple's COO Tim Cook to Leave Apple for HP? [Cook Denies]

Business Insider relays a rumor that Apple COO Tim Cook could be leaving Apple for the CEO spot at HP. Business Insider tracked the source of the rumor as investor gossip site Fly on the Wall.

The rumor seems to have emanated from Fly On The Wall, a site that serves up gossip to the investing community.

Therefore, we aren't buying this one just yet.

The rumor has affected Apple's stock price causing a $20 drop at the opening of the market today. Tim Cook has been considered one of the possible successors to Steve Jobs for the CEO position at Apple.

Cook took over duties CEO duties from Steve Jobs in early 2009 during Jobs' liver transplant and subsequent recovery.

Update: Barrons reports that Gleacher & Co.s Brian Marshall actually spoke to Tim Cook this morning and Cook denies the rumor:

Tim Cook will not be going to HP, he loves Apple, Marshall tells me Cook told him.