Verizon Cell Towers on Apple's Campus Likely Mean Little

Screenshot from Macworld's coverage quoting Jobs on Verizon cell site

Multiple sites have noted that during today's iPhone 4 press conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentioned that the company has cell towers for both AT&T and Verizon on its campus, unsurprisingly sparking speculation that the existence of a Verizon cell site supports hopes of future support for the carrier on Apple's portable devices.

While several of these sites have indicated that Apple is unlikely to have invested in the Verizon cell tower infrastructure if it wasn't using it to test Verizon-compatible devices on its campus, the reverse is actually true -- carriers pay considerable sums of money to private landowners for the right to erect towers on their property.

This certainly isn't to say that Apple isn't testing Verizon-compatible equipment on its campus, but to suggest that the mere existence of a Verizon tower is evidence in favor of it is simply reading too much into things.