Adobe Thinking About Options for Viewing Photoshop Files on iPad

In a blog post, Adobe's John Nack is soliciting feedback from Photoshop users about whether they would like to have the ability to view native Photoshop (.psd) files on the iPad. Through the solicitation, Nack hopes to hear about such details as how users might be using those files, whether they require full manipulation of layers or if a flatten representation would suffice, and whether users would be willing to pay for the service.

This is obviously a capability that Adobe could build. The question of course is whether we should build it (as opposed, say, to building something else).

Nack, formerly a project manager on Adobe's Photoshop team, has recently transitioned to a leadership role in a new team devoted to ground-up development of applications for tablet devices such as the iPad. As a result, Nack has been thinking about and receiving feedback on what users would like to see on the iPad platform. While the iPad obviously offers some significant constraints when it comes to performance in comparison to larger computers, users have been pushing for such possibilities as a version of Lightroom or even a "Photoshop Lite" application for the iPad.