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Apple's New 27-Inch iMacs Experiencing Performance Issues?

Engadget reports that Apple's discussion forums are starting to see reports of poor performance on the company's new 27-inch iMacs introduced last week. While users have reported several issues, including inappropriate spinning down of the hard drive and corrupted Snow Leopard installations, the primary complaint seems to be poor Flash performance.

The most common symptom seems to be incredibly slow Flash video playback, but people are also claiming that there's a bug forcing the hard drive to spin down, that there's a corrupted Snow Leopard build preinstalled, and even that the problem is bad permissions, which is basically how an OS X user gives up trying to figure things out.

Engadget notes that it has not seen any such problems with its own machines, suggesting that the issues may not be universal. Regardless, the volume of complaints indicates that there may be a relatively significant issue that will require Apple's attention. The company has yet to acknowledge or comment on the issues, but is likely to be studying them to determine possible causes.

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