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First Videos and Photos Uploaded from iPhone 3G S?

The first YouTube videos claimed to have been recorded by the iPhone 3G S have started to appear. The quality of the recording is, of course, also affected by YouTube's compression but should give a feel for what the device is capable of in casual usage:

A second video has also appeared from the same uploader though this video appears to have been edited with music and multiple clips cut together. The aspect ratio is also different, raising some questions about the actual source of the video.

Meanwhile, also posts some comparison shots between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S cameras. The images depict the iPhone box in close-up, accentuating the improvement with the new iPhone's auto-focus camera. The example seems to show a particularly poor quality example of an iPhone 3G photo, but still shows a notable improvement in the 3G S image quality.

Close-up iPhone box photos. Left: 3G, Right: 3G S